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Chapter 133 - Returns to Yi Yuan School

After running for over 100 Li, Ye Xiwen could no longer feel the complementary blast waves of the fight between the two peerless masters. He finally relaxed and could not help but muttered: “These masters of the truth realm are really terrifying.”

"Lowly human, do you think that they are just ordinary masters of the truth realm? That blockhead giant leader is already at the peak of ninth stage of the truth realm, whereas that human has already entered half-a-step into the legendary realm, otherwise how else can they cause such large scale destruction?" The little demon held in Ye Xiwen's hand suddenly said in a mocking manner.

Ye Xiwen remembered that he was still clutching that little devil in his hand.

Ye Xiwen looked towards the little devil and asked in a leisurely tone: “What is your breed devil?”

Ye Xiwen was grabbing him firmly in his hand but he was not worried that it would resist, because a moment ago, he had noticed that it was very difficult to kill this little devil, but at the same time, it almost had no strength, or it was possible that its strength originated from that scary scarlet mirror.

Ye Xiwen still couldn't completely control the scarlet mirror, but he could feel that this scarlet mirror seemed to be directly connected with his mind.

Ye Xiwen couldn't figure out why this happened. This plot of suddenly getting recognized as master by dropping the blood was pure nonsense because only a spiritual tool at 'Divine tool' level or above would identify its master. Also, for the so-called getting recognized as the master of an original tool, it was necessary for an expert to condense his own Zhen Yuan into the tool, and continue doing so for days and nights, while sacrificing his own training, and even after that, he would only be able to attain a preliminary level connection with the tool.

Ye Xiwen carefully thought back for a moment and realized that this must have happened when mysterious space protected him when he came under a major attack by the scarlet mirror.

Then it was certainly related to the mysterious space in his mind, although he was still somewhat confused, but it was certain that as long as he controlled the scarlet mirror, this little devil would simply have no strength to fight back.

“Devil? Don't you confuse this lord with the likes of those inferior creatures.” The little devil said with a clear disdain on its face.

“Then what the hell are you?” Ye Xiwen asked because if it was not a devil then what in the hell was it.

In the mind of Ye Xiwen flashed the various documents and records from the time when Devil world invaded Zhen Wu Jie. In those documents, there was a proper description about various species of devils, but he looked at this little devil, he truly couldn't figure out its kind.

“This lord is a tool spirit, you don't know about tool spirits?” The little devil said then looked towards Ye Xiwen.

“Tool spirit!” Ye Xiwen was shocked when he heard this little devil referring to itself as a tool spirit. He certainly knew what a tool spirit was, the so-called spirit of a spiritual tool. It was said the tool spirits live in the spiritual tools and possess spiritual powers as well intelligence, but the intelligence level of these tool spirits was quite low and could only be compared to the intelligence of a dog, and some of them became good friends with the experts who owned the spiritual tool.

However, there were cases when the spiritual tools would give rise to tool spirits who developed wisdom after some chance coincidences, and sometime, they could have the intelligence comparable to the IQ level of a 4 or 5 year old human kid and this level of intelligence was considered very good. But, this little devil's IQ level was higher than an average person which was definitely extremely rare.

“Although it's an unfathomable mystery but if the Tianyuan mirror had not suddenly and unexpectedly recognized you as its master then do you think that a lowly human would still be alive and talking right now.” The little devil looked at Ye Xiwen with a look of contempt on its face.

It was evident that the little devil simply looked down on humanity.

“You are currently in my grasp and I know a thousand ways to torment you.” Ye Xiwen sneered and thought that apparently, this little devil tool spirit still didn't understand the situation it was in right now.

Now he was the master of Tianyuan mirror and it was merely the tool spirit of the mirror, so if it wanted to pick a fight with him, then he naturally had a lot of ways to deal with this little devil tool spirit.

The little devil didn't know about the cruel torture methods Ye Xiwen was talking about, its small body suddenly shivered and a trace of fear appeared on its face.

“What do you think Tianyuan mirror really is, that’s our mighty Devil king's instrument, you do know what a Devil king is? He is the ruler of ten thousand worlds!” The little devil said in a loud voice.

“Don't forget that you’re still in my hands!” Ye Xiwen sneered loudly and it was clear from the expression on his face that he simply didn't care about Devil King and other stuff related to Devil world.

“You lowly human ……” The little devil suddenly got furious at Ye Xiwen's attitude and started struggling in his hand.

“Shut up, try and annoy me one more time and I will exterminate you!” Ye Xiwen got sick of hearing it saying lowly human over and over. The existence of a tool spirit largely depended on its master, and when the link between the minds of the master and the tool spirit is strong then the master could bring out the true abilities and formidable power present in the original spiritual tool, and while cooperating with the tool spirit, the power of the original spiritual tool would also increase a lot, but if the tool spirit showed disloyalty towards its master, then it was better to erase it in order to obtain complete control over the original spiritual tool.

If ordinary people managed to get their hands on an original spiritual tool then they would generally get rid of the tool spirit, and when the tool sprit was gone, they trained their own mind to establish a new connection with the original spirit tool.

After hearing Ye Xiwen's threatening words, the little devil suddenly shut up, while it secretly cursed in its heart, just what was this unfathomable mystery that it suddenly had to recognize this lowly human as its master.

However Ye Xiwen didn't care what this little devil was thinking, he immediately whistled and called his red-crowned crane. As soon as the red-crowned crane heard the whistle, it immediately flew down flapping its huge wings. Ye Xiwen didn't stay there for any longer, just leapt on the crane's back and went straight in the direction of Yi Yuan School.

This time, it could be said that his harvest was not small, especially when Tianyuan mirror was considered, although he still did not know the specific details about the function of this mirror, but he had plenty of time to slowly figure it out.

But, right now, it was time to go back and participate in the seed disciple competition, although at present, Bai Mojiao rebellion was still going on everywhere, but for Yi Yuan School and other major powers, it was not a big matter. To a major sect like Yi Yuan School, it was just another Bai Mojiao rebellion that it had suppressed once before, in fact, to the present, several of the large Sects had not yet contributed towards suppressing the rebellion.

Right now, Yi Yuan School only mobilized only a part of its true strength and nothing much. Only a hundred true disciples were participating in suppressing this rebellion on behalf of Yi Yuan School, and this number was only a small part of the total number of true disciples present in Yi Yuan School.

Yi Yun School used to deal with these kinds of things in an orderly proceeding which was the result of the heritage and strength gathered in a millennium large Sect.

Ye Xiwen already made up his mind that he would give his best in the seed disciple competition, because after becoming a seed disciple, his status would naturally be different than now, even comparable to some of the core disciples.

“What, you are going to Sect to participate in some seed disciple competition!”

“Now, you are the owner of the great Tianyuan mirror, how can you waste your time on such a silly thing!”

“Conquer the world, as long as you do as I say, you can become the next mighty devil king, then the whole world will shiver from your devil powers!”

It seemed as if this little devil had come to accept its fate and Ye Xiwen as its owner, so it began to try and convince Ye Xiwen and make him practice the power techniques of Modao! (NT: Modao = Devil arts)

“Shut up!”

——– Quarrelling all the way, Ye Xiwen rode his crane at the fastest possible speed, and after a flight of a whole day and night, he finally came back to Yi Yuan School. The huge expanse of mountain ranges of Yi Yuan School gradually spread in front of his eyes, and floating peaks were also present among these sierras. Within the Yi Yuan School, true disciples lived on these floating mountain peaks, and not just that, only true disciples were allowed to have their own floating peaks.

Even if the heritage and wealth of Yi Yuan School was very rich and extraordinary, but building hundreds of such floating peaks was very difficult. These floating peaks were not only equipped with various Zhen methods, most importantly, each of these floating peaks were occupied by true disciples, and if there was an invasion, these floating peaks could be converted into terrifying war fortresses.

But these were just rumors. Ye Xiwen had never seen these floating peaks turning into war fortresses with his eyes.

In the present chaotic times, although in the eyes of Yi Yuan School, the rebellion of Bai Mojiao was not a big matter, but who knew how many of those Bai Mojiao followers and devils were hidden in the shadows to make their move, therefore as a precautionary measure, all of these floating peaks had been placed on the perimeter, while other mountain peaks were located in the deeper places, surrounded and protect by these floating peaks.

Ye Xiwen smoothly made his way back to the Tongtian peak, and just after entering the premises of Tongtian peak, he found Ye Feng and other disciples of the Qian Yu faction, who seemed to have been waiting for him all this time.

“Little brother, are you alright?” When Ye Feng saw that Ye Xiwen was uninjured, immediately, a smile appeared on his face.

Other people also seemed very happy, after all this time, they were saved by Ye Xiwen, although they came back first, but were very worried about his safety.

Now when they saw that Ye Xiwen was safe and unharmed, they also felt relieved.

“Brother Ye, did Brother Qi slay that giant devil?” At this time, Zhang Yang asked in a curious tone.

Everyone was concerned about the outcome of Qi Feifan's battle in addition to Ye Xiwen's safety.

“I do not know, but when I was leaving, Brother Qi clearly had the upper hand in the battle. That great devil leader should not be his match.” Ye Xiwen said, “When we get a chance, let's go to the 'big bright peak' of Brother Qi and thank him for coming to our rescue!”

The floating peak where Qi Feifan lived was a well-known and illustrious floating among the floating peaks of other true disciples and was known as the big bright peak. It got its name from the simple fact that it stayed brilliantly illuminated day and night, just like the legendary paradise.

Although, for Qi Feifan, rescuing them might be a small matter, but they still wanted to go and express their gratitude to him for saving them, and another reason was that most of them were excited to meet him in person.

“Well, you are right, we left ahead of time without thanking him. We must go and express our gratitude.” Ye Feng said.

“Little brother, the seed disciple competition is starting tomorrow, so if you’re going to participate, we must go now!” Ye Ruxue asked because at this time, perhaps it was only her who was so excited about Ye Xiwen participating in the seed disciple competition, hoping for him to show off and steal the limelight.

(To be continued)


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