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Chapter 132 - Tianyuan mirror

After Ye Xiwen practiced "Restraining breath technique" to the Dacheng realm, now, he could simulate a variety of breaths, and could even imitate the body to some extent, but of course just imitate, not the genuine imitation, but at this time of chaos, he would be able to deceive those devils quite easily.

At this time, a chaos was spread everywhere due to the terrifying force of collisions between the two peerless masters, and the destruction caused by their battle was absolutely shattering the heaven and earth.

Ye Xiwen traced back the same route to go back and saw that the entire devil Zhen method had begun to operate, and an endless amount of blood qi also began to permeate and fill the air. This blood qi was produced as a result of the slaughter of humans, who were blood sacrificed in the Thousand Islands City by the devil race.

Once smelled, this environment filled with blood qi induced a disgusting taste along with nausea.

Ye Xiwen thought in his heart that he absolutely couldn't let them succeed otherwise it would lead to the occurrence of a big disaster.

Ye Xiwen mixed in with a devil troop and went straight inside the devil Zhen method along with them because now he was disguised as a follower with moqi covering his body, so he was not rejected by the devil Zhen method and easily went inside.

After wearing the cloak of a Bai Mojiao follower, Ye Xiwen looked just like the other followers of Bai Mojiao without any visible difference, and none of those devils could see through his disguise.

Ye Xiwen went all the way towards the deeper parts of the devil Zhen method, and after reaching there, he found a way leading to an underground cave. He was about to go inside when four great devils blocked his path.

“Lowly human, you crossed the line. This is not the place where you humans can set foot on so casually.” A great devil said.

Ye Xiwen thought that inside the devil army, it seemed the status of the followers of Bai Mojiao was quite low, and they were at least close to the bottom ranks, possibly belonging to the pawn class.

However Ye Xiwen was not in a mood to slow down and immediately chopped out his long blade. A dazzling Bladelight was released and rushed towards that great devil that was not prepared for this sudden attack and was instantly beheaded.

The remaining three great devils also couldn't react because they didn't expect a lowly Bai Mojiao follower to suddenly attack them. Ye Xiwen instantly chopped out three blade shadows of 'Missing moon beheader' and the three great devils were chopped into pieces. It was good for Ye Xiwen that they weren't paying attention and he was able to behead them so easily, otherwise, his only option would have been to resort to 'Coiling Dragon Palm' and it would have caused bigger commotion near the entrance to the underground cave.

Ye Xiwen no longer disguised as a follower of Bai Mojiao, but used the restraining breath technique once again to disguise as a great devil. Although he took the form of a great devil, but he had to assimilate huge amount of moqi, enough that he should be able to fool those of the devil race.

Ye Xiwen went all the way down the tunnel, and was surprised to find more and more great devils in the underground cave. While rounds after rounds of complementary blast waves of the fight between the giant devil leader and Qi Feifan was still undergoing above the ground, pretending as a great devil, Ye Xiwen smoothly went through the tunnel without any difficulty.

Ye Xiwen went all the way down, and after some time, he saw a giant pool of blood, and a steady stream of endless amount of blood was flowing into this pool. Ye Xiwen didn't know where this flow of blood was coming from and being injected into the blood pool. The endless amount of blood was boiling inside the pool and he could clearly feel the blood qi coming out of it. Ye Xiwen could also hear the grieving and resentment filled screams of people coming from the blood.

Even the warriors who practiced Xiedao would reject these resentments and grievances present in the atmosphere around the giant blood pool, but at the same time, the devil race did not care, rather they tried to increase the amount of such grievances in order to increase the power of blood sacrifice. (NT: Xiedao= 'Evil way' is a form of martial arts that was developed and practiced in 'Zhen Wu Jie' alongside the more famous 'Wudao'. Wudao = Martial way)

‘I will eradicate these beasts!’ Although, after spending so much time in this world, it could be said that Ye Xiwen had become used to life and death, but when he saw this scene, he couldn't control his anger which instantly soared to the heavens. He finally understood why people of Zhen Wu Jie held extreme hatred for the devil race. So, it was actually not a war between two warrior groups who practiced different types of martial arts, this was actually a war between two races, where it had come to the situation of you die, I live!

If these devils were not killed off entirely then they would most likely enslave human race, or turn them into blood food. There was no other option left especially when Devil race had always been planning to invade Zhen Wu Jie.

These two races couldn't coexist, because it was a matter of life and death! (NT: 你死我活 = you die, I live (idiom), two parties cannot coexist; 生死存亡 = matter of life and death)

And at this time, it seemed that it was the most critical time for the devil Zhen method, because not only the blood in the giant pool was boiling, intermittent waves of blood was also being set off waves inside the giant pool. Anyone who would look at this scene would get a chill down their spine.

Then, suddenly, violent fluctuations appeared in the blood pool, and when the devils in surroundings saw this scene, they immediately and hastily withdrew away from the giant pool and didn't dare to approach.

“Jie Jie, this lord is finally back!” Such arrogant words, but it was actually accompanied with the voice of an innocent child, and at the same time, a scarlet colored mirror tumbled out from the rolling waves of blood along with a small child-like devil, dark little body, two long horns on his head, a pair of wings flapping on his back, and a tail was constantly dancing behind him. Looking from afar, he looked exceptionally lovable. (NT: The devil refers to himself as 'daye' which is an arrogant way of referring to oneself)

That scarlet mirror started to emit intermittent rays of light upwards and the entire cave was illuminated, which at the moment looked like a stretch of bloody world to Ye Xiwen.

The devils in the surrounding were in awe and kneeled down on the ground as if trying to worship this little devil. To these devils, it seemed as if this little devil was a god-like figure.

Ye Xiwen's eyes suddenly flashed and he decided in his heart that he absolutely couldn't let this dangerous devil out of the cave. At present, he just seemed to have born in this world and this was his weakest time. If allowed to grow up, he would surely bring disaster to this world.

Ye Xiwen took a step and his physique turned into a streamer, and instantly flew towards the centre of the blood pool, a coiling dragon instantly coiled around his body, and the enormous vitality present in the dragon qi of the coiling dragon came in contact of the resentment lingering in the air and was instantly evaporated.

He immediately chopped out his long blade releasing a bright light that instantly chopped out towards the little devil.

“Puchi!” That little devil was instantly chopped into two halves.

However immediately, the two sections of his corpse lifted up in the air, joined and the little devil was reborn again. He then suddenly shouted while pointing towards Ye Xiwen: “You lowly great devil, how dare you raise your hands against a deity, are you trying to rebel!”

Then suddenly the scarlet mirror on his side shone and released rays of light and Ye Xiwen's body was instantly exposed to this light. The coiling dragon, coiled around Ye Xiwen's body, suddenly and fiercely shook up, roared loudly, and the dragon qi and blood qi began to melt each together.

“How is this possible?” Seeing the current appearance of Ye Xiwen, the little devil suddenly gawked and was totally stunned, then he suddenly responded in a loud voice: “You are not a devil!”

Suddenly a wave of blood shot towards Ye Xiwen, but he jumped above the blood wave and instantly sprang towards the little devil.

“Capture him!” That little devil shouted in a crisp voice, and listening to his command, suddenly, an endless number of devils lunged toward Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen disregarded the interference from other devils and directly rushed and arrived in front of the little devil, and in a flash, his palm turned into Cheng Long like claw and advanced towards the little devil and grabbed his head firmly. Now the little devil couldn't escape, but the scarlet mirror in his hand suddenly released terrifying blood-red rays of light towards Ye Xiwen. (NT: Cheng Long = become the dragon = Jackie Chan's stage name.)

Ye Xiwen's other hand also turned into Cheng Long like claw, and a coiling dragon instantly shot out and blasted into the blood-red rays of right and scattered them, while at the same time, he caught the scarlet mirror in his other hand. However this scarlet mirror was constantly exuding bloody-red rays of light that continued to penetrate into the dragon qi and the coiling dragon gradually melted and disappeared. Right after that, the sinister rays of light started to corrode the body of Ye Xiwen, and his body was instantly covered in blood.

Immediately, a terrible pain surged straight inside Ye Xiwen's mind, but right at that time, the mysterious space inside his mind suddenly emitted bursts of divine rays of colorful light along Ye Xiwen's arms towards that scarlet mirror.

“Boom!” And the divine rays of colorful light actually suppressed the scarlet mirror.

A cool breath spread inside his body and suddenly gave him a comfortable feeling.

“You lowly human, release this lord right this instant, otherwise!” The little devil shouted.

“Shut up or I’ll strangle you to death!” Ye Xiwen shouted in a cold voice, but he couldn't crush him otherwise he would just take rebirth from the giant blood pool. If this was not the case, then Ye Xiwen would already have slapped this arrogant little devil to death.

Guided through his arm, Ye Xiwen's blood flowed over the scarlet mirror under the leadership of the divine rays of colorful light, and integrated into the scarlet mirror. Ye Xiwen suddenly got a vague feeling of being one with this scarlet mirror.

“No, impossible, how can this happen, how can Tianyuan mirror recognize you as its master?” The little devil's complexion suddenly paled and he said in a trembling voice.

Those devils had almost arrived in front of Ye Xiwen to attack him, when at this time, suddenly, a loud explosion occurred and the roof of the cave disrupted and a huge figure severely fell from above and hit the ground making a huge crack. Ye Xiwen looked and saw that it was actually that giant devil leader.

At this time, there were several bloody wounds on his body, the scales were ripped out of his chest area, one could see a large gaping hole in his body from where large amount of blood was continuously pouring out, and the inner flesh was also visible.

And from the huge hole in the cave roof, one could see Qi Feifan's figure floating in the sky, his whole body was exuding golden light, from afar, he simply looked like a golden god of war, as if watching ants on the ground from his star arched throne high above in the sky.

Any moqi that tried to approach him would be completely swallowed by his golden Zhen Yuan, which clearly displayed his extremely terrifying prowess.

The difference between the strength of these peerless masters was now clearly evident.

“Devil bastards, prepare to die.” Qi Feifan said in a cold voice.

Qi Feifan's sword dazzled like a sun releasing a terrifying Swordqi which instantly came crashing down into the underground cave, and when the blood qi and resentment present inside the underground cave came in contact with this dazzling Swordqi, it instantly evaporated and disappeared without a trace.

The giant devil leader instantly lifted his trident up to receive the impact of the terrifying Swordqi.

“Boom!” A horrifying collision occurred and the tremendous powers of the two peerless masters instantly scattered in the entire cavern. Weak devils were annihilated instantly, whereas the formidable devils were seriously injured and were blasted away in all directions inside the cave.

When this terrifying blast wave swept towards the body of Ye Xiwen, the scarlet mirror in his hand sensed it, and it immediately released rays of red light towards the incoming blast wave and protected Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen no longer hesitated and quickly rushed skimming all the way through the tunnel leading outside of the cave.

Fortunately, the two formidable peerless masters were concentrating on the showdown and didn't notice him running away. He smoothly escaped from the cave through the underground tunnel, and this time, almost all of the devils were dead inside the tunnel. Ye Xiwen came out of the tunnel and smoothly escaped at full speed. He stopped and relaxed only after running over a hundred miles away.

(To be continued)


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