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Chapter 131 – Qi Feifan

The strength of these two peerless masters was not something Ye Feng and the other Xiantian realm experts could hold a candle to.

“The essence and blood soul of a peerless master are a hundred times more useful than thousands of these mediocre people!” The sinister grin appeared on the face of the huge specter, which appeared incomparably cruel, the moqi dispersed out of his body in which the souls of dead people could be clearly seen.

It was a gigantic devil, at least five meters tall, with its whole body covered with black scales, four limbs like humans but had deadly sharp claws, a long tail dancing on his back like the tail of a tiger on hunt.

Everyone suddenly recognized that it was actually a giant devil, one of the various species found in Devil world. Some of the features of a giant devil were its exceptionally huge build and it also possessed great strength and were considered a part of the main force of devil army. It was said that compared to the great devils, the cannon fodder of devil race, the adults of giant devils could grow up to 4 meters and possessed strength no less than the masters of true realm.

And this huge specter was definitely more than five meters tall and seemed like the leader of other giant devils and possessed tremendous strength compared to other giant devils.

“Ominous large blood Zhen method, you filthy devil, you actually blood sacrificed the entire city!” The golden man said in a cold voice, “It seems that you are doing something extraordinary, that you actually don't even do it quietly in secret, but you do it on such a grand scale just to attract the disciples of my Yi Yuan School.”

“Jie Jie!” The giant devil leader strangely laughed and said, “You guessed it right, and I never thought that my plan will attract such a peerless expert like you, but it just so happens that your arrival has saved me a lot of trouble.”

The golden man was looking straight in the eyes of the huge specter, but there was no fear in his eyes, he was simply like a golden god of war, who came back to life. Both his eyes were looking around observing the situation and discovered that innumerable devils had been deployed on the periphery of the large Zhen method.

However he was not afraid, on the contrary, there was a trace of excitement on his face.

Then, suddenly the golden man laughed loudly and said: “You filthy beast, this Qi Feifan has killed too many devils before, but so far, I have yet to kill a giant devil, it just so happens that I am going to offer you as a sacrifice to my sword”

“What, he is Qi Feifan!” Yan Chiling said aloud in a surprised tone.

Everyone was immediately shocked when they came to know that the golden figure in the sky was actually Qi Feifan. (NT: Feifan means 'Out of the ordinary')

The latent information about the great achievements of this Qi Feifan suddenly emerged in the mind of Ye Xiwen. Qi Feifan was truly worthy of being called 'out of the ordinary'. He was truly a legendary expert, and even in the sea of geniuses present in Yi Yuan School, he was considered a legend, simply a myth!

Since childhood, he started practicing the Sect's martial arts, and his cultivation almost rose dramatically at a rocketing speed, then in a short time, he broke from the Xiantian realm into the true realm, defeated numerous enemies, and now, no one knew what his current cultivation level actually was. It was said that he was at the eighth stage of truth realm and some people said that he was actually at the ninth stage of truth realm. There were many rumors that Qi Feifan had already entered half a step into the 'legendary realm'.

'Legendary realm' was the realm just above the truth realm, and the superiors of various peaks in the Yi Yuan School were in the legendary realm. Qi Feifan's cultivation level was suspected to be very close and almost approaching the legendary realm, and in the future, he would surely enter into the legendary realm and compete for the position of the leader disciple, the most popular position given to one of the four strongest disciples of Yi Yuan School.

And although both Qi Feifan and Luo Yifan were the masters of the truth realm, but Qi Feifan's strength was on a whole another level in comparison to the strength of Luo Yifan, who was at most at the first stage or second stage of truth realm. Both were in the truth realm but the gap between them was like heaven and earth. It was said that the strength gap among the masters of different stages was much bigger in the truth realm than it was in the Xiantian realm.

This expert was definitely a myth, a legendary character.

And that giant devil leader obviously couldn't look down on him, because both sides could be described as evenly matched, and once they would start to fight, it could be considered as a stunning battle.

Ye Xiwen didn't hesitate for any longer and said to the disciples of Qian Yu faction: "Once they start to fight, I am afraid even the heaven and earth would be shattered, we must seize this opportunity to escape."

All of the disciples nodded because they were also thinking the same thing.

That giant devil leader made the first move, his big hand grasping toward the void and suddenly grabbed a giant trident from the void then struck towards Qi Feifan, and in a flash, it directly punctured the space, and in the next second, it appeared in front of Qi Feifan.

The long sword in Qi Feifan's hand struck out a golden sun-like Swordqi which moved forward towards the incoming attack.

“Boom!” The moqi and Swordqi fiercely collided into each other and the space seemed to vibrate like a piece of paper, rapidly shaking up and down, and the fluctuations produced spread a commotion among the entire devil army.

In the sky, their battle had just started. Both of them were peerless masters and stood at the peak of truth realm. Each and every one of their moves looked exceptionally simple, but inside these simple moves, the principles of the truth realm were properly assimilated.

Under the attacks of the two peerless masters, the surrounding air was constantly exploding, and as the fight between the two became quicker, their overall destructive power gradually spread throughout the entire Thousand Islands City, and at this rate, it seemed that the whole city would ultimately be destroyed in the burning time of half an incense stick.

When such a high level battle between the two peerless masters started to heat up in the sky, the disciples of the Yi Yuan School took this oppuritunity to have a glimpse at this battle because they might never get an opportunity to witness such a battle in this lifetime. Suddenly all of the disciples were totally mesmerized by the battle, although they were just watching the two fight, but for the masters at the level of Qi Feifan, each and every one of their moves contained the essence of martial arts, and they were directly looking at the flawless display of martial arts and devil arts, giving them an impulse to enhance their own cultivation as soon as possible to be able to display the same level of martial arts.

Ye Xiwen also looked very ecstatic and thrilled, but compared to others, his ecstasy was completely different. He began to crazily burn the spirit stones in his storage ring and injected the produced Lingqi into the mysterious space. The mysterious space began to capture the scene that Ye Xiwen was watching at the moment, which seemed as if the silk was being spun into a cocoon essence and pouring into his mind.

Ye Xiwen also had a fascinated look on his face while just from watching the elaborate fight of those two masters, making him have a feeling of having a breakthrough from the sudden epiphany.

The sound of numerous shouts abruptly resounded from the periphery of the Zhen method and a large troop of devils rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

They were probably thinking that now that their great leader would most probably kill and consume Qi Feifan, then these Yi Yuan School disciples no longer had any value as hostages, and they must strike Ye Xiwen, who was the most dangerous entity among these disciples.

“Begin, everyone rush outside!” Ye Xiwen shouted and led the way. Almost all of the attacking devils were aiming for Ye Xiwen, but none of them were going close to him because of the coiling dragon coiled around his body. All of the four limbs and one tail of the coiling dragon was brandished and fended off the devils coming towards the group. With Ye Xiwen on the front, those weak and small devils were instantly obliterated and coupled with the might of his long blade, Ye Feng and other disciples followed after Ye Xiwen through the narrow opening made towards the Zhen method's periphery.

“Kill!” Ye Xiwen shouted loudly, and his palm blasted, and another coiling dragon flew out of his palm towards the Zhen method, waving its strong four limbs, and tore a gap in the Zhen method with its sharp claws. The disciples of the Qian Yu faction first dived out of this gap, and in the end, Ye Xiwen also jumped out, and as soon as he came out, the Zhen method immediately restored, and the devils on the inside didn't get a chance to come out after Ye Xiwen, and were left inside the Zhen method shrieking angrily.

However, there weren't many devils outside the Zhen method, because a majority of the devils stationed outside the Zhen method had been annihilated by the fallout of the battle between the two peerless masters.

Just when they came out of the Zhen method, suddenly, a wave of terrifying fallout rolled towards them. This was actually nothing for Ye Xiwen, because his body had become extremely formidable by practicing an extremely powerful power technique "Tyrant body technique", turning his body like that of a tyrant, so this fallout couldn't hurt him.

But not counting Ye Xiwen, if it was some other master of the Xiantian realm then facing this terrifying fallout would be dangerous.

Fortunately, at this critical time, Zhangsun Yuyin took out the magical flute and the power of this pseudo-spiritual tool displayed itself and blocked the terrifying fallout. (NT: Magical flute is a pseudo-spiritual tool, that's why it can be used by Zhangsun Yuyin who has not transformed Zhen Yuan, needed to manipulate a true spiritual tool.)

After the crowd ran for a distance of almost 100 Li, they finally stopped after wearing themselves out by running at the fastest pace achievable, but at the moment, all of them had rejoicing faces at the moment. They probably thought that this time, they would not be able to escape, but they not just escaped, they did it with zero casualties. Although there was a major role of Qi Feifan to play in their successful escape, but it became possible only under the leadership of Ye Xiwen who was leading and defending them from the devils all the time. If Ye Xiwen was not there, they probably would have been dead a few days ago, not to mention, without Ye Xiwen, they wouldn't have been able to face the huge attack of devils near the periphery of Zhen method a while ago, and coming out of the Zhen method would have been impossible as well.

Therefore all of them were looking at Ye Xiwen with their eyes filled with gratitude, especially the disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school felt even more gratitude towards him, because it could be said that Ye Xiwen had repeatedly saved them at multiple occasions, and without him, they probably would have died some time ago before this incident.

After this incident, although these people suffered mental stress, but after spending the last few days under the leadership of Ye Xiwen, they gave him a tacit recognition as the elder of Qian Yu faction.

Although Ye Xiwen was originally an elder of Qian Yu faction, but there were a lot of people who were not actually convinced because Ye Xiwen was almost regardless of the daily matters of Qian Yu faction, so how could such a person receive the position of an elder. But now it looked completely different because Ye Xiwen would often appear at the most critical time to save the members of the faction, in the most critical time, which was the most important thing than handling the daily matters of Qian Yu faction!

After surviving today, the disciples of Qian Yu faction fully and finally recognized Ye Xiwen as their leader.

“Hurry up and go everyone, otherwise it would be bothersome if those devils came after us.” Ye Xiwen said.

“Little brother, won't you come with us?” Ye Ruxue asked in a worried tone.

“You all go first. I must take care of a small matter before I leave this place.” Ye Xiwen said.

Everyone thought that Ye Xiwen was the strongest among them and so effortlessly brought them out of the lair of devils, so long as he didn't bump into that giant devil leader, handling other devils should not be tough for him. After all, everyone had one of two secrets, so when Ye Xiwen said that he had a matter to handle, no one tried to ask him about the details.

After the group left, Ye Xiwen used “Restraining breath technique” and suddenly began twining the layer after layer of moqi around his body, then put on the black cloak of a Bai Mojiao follower he caught earlier. Looking from afar, he simply looked like a follower of Bai Mojiao.

Without wasting any time, Ye Xiwen immediately turned around and retraced the same route he came from.

(To be continued)


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