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Chapter 130 - Reinforcement from Yi Yuan School

“What did you say? Everyone in the city has been sacrificed!” Ye Xiwen held his breath and asked in surprised tone.

Ye Xiwen could not hold his surprise, after all, the population of over a million people lived in a big city like Thousand Islands City.

And since more than a million people had been massacred to be used as blood sacrifice by the devils, a terrifying thing was soon going to be born at this place. Just looking at the resentment of a million lives that had been slaughtered as blood sacrifices, it could be imagined how horrifying this situation could turn into.

The dignified looking Ye Feng nodded and said: “Although I do not know what these devils are actually trying to do, but it can only be something extraordinary and ominous!”

Zhangsun Yuyin, Yan Chiling and the others also nodded at Ye Feng's point. Although their current strength was nothing in comparison to the formidable masters present in the Main Sect, but they were originally considered as the elites in their respective sub-schools and other outer major forces, so their experience was not bad, though they did not know what the devil race was trying to do here in Thousand Islands City, but it was certainly not a good thing.

“It's entirely my fault, I should have thought with a clear mind before sending you a distress message.” Ye Feng said in a somewhat self-blaming tone, “Even your arrival is unable to change anything rather yet another person fell into enemy's trap. It's my fault to not think this though properly.”

“Brother, it's not your fault.” Ye Xiwen shook his head and said, “It's the plan of those devils all along to use you all as hostage and attract Yi Yuan School's disciples.”

Ye Xiwen told them everything he previously heard from the devils, and after hearing that, the complexions of many disciples suddenly paled, because if that really was the case, then these devils were certainly too vicious and could not be taken lightly.

They were too cunning and deceitful!

“Then what should we do now?” A disciple said in a worried voice.

“This is our only chance!” Ye Xiwen immediately said in a loud voice and attracted everyone's attention, “These devil bastards are definitely planning something big as it takes a lot of time to set up such an elaborate trap. They even have the audacity to dare and ambush the disciples of Yi Yuan School and I think they are relying on the strength of some high-level monster because I saw moqi soaring in the sky and there should be a formidable great devil who has assumed personal command of this set up. We have been lucky so far but who knows what happens later, therefore we still have a chance of survival and that is to escape from here when a formidable expert comes from our school, then we can take advantage of the chaos and run away.”

Ye Xiwen said this confidently because he knew this trap would be the main reason why Yi Yuan School would send a formidable expert, because this devil set up was creating too much disturbance and was very loud and there were a lot of formidable experts in Yi Yuan School. A major power like Yi Yuan School wouldn't sit idly when such a loud devil set up was working out in open in Zhen Wu Jie.

However at this time, this plan was going to work only if these devils do not change their mind to keep the hostages alive, because if devil race decided to grind them to death, then it would be an easy job for them. The situation looked dangerous because a lot of devils were trying to encircling their group, as if planning a large scale attack.

“Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss!” Ye Xiwen shouted and a coiling dragon roared violently and suddenly came out of his palm and soared into the sky. Its roars resounded everywhere then the huge body of this dragon coiled around Ye Xiwen's body to give him protection.

Ye Xiwen's long blade dance released Daoguang which rushed towards the surrounding devils and simply chopped them down like vegetables.

They just couldn't get close to him, and occasionally, a few who somehow managed to get close to him were caught by the claws of the coiling dragon and exploded. This coiling dragon had a soul and didn't need specific commands from Ye Xiwen and attacked the nearby devils on its own.

“Brother Ye is insanely strong!” The crowd of disciples from Qian Yu faction was baffled by Ye Xiwen's insane display of strength, it was like he was the invincible god of death for these devils. They suddenly came to understand how Ye Xiwen had been able to breach inside the Zhen method even when he was surrounded by numerous devils.

Now they knew that devil race trapped them in here in order to attract the disciples of Yi Yuan School, so it was obvious that they would set layers after layers of trap in case core disciples were to come to save their comrades, but Ye Xiwen, who was not even a core disciple, was able to break through all those traps and that too totally unscathed.

Ye Xiwen's performance was little too vigorous and the most important question was just what kind of power technique did he practice that whenever the devils tried to approach him, they either ended up getting wounded or die. They could almost feel life coming out from this coiling dragon that was coiled around Ye Xiwen's body and they mistakenly thought that this coiling dragon wasn't made up of energy, but was an actual dragon, the one to rule the heaven and earth.

“What kind of power technique is this?” This question cropped up in the hearts of many disciples, because this power technique was simply too flamboyant and completely insane!

Their own power techniques could be considered as absolutely authentic, but they could never be compared with such a terrifying power technique which was easily eradicating these devils that didn't seem to have any means to fight back.

Just where he found such an incredible power technique which seemed like the true nemesis of these devils, making them completely hopeless in the face of this coiling dragon, as they didn't know how to fight an opponent they couldn't even approach.

Zhangsun Yuyin occasionally played the spiritual tool called 'Magical sound Flute' which made these disciples to exclaim and then there was Ye Xiwen's insane power technique “Coiling Dragon palm” which was constantly shocking them. They were even more shocked when they suddenly noticed that Ye Xiwen's attacks were releasing Zhen Yuan. So, Ye Xiwen actually transformed Zhen Yuan but that was simply inconceivable because it meant that he was now a Xiantian sixth stage expert.

There were strange complexions on the faces of these disciples because they suddenly realized that Ye Xiwen's cultivation growth had simply approached a terrifying speed.

When they first met Ye Xiwen, although he was somewhat famous, but his strength was not comparable to Zhangsun Yuyin, Yan Chiling and other strongest disciples, but during the past six months, he actually managed to surpass them by such an extent, and not just surpass, he actually managed to transform Zhen Yuan.

This cultivation growth speed made them to feel kind of helpless.

Among Ye Feng, Yan Chiling, Zhangsun Yuyin and other members of Qian Yu faction, the strongest among them had just reached Xiantian forth stage. Although they had confidence that in a few years, they would be able to reach the peak of Xiantian fifth stage, but after a few years, just what kind of cultivation level would Ye Xiwen be having, just thinking about this made them to gasp.

Ye Feng was looking at Ye Xiwen with a complicated look in his eyes, thinking in his heart that he must protect his little brother at all times, but the situation reversed and now he was being rescued by his little brother. His little brother disappeared without a trace few months ago and had now been replaced by an extremely formidable and brave figure.

Though Ye Feng still thought of Ye Xiwen as a little brother who needed protection, but Ye Xiwen was capable enough to act independently and could take care of himself. He was not afraid of Zhen Yuan drying up from over consumption, because in the event of such a situation, he could draw back to rest, swallow a medicinal pill and replenish the consumed Zhen Yuan in his body.

For others, the area inside the Zhen method was full of moqi, and they were suffering to breathe, but for Ye Xiwen, it was no different from the outside world, because the mysterious space in his mind could convert the moqi into energy which he could then use to enhance his cultivation.

This kind of place where he continuously needed to fight was the best place to enhance his cultivation.

In a blink of an eye, one day, two days and finally three days passed. Ye Xiwen and other members of Qian Yu faction stayed inside the Zhen method for a total of three days, and during these three days, they got sufficient time to determine a lot of things.

Although, during these three days, they moved towards the depths of Zhen method to avoid devil encounters, but they could still feel that somebody was frequently attacking the dome shaped Zhen method from outside which caused the Zhen method to vibrate violently, but apparently without success, and soon the vibrations would disappear, obviously, not everyone possessed the insane strength like Ye Xiwen, who was able to force his way into the Zhen method.

In the beginning when these attacks first started to impact on the Zhen method then everyone was excited, but now, they slowly got used to them.

On this day, suddenly the moqi inside the entire Zhen method began to become violent and flow frantically in all directions. Everyone was surprised for a moment because they didn't expect what was happening in front of their eyes, because before, even some Xiantian ninth stage masters had forced their way into the enemy territory but even their strongest attacks had been unable to create so dramatic fluctuations inside the Zhen method.

These fluctuations proved that the Zhen method was crazily operating and replenishing itself in order to resist the attacks from outside.


The entire Zhen method violently shook like never before.

A look of joy appeared on the faces of everyone. Now it was certain that a strong figure finally appeared to save them, increasing their chances of going out, which was naturally good news for them.

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt that the entire Zhen method spread throughout the central part of Thousand Islands City instantly cracked, and was immediately secretly speechless with admiration, too horrifying, and this expert's strength was probably even more than that true master, Luo Yifan. It could be said that the strength of this expert was much larger than the strengths of ordinary true disciples.

However, the delighted expressions on the faces of everyone suddenly turned serious, after all, they were still not out of the woods and this was their only chance to get out of this mess, but devil race was waiting outside, and could give a vicious blow to them any time.

“Listen everyone, we must pay attention and be careful of the sneak attacks of these devil bastards!” Yan Chiling shouted and everyone nodded as they themselves knew that this was probably the most critical moment.

“Rumble!” There was yet another terrifying explosion, all of a sudden, a large gap opened up on the Zhen method revealing the gray sky through the gap while the whole method began to vacillate.

The sunlight projected inside through the gap, everyone looked up towards the gap and actually saw an expert clad in golden robes and there was double-edged golden sword in his hand, clearly visible handsome facial features, and even the color of his hair and eyes was actually golden, giving him the appearance of a golden god of war.

An invincible breath was surging around him revealing his horrifying aura.

At this moment, in the eyes of everyone, with the sunlight coming from behind him, he appeared like a celestial being, and it seemed as if he was the only one to exist between the heaven and earth.

“Bold devils, you really have great courage, quickly hand over the disciples of my Yi Yuan School and I will leave your whole corpse intact!” The golden man spoke which resounded throughout Thousand Islands City like a horrifying thunder clap. Some weak Houtian realm weak devils and Bai Mojiao disciples were instantly killed by these horrifying sonic waves. One could see that his cultivation level was far more than that of Luo Yifan, almost a hundred times stronger.

“You really talk big, could it be that humans these days are usually so arrogant?” A mighty voice came from the deepest part of the Zhen method, “It just so happens that my devil race lacks a formidable human soul!”

At this time between the speeches, a huge specter came out from the deepest parts of the Zhen method and flew up into the air. The devil aura of this huge specter was so dark and overwhelming that a large portion of the bright sunny sky was instantly obscured by massive dark clouds. The strength of this huge specter was equally matched with the strength of the golden man.

In this huge specter's eyes flashed an ominous red light and he seemed just like an ancient devil god who had come back to life. He conveniently grasped his claws and the space began to fluctuate violently under the influence of his sharp claws which was an exceptionally terrifying sight to behold.

The two peerless gods of war were on a verge of a deadly battle.

(To be continued)


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