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Chapter 112 - Battle after a month

“I want to thank Senior Jing for your help this time.” Ye Xiwen cupped one hand over the other across his chest and said in a respectful manner.

“No harm, I came at the request of someone to help you.” Jing Yannan smiled and said.

Ye Xiwen was confused as he couldn't make a guess. Who would actually send him help?

Noticing the confused look on Ye Xiwen's face, Yan Chiling smiled and said: “You don't need to guess because I will gladly tell you who it was. It was actually Sister Hua who sent us help this time!”

Hua Menghan!

This name immediately cropped up in his mind. He never thought that it would actually be Hua Menghan to send him help!

At present, the beautiful figure of Hua Menghan seemed to have appeared in the imagination of Ye Xiwen!

“The news about this matter has spread outside?” Ye Xiwen didn't allow his imagination to go astray thinking about the beautiful Hua Menghan and directly asked.

“Certainly, considering the involvement of your Qian Yu faction in recent incidents, the new disciples of your faction are out in the limelight, and now among the Yi Yuan School's ten peaks, who does not know that a group of audacious newcomers have shown up in the Tongtian peak.” Jing Yannan said with a faint smile on his face and his voice seemed to have a touch of ridicule.

Yan Chiling's complexion immediately changed as gaining limelight so early was not a good thing for him as the leader of Qian Yu faction.

“You are not the first generation of disciples to do such a thing, in the past, one generation of new disciples had tried the same thing and finally entered the 'Zhen dao' realm and gained huge popularity, but gaining so much power and popularity corrupted them, and ultimately, things turned out to be very miserable.” Jing Yannan said and curiously looked at Ye Xiwen as if trying to know what kind of person he really was by reading his reaction.

“A mighty king defeats the invaders!” Ye Xiwen said in an indifferent manner.

“Ha ha, mighty king defeats the invaders, well said!” Jing Yannan exclaimed and said, “This year's disciples are really different from the past but your determination and strength is still not enough. Although I helped you this time and forced them to retreat, but they won't stay down for too long and will come after you once again, and at that time, you will have to be capable enough to help yourselves.”

“Senior Jing helped in getting rid of them even once is more than enough for us and we are very grateful.” Yan Chiling said in a polite tone.

Ye Xiwen now had a clear understanding of the mindset of these senior factions, especially those factions that were forcing the new disciples to become their members and were sparing no effort to suppress the Qian Yu faction. This was more like a warning to other new disciples indicating that if they tried to from their own factions then the development of their factions would be seriously affected.

The new batch of disciples was an important source of members for these senior factions and they would go to any extent to suppress the new factions just to crush any future rivalry and loss of members.

Jing Yannan did not stay, and soon went back. Yan Chiling somewhat smiled wryly because he never imagined that setting up a new faction would be so difficult and the interference of senior disciples had made his life difficult as the leader of Qian Yu faction. As far as those covetously eyeing senior disciples were concerned, if only he had few more years to cultivate, at least 10 more years, then his strength would have rapid progress, at that time, forming a faction would not be so difficult, in fact, it would come as a natural thing.

However he was not willing to give up, because Qian Yu faction was formed just recently, so why must they dissolve it?

“Brother Ye, this time, Senior Jing came to our rescue but the other side has put forward a condition. One month later, the deputy-main of Fudi faction, Mo Han, will come back, and as long as we can beat him, then in the future, no one will embarrass our Qian Yu faction. However, if we can't beat Mo Han, then Qian Yu faction must be dissolved.” Yan Chiling said in a somewhat aggrieved tone.

“What's the background of this Mo Han?” Ye Xiwen asked because from what he knew so far, Fudi faction had been started by a core disciple, so it was obvious that the deputy-main would not be an average disciple.

“This Mo Han joined the Main Sect two batches before us, which means six years ago, and at that time, he became an extremely dazzling talent among the new disciples and in just a short time of six years, he reached the peak of Xiantian fifth stage and became a seed disciple among the inner disciples. It is said that he is very strong, and recognizing his talent, the Fudi faction made an exception to appoint him as deputy-main. He is the only inner disciple among the several deputy-mains of the Fudi faction, and all other deputy-mains are core disciples.” Yan Chiling explained.

Talented people always got preferential treatment which reflected in all aspects, and Mo Han's case was the best example of that.

“I am not willing to give up!” Yan Chiling said in an irritated manner. If only he had few more years, then he was confident that his own strength wouldn't be far too less compared to that of Mo Han, however, he didn't have that much time as what could he accomplish in just one month.

“You leave this thing to me! One month later, I will battle with Mo Han.” Ye Xiwen said.

“You …” Yan Chiling looked somewhat unbelievably at Ye Xiwen. It was not that he suspected the might of Ye Xiwen, and having such an incredible strength at a young age was unusual indeed and proved that Ye Xiwen was truly a genius, but he still couldn't believe that Ye Xiwen could be victorious against Mo Han.

“Rest assured, trust me and let me handle this matter.” Ye Xiwen said and thought to himself that this thing wouldn't have been so easy to handle but with the interference of Hua Menghan and Jing Yannan, who came forward to moderate between the two sides, it could be said that it had saved Ye Xiwen a lot of trouble, because now, as long as he could beat this so-called genius Mo Han, Qian Yu faction would get recognition from the other factions and people would stop to come looking for trouble, and in that case, he would have enough time for enhancing his own strength.

If the battle between him and Mo Han took place right now, then it was obvious that he wouldn't stand a chance against Mo Han, but the battle was going to take place a month later, and at time, the situation would be completely different. Right now, Ye Xiwen was at the peak of Xiantian second stage and his fighting strength was comparable to that of the masters at the peak of Xiantian fourth stage, although it could be said that he had shown the fastest progress among all the new disciples, but his current strength was still not enough to confront Mo Han.

However, if he used the Xuan Jindan, then his strength would increase by leaps and bounds in a short time, and he would directly reach the peak of Xiantian third stage, and at that time, he would be able to easily contend with a master at the peak of Xiantian fifth stage. So, the showdown with Mo Han would not be a problem at all.

But it was going to take time because Xuan Jindan was a strong drug and gave extraordinary effects but it took a lot of time to fully consume it. Fortunately, he had got one month's time to prepare for the battle.

“A month later, let me take care of that Mo Han.” Ye Xiwen said.

Yan Chiling was somewhat puzzled at such display of confidence by Ye Xiwen, because even with the help of Xuan Jindan, in his view, Ye Xiwen’s strength would not increase to such an extent that he would be able to compete with Mo Han.

He did not know that Ye Xiwen had just made a huge breakthrough, but Ye Xiwen did not explain and went straight back to his own courtyard and began the closed door practice.


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