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Chapter 106 - Set up their own faction

But, at this time, the other nine senior disciples noticed the problem that the black-robed disciple was facing. Their eyesight was far developed compared to these new disciples as it was something that one would gain with time and experience.

At this time, these senior disciples immediately rushed forward in order to assist the black-robed youth, when all of sudden, a terrifying Bladeqi instantly descended from the sky and chopped down in front of them. This terrifying Bladeqi instantly split out a huge rift in the ground, extending several meters.

“Could it be that you senior disciples can only bully others based on your numerical advantage?” Ye Xiwen said in a cold voice while pointing his long blade towards them.

Among those nine disciples, there were many at the peak of Xiantian third stage and weren't one bit weaker than the black-robed youth, but at this time, all of them were covered in cold sweat. If they had been a little faster a moment ago, that blade attack would have really beheaded all of them, and just thinking about it, they had been completely stunned.

Even they had to admit, if they had not been attentive, they would definitely have been split in half. Just from the fierceness and might present in that blade attack, they had realized that this blade-wielding boy would absolutely not show them any mercy the next time.

Although they had heard that a lot of talented disciples had joined the Main Sect this year, but they didn't expect to see so many formidable Xiantian masters. During the former years, if a new disciple who had entered into the Xiantian realm, then he was considered an extremely outstanding disciple, however this year, there were just way too many new disciples who had already entered into the Xiantian realm.

In the past, they could easily bully those new disciples and would force them to join their faction, but among this year's new disciples, there were some very thorny existences like Yan Chiling and this boy wielding a long blade.

They never thought that these new disciples would prove to be so hard to deal with. When they had been sent by the Fudi faction to completely suppress these new disciples, they never expected such an outcome, however, right now, they were entirely sure that if they dared to take even a step further, that blade wielding boy wouldn't hesitate to behead them right there right then, and if they tried to tell about this matter to the high level members of their faction, then they would definitely die in vain. The sudden appearance of Ye Xiwen had completely cornered them.

They had come to bully the weak, and their plan had failed and if they go to tell the elders about this incident then they would only end up as a laughingstock.

The new disciples were looking at Ye Xiwen with a look of worship in their eyes, of course, they admired Yan Chiling for fighting against a senior disciple on equal terms, but they simply worshipped Ye Xiwen, as he had used just one blade attack, and nine senior disciples had completely paused and were scared to take a single step forward or backward.

They had repressed the feelings of hatred after being oppressed by these top disciples for all these days but these feelings had finally been vented out thanks to Ye Xiwen.

With the unexpected appearance of Ye Xiwen, after a while, the black-robed youth was unable to cope up with the suppressive attacks of Yan Chiling, and continued to dodge one attack after the other, but after a while, Yan Chiling found an opening and managed to hit a punch on his body. The black-robed youth was sent flying after receiving that punch from Yan Chiling and heavily fell on the ground then fell unconscious.

“Take him and get lost, next time, I won't show any mercy!” Yan Chiling gasped and said.

The senior disciples did not stay. It would be ridiculous if they stayed there, especially when Ye Xiwen was eyeing them like a Killing God. They would never dare to stay there for a long time.

“Brother Ye, this time we were saved thanks to your help.” Yan Chiling looked at those departing senior disciples and couldn't help but said with a smile on his face.

“It was nothing.” Ye Xiwen said, “Brother Yan, I think that we should form a faction.”

Ye Xiwen still didn't want to be part of a faction but he preferred to be a part of one than being chased down by others. After all, it was somewhat troublesome, and he wouldn't be able to run away for too long.

And even if he was careful and tried to avoid joining any faction but these people knew where he lived so rather than joining a faction, it was better for him to form one!

“Brother Ye, you mean?” Yan Chiling said in a delighted tone, although originally, their faction was just in the prototype stage and he could be considered a strong leader who could run a faction, but if Ye Xiwen was willing to join them then things would be entirely different, because Ye Xiwen's addition to their faction had suddenly increased their strength by many times and had greatly improved the appeal as well.

“I am just enrolling, I won't manage the matters inside the faction.” Ye Xiwen said that as he didn't want to divert his concentration from practicing to anything else, and even if he had made this decision, but he still wanted to enjoy his unrestrained complete freedom.

“No problem!” Yan Chiling excitedly said. With the addition of Ye Xiwen to the faction, the appeal would immediately increase, and the most important thing was that Ye Xiwen did not want to get involved in the management, so the power would be in his hands, so this was a double benefit for him.

“Everybody, please pay attention to what I am going to say. I once again announce that I, together with Brother Ye, am planning to jointly form a faction and any of the new disciples can join us!” Yan Chiling said in a loud voice. Earlier, the faction was just in name but after this announcement and with the addition of Ye Xiwen to the faction, it was finally going to officially form.

Some of the new disciples hesitated, because before they were sticking close to Yan Chiling as they knew that survival was very difficult in the Main Sect and only by sticking together, one could stay away from unforeseen danger. As Yan Chiling was a top disciple who had leader like characteristics so they had decided to stick with him until things would settle down, then they would walk away anytime, but after they would join the faction, they would be unable to walk away as it would be equivalent to betraying the faction and it was absolutely not allowed. In any faction, members were not allowed to leave, unless and until they were strong enough to do so.

“I will join!”A new disciple raised his hand and said, “I have had enough of these senior disciples bullying us. I don't want to be bullied anymore and getting together is the only way out!”

“Right, I will also join!”

“I will join as well! If those senior disciples can create factions then we would form our own!”

“You are right, if they can do it then so can we, after all, we were once the outstanding disciples of our sub-schools and there's nothing we can't achieve!” A disciple said.

The other new disciples were also stimulated by this sudden series of approvals and a large number of new disciples came forward to form the faction. In the past, one more faction had been formed by the new disciples, which later became one of the super factions, and its might stretched across the ten prominent peaks. The leader of this faction was a true disciple and was also one of the strongest individuals in the Yi Yuan School.

“Good, since everybody is willing to join the faction then our faction has now been officially established, but we must give it a name! Does anyone know a good name for the faction?” Yan Chiling asked.

Many disciples rushed to say several names, but these names couldn't satisfy the crowd.

Finally, a disciple suggested the name Qian Yu faction, and it got the consent of most of the disciples and hence was made the official name of the faction.

Many of the disciples were somewhat excited, because from now on, they would be known as the members of the Qian Yu faction, and no one could guess how big their faction would grow in the future.


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