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Chapter 105 - Either disband or die

For those senior disciples, this was none other than trying to get more members for their faction, by hook or by crook. But as far as these new disciples were concerned, this was a matter of life and death.

These new disciples were considered the outstanding top disciples in their respective sub-schools, and after coming to the Main Sect and training in this new favorable environment, it was only a matter of time when they would be able to catch up with those senior disciples in terms of cultivation level and strength.

So no one was willing to join someone else's faction and become the bottom members, just to be ordered around by them.

So when Yan Chiling, a top disciple among them, wanted to draw them in and form a faction, they would naturally be willing to do so.

“Now they have blocked the gate, forcefully asking us to surrender the monthly compensation, which is simply going too far.” The disciple said and clenched his teeth.

Basically, the senior disciples were forcing them to either disband their new faction, or they would be crushed forcefully. No matter which option they chose, it was not going to produce a good result.

In the hearts of these new disciples, Yan Chiling had already taken place as the leader of their faction, and naturally, Ye Xiwen was already the core of their confidence, although Ye Xiwen had not publicly pulled anyone into the faction, but everyone knew about his incredible strength, and also knew that he would definitely back them up if something happened.

Ye Xiwen said: “I will go and take a look.”

He was also related to this matter, after all, he was also one of the disciples who had been charged with paying a monthly compensation and how could he just sit back and let them take his hard earned monthly salary, which was also the source of his quick progress.

Sooner or later, he would have to get involved so why shouldn't he get involved now itself!

“If Brother Ye is going to come in action then there certainly won't be any problem.” The disciple said in an overjoyed tone, but he originally knew that Ye Xiwen would definitely lend a helping hand to them, after all, before, he had always shown a righteous nature and that disciple was well aware of that. Also, he knew that Ye Xiwen was not interested in forming or joining a faction, so if he got to know that senior disciples were trying to forcefully recruit members then he would naturally react.

Ye Xiwen followed the disciple out of his own small courtyard. Only the new disciples, who had arrived this year, lived in the freshmen courtyard, and although the inner disciples controlled the courtyard but the outer disciples also lived in the same courtyard. There was no separation between the housing of inner and outer disciples, and the new disciples had no choice, because only after becoming core disciples, they would be able to choose a place to live. Until then, all of them would have to live together in the same courtyard.

After coming out of the courtyard, he saw the crowd of many new disciples concentrated at the intersection, and they were being led by Yan Chiling.

At this time, Yan Chiling had an unsightly complexion, because ten senior disciples were blocking the intersection. There were indifferent looks on the faces of these senior disciples while they were looking at the new disciples, and their leader was a black-robed youth who looked approximately twenty-five-year-old. He stepped forward and said: “I won't waste any time on nonsense, I give you two options, first, each of you hand over your monthly salary as compensation, second, disband your faction!”

The words of this senior disciple aroused the anger of the new disciples, after all, this was no different than cornering all of them.

“We know that you are doing this just to corner all of us!” A new disciple said angrily.

“We can let you off and it's very simple, as long as you dissolve this shitty faction of yours and join our Fudi faction then we will take you in and you can also save your monthly salary.” The black-robed youth sneered and said, “I’m quite looking forward to take a look at the compensation. I heard that a lot of geniuses have entered into the Main Sect this year, so all of them must have got rich rewards, ah, I can't wait to see.” (NT: Fudi: to prostrate)

The faces of many new disciples immediately suffused with anger. They were the elite core disciples of their respective sub-schools but right now, they were being bullied.

On the way, Ye Xiwen heard from the disciple that the faction who had come to bully them was named Fudi faction and had been started by a core disciple. There were more than one hundred members in this faction and all of them were Xiantian masters, however, this faction was considered as moderately strong compared to the factions started by the core disciples.

“I advise you to disband your faction as soon as possible. I have seen many cocky new disciples in the past, trying to form their own faction, they too were unyielding in the beginning, but in the end, they also had to submit. The new outer disciples are more sensible than you lot, as they have already disbanded their faction and joined our faction.” The black-robed youth indifferently said.

“You are going too far with the bullying.” Yan Chiling said in a calm and collected manner.

“So what if we are going too far.” The black-robed youth sneered again and again then said, “It seems that you people only understand the language of fists.”

“I heard that you are a top disciple among this year's new disciples and that's why they have decided to make you the leader. I’d like to see what you got!” The black-robed youth sneered, then suddenly, a claw congealed around his palm and in a flash, with a loud boom, it rushed to grab the skull of Yan Chiling.

“Shameless!” Yan Chiling shouted loudly, and his aura completely broke out, and then an endless amount of flaming red Zhen Qi wrapped around his arm, like fire in general, and he instantly blasted a punch towards the incoming claw.

“Boom!” Both claw and fist fiercely collided and an endless amount of Zhen Qi spread in the surrounding, sending out terrifying whirlwind in all directions.

Both of them took a step back, because unexpectedly, they had almost equal strengths.

The black-robed youth's complexion suddenly changed. He did not think that Yan Chiling’s strength would actually be this fierce, although he had heard that a lot of genius disciples had arrived at the Main Sect this year, but he did not care, after all, he had joined the Main Sect nine years ago, and was ten years ahead of Yan Chiling, however, he had miscalculated because at their age, ten years were not enough to decide pretty much anything, but still, he had practiced for more than a decade longer than Yan Chiling and still couldn't suppress him? This had brought a hint of jealousy in his eyes which quickly turned into a killing intent, caused by the envy. How could this guy have so much talent? Yan Chiling had not even started to practice inside the Main Sect and could still contend with him.

In order to achieve his present strength, black-robed youth had spent a whole decade as the outer disciple, and now, he had finally reached the peak of Xiantian third stage, while not at the top, but he could at least play the role of a bully to forcefully recruit members.

But what just happened!

With a look of envy in his eyes, the black-robed disciple once again stormed towards Yan Chiling. Yan Chiling also sneered and rushed forward to face his attack.

As the two sides were fiercely fighting, violent explosion sounds continued to spread. Their punches were casing air explosions and as their fight grew more intense, the new disciples had to go back several steps and they did not even dare to stay near this menacing battle.

Both of them loathed each other so one could see the seriousness of their fight. Although the strength of Yan Chiling was essentially stronger, but the black-robed youth had more battle experience, thus he could kill Yan Chiling if caught off guard, but Yan Chiling was also getting familiar with the attack patterns of the black-robed youth, so defeating him was only a matter of time.

But, at this time, the other nine senior disciples noticed the problem that the black-robed disciple was facing. Their eyesight was far developed compared to these new disciples as it was something that one would gain with time and experience.


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