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Chapter 104 - Senior disciples are big bullies

“If I am not wrong, they will soon come to ask you, do you want to join their faction as well?” Yan Chiling asked.

When Ye Xiwen was not interested in forming or joining an ordinary faction, then why would he want to join the faction of a true disciple? But, he won't be able to refuse if they come to invite him, because if he did, it would only represent the beginning of a big trouble.

If the faction belonged to an open-minded true disciple then it was okay to refuse them, but if it belonged to some arrogant true disciple then after getting rejected, he was bound to retaliate!

Seeing the silent appearance of Ye Xiwen, Yan Chiling couldn't help but smiled bitterly. Becoming the faction leader was definitely not good. Although he would have the support of many new disciples but their faction would still not be very durable. Sooner or later, other factions would send their people to snatch new disciples for their factions and if they didn't agree, they would face the collaborated suppression from the major factions.

These newcomers were considered outstanding disciples of their respective sub-schools, however, after entering into the Main Sect, their strength could only be considered mediocre. Among the two hundred new disciples, only twenty or so were truly worthy of being called strong and were the masters of Xiantian realm, and the remaining more than one hundred and eighty were just outer disciples, who were still in the Houtian realm and their status was only a little better than the status of the handyman disciples.

In the past, some outstanding new disciples had tried to form their own factions and had contended against the factions of the senior disciples, but soon, their newly formed faction had been disbanded under the collaborated suppression of the senior factions.

Ye Xiwen sighed as deep in his heart, he didn't want to join factions, because once joined, he would be urged to have human contacts and that would completely ruin his concentration, which would ultimately decrease the pace of his cultivation growth. There was a lot of competition in the Main Sect and he didn't want to waste time on all this.

He silently returned to his freshmen small courtyard. All of the new disciples had received these courtyards where they could live and practice. If it was a top core disciple of the Main Sect, he would have an independent palace on the mountain, and true disciples had their own personal mountain peaks.

People of different strengths received different treatment based on their status and positions.

Ye Xiwen entered his courtyard, although inner disciples could only have small independent courtyards, but these courtyards were quite exquisite, with pavilions, rock garden with running water, just like a botanical garden. In the entire courtyard, small sections of spiritual arteries were buried underground which would induce large amount of divine Lingqi in entire courtyard, and looking from afar, one could see 'Xian qi' in abundance, making the courtyard look like the dwelling place of immortals.

A variety of 'Zhen methods' to attract the divine Lingqi, defensive Zhen methods, Zhen method to concentrate Shenjing Qi and so on were carved on the ground, but the core method to activate these Zhen methods was known only to the owner of the courtyard. (NT: Shenjing: divine calm)

“No wonder everyone wants to enter into the Main Sect. This practice environment is a hundred times better compared with that of the sub-schools!” Ye Xiwen sighed and said.

The talented disciples coming from these sub-schools would get various resources and after practicing in this kind of favorable practice environment of Main Sect, they would be able to rapidly grow stronger compared to when they were in the sub-schools, because here, they would have rapid advancements and quicker breakthroughs .

Even the outer disciples had been provided with one room per person and these rooms also had various Zhen methods prepared inside, although the rooms were small, but fully equipped.

This time he went to the Gongde Palace hall of Tongtian peak to receive his rewards, and for displaying outstanding performance in the assessment examination, he got a total of 5000 spirit stones from the Tongtian peak, which allowed his total stock of spirit stones to reach a total of 7000 spirit stones. (NT: Gongde: merits and achievements)

All the policies of the sect were generally inclined in favor of the talented disciples and it was made sure that the talented disciples would receive the best resources and in greater amounts.

In addition to the spirit stones, he also got a variety of medicinal pills, some for healing, some for supplementing Zhen Qi, etc, but Ye Xiwen was very much happy to receive a 'Xuan Jindan'. Its efficacy and effects were similar to that of the Blood Yuan fruit, however, it was still not comparable to a Blood Yuan fruit because it only gave short term effects and though it could help during the breakthrough but its utility was limited for only the masters of Xiantian fifth stage or below. In addition to Ye Xiwen, only Yan Chiling got a Xuan Jindan for his outstanding performance, but Ye Xiwen believed that the Sect's inclination towards giving top resources to only the outstanding disciples would only work towards increasing the gap between geniuses and ordinary people.

In addition to these, there were some clothes, completely made of ice cicada silk, warm in winter and cool in summer. Moreover, the defense offered by these clothes was very strong, and could give good protection from weapons. These clothes were similar to the cicada silk armor of Ye Xiwen, but here in the Yi Yuan School, they were present in abundance.

Besides these, there were all sorts of equipments which clearly demonstrated the excessive wealth of Yi Yuan School.

One could say that joining the Main Sect did not represent the end, but an entirely new beginning.

Ye Xiwen was about to start closed-door training when suddenly, from outside his courtyard, he heard the sound of rapid footsteps and then a voice reached his ears: “Brother Ye, Brother Ye!”

“Come in!” Ye Xiwen released the defensive Zhen method, as he was the owner of the courtyard and only he had the authority to unlock the defensive method, otherwise no one would be able to enter. Even the intruders would have to attack with a Zhen method to barge in.

Right then, a disciple, who appeared to be in his twenties, ran into the room and looked at Ye Xiwen with an anxious look on his face.

“What happened?” Ye Xiwen asked.

This disciple was one of the disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, and was the only disciple from Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, other than Ye Xiwen, who had also been assigned to the Tongtian peak.

“Those senior disciples go too far! They have joined up to suppress us.” The disciple said, “For the last few days, those senior factions have been sending people to pull people from among us, but our fellow brothers and sisters have decided to join the faction led by Brother Yan, so they began to force us, and said that we need to surrender our monthly salary as compensation to them, and if not paid, then they would start to bully us every day.”

Ye Xiwen frowned, so these senior disciples had truly gone too far, but it was still understandable, as the new disciples were often the source of new members for these factions and they had to wait three years for the assessment examination to recruit members, but now that these new disciples wanted to create a separate faction, then of course, they would collaborate together to suppress the new faction.

Even if the new disciples didn't disband their new faction and decided to surrender their monthly salary as compensation, then their practice speed would inevitably be adversely affected.

This was really a ruthless tactic!

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