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Chapter 103 - Enters into the Tongtian peak

Inside the palace hall of Tongtian peak, two figures could be seen walking side by side. They were Yan Chiling and Ye Xiwen.

“Brother Ye's blade technique is really amazing. I am afraid, very few among the disciples would be able to display this kind of superb blade skill.” Yan Chiling said.

“There are a lot of talented individuals among the disciples and many of them know blade techniques.” Ye Xiwen lightly replied.

"Brother Ye is being modest. When it comes to strength, there are many strong masters among the disciples, and maybe more powerful than us, but when your blade skills come into picture, I have not seen anyone displaying the creative concept of a blade technique, like you did back then. Even among the inner disciples of the Main Sect, very few can achieve such a feat." Yan Chiling said with a smile. It was not that Yan Chiling was intending to curry favor from Ye Xiwen, but three days ago, that display of the creative concept of Ye Xiwen's blade technique was truly unforgettable and had thoroughly imprinted on the minds of everyone who witnessed it, including Yan Chiling.

Three days had passed after the completion of the assessment examination. Everyone had entered into one peak or the other, but they never thought that they would get a chance to witness a strange scene where a group of old men was chasing Ye Xiwen to grab him and monopolize him for their respective peaks. Ye Xiwen also thought that Yi Yuan School was so big, and almost every year, many talented individuals would emerge from here. Every three years, it held an assessment examination and had continued to do so for god knows how many years, in which, numerous geniuses had emerged, but a strange scene like this, where a group of old people were rushing to grab a disciple had never happened before. Just what kind of multi-talented evildoer was he?

In this world, there were no devices or tests to check who was more talented than the other. It was all decided by the display of strength and even if there was such a thing to test one's talent, Ye Xiwen never considered himself as the most outstanding one, so why would these old men chase after him.

Of course, high-level attention was inevitable, as to which high-level personnel's attention he had attracted, he did not know. The next day, he got the news that he had been assigned to the Tongtian peak, which was considered as one of the top ten prominent peaks of Yi Yuan School's Main Sect, and it was definitely not one of the bottom ones among the ten.

And among those who had entered into the Tongtian peak, he knew only a few, and Yan Chiling was one of them.

Ye Feng, Zhang Yang and Wu Hao had entered into the Full moon peak. Zhangsun Yuyin, Ye Ruxue and Qian Wanru had entered into the Jade Lady peak.

Basically, they had been allocated to different peaks, of course, Full moon peak was the best among them, but it was never guaranteed that as long as one possessed great strength, he would be assigned to the best peak. The allocation was done keeping in mind the balanced development of all the top ten peaks. If they only wanted to strengthen the Full moon peak then why would they even need to have the other nine peaks?

Although there was still a gap between the strengths of the peaks, but that was the reason why this type of allocation system was followed to maintain the overall balance of power.

After getting assigned to the Tongtian peak, Ye Xiwen saw many unfamiliar faces but among them, Yan Chiling was a relatively familiar person and had quickly got acquainted with him. As far as the disciples from other sub-schools were concerned, they would gradually get to know each other and come together. In addition to the two of them, there were more than two hundred disciples assigned to the Tongtian peak.

As Yan Chiling was one of the top masters, soon, all of these new disciples had gathered to his side. Before entering into the Main Sect, the new disciples were not allowed to form factions, but that was not the case after entering into the Main Sect. Now, they could form factions because if they didn't, then they would most likely be bullied by the senior disciples.

Unlike the sub-schools, in the Main Sect, new disciples of would generally form factions as when they were in their respective sub-schools, they didn't need to form factions because they would have to enter the Main Sect someday, but after entering into the Main Sect, things would change. The disciples would form factions, and years later, when these disciples would become true disciples, they would still have these factions. In the Yi Yuan School, there were many well-known factions, led by hundreds of true disciples, and excluding some true disciples who preferred to stay alone, almost all of the true disciples had their own factions with a powerful figure as the faction leader.

The current triennial assessment examination was a good opportunity to pull the cronies into the faction, as for the factions formed by the true disciples, they would only accept core disciples as the members and unless there was an extremely talented individual among the new disciples who had managed to impress them, it was highly unlikely for the new disciples to enter into those high-level factions.

Generally, these factions created by the new disciples were headed by star disciples like Ye Xiwen and Yan Chiling, but Ye Xiwen was not interested in forming a faction. Those true disciples would form factions and managed them themselves, but he was not at all interested in leading or managing other new disciples, so forming a faction was out of question.

Other new disciples of the Tongtian peak had sensed that Ye Xiwen was not interested in making a faction so they had flocked around Yan Chiling. In addition to Yan Chiling and more than two hundred disciples, among the new disciples, there was yet another group composed of foreign disciples, led by the yellow-robed disciple who had been beheaded by Ye Xiwen in the Huanmo territory. During these days, Ye Xiwen found out that his name was Huang Yilin, an outstanding disciple from Huang Yue Sect. It was considered a big clan, although it was not comparable to Yi Yuan School, but was still a tyrannical force.

As they said, it was easy to survive in a group!

“Now the two of us have entered into the Tongtian peak, later we may enter the same sect, so I would like Brother Ye to advise me.” Yan Chiling said, although Ye Xiwen was younger than him, but in this world, strong people would command respect, and Ye Xiwen's strength was above him.

“That is, if in the future, we enter the same sect, then I would also expect mutual support.” Ye Xiwen said with a smile because he didn't want to openly show his indifference as it would only invite new enemies.

“Right now, Brother Yan has become the leader of a lot of new disciples, which is quite amazing, when the time comes, I would expect a lot of help from you.” Ye Xiwen said with some ridicule for Yan Chiling, as he had a favorable impression for the guy, although he was somewhat sophisticated and shrewd, but in general, he was a fairly open and candid guy.

Yan Chiling wryly smiled and said: “It looks okay for now, but in few days, the faction of those senior disciples would come into action then things will start to get difficult for us. Brother Ye, to be honest with you, yesterday two factions of true disciples came looking for me. I just hope I can join them. “

“True disciples?” Ye Xiwen said in a startled manner.

“Well!” Yan Chiling nodded and a wry smile appeared on his face. These high level factions didn't care about average new disciples, but Yan Chiling was definitely not an average individual, even if he was not as good as Ye Xiwen but he was powerful enough to impress the high level factions.

Ye Xiwen was silent for a moment. If the factions of those true disciples were trying to recruit new disciples, then it wouldn't be good to refuse them!

“If I am not wrong, they will soon come to ask you, do you want to join their faction as well?”


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