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Chapter 102 - Assessment ends

Even during the time when Ye Xiwen was in Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, he knew how precious a Blood Yuan fruit actually was for Xiantian masters. If it was not extremely valuable, then why would it attract the attention of so many people, although it was only valuable for the masters of Xiantian realm, but there were a million Xiantian masters in the Main Sect, and most of them were stuck at bottlenecks, so one could imagine the preciousness of Blood Yuan fruit in their eyes.

From the moment he had obtained a Blood Yuan fruit, Ye Xiwen had decided that he would wait until the day he would have his breakthrough from the Xiantian eighth stage to Xiantian ninth stage, because at that time, having a breakthrough would be very difficult and it would take a lot of effort. He would also need treasures like Blood Yuan fruit to help him during the breakthrough.

Many people could never reach the Xiantian seventh or eighth stage even after practicing throughout their lives. They would stay on Xiantian fifth stage for a lifetime because it was considered a big threshold. Those who could cross this threshold would become intermediate level personnel in Yi Yuan School's Main Sect and the most incompetent ones would be send to become elders at the sub-schools, but those who could get past this threshold could only spend their lifetime as lower level staff.

Even if Ye Feng had used the Blood Yuan fruit during his breakthrough from Xiantian fifth stage to sixth stage then it was worth it, but he used it at only the first stage which was such a pity.

Later, Ye Xiwen heard from various disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school and finally came to know the ins and outs of everything that had happened during his absence. After Ye Feng and the group of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school had separated from him, they met the group of Jade Lady sub-school and helped them in repelling a Huanmo raid. Afterwards, the two groups cooperated to attain their goal of searching and killing as many Huanmo devils as they could. While fighting and killing the Huanmo, they encountered a very formidable Huanmo of Xiantian fifth stage, which seemed to have high intelligence, and at that moment, it was next to a coffin.

After the two groups discussed for a bit, they decided to fight and kill the Huanmo which was still mourning next to the coffin. After killing it, as expected, they obtained a magical sound flute, which was actually a spiritual tool, although it was only a low level spiritual tool, but after reaching the Xiantian stages above Xiantian fifth stage, the Xiantian Zhen Qi would transform into Xiantian Zhen Yuan, and then it would be possible to drive a spiritual tool to display its infinite power, not to mention, using a magical sound flute, one could display the rare spiritual sonic attack, making this flute even more precious. This was the reason when the news about the flute had leaked out, it had attracted Shangguan Xuanyi and others.

Ye Xiwen looked at the dark-colored flute hanging on the waist of Zhangsun Yuyin and sighed then shook his head. How could he not understand that his brother liked Zhangsun Yuyin and was even willing to let go of a precious spiritual tool for that. Even though a spiritual tool could be used only after surpassing the Xiantian fifth stage but one should know that even among the core disciples of the Main Sect, only less than 10% of them had spiritual tools.

This magical sound flute was unimaginably precious but Ye Feng didn't feel the slightest heartache from losing it. Ye Xiwen thought that this matter of Ye Feng consuming the Blood Yuan fruit so early was definitely related to Zhangsun Yuyin.

Ye Feng was at the peak of Xiantian first stage and even if he had a breakthrough, he could only reach the Xiantian second stage, but Zhangsun Yuyin was already at the peak of Xiantian third stage. So, this might be the reason why Ye Feng had decided to consume the Blood Yuan fruit, because now, like Zhangsun Yuyin, he was also at the peak of Xiantian third stage, and thanks to the benefits of Blood Yuan fruit, it wouldn't be long before he would again have a breakthrough to the Xiantian fourth stage and then, he could proudly be alongside Zhangsun Yuyin.

Regarding this matter, the disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school were also well aware of, so they were not commenting about why the magical sound flute was with Zhangsun Yuyin.

Ye Xiwen sighed and also didn't say anything. He certainly didn't have any opinion because marriage, giving birth and so on, even if the warriors tried their best to avoid these, they couldn't, as this was a type of instinct that continued the life. Although it was said that the goal of a master should be to continue practicing and get rid of the worldly desires, gain immortality, but it was all just a legend.

In this world, there were many heroes and no one knew who would die, who would become invincible!

However that was something in the future, and who knew what would happen afterwards, moreover, no one knew about Zhangsun Yuyin's feelings.

But it was easy to ascertain the feelings of Zhangsun Yuyin as Ye Feng's attitude towards her was very obvious and was clearly indicating that he liked her but there she was showing no signs of dislike and it seemed like it was possible that they would get together very soon. Ye Xiwen was also trying to learn some of the tricks used by his big brother, after all, in his past life, he had seen various cultures and prosperous civilizations, and there were a variety of special tricks used by the guys to impress girls, and he had learnt some of them back then, after all, they could become useful anytime.

In Ye Xiwen's mind, a myriad of thoughts were constantly welling up, but he did not display any expression on his face and glanced at the crowd of Qingfeng mountain sub-school. This time, they had faced serious losses with ten dead, but the remaining people had become stronger compared to the last time he had seen them. Many of them were on the border of having a breakthrough and then they would enter into the Xiantian realm. The strongest expert besides Ye Feng was Zhang Yang who had already transformed 30% Xiantian Zhen Qi and had achieved the Xiantian seocnd stage, and had also consolidated his state with a very steady breath. Once he would transform 40% Xiantian Zhen Qi, he would be able to reach the peak of Xiantian second stage.

Wu Hao and Qian Wanru had actually reached the Xiantian first stage, by transforming 10% Xiantian Zhen Qi. Ye Ruxue had also shown a great progress as she had steadily transformed 20% Xiantian Zhen Qi and had reached the peak of Xiantian first stage.

During this month, everyone had shown great progress. Ye Xiwen nodded as he knew that only by colliding with talented and strong evildoers, one could have rapid and unceasing advancement in strength. If they were still at the Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, they wouldn't have shown this kind of fast progress, because only in the presence of strong peers, one wouldn't slack off and would always strive to get stronger.

But anyways, the assessment had finally ended and it was time for the allocation of disciples in various peaks!


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