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Chapter 101 - The two beheaded

If they knew about the current strength of Ye Xiwen then they wouldn't be so surprised. Right now, he was strong enough to easily take down a master of peak Xiantian third stage and could also contend with masters of Xiantian fourth stage.

By killing the purple-robed youth in a single blade strike, he had instantly turned the wave of war. His sudden appearance had pushed the opposite party to a disadvantageous position.

Ye Xiwen's mighty blade had instantly killed a top ranked Xiantian master and this had completely frightened those onlookers who were waiting to take advantage from this battle after the two sides would mutually wound and kill each other. Even the leader of the opposite side, Shangguan Xuanyi, who was on the winning side a while ago, and had planned to finish this battle as soon as possible, had suddenly encountered an unforeseen obstacle to his plan.

But, their anxiousness was justified because Ye Xiwen's strength was really unfathomable. He had killed a master of peak Xiantian third stage as if it was nothing. Even Yan Chiling was looking at him with a scared look in his eyes, let alone other people.

They could still think of facing top ranked masters like Shangguan Xuanyi, Yan Chiling and others, but facing Ye Xiwen? They feared that they would be killed in just one blade strike, without even getting a chance to fight back, which was really frightening!

It was not that no one feared death even if they knew that they would resurrect outside. The scene of getting chopped down by Ye Xiwen's blade was just too scary.

“Damn, Brother Ye is insanely strong!” Zhang Yang looked at Ye Xiwen's blade and said, at the same time, Wu Hao and Qian Wanru also nodded with a look of gratitude and respect in their eyes.

They could feel that Ye Xiwen's strength had increased abnormally in this one month's time and this was not the first time because every once in a while, his strength would rise dramatically.

But, standing on one side, Ye Ruxue seemed calm, as in her mind, she already thought of her brother as a metamorphosis, so like always, she was calm as if this was something normal for her younger brother.

Ye Xiwen sneered and walked towards that eccentric yellow-robed youth. The yellow-robed youth immediately tensed up because he had also witnessed the insane and mighty blade attack of Ye Xiwen.

“Brother!” Ye Feng said in a pleasantly surprised voice. This time, he was in a very desperate situation in his fight with the yellow-robed youth, but he never thought that his younger brother would unexpectedly arrive in the nick of time and fully turn the flow of battle.

Ye Xiwen nodded towards Ye Feng, but suddenly, that yellow-robed youth dashed towards Ye Xiwen, with a lightning fast speed and shot his palm. This attack was very amazing as the air in the surrounding had started to rupture under the sudden emergence of trembling Zhen Qi which quickly went towards Ye Xiwen.

The palm shadows had filled the sky and it was obvious that this attack was meant to catch Ye Xiwen off guard, which was really cruel and ruthless.

Ye Xiwen sneered but how could he not be prepared? He immediately shot his palm and unleashed Rushing thunder hand, discharging a rumbling thunder, and with a bang, a loud thunderclap resounded throughout the sky.

“Bang!” Two palm attacks collided fiercely and the yellow-robed youth immediately staggered and almost fell down from the shock, but at this time, Shangguan Xuanyi instantly shot his ice-cold palm at Ye Xiwen, which froze the surrounding air. He clearly knew that among all the top masters present there, Ye Xiwen was biggest threat to his plan, and as long as he could kill Ye Xiwen, he would still have an opportunity to restore the situation, otherwise, ultimately, he along with his plan would be completely obliterated at the hands of Ye Xiwen.

Shangguan Xuanyi knew that he could not kill Ye Xiwen alone, so his only option was to team up with the yellow-robed youth and attack together.

Ye Xiwen immediately sensed Shangguan Xuanyi's palm attack and shot his palm once again, containing the terrifying might of 'pass like thunder move like the wind' which released a thunder-like Zhen Qi and fiercely collided with the ice-cold Zhen Qi.


Two groups of Zhen Qi collided and blasted shock waves in all directions.

Shangguan Xuanyi was thrown back several steps and secretly complained about the incredible strength of Ye Xiwen in his heart. But at this time, the yellow-robed youth rushed once again towards Ye Xiwen, although he was collaborating with Shangguan Xuanyi but this was only a temporary cooperation as he had ulterior motives. However, right now, he could not attend to his motives because his top priority was to kill Ye Xiwen, otherwise, all of them would be killed instead.

Ye Feng also wanted to go and help, but when he saw that Ye Xiwen was easily handling both of their attacks, as if he was just playing with them, then he decided not to interfere.

When the duo had teamed up to attack, they had soon gotten used to timing their attacks and were displaying a perfect team play expecting to push Ye Xiwen in a disadvantageous situation, but in a while, Ye Xiwen had easily adapted to their combined assault. After playing around with them for a while, the next time they shot their attacks at him, he suddenly released a terrifying Bladeqi and displayed the creative concept of Full moon beheader.

“Bang!” The creative concept turned into the picture of a bright moon descending from the clouds and directly collided with their combined attack and crushed it, then it finally descended towards the two masters. They couldn't resist against the terrifying might of this attack and turned into streamers and vanished from the Huanmo territory.

Without these two top masters out of the picture, the people of their team knew that it was over for them and immediately began to disperse. Although Bingdao sub-school was a major sub-school with a lot of Xiantian masters but so was Jade Lady sub-school and under the leadership of top masters like Ye Feng, Zhangsun Yuyin and Ye Xiwen, they would be quickly killed by the opposite party!

And the crowd of spectating disciples waiting for an opportunity also started to leave in abundance and did not dare to stay for a long time. They knew very well that if the disciples of opposite party lost their temper and started to attack, then in the presence of these three top masters, especially Ye Xiwen, they would only meet an unexpected calamity.

“Third Brother, this time we were saved thanks to you.” Ye Feng said and walked towards Ye Xiwen with a smile on his face and somewhat sighing with emotion. If Ye Xiwen had not descended from the sky like an angel to save them, then they would really have met an awful end.

“It's nothing, but brother. . .” Ye Xiwen looked at Ye Feng and was surprised to find out that his brother had actually reached the peak of Xiantian third stage. But, last time, he was only at the peak of Xiantian first stage, which meant that in a period of one month, his cultivation had unexpectedly jumped two stages, this situation was too weird!

This was truly bizarre!

Ye Xiwen's mind couldn't grasp it at all.

“Brother, could it be that you, a Blood Yuan fruit. . .” An idea suddenly cropped up in Ye Xiwen's mind, because, only while having a breakthrough in the Xiantian second stage and consuming a Blood Yuan fruit, one could have a dramatic increase in cultivation and strength in a short time.

However this was not right, as his elder brother was definitely not an unwise person. Everyone knew that after entering into the Xiantian realm, the later one would consume this precious Blood Yuan fruit, the better would be the effects. The best time to consume it was during having a breakthrough in Xiantian second stage or while breaking through from Xiantian eighth stage to Xiantian ninth stage, as the later one would consume this fruit, the bigger would be the benefits.

That's how it was!

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