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Chapter 100 - Beheaded in one blade strike

Then, suddenly, a terrifying Bladeqi descended from the sky and rushed towards the purple-robed youth.

That purple-robed youth panicked and hastily dodged and barely saved him body from getting chopped. He got furious and shouted: “Who was that!”

One could see a distant cyan figure appearing in the horizon carrying a long blade in his hand.

“Little brother!” Seeing that cyan figure, Ye Feng was overjoyed and immediately shouted.

Ye Xiwen slowly approached the battlefield.

With a long blade in his hand, Ye Xiwen lightly said: “It's too early to celebrate your victory.”

All of the people looked towards him.

“Just now, that Bladeqi was released from so far? It seems that during this month, this Ye Xiwen's strength has progressed by leaps and bounds.” Standing at a distant place, Yan Chiling thought while looking at Ye Xiwen. Although he was standing far from the battlefield but he immediately discovered that it was Ye Xiwen.

Yan Chiling had just now witnessed the incredible might of Ye Xiwen's blade attack, and he couldn't help but be somewhat startled in his heart. He certainly was aware of Ye Xiwen's existence but didn't know much about him. Although he had gathered information about the top disciples of strong sub-schools, after all, they might become his possible rivals, but why would he bother knowing about the top disciples of so many weak sub-schools.

Earlier, Ye Xiwen had made a huge commotion and that had got Yan Chiling's attention only for a short time because he didn't consider Ye Xiwen as someone worth knowing about. Back then, Ye Xiwen's strength was almost comparable to that of ordinary Xiantian third stage masters. With this level of strength, it was impossible for him to be ranked among the top players who were generally at the peak of Xiantian third stage or above. Only by having this much strength, top players like Yan Chiling would pay attention to masters of other sub-schools.

Right now, he had no other choice but to pay attention to Ye Xiwen but still not to the point of fear. However, he had discovered that Ye Xiwen had recently made a breakthrough and his strength was no longer under the strength of peak Xiantian third stage.

Originally, Ye Feng's sudden rise to the peak Xiantian third stage had surprised him but he never thought that his younger brother, Ye Xiwen, would also have a breakthrough in such a short period of one month. He had started to doubt the reputation of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school as one of the weakest sub-schools, because this time, it had actually presented two top masters to the Main Sect and this number was unexpectedly more than the three major sub-schools.

He feared that the fame of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school was going to rise dramatically in the Main Sect!

“Who are you, how dare you sneak an attack on me!” The purple-robed youth shouted in an angry voice.

“Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, Ye Xiwen.” Ye Xiwen indifferently said.

“You are courting death!” The purple-robed youth got even more furious and why would he not? He had been nearly chopped down to a violent death. He suddenly dashed towards Ye Xiwen and used his right leg to send a lightning fast kick, accompanied with a twisting wind storm, directly at him.

In a flash, Ye Xiwen waved his blade and chopped out a sharp and terrifying Bladeqi.


Two terrifying attacks severely collided against each other and sent violent shock waves in the air producing a sharp piercing sound.

In an instant, their attacks had completely neutralized each other.

The purple-robed youth never thought that Ye Xiwen would actually be so strong.

“It is not good, how is he so strong?” The purple-robed youth pondered that now, with the unexpected appearance of Ye Xiwen, both sides had got three pairs of strong masters and this was a bad sign for their plan. Now that there were three pairs of masters, they won't be able to finish this fight in a short time as they planned, and Yan Chiling, who was currently watching from the distant place, would definitely take advantage of this.

The face of purple-robed youth sank and he shouted loudly: “Birth of the fierce winds!”

This was the secret kick-based Xiantian level power technique handed down in his family for generations. Relying on the might of this technique, his forefathers had brought fame to his family, which had gained a high reputation and influence in his hometown.


He shoved his powerful kick into Ye Xiwen's body and was thrown back several steps from the explosion. Just as he was about to attack again, he was surprised to see that his attack had done no damage to Ye Xiwen, who just stood there like an iron wall.

Ye Xiwen sneered and said: “You are only at this level?”

The purple-robed youth's complexion suddenly changed and he muttered: “How is this possible?”

He clearly knew the explosive strength present in his kick and that was the reason why he had been thrown back several steps but he was totally bewildered to find out that even after facing his kick's explosive strength at a point blank range, Ye Xiwen simply didn't move at all!

How could he be so strong!

Ye Xiwen sneered, because just now, he had tried to test the strength of the purple-robed youth and had finally determined that it was nothing.

The purple-robed youth wanted to have an advantage of striking the first blow and without wasting time, his leg moved and swept strong winds towards Ye Xiwen.

Full moon beheader!

Ye Xiwen chopped out his blade. The might of his blade was truly exquisite and peerless and it released a terrifying Bladeqi which swept towards the strong winds. Although he had not yet practiced 'Full moon beheader' to the 'Dacheng realm' and had also not fully evolved its creative concept, but it still possessed the true might of a Xiantian level move. However, none of his blade moves were stronger than the move, Hidden Dragon rises from the Abyss, but using it even once consumed a significant amount of Zhen Qi and he didn't want to use it unless it was necessary.


The terrifying Bladeqi fiercely collided with the strong winds in the sky and wreaked havoc on the scene, and it seemed as if a tsunami had just swept past this area.

Everyone was giving dumbfounded looks at this scene when suddenly, in an instant, the terrifying Bladeqi completely scattered the fierce winds and went straight towards the purple-robed youth and chopped down.

The purple-robed youth turned into streamer and disappeared from the Huanmo territory.

“Just one move!” Yan Chiling, spectating from a distant place, saw this with his own eyes and was totally bewildered. He never thought that a strong master like the purple-robed youth would actually be beheaded in just one strike from Ye Xiwen's blade.

Ye Xiwen had fully displayed the true might of his blade which could easily be considered very frightening, because just a single attack from his blade had actually killed a top ranked Xiantian master.

Yan Chiling asked himself that his own strength and the strength of that purple-robed youth was about the same and if he had been killed by Ye Xiwen in just one blade strike then what would happen if he was to fight with Ye Xiwen!

Everyone was shocked, because they thought that this battle was between two equally matched masters and would be a fierce one, but they never expected it to be so one-sided.

They actually did not know that in the last one month, Ye Xiwen had been constantly fighting with Huanmo devils of Xiantian fourth stage, and had even severely wounded a Huanmo of Xiantian fourth stage. Even if Huanmo were small and weak creatures but a Xiantian fourth stage Huanmo was still powerful enough to give a tough time to the top players. Even if his strength was not yet comparable to the masters of Xiantian fourth stage but it could be said that his strength had far surpassed the strength of masters of peak Xiantian third stage making him one of the top players.


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