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Chapter 154 – Dark forest “Part Four”

“Shaoxing brother, you said we could enter the Heavenly Martial Institute?”

On the back of the Demonic Scale Tiger, Dai Xingyu looked at Du Shaofu with her transparent pupil. She was kind of anticipating to enter into Heavenly Martial Institute.

“Perhaps it's possible.” Du Shaofu was quite affirmative. With Dai Xingyu’s talent, entering the Heavenly Martial Institute wouldn’t be much of a problem, and the same went for him too.

“Don’t say it so firmly too soon. Entering the Heavenly Martial Institute isn't anything too easy like that.” Ouyang Shuang glanced at Du Shaofu.

“Yet it wouldn’t be too difficult. Even you could get in, so I think it wouldn’t be much of a problem for me.” Du Shaofu looked at Ouyang Shuang to say faintly.

“You…” Ouyang Shuang breathed heavily while staring at Du Shaofu angrily: “I'll let you know, there would be no one to help you as you’ve already left Lan Ling mansion.”

Du Shaofu heard that, then looked at Ouyang Shuang and smiled like nothing: “Perhaps you forgot. We’re in the middle of the air and even on the back of the little Tiger.”


The Demonic Scale Tiger seemed like to be understanding what Du Shaofu was thinking. It gave out a roar and started to flap its wings more quickly and turn its body constantly mid-air: sometimes higher, sometimes lower, up and down all of a sudden. This made Ouyang Shuang and Dai Xingyu staggered and their beautiful faces pale.

“You tiger quickly stop!”

“Xiao Quan Quan, please slow down a bit.”

“Du Shaofu, we’re not finished!”…

Ouyang Shuang cried out softly again and again, her voice was circling around on the sky. Du Shaofu pulled Dai Xingyu as he looked at the hot and gracious body of Ouyang Shuang. She staggered and wobbled left to right, outlining each moving curvatures which were very satisfying.

Finally Ouyang Shuang had to compromise and agreed to share things relating to Heavenly Martial Institute for Du Shaofu, in order to avoid not knowing anything when they came there. The Demonic Scale Tiger also calmed down and stopped acting up.

Afterward, from Ouyang Shuang’s sharing, Du Shaofu knew that Heavenly Martial Institute wasn’t that simple. It could be said that the Heavenly Martial Institute was the haven for those trainers across Shilong Empire. There were numerous strong warriors coming from this Heavenly Martial Institute.

At least half of the current princes and kings of the current Shilong Empire came from Heavenly Martial Institute. Thus, it could observe how strong the Heavenly Martial Institute stood within Shilong Empire.

Of the trainers across the whole empire, none didn’t want to enter the Heavenly Martial Institute, but this place was absolutely not the place for people who wanted to enter arbitrarily.

They needed to pass rounds and rounds of tests, thus only by having a certain degree of talents could one be able to enter into Heavenly Martial Institute. The talents weren’t just merely about level of martial arts ability, yet the standards were also those that ordinary people could climb up to.

Each time the Heavenly Martial Institute recruited, numerous people enrolled yet only the true talents could enter this Institute, and the number was so scarce. Those who could eventually be enrolled into the Heavenly Martial Institute could even represent the rank of extraordinary people.

Young people from the palace and major mansions across Shilong Empire would also be sent into this Heavenly Martial Institute to train. However, even though the Heavenly Martial Institute was situated inside Shilong Empire, it wasn’t restricted and controlled by the imperial family.

To some degree, the banner signed Heavenly Martial Institute yet it wasn’t under the empire.

It was rumored that Heavenly Martial Institute was even more powerful and unpredictable than it looked. There was absolutely no force from within the empire that dared to provoke the Heavenly Martial Institute.

“Do you know which levels those warriors from within the Heavenly Martial Institute have attained?”

After the introduction from Ouyang Shuang, Du Shaofu thought by himself about the true ability of the warriors from Heavenly Martial Institute, as compared with the powerful force behind his own mother.

Ouyang Shuang answered: “No one actually knows how strong the warriors coming from the Heavenly Martial Institute are, yet there was no few amount of scholars in the Institute that reached the Wuhou realm, and those elders are even stronger.”

“Indeed it’s the Heavenly Martial Institute.” Du Shaofu exclaimed, and felt even more anticipating.

It was such a long distance from Lan Ling mansion to the Heavenly Martial Institute. Even though the Demonic Scale Tiger’s speed was very fast, they couldn’t travel all day and night and still needed constant resting.

After one day and one night, the Demonic Scale Tiger rested once at sunset. As it landed on a mountain among the mountain stretch, it rested the second time.

On that mountain, Du Shaofu looked at all directions before telling Ouyang Shuang and Dai Xingyu: “Let’s rest here today and pick up again tomorrow.”

Ouyang Shuang stretched tiredly as she showed her enviable curvatures, and she said gently: “I can’t believe the Demonic Scale Tiger’s speed is this fast. Perhaps with this pace, after we rest for today and start again tomorrow, we might be able to reach Dark Forest by sunset.”

“I feel rather hungry.”

Dai Xingyu rubbed her belly. Even though she was a spirit trainer, after not eating for the whole day, she finally felt famished.

“Rest assured, we’ll have something to eat in just a moment.”

Du Shaofu patted Dai Xingyu then turned to the Demonic Scale Tiger: “Little Tiger, could I bother you for a little more, finding some food here.”


The Demonic Scale Tiger lowered its vocals and flapped its wings as it jumped down from the mountain.

Du Shaofu started to get busy on top of the mountain under strange and doubtful looks from both Ouyang Shuang and Dai Xingyu. First, he burned a large pile of wood taken from behind the mountain, then he used lava to construct something that looked like a stove; he even found an abundance of herbs and spices from the Qiankun sack.


At this moment, the Demonic Scale Tiger returned and carried in its fierce mouth plenty of game: a hare and two pheasants. Though these weren’t monstrous animals, they were huge in size.

“Such a lovely hare, Xiao Quan Quan you’re just too much.”

Seeing the Demonic Scale Tiger killed a hare, for a moment Dai Xingyu couldn’t contain herself. Yet the Demonic Scale Tiger didn’t care much about Dai Xingyu as it soon found a place to rest.

Du Shaofu started to get his hands on the pheasants and hare. He skinned them before rubbing spices on, then he used herbs to wrap around to start grilling it on the bonfire.

Not more than half an hour, the big fat hare and pheasants had been turned into aromatic meals by Du Shaofu.

“Smells so good.”

Dai Xingyu had been quite upset for the hare, yet at the moment, her eyes were all on the smell of the juicy hare; her saliva also seemed to be flowing.

Ouyang Shuang’s big eyes also looked surprised, as if she couldn’t believe Du Shaofu possessed such skills.

Being a person trained at the Maidong Realm level, a few days not eating also did not affect her much. Yet currently, she seemed to be under the mesmerizing spell of the aroma and her stomach couldn’t resist it but gave the sound “gu gu”.

“Let’s eat.”

When the smell had spread throughout all directions until there was no way to reject it, Du Shaofu rolled his sleeves and started to eat without much manners.

“So delicious. It’s probably the most delicious meal I’ve ever had.”

Dai Xingyu also didn’t hold back, like there was some shadow in eating the hare, so she just started to tear down a pheasant’s leg, eating and praising.

Ouyang Shuang hesitated a bit, yet eventually she couldn’t stand the alluring smell that she started to bite on one of the hare’s leg.

The Demonic Scale Tiger also didn’t wait much, though those meats weren’t enough for it to fill its teeth, it tasted a bit as the smell was truly irresistible.

Only until the very last bits of the meal, Du Shaofu and the Demonic Scale Tiger looked at each other stunningly, as they saw both Ouyang Shuang and Dai Xingyu both grasped in their hand a bunch of roasted meats, as if they were afraid someone would rob from them.

Dai Xingyu didn’t pay attention whether it was pheasant or hare’s meat; the hare did also taste quite nice.

When there were only bones of the hare and pheasants left, Du Shaofu and the Demonic Scale Tiger’s parts together weren’t even a third in total.

One man and one tiger couldn’t compete with two big and small ladies, as they could only stare at these women eating voraciously like a hungry tiger. Their clothes were also smeared in oil and fat, and eventually they rubbed their hands while adjusting their sitting position to breathe.

“Such strong woman like tiger.” Du Shaofu praised, as Demonic Scale Tiger couldn’t stop feeling bitter though it eventually came aside to rest.

The sky had turned to night and there was the high-rise moon, its beam like silk covering the whole mountain.

Du Shaofu looked for a slab of rock to sit crossed-legs and looked at the bright moon above. Then he loosely closed his eyes to start absorbing that mysterious move.

No matter whether it was training the spiritual force or refining drugs and mysterious gas, as long as there was time, Du Shaofu’s realization to a mysterious move had never stopped for once.

Only after understanding the mysterious move could he start the training, thus Du Shaofu put much focus and special attention on that mysterious move.

Inside, this mysterious move was so vast, infinitely varied, and unparalleled. Until now, Du Shaofu also knew he was afraid that he was still very early in his understanding and thoroughness for this mystery.

Early next morning, as the light of dawn slowly appeared with mesmerizing colors, the sun rose to shed the very first light onto the mountain among the area.

Du Shaofu stopped with his realization and opened his eyes, inside which flared a sharp light. He paid attention to look at the blinking dawn on the sky, as the light and shadows were changing constantly, like hundreds of light columns penetrated from above.


Stretching his tired back and breathing in the fresh air which is so abundant in the mountain, Du Shaofu felt his spirit was so high and the force ran throughout his body.

Both Dai Xingyu and Ouyang Shuang also stopped to inhale, as a whole night they have adjusted their breath, this helped them feel more refresh.


A while later, the Demonic Scale Tiger flapped its wings to continue on the way towards the Heavenly Martial Institute direction.

After one day and one night, with an intermittent rest from Demonic Scale Tiger in between, a vast and seemingly endless forest started to appear in front of them at dusk.

Looking at the endlessly vast forest like that, Ouyang Shuang’s eyes started to show a bit of hesitation as her thick eyebrows moved. She whispered: “That is the Dark Forest in front of us. We must think of some way to cross as we cannot ride the Demonic Scale Tiger here.”

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