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Chapter 5473 – The Silver Dragon Awakens, the God Armaments Submit

Chapter 5473: The Silver Dragon Awakens, the God Armaments Submit

Meanwhile, in the side hall of the Armory Hall…

“What’s going on?” Long Chengyu scanned his surroundings.

Unlike the main hall, the side hall was suffused with tremendous spirit power that brightened up the entire place. There were six God Armaments placed here, and each of them was densely wrapped in spirit power. 

But all of a sudden, the six God Armaments began trembling intensely as if they had been summoned. Correspondingly, the formation inside the side hall also intensified, exerting a power several times stronger than before. 

The trembling of the six God Armaments quickly stopped, but Long Chengyu keenly realized that something must have happened.

“Focus on communing with the God Armaments. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers,” Long Muxi reminded. 

Long Muxi had been in the midst of communing with a God Armament, but she had stopped to offer this advice to Long Chengyu. 

Long Chengyu had always wanted to reconcile with Long Muxi, but it was hard to break the ice when the latter kept treating him coldly. The advice she was offering him right now made him realize that his older sister still cared about him despite her cold exterior. 

“All right,” Long Chengyu replied with a smile. 

He decided not to think about what was going on outside for now. 

Under the effects of the formation, there were already two God Armaments trying to commune with him and Long Muxi. As long as everything proceeded smoothly, there was a very good chance that both of them could obtain a God Armament. 

That would significantly raise their fighting prowess. 


Lord Long Xu, Long Suqing, Long Kuitian, and the experts of the Totem Dragon Clan rushed to the Armory Hall. It turned out that the earlier tremor had shaken not just the Armory Hall but the whole realm, which prompted them to rush over to take a look.

There were a few elders standing at the entrance of the Armory Hall, awaiting Long Xu’s arrival. Standing at the front of the group was the elder who had previously reported Chu Feng’s affairs to Long Xu. The elders behind him were all dressed in the same peculiar robes as him. 

“Lord Long Xu, the Silver Dragon Spear has awakened,” the elder reported.

“Who was it?” Lord Long Xu replied via voice transmission.

The elder quickly caught the drift and replied through voice transmission too, “It was Chu Feng. It’s not just the Silver Dragon Spear. All of the God Armaments in the main hall have reacted to Chu Feng and are attempting to commune with him. ”

“What?” Long Xu was shocked. “Even the Silver Dragon Spear wishes to submit to Chu Feng?”

“That seems to be the case.”

“You have to stop it no matter what it takes.”

“At any cost?” 

“Of course! Are you going to watch as an outsider takes away the Silver Dragon Spear?” Long Xu roared. 

“I understand. I’ll deal with it right now.” 

The elder quickly left the scene with his subordinates.

“What’s going on, Lord Long Xu?”

The other elders in the Totem Dragon Clan asked. They didn’t know what was going on as Lord Long Xu and the elder had communicated via voice transmission. 

Long Xu didn’t answer their question but instead said, “No one is to enter the Armory Hall without my permission.”

He then flitted into the Armory Hall’s main hall, sealing off the entrance behind him. 

Long Suqing frowned as she realized that Long Xu was up to something. She couldn’t help but feel worried about what was going to happen. 

Meanwhile, the Totem Dragon Clansmen in the main hall were looking at the innermost depth of the main hall, where the glowing Silver Dragon Spear had floated into the air with the disposition of a ruler. All other God Armaments were suppressed by its presence. 

This was the first time they had witnessed anything like this.


The Silver Dragon Spear shuddered as the deep roar of a dragon echoed from its body. At the same time, an incomparable oppressive might suffused the area. The other God Armaments were forced to retract the aura they had offered to Chu Feng, and they quietly fell from the sky and returned to their respective seats.

Even so, the God Armaments still continued to tremble out of fear. Needless to say, the target of their fear was the Silver Dragon Spear.

It was not that they didn’t want to commune with Chu Feng, but the Silver Dragon Spear wasn’t allowing them to do so. Similar to how the strongest beast in the wild was crowned king, the Silver Dragon Spear was indisputably the king in this Armory Hall!

How could the other God Armaments dare eye a man whom their king had chosen?

“What’s going on? Is Lord Silver Dragon Spear interested in that fellow?”

The Totem Dragon Clansmen, including Long Yuhong and Long Zhizhi, panicked. It was one thing if Chu Feng had managed to tame an ordinary God Armament, but this was the Silver Dragon Spear they were talking about here! 

It was the strongest God Armament of the Totem Dragon Clan!

How could they allow such a weapon to fall into the hands of an outsider?


The Silver Dragon Spear let out a low growl, but the intent behind this growl was not to intimidate but to communicate. It went without saying that the one it wanted to communicate with was Chu Feng. 

At the same time, the Silver Dragon Spear released its aura too. Unlike the auras of the other God Armaments, its aura took the form of a domineering silver dragon that rushed forth with unstoppable momentum. It swiftly grew larger as it approached Chu Feng. 

“Are you confident of getting away?” Eggy asked.

“Why should we run?” Chu Feng asked.

“Why, you ask? Do you think that the Totem Dragon Clan would allow you to take something as precious as that away? Unless you’re planning on handing it back to them, your only option is to run,” Eggy said. Rather than afraid, she sounded excited.

“There’s no need to run,” Chu Feng replied.


“The Totem Dragon Clan won’t allow that God Armament to take me as its master.”


Light suddenly burst forth from the walls of the main hall. It was a formation!

The formation suppressed the aura of the Silver Dragon Spear, and the silver dragon silhouette began to dissipate. It was attempting to seal off the Silver Dragon Spear.

At the same time, the disappeared invisible barrier resurfaced, attempting to isolate Chu Feng from the main hall.


The Silver Dragon Spear jolted, and cracks immediately appeared on the transparent barrier. 

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!

Countless chains carrying the shadow of a colossal dragon suddenly shot forth from the walls and swiftly revolved around the Silver Dragon Spear, sealing it off in the middle. 

“You’re right. The Totem Dragon Clan is more scheming than I thought. Still, the Silver Dragon Spear looks pretty formidable too. Do you think that the Totem Dragon Clan will really be able to stop it?” Eggy asked.

“They should be able to. The formation here is linked to the humongous formation protecting the entire realm. A God Armament without a master won’t be able to go against it,” Chu Feng replied.

“What a pity,” Eggy remarked.

Even so, the Silver Dragon Spear continued to struggle. The silhouette of the silver dragon reappeared and attempted to force its way out of the sealing formation, slowly reaching toward Chu Feng bit by bit. With a roar, the transparent barrier sealing the main hall shattered. 

Nothing stood between Chu Feng and the silhouette of the silver dragon anymore. All they had to do was to touch to begin communing.

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“Chu Feng, what are you planning to do? It doesn’t seem like that formation is able to stop the spear,” Eggy remarked in excitement. 

“I’ll just go with the flow.”

Chu Feng knew the consequences of obtaining the Silver Dragon Spear, but it was simply too tempting. He decided to simply take a back seat and see if the Silver Dragon Spear was able to break free of its restraints. If not for Long Chengyu and Long Muxi, he would have charged into the main hall and claimed possession of it.

What he didn’t know was that a cold gaze was currently eyeing him. It was Long Xu.

With his cultivation, he could easily conceal his presence from all of the juniors present, including Chu Feng.

“Young friend Chu Feng, our clan’s interests are at stake here. Don’t blame me for this.”

Long Xu’s eyes turned increasingly colder as the silhouette of the silver dragon crept closer to Chu Feng. He raised his palm and aimed it at Chu Feng.