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Chapter 5374: Still Underestimating Him

Chapter 5374: Still Underestimating Him

“My big brother isn’t hiding his strength at all. He is that overpowered!” Bai Yunqing said.

“How can a White Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist construct a formation comparable to a Blue Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist?” Yao Luo murmured in disbelief.

“Why are you looking down on him?” Bai Yunqing exclaimed.

“Young master Bai, we don’t mean to look down on young master Chu Feng. It’s just that this doesn’t make sense at all,” Ling Mo’er explained.

“You say that, but isn’t Ling Xiao the same too? What I’m hearing from you right now is that it makes sense if Ling Xiao is able to do that, but it’s illogical if my big brother Chu Feng does it too,” Bai Yunqing said.

He had heard that Ling Xiao’s spirit power could rival enemies a rank stronger than him, and his formations were comparable to those from world spiritists two ranks higher than him.

Upon hearing those words, Ling Sheng’er asked, “Chu Feng, you have the Immemorial Divine Water too?”

“Immemorial Divine Water? What’s that?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s nothing,” Ling Mo’er hurriedly answered. She glanced at Ling Sheng’er, quietly gesturing for her to say no more.

Ling Sheng’er thought nothing about it and said, “Big sister, Chu Feng isn’t a fool. I’ve already given out the answer here; he can easily figure it out without me elaborating further on it.”

She then turned to Chu Feng and said, “Ling Xiao’s spirit power can indeed rival enemies a rank stronger than him, but as for his formations being comparable to those from world spiritists two ranks higher than him, that’s mainly due to the Immemorial Divine Water.”

“There’s actually such a thing in the world? I have never heard of it before!” Bai Yunqing was surprised.

“It’s only normal for you to have never heard about it. It was discovered in an immemorial remnant under the joint effort of several powers. The amount of Immemorial Divine Water found was extremely limited, so each power only used it to nurture their most talented prodigy. So far, Ling Xiao is the only one in our Seven Realms Sacred Mansion who has been bestowed with the Immemorial Divine Water. Unless someone surpasses him, it’s unlikely that anyone else will receive the Immemorial Divine Water,” Ling Sheng’er said.

“This is a highly confidential secret. Please pretend that you have never heard it, or else it might bring trouble upon you. Neither the powers nor the prodigies will acknowledge the existence of the Immemorial Divine Water,” Ling Mo’er added.

“I see. I have misunderstood you. You weren’t looking down on my big brother Chu Feng.” Bai Yunqing scratched his head awkwardly.

“You’re saying that young master Chu Feng is indeed a White Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist, but he’s able to construct formations comparable to Blue Dragon God-cloak World Spiritists without any external intervention?” Ling Mo’er asked.

“That’s right. My big brother Chu Feng is the real deal! His spirit power is also comparable to Gray Dragon God-cloak World Spiritists!” Bai Yunqing said.

“Is that for real? Doesn’t that mean that he’s on par with Ling Xiao, and that’s after that the latter has consumed the Immemorial Divine Water?” Yao Luo asked.ƒ𝔯e𝗲𝙬𝒆𝚋𝓃oѵℯl.𝒄𝑜m

“Big brother Chu Feng, show it to them! Otherwise, they’ll think that I’m bragging,” Bai Yunqing said.

“Brother Bai isn’t lying.” Chu Feng released a whiff of his spirit power.

Ling Mo’er fell into deep thought upon sensing Chu Feng’s spirit power. Ling Sheng’er clasped her mouth in astonishment.

“Young master Chu Feng, you’re monstrously talented! Who is your master? Why have I never heard about you before?” Yao Luo asked with sparkling eyes. She was simply too curious about Chu Feng’s background.

“My apologies, but my master doesn’t allow me to reveal his identity,” Chu Feng said.

“Hoh, it looks like your master is quite a mysterious one.” Despite Chu Feng’s refusal to divulge his information, Yao Luo’s smile only widened further. Her attitude toward him was completely different from how it was when they first met.

“That girl is interested in you,” Eggy said.

Chu Feng could tell as much even without Eggy pointing that out.

Yao Luo was staring at him with glowing eyes. She was the type of person who admired the strong, which resulted in her slowly becoming infatuated with him upon realizing his talents. As a world spiritist herself, she understood what it meant to possess such strength without relying on external means.

“Let’s continue on our way,” Chu Feng said.

The group moved on, and it didn’t take them long to arrive at the next stage. This time around, all five of them worked together and easily breached the formation, though they understood that it would have been much harder if Chu Feng wasn’t around.

It was the same for the subsequent stages too. The five of them breached the formations easily without exerting too much effort.

Before long, they had finally arrived at the stage Ling Sheng’er had previously mentioned.

It was a grand hall with a formation in the middle. Inside the formation were two stone statues. One of the statues could only be broken through spirit power, whereas the other could only be broken through martial power. There were many other formations in the vicinity of the hall too.

Only one person could step into the center formation, and they only had a single chance to breach the formation.

“You have seen the formation blueprint. My conjecture is that we should destroy the two stone statues as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more formations will be activated... But well, I probably shouldn’t talk so much since I failed to clear this stage myself. Chu Feng, you’ll be the one to decide whether we can surpass Jie Zhou this time around,” Ling Sheng’er said.

“Leave it to me.”

Chu Feng drew the Immemorial Hero’s Sword before he stepped into the formation. His intrusion prompted the two stone statues to open their eyes and glare at him. At the same time, the hourglass started to flow. If he couldn’t defeat the two stone statues within the time limit, the group would be deemed to have failed the stage.

“This isn’t right! Why did it turn out like this?”

As soon as the two statues awakened, the three women widened their eyes in horror.

The spirit power stone statue had its strength raised to Gray Dragon God-cloak, whereas the martial power stone statue had its cultivation raised all the way to rank four Half-God. This didn’t make sense at all, considering that Chu Feng’s cultivation was only at rank one Half-God level!


Just as they thought that they were going to fail the stage, there was suddenly a brilliant spark of lightning. Chu Feng had made his move. He simultaneously released his spirit power and martial power toward the two stone statues.



With two loud cracks, the two stone statues shattered at the same time.

The hall rumbled as the formation dispersed into a huge surge of light specks that flowed toward their containers. Just like that, they cleared the stage that had impeded them for a long time.

However, the three of them were struggling to process what had happened. They could only stare at Chu Feng and the lightning crackling around him with utterly blank faces. Naturally, they recognized the Lightning Mark, Lightning Armor, and Lightning Wings.

It took a while before they finally snapped out of it.

They finally understood why the martial power stone statue’s cultivation was at rank four Half-God level. Ling Sheng’er and Yao Luo screamed in sheer delight and charged at Chu Feng. Even Ling Mo’er also shook her head with a smile and muttered, “It looks like we were still underestimating young master Chu Feng.”