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Chapter 5224: The Bastard Father Appears


Shrill screams filled the air. The two scantily-dressed women fainted at the horrendous plight of the vicious woman.


Yue Hui stared at Chu Feng and Yue Ling in disbelief as he struggled to comprehend the situation. It was understandable why Yue Ling was here, but he couldn’t comprehend why Chu Feng was here too.

Chu Feng couldn’t be bothered to explain things to him. He manifested a spirit formation sword and plunged straight into Yue Hui’s dantian. He was planning to first cripple Yue Hui’s cultivation before taking his life.

The sword was able to breach Yue Hui’s skin and flesh, but it halted before it could reach his dantian. It was almost as if it had encountered a metal block in its path.

A bundle of powerful spirit power hidden inside Yue Hui’s body had protected him.


Light suddenly burst out from Yue Hui’s body, jolting off Chu Feng’s sword. It swiftly formed a protective barrier around him.

“A protective formation?”

It was similar to the protective formation Old Cat had constructed onto young master Wolf’s body, in the sense that it was centered solely on defense and harnessed no offensive prowess. Needless to say, this protective formation was the work of Yue Hui’s father, Yue Lian.

Chu Feng deduced that Yue Lian’s projection might soon appear if he wasn’t too far away.


Just as he had expected, the projection of a middle-aged man quickly manifested from the protective formation.

“I am Yue Lian. Who dares to hurt my son?” the middle-aged man roared.

“I know that you’re Yue Lian. That’s why I am after your son’s life,” Chu Feng replied.

Yue Lian scanned the vicinity and was shocked to see Yue Ling together with Chu Feng. He did recognize Chu Feng to be the one who had attacked his son at the Demoncoffin Ordinary Realm, but he couldn’t understand why the two of them were together.

“Why are the two of you together?” Yue Lian asked.

“Hubby, you need to quickly return and kill this little bastard and demoness! That demoness brought that little bastard here to kill me and Hui’er!” the vicious woman cried out indignantly.

“Y-y-you… Are you…?”

Yue Lian had failed to notice the vicious woman right away due to his limited senses from being a mere projection. He was horrified to see his wife’s tattered clothes and disfigured appearance. Had she not spoken, it was questionable whether he would have even recognized her.

“Hubby, who else can I possibly be? That little bastard is the one who did this to me! He tortured me!” the vicious woman howled.

“Yue Ling, how could you be so vicious? I shouldn’t have spared your life back then.”

Infuriated, Yue Lian glared at Yue Ling and berated her. His raging anger was apparent even through his projection.

Yue Ling was stunned to hear those words.

She had known that her father wasn’t a good person, but she was still shocked to see her father blatantly siding with someone who had hurt her.

“Yue Lian, what kind of father are you? Take a closer look!”

Chu Feng pulled off Yue Ling’s veil and revealed her disfigured appearance.

Yue Lian could tell that Yue Ling’s injuries were older, which made it clear that the vicious woman was the one who had tortured Yue Ling first. Yet, the truth didn’t change his stance at all

He turned to Chu Feng and sneered, “Little bastard, I know you. I know that you have someone backing you up. But just because the Situ World Spiritist Clan doesn’t dare to make a move on you doesn’t mean that I’m afraid of you too. I’ll hunt you down to the end of the world for hurting my wife and my son. Everyone whom you’re close to will die because of you.”

Chu Feng wasn’t fazed by Yue Lian’s threat at all.

“Allow me to ask a question, Yue Lian. Why does your son have a protective formation but not your wife? It must have been expensive to construct a formation that allows you to sense any life-threatening danger that befalls your son from even a realm away. I guess this means that your wife isn’t important enough for you to pay such a price for her too,” Chu Feng mocked.

As a world spiritist himself, Chu Feng knew how difficult it was to construct a defensive formation inside a cultivator’s body.

There was a diverse array of energies simultaneously existing inside a cultivator, such that extreme care had to be taken when constructing a protective formation inside a cultivator’s body in order to ensure that the energies didn’t clash. Even the slightest mistake in the procedure could result in the death of the person whom the world spiritist wanted to protect.

The difficulty level only increased when constructing more powerful protective formations. This was not a feat that world spiritists could naturally pull off just by accruing greater spirit power.

This explained why not everyone from a strong clan or sect had a protective formation inside them. It was not that they weren’t able to do it but that having a protective formation constructed inside one was inherently a dangerous process.

There was no point in constructing weak protective formations, but it was hard to ensure the stability of strong protective formations.

Taking Chu Feng for example, he did have the ability to construct protective formations too, but they were nowhere close to the ones Old Cat and Yue Lian constructed. His spirit power was simply not strong enough to ensure the stability of a powerful protective formation. It was for that reason that he had never done it.

Even in the cases of Yue Lian and Old Cat, they had to push themselves to their limits in order to construct their protective formations, and they had to utilize treasures on top of that to ensure their stability.

That was also why Yue Lian had only constructed a protective formation on his son and not his wife. The treasure to maintain the protective formation’s stability was so expensive that he couldn’t afford two. Between his son and his wife, he chose to prioritize the former.

“Hubby, I told you to construct a protective formation for me too, but you simply wouldn’t part with the money. Look at how things played out. I wouldn’t have suffered such humiliation if I had the protective formation too!” the vicious woman cried in indignation.

“Little beast, don’t you try to get in between me and my wife!” Yue Lian roared.

“Do I even need to do that? Look closely, Yue Lian!”

Chu Feng raised his spirit formation sword and swung it down on the vicious woman. A splatter of blood ensued. The vicious woman’s head fell to the ground, marking her death.

After beheading the vicious woman, Chu Feng turned his gaze back to Yue Lian.

“You bastard!!!!”

Yue Lian’s eyes reddened. He had loved his current wife so much that he was willing to kill his previous wife for her, but Chu Feng actually killed her right before his eyes!