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Chapter 268: We Are Legally A Married Couple, So What’s Wrong With A Kiss?

Luo Chenxi lost her balance and fell toward the man’s broad chest after being pulled by him.

His iron-like arms were locked around her waist, so she could only stick to the man.

Then, her chin was forcefully raised. Immediately after that, the hot male breath enveloped her, making it hard for her to breathe.


Luo Chenxi opened her mouth.

Before she could say a word, her mouth had been blocked.

Mu Yichen hugged the little woman in his arms tightly as he kissed and licked her wantonly.

At that moment, he had already forgotten that he was in the Bai Family’s banquet hall and that there were hundreds of guests watching them.

The only thought in his mind was to kiss this woman ruthlessly!

‘Plunder her! Possess her!

‘Let everyone know that she belongs to me!’

Luo Chenxi was forcefully occupied by him and wanted to struggle, but in the end, she lost herself within the passion.

The night breeze blew in from the balcony, lifting up the long white curtains.

It made the beautiful couple kissing by the window look like they were in a dream, so beautiful that it was unreal.

Someone couldn’t help but whistle.

That time, the quiet banquet hall suddenly became lively.

Some young profligate young men gathered together and whistled. Some even applauded and cheered for them.

Hearing those noises, Luo Chenxi regained her consciousness slightly and pushed the man in front of her, trying to break free.

However, Mu Yichen completely ignored her weak resistance.

He kissed her without restraint before letting go of her.

Luo Chenxi was so angry that she secretly stepped on him. “W… What are you doing? There are so many people around!”

“So what? We are a legally married couple. What’s wrong with a kiss?”

Mu Yichen’s expression did not change at all. He tightened his arms and turned his back, blocking the gazes of the others who were coveting his wife.

Elder Bai, who was watching from the side, was dumbfounded.

After a while, he shook his head and smiled. “This… This young couple is truly very loving towards each other. Yunfeng, it seems that you will soon be able to have grandchildren!”

However, Tan Yueru’s expression was not very pleasant. “Outrageous! They don’t even know how to behave a little more conservatively in public.”

Mu Yunfeng shook her hand. “That’s enough. Yueru, when we were young, didn’t we lose our composure too?”


Tan Yueru was at a loss for words, but she was still a little unhappy.

‘I still can’t confirm whether Luo Chenxin is putting on an act or not.

‘However, my son is obviously too engrossed with her, so how could I be at ease?!’

Mu Yichen hugged Luo Chenxi and turned to walk towards the door.

Luo Chenxi was dragged along by him, and she stumbled as she turned her head back frequently. “Hey, Mu Yichen, what… What are you doing? The party isn’t over yet! Where are you taking me?”

Mu Yichen stopped in his tracks. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the little woman’s charming face.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson when we get home!”


Luo Chenxi widened her eyes.

‘What did I do wrong? I clearly didn’t embarrass the Mu Family!

‘Why is Mu Yichen unhappy again?’

“Did I allow you to perform? Did I allow you to dance?”

‘And you had to dance so beautifully so to speak!’

Mu Yichen’s face darkened. He was extremely impatient. He couldn’t stand to wait for the little woman in high heels to slowly walk away, so he simply carried her in his arms.

“Since you refuse to listen to your man’s words, you deserve to be taught a lesson!”

He quickly walked to the front of his sports car, opened the car door and shoved her into the backseat.

Luo Chenxi had yet to sit properly when she was pushed over by the man who was now on top of her.

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