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Chapter 4 We won't Force You Anymore

Chapter 4  We won’t Force You Anymore “Mengmeng, we’ve thought about our relationship with you. We would like to say sorry to you for we forced you to marry Dajinos before asking your opinion. We promise we won’t treat you like this anymore.” When she went back home, after one week, she got her parent’s phone call of apology. She had actually forgiven them as soon as they wanted to marry her to the Mermen King, and after the call, she felt alive again. Finding her changed attitude toward them, her parents continued to apologize that they seldom stayed home to be with her as she grew up. This time they invited a good friend who was planning to travel to China to live in their home and take care of her. “He has brought you big surprises! Besides, he will tell you about our studies for this year. We hope you enjoy your time together!” With strong curiosity and expectation, Mengmeng hurried to the airport to pick up her guest. But the airline was delayed for more than an hour. She called her parents and got a surprising reply: “Oh, Mengmeng, he already arrived, and he is resting at our home right now.” “What? How did he get the key?”Mengmeng felt strange. “No worry, he is a good person!”  ………… After hanging up the phone, Mengmeng went home, feeling rather baffling. She found the door was half-closed, and she worked up a smile, preparing to say hello to the anonymous visitor. “He—” She could not finish her greeting before she saw who was sitting there. Her eyes opened wide when she saw clearly who the person was. The visitor was on their sofa, watching TV, with his long tail laying on the floor. The man with red hair looked exactly like Danjinos. Immediately, she understood that her parents had cheated her about the airport to allow this Mermen to enter the house. She took out her phone to call the parents, but the reply was a cold, system-recorded voice: “Sorry, the number you dialed has been turned off.” “Turned off!” Mengmeng burst into a fury. She had thought that the two truly recognized the wrong they had done to her and finally changed into becoming caring for her. Again, she was fooled.  “Oh, you are back!” Danjinos saw her and began to introduce the two men in black behind him, as he was the house’s owner. “These are staff from the Universal Creature Association’s Asian Quarter, China Branch.” “Hey, I am Zhao Bu,” said the big man in a loud voice. He wore black sunglasses and looked like a gangster. “My name is Ma Liuyun.” The other one was slim, and his face was a little pale and he was wearing thick eyeglasses. “Our duty is to protect Mr. Danjinos while he spends some time with you to cultivate your affections. And we would like to send you congratulations from China Branch of the Universal Creature Association’s Asian Quarter for becoming his fiancee. We wish you as a couple happiness!” Zhao Bu was more overjoyed than Danjinos, and rubbed his hands together as he said the words. He felt so exited to get this mission, for their marriage was the happiest event in the whole creature circle. “I have refused to marry him,” Lu Mengmeng said coldly. “Please leave my house right now.” How could she marry someone who might eat her the next minute? “You dislike me?” Danjios stood up from the sofa, and as his red tail stood on the floor, his pupils turned sharp, from red to dark. “What . . . then?”Mengmeng asked with some fear.  “First, I am from the royal family, and I myself have a strong fighting capacity, so you don’t need to worry about food when carrying our baby during pregnancy. Second, I enjoy having handsome features and a strong body, and my reproductive capability also exceeds yours. I can fertilize three thousand ovum at one time, but you can only provide one egg. And yet you despise me?” After complaining, the king found his composure again and his pupils changed back to light red. “I am a mammal. I don’t need to have the next generation by ovulation!” Lu Mengmeng trembled with rage. The fish hadn’t the common sense that a mammal was a higher animal. “But I love babies. What a pity for me to have only one kid for one moment of sex! Anyway, we are engaged, so I can make more of an effort to magnify the frequency,” the king said in a pitiful tone. He started to reckon more. “How many children shall we give birth to? Three? Four? . . . Eh, in fact, five is not a big deal.” He became more serious. “You’re crazy!” Lu Mengmeng felt she was losing control on her anger. “I didn’t agree to have baby with you.”

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