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Chapter 894: You Are Not Worthy to Carry Shoes for Me

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“What? You want to hit us both with one hand?”

Zheng Zaigao and Zhao Ritian’s eyes widen in disbelief. They were both being humiliated.

“F*ck! I’ve met a lot of dickheads but I’ve never met one as cocky as you!”

Zhao Ritian then shouted impatiently, “Judge! Since this kid is begging to be tortured, let’s fulfill his wish!”

“This stubborn and ignorant fool deserves a lesson! He thinks that we’re afraid of him? Make him suffer!” said Zheng Zaigao.

“Alright! Since you are all in agreement, I’ll take a backseat.”

The judge shrugged and left the stage. He signaled to them and said, “Whenever you’re ready!”

After a short while, the crowd stirred restlessly.

“Look! Look over at that arena! They are doing two versus one!”

“What the hell! That kid looks like he’s only about twenty! Is he fighting against Shixiong Zheng and Bro Ritian? Is he insane?”

“He’s not just insane, he’s exchanging his life for the sake of gloating? Knowing Bro Ritian, he will definitely torture that kid to death!”

“Shixiong Zheng was the third runner up of last term’s competition. He would never ever forgive that kid for taunting him like that!”

“This is going to be good!”

The crowd went wild, hollering and cheering. They looked at Chen Xiaobei like he had lost his mind, anticipating his persecution.

“Shit… We’re in deep shit… Bro Bei shouldn’t get himself in trouble again… I better go look for a doctor first…” Wu Jiechao fretted, certain that Chen Xiaobei would lose.

In the arena.

Zheng Zaigao smirked and said, “Hey kid! Didn’t you say that you can beat us with one hand? Come on, let me show you a move or two first!”

“Alright. Since you’re so generous then I won’t be shy!”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and walked over.

“Oh?” Zhao Ritian snapped, “What do you think you’re doing? You come unarmed and it seems like you are not going to use any skill against me as well! By the way, there’s no True Qi being channeled to your body too! You are obviously insulting our intelligence! Only a buffoon will believe that you would win…”


Before Zhao Ritian could continue, a sharp noise stopped him mid-sentence.

“I… F*ck!”

Zhao Ritian startled, his eyeballs nearly fell out their sockets.

In a blink of an eye, last season’s third runner up who possessed Halfstep True Nirvana cultivation, the one Zheng Zaigao worshipped, actually flew off the arena’s platform!


Zheng Zaigao bent over and hurled, smearing the floor with blood and teeth. His pupils rolled to the back of his head and he passed out.

On his face was a red swollen handprint.

He was kicked off the arena with one slap!

“Oh God… Shi… Shixiong Zheng is defeated… Just like that? What in the world did the kid do?”

“I didn’t see it clearly! He was standing about three steps away from Shixiong Zheng. It happened too fast. We couldn’t see what he was doing then suddenly Shixiong Zheng flew down…”

“Need you ask? Just look at the impression on Shixiong Zheng’s face, and put that together with that thunderous clap—that kid hit him!”

“What the! All of that happened in one slap? That kid… I mean, that young man must be really strong!”

“I don’t know how strong he is but he is definitely stronger than us! He might be a hidden elite!”

“This is the epitome of the saying ‘There will always be someone better’.”

The crowd was thrown off their seats. Now, they looked at Chen Xiabei in a completely different light. There was not an ounce of disdain as before but it was replaced with a deep sense of respect!

“My goodness…”

Likewise, Zhao Ritian was staggered by the way Chen Xiaobei defeated Zheng Zaigao.

“Judge! Judge! I surr…” Zhao Ritian shouted in terror. But he was stopped midway.

Chen Xiaobei raised his palm, looking like he was about to burst out laughing.

“Say one more word and I make sure that you fly higher and further than Zheng Zaigao!”


Zhao Ritian sucked in his breath like a strangled old duck.

He understood that he was not as strong as Zheng Zaigao; if he were to be hit by Chen Xiaobei, not only would he be thrown higher and further, he would even suffer worse injuries!

At the thought of this, Zhao Ritian stared dolefully at the judge, hoping that the old man could get him out of the pit.

Unfortunately, that old man looked away, pretending not to see. He had no intention of helping Zhao Ritian; in fact, he did not have the courage!

Even though the old man was the elder of Xuanjian Faction, his cultivation was not much better than Zheng Zaigao’s.

To put it bluntly, the old man was deeply terrified. He did not dare to offend Chen Xiaobei.

“Jiechao! Jiechao! Help me put in a good word… We are brothers…”

Zhao Ritian looked anxiously to Wu Jiechao; he was on the verge of wetting his pant.

Wu Jiechao ignored him. He was stuck to the ground like a puppet, eyes wide opened and mouth agape, too shaken to respond.

He did not believe that Chen Xiaobei would win. He was even ready to call the doctor for him.

Fortunately, not only did he win, he won without suffering from any injuries—a flawless victory!

He used only a single slap to cripple Zheng Zaigao. If Wu Jie Chao was in his shoes, he would be instantly defeated by Chen Xiaobei’s finger!

“Mr. Chen… Big Brother Chen… You said that you would give me a chance to beg for mercy. Have you forgotten about that?”

Zhao Ritian had no way out. He could only plead with Chen Xiaobei.

“Of course, I didn’t forget.”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and said, “But do you remember how to beg?”


Zhao Ritian felt dismayed.

He had reached a point of no return.


Zhao Ritian’s legs trembled and he fell on his knees. He knelt before Chen Xiaobei in front of thousands of people, pleading, “Mr. Chen! I’m weaker than you! Please forgive me this one time! Please don’t stoop to my level!”

Immediately, the crowd landed their attention on them.

Even the big shots were shaken. They had their eyes glued on the both of them as well.


The faction leader of Mount Hua Faction, Yue Changkong narrowed his eyes and he said solemnly, “I would never have thought that other than the eight seed players, there’s a hidden gem over there!”

The grand elder of Green Town Faction, Su Dongruo nodded and said, “That young man is rather interesting. Please don’t fight with me later. After the competition ends, I will approach and try to recruit him to my faction!”

“People like us always love to have talented people joining our faction! Grand Elder Su, feel free to go and approach him later! Whether it’s Green Town Faction or Mount Hua Faction, he is blessed to join either one of it.”

On the other hand, Liu Xiyuan, Zhuang Bihuang, and Situ Hengfeng had the exact same thought in their heart—Mount Hua Faction and Green Town Faction are not worthy to carry shoes for Chen Xiaobei!

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