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Hello, this is fmgandalf this is the new chapter duh. Once again this is a machine translation. I tried to correct a few errors that I was able to find. But some sentences just make no sense. This is a fan translation no official and I  don’t pretend to make money out of it.

Chapter 5: Bandit

Author´s note

I had four digits of access per day! Thank you!

The content may be slightly strange this time.

The morning three days after Kyousai got the cheat.

Two days ago, after declaring that I was going to mingle with the thorough fantasy, I was thinking inwardly that I would not trust anything. Takanashi Kyousai was 2 day a monk, but this man won’t be a monk for 3 days. [TL: I didn't get the reference]

Why is that?

He’s already at wit’s end! Kyousai has enough and is troublesome to put it that way.

“Why, only alligators……”

Yes, he only met alligators for the last two days.

By the means, you call this crocodile, the name is Alita.

It’s completely shoddy.

There was an individual difference in the status of an Alita, but none was a little higher than the average status at the age of 20. Besides, it did not possess magic and skill.

There is a more important thing than that. Yes, Kyousai has eaten only the meat of Alita for the past two days. Water and fire can be brought out by magic, but seasonings etc. cannot be issued. He´s not going to die, but he's really tired. Let’s think about it. It is exactly the same meat for 2 days, there is no seasoning. There is only water to drink. It will do one of heartburn.

"Let’s find a town”

After Kyousai muttered so his spirit light up again.

Kyousai's status is now like this.

Kyousai Takanashi

LV 7

HP 44800/44800

MP 185600/185600

STR 5120

DEX 5760

VIT 4480

INT 5760

AGI 5120

MND 37760

LUK 500


Words understanding

Super analysis

MP recovery speed increase LV 2

Super hiding

Skill robbing

Level up status multiplied

Required experience value 1/100


Imagination magic (SP unique)

It is a cheat that you want your own weight.

(Well then, I was blown off near the Sikka kingdom?)

However, there is only plain grassland.

“Do you want to fly by all means?”

He makes a vertical jump with his full force. Then, Kyousai jumps about 130 meters.

-Whoa! High!?

Although he was surprised for a moment, he looked at his Status and was convinced.

This is just by killing alligators. The hero also has watery eyes.

(Uh, there is a town, that is a city more than that … … If I would have done this from the beginning…?)

After landing, he jumps again and sees in the same direction as before.

(That is …… It is a carriage, isn't there too many people as an escort?

He lands and thinks while walking in the direction of the town.


Then he jumps again.

(The clothes are completely different … and it has not moved at all from a little while ago…… ………… Fuu, I see……)

After landing, he runs at once.

“They’re bandits!!”

It's truly a classic fantasy.

"Hey, guys! Put down your money and your life!"

A slightly bigger thief utters a cry.

“Hi, Hiiii … …”

The man who seems to be a merchant is scared. The two men of the escort are holding a sword, but their legs are trembling.

"Hey, guys! Kill him! ”

“” “”Hey!”” ”

At the man’s command, five thieves attack the carriage.

“Gee, wow!"

One of the escorts rammed a bandit.


The guy who seemed to be the leader says something and made a fire the size of a softball.

“What if it’s a magician?”

The other guardian looks at the thief with a startled expression.


The thief laughs at the guard. While grinning he releases a fireball. But the fireball disappeared before hitting the escort's guy.


They don’t know whose voice it was, but after a few seconds, five thieves fainted in unison.


… …

“Oh, what on earth …?”

When a person who seemed to be a merchant muttered, the answer came back.

“Are you okay?”

It is Kyousai.

“Oh, did you do that?”

“Who do you think it was?”

"Yes, No… I’m sorry."

"It’s okay. You’re a merchant, aren’t you?"

Then, the man seemed a little surprised and nervous again.

“Yes. My name is Spitz. Even if I say a merchant, I’m a novice of slave trade……”

Spitz is laughing.

(A slave or… is that there also… in this world…..?)

Spitz begins to be nervous about Kyousai's face which is difficult.

"I’m sorry. Have I offended you?"

Spitz apologized suddenly, Kyousai comes to his senses.

"No, I was thinking a bit, my name is Kyousai.”

“Was that so? So, Kyousai dono, what can I do for you?"

“Oh, I am aiming for the city ahead,”

Spitz looked bright.

“Would you like to come with me?” "Of course, I will pay you!"

Then one of the escorts reacted.

"Oy! There’s a reward for us."

It's the guy that was hit by the fireball earlier.

Spitz responded to those words.

“Who will pay rewards for weakling adventurers like you?”

"What did you say?"

Then the other escort cried out.

“No, what Spitz san says is a sound argument. We couldn’t do anything. …… But Spitz san was escorted to this point. There’s no such thing as zero rewards, is it?"

They watched Spitz.

“Well, well, aside from that adventure, you have been escorting firmly. So, Kyousai dono, Shall we kill the bandits and go?”

However, Kyousai…

“Sorry, but don´t you need an identification card in order to enter the city?”

“Yes, that´s right.”

“Actually I do not have one”

“Eh! Kyousai dono is not it an adventurer…? ”

“No, it's not that but… I’m kind of fuzzy in my memory.”

It is completely a lie.

“Was that so…?”

He believed it normally.

“And, there is something I want you to tell me ….”

(Well, why do not you try it?)

Kyousai looked at the status of the thieves.

(It is surprising that there is a guy who has cooking LV 1. Except that the leader has swordsmanship LV 2, body technique LV 2, and fire attributes. Other has swordsmanship LV 1.)

Kyousai robbed the skills of all the thieves.

Kyousai Takanashi

LV 7

HP 44800/44800

MP 185600/185600

STR 5120

DEX 5760

VIT 4480

INT 5760

AGI 5120

MND 37760

LUK 500


Language understanding

Super analysis

Sword art LV 4

Body art LV 2

Cooking LV 1

Fire attribute LV 1

Super hiding

Skill robbery

Level up status multiplied

Necessary Experience Value 1/100


Imagination Magic (SP Unique)

(Skills have been added ……)

Kyousai refused to talk with Spitz to try skill robbery. Because his poor talk, he was saying something they do not understand. Incidentally, what he was taught by Spitz is money.

This world money is based on 100 decimal, 100 copper coins are 1 silver. 100 pieces of silver are a gold one. 100 gold coins are 1 white gold coin. 100 white gold coins are a black gold one. Incidentally, Kyousai received three silver coins from Spitz.

Kyousai tied up the bandits with a rope (got by Spitz) and beat them up.

“What, what are you…?"

This is the first words directed to Kyousai by the thief leader.

“Please do not care about me, instead tell me where your settlement is?”

Originally, there was no such thing as a fixed thief's settlement, but Kyousai felt like there was somewhat like so, therefore he asked.

“By the way, you cannot use magic.”

“Kudu ……”

“Do you have one?” A House? ”

"I'll kill you!”

Then Kyousai stood up and beat the ground. Zu Dong! It sounded, and a crater was made there. And he asked once again.

“Do you have one?”

… … … …

The result was a big harvest.

(No way, it was a major thief group)

Kyousai threatened the leader thief and made him throw all up even compulsorily. And when he went to that place there were a tremendous number of thieves. Kyousai did not kill everyone ineffectually; he tied them up with a rope and robbed their skills. Kyousai did not level up, but he got skills and money. Weapons were also available.

Kyousai Takanashi


HP 44800/44800

MP 185600/185600

STR 5120

DEX 5760

VIT 4480

INT 5760

AGI 5120

MND 37760

LUK 500


Language understanding


Swordsmanship LV7

Sword art LV1

Taijutsu LV5

Spear art LV5

Archery LV6

Shield LV3

Large shield LV1

Cooking LV4

Fire attributes LV2

Water Attribute LV1

Wind Attribute LV1

MP Recovery Speed Increase LV3

HP Recovery Speed Increase LV 6

Item Box

Ultra Hidden

Skill Promotion

Level Up Status Double Multiplicity

Necessary Experience Value 1/100


Fire, Water, Wind

Imagination Magic (SP Unique)

(There is quite a lot of money… There are white gold coins.)

It was Kyousai that did not thrust them into the item box.

This is the result of the money that he got: Two white gold coins, 74 gold coins, 280 silver coins and there are about 280 copper coins.

(There were no black gold coins indeed.)

It's obvious because you usually do not even see the black gold one.

(Weapons and armor are only… Do you want to equip only those that are likely to be used? Is there a degree of rare?)

Kyousai has not examined it so far, but most things have a degree of rarity. In order N Normal, HN High Normal, R Rare, HR High Rare, SR Super rare, UR Ultra Rare, SCR Secret Rare, LGR Legend Rare.

These have been confirmed.

(N, HN or any card game……)

Weapons and armor are mostly N or HN, sometimes R is mixed.

Kyousai takes only those of HN and R, but he founds something there.

Antimagic sword SR

It’s possible to stop a magic attack.

(It's a rough explanation!!)

Kyousai held the sword and muttered so.

(The sword level is low, but I have a sense of mission as Japanese. And the performance is very high.)

Muttering so, Kyousai equipped with the sword went out from this place. Kyousai equipped light armor, black coat on armor black boots. There is no hand gloves and eye patch.

Because the inside of the coat has not changed, it is necessary to change it immediately. And thus he headed for the Sicca kingdom.


… …

“Eh, oh yeah, I do not have an identity card.”

“So what is the purpose of your visit?”

“I want to be an adventurer for now.”

It was a rather distant feeling; finally, he got back to the subject.

“Okay, I will ask you if there is any criminal record from now on”,

“Come here”

“I understood”

(So cliché …)

… … … …

"I’m here! Sicca Kingdom!"

It turns out that there is no criminal record using various magic tools. He reported that he had found the thieves’ home, and he received five pieces of gold.

(Huh, there are stalls in this world too, it is cheap)

One cooper coin here is 100 yen in Japan. So, Kyousai stops in front of a shop.

“………… Slave shop”

Author's note

Skill name, unique attribute name, a person’s name Katakana, Demon name, magic name, weapon armor name are always recruited!

Kanji, katakana, all OK.

Is a slave shop? What is going to start? I’m waiting for a stick impression.

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