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Royal Star, Imperial Capital, October 8, 2207.

Reception hall of Grand Star Manor.

"Look, quickly look! The young bride has finally arrived!"

"Hmph, what's there to look at! Merely a waste of D-level psychic power, and an illegitimate daughter of the Xi family to boot. If she wasn't most compatible with Major General Qia Moqi, she would have been thrown to a military camp as a public soothing agent."

"Can't be helped. Who let her with her crappy D-level psychic power to stumble into a dog poop luck and reach 80% compatibility with Major General! Though 80% fit between the ordinary sentinel and a guide is considered superb, it is still a world apart from a perfect match. After all, who is Major General Qia Moqi? He's a genius, a prospective 3S-rank sentinel! Yet, before, amongst the entire Guide Association, the best match was with only 55%, and the guide in question was a hundred-year-old Elder of the Association. How could Admiral Qia Feier let a hundred-year-old guide mate with his only son!"

"Still, just thinking that this useless trash is going to become the wife of the youngest and most outstanding Major General of the Empire, I feel like shredding her to pieces!"

"According to the rumors, because Major General Qia Moqi is dissatisfied with the guide his father, Admiral Qia Feier, chose for him, they have yet to meet for the first time."

"I've also heard about that. Major General is not satisfied with this guide, so he refused to return from the battlefield until their wedding day. It's said, that Major General didn't want to settle down with a guide, but Admiral Qia Feier insisted on it once he noticed that his son was close to breaking through to the seventh rank and his mental sea was unstable. Admiral Qia Feier feared that his son would suffer from the mental sea riot during his advancement, so he hastened to find him a guide. Sadly, Admiral Qia Feier had to settle with a guide who currently had the highest compatibility, yet, it happened to be a girl with a really low-level psychic power."

"Well, a wife that is not liked by Major General won't have a good time, even if she is married into such a prestigious family."

"Still, the fact that this wench is getting a title of Major General Qia Moqi's Guide just doesn't sit well with me!"

"If you feel so bitter, go and beat her up to vent your anger!"

"Yeah, that's not a bad idea. Such a humiliation at her own wedding ceremony, hopefully, would lead to a lifetime worth of nightmares."

"Who is to blame that she's got such a good compatibility with Major General and agreed to marry him! Major General belongs to us all!"



Xi Zhaoyue dressed in a gorgeous wisteria¹ wedding dress, sat alone in the corner. Her thin and small body shrank under the grandeur of the dress and unwittingly curled upon herself, trembling slightly from anxiety and fear.

Today was her wedding day. As a bride, she should have been a focus of everyone's attention, blessed by the family and guests, yet, what greeted her when she walked into the wedding hall just a moment ago, was all kinds of disdainful looks and mocking smiles. They looked at her as if she didn't belong here, as if she was a soybean trying to climb into the plate of pearls.

She was too familiar with these kinds of looks. For 16 years she had lived in the orphanage, but once it was discovered that she awakened her Guide abilities, she was taken back to the Xi family, and what met her there was exactly this kind of looks. Xi family members treated her as a dirty thing that crawled out from the sewers. They shut her out, mocked her, despised and disdained her…

Obviously, it was her wedding, yet she didn't see there any of familiar faces except for the Xi family. She had to find a corner to sit down and wait for the arrival of the Sentinel she had to get married to, then wait for the ceremony to begin.

However, when other sentinels personally met their guides, she was unceremoniously shoved into the wedding dress, and then, even without any makeup, pushed to the wedding hall.

But who would care? The sentinel she was getting married to, didn't care, the Xi family cared even less.

Xi Zhaoyue's delicate hands rigidly clasped her wedding dress, her pale lips were tightly pursed.

Her Sentinel, the Empire's youngest and the most accomplished Major General Qia Moqi, a dream sentinel of all the guides. This handsome man, will he come? Could she really marry him?

In the orphanage, she heard all sorts of stories of his meritorious service in the army, of the glory he earned with every campaign he participated in, as well as stories about his majestic quantum beast, the Golden Dragon. Then, there was also his mecha, one of the few S-grade mechas in the whole Empire, it looked just like his quantum beast, a dazzling to the eye Golden Dragon. How could such man become her mate?

Xi Zhaoyue could hardly believe it, she was so timid and humble, yet, her prospective mate was so… dazzling. How could she match up to him?

Excitement, joy, restlessness, fearfulness… all these emotions and then some, engulfed her at the same time, making her dizzy. She had just recently passed Guide's awakening, so her psychic power was still unstable, and now her head felt like a balloon, blown up over its limit, the volatile gas inside threatened to explode any moment.

Her psychic power had signs of a riot!

Xi Zhaoyue was shocked, her eyes grew wide, unable to comprehend what was happening to her! Mental sea riots… Aren't mental sea riots happen only to sentinels?

However, just as she was trying to grasp the situation, several threads of foreign psychic power silently approached her and slammed into her brain.

Xi Zhaoyue felt as if her brain was cut by numerous sharp knives, her mental sea was invaded and overwhelmed, scaring her even more. Agonizing pain spread through her brain. Her own psychic power desperately tried to pursue these invaders, spontaneously darting after them, trying to force them to leave her brain, but when her psychic power finally caught up with them, these foreign powers suddenly went off like fireworks and exploded in her brain.


Xi Zhaoyue wailed in pain, as she tumbled to the ground, both of her hands tightly clutching her head, fine beads of cold sweat covered her small pale face, vicious blue veins popped out on her temples.

"Heavens, what's with her?"

"It looks like she's in pain. I’ve got no idea what happened."

"But she's the bride today, what kind of accident could she get herself in?"

"Who cares, what happened! The question is when!  At the wedding! The face of Major General is lost!"


The crowd gathered around and whispered, chuckling, barely hiding schadenfreude. There was neither sympathy nor pity. None offered to send Xi Zhaoyue for treatment.

"Oh, how come she doesn't move?"

"Has she fainted?"

"Let's check… Heavens, there's no breath!"

"What?! Is she dead?"



"Major General, your Guide is slowly recuperating. She should awaken shortly afterward. But her psychic powers were severely damaged… After she wakes up, it's estimated… " Doctor looked at young Major General, secretly pitying him. Finally, with such a great difficulty a guide with a good compatibility was found, yet…

"Say it!" Qia Moqi ordered expressionlessly.

"Her brain sustained serious damage. After waking up, her psychic powers would most likely drop to E-level, or maybe even F. But the worst prognosis is that she might become a fool."

An obscure light flashed through Qia Moqi's eyes: "Check out her brain, find out owners of those psychic powers and sue them on my behalf."

The doctor looked up, startled, he thought Major General didn't care about his Guide, but now it seemed not to be the case. After all, the compatibility was high, even if he didn't like her, he wouldn't easily give her up either. Let alone, some people tried to dispose of his Guide partner at his own wedding. How could a domineering, possessive and extremely protective Sentinel stand such thing and let it slide?

The doctor had a moment of silence for those assassins: daring to harm Empire Major General's precious Guide, what a suicidal bunch, ah!

The door closed, and as the sound of walking away footsteps gradually disappeared, a person in the treatment cabin swiftly opened her eyes. In a flash, a brightly lit hospital ward reflected in the person's eyes.

Guides? Psychic powers? What are those?

Qin Zhaoyue's line of sight fell on the transparent dome of the treatment cabin and then on the ward outside, seizing up all of the strange things she had never seen before. Her mind drew a blank, where was she?

The last thing she remembered was her best friend’s betrayal. She clearly remembered how her good friend's plot against her unraveled: she poisoned her, and planned on extracting her soul to refine an artifact.

Oh, should she say her best friend was naive and indulged too much in her fantasies? This type of artifact, heard only in legends, how could it be so easy to refine? Or should she say it was her own Soul that was too formidable, tempting countless desperados to have nefarious ideas about her? In the end, even her childhood friend was not exempt from this temptation.

Refining her into an artifact, ah!

Qin Zhaoyue couldn't help but mock herself, after all, she brought it upon herself by welcoming her so-called "best friend" with open arms. Qin Zhaoyue always possessed a strong spiritual sense, and as a result, excelled in Soul cultivation, moreover, she was exceptionally gifted in refining and crafting artifacts, so much so that she even overshadowed her own Master. Yet, her best friend's talent was only so-so, if not for Zhaoyue's generous pointers, she would have forever stayed a mere apprentice refiner.

The funny thing was, as soon as her "best friend', after a long and thorny journey to success, finally became a Grandmaster refiner, she decided to kill Qin Zhaoyue and refine her soul into a Spirit artifact!

Qin Zhaoyue's soul was truly formidable, this was a known fact not only to her sect but to the entire cultivation world. Everyone thought that she was born this way and was naturally gifted. Little did they know that she was a Soul cultivator and cultivated demonic ways that couldn't see the light of the day. While others cultivated and absorbed lingqi, she used souls of dead people instead. But, of course, she didn't neglect her lingqi cultivation either.

Her good friend thought that once she pulled out her of her soul and erased her memories, she would become a blank sheet and would be easily controlled by her. Yet, this good friend of hers didn't consider the fact that since Qin Zhaoyue had such a powerful soul, how could she let other people mess with her without consequences?

It was easy to imagine, that once Qin Zhaoyue’s soul self-exploded, even bits and pieces of her friend wouldn't remain. If her estimations weren't wrong, even the soul of that good friend of hers was obliterated in this explosion, without a chance for reincarnation.

Tsk, all the greedy people who coveted her things ended up either with their souls being extracted and absorbed or were directly wiped out by her. Who could have thought that her good friend would also choose a road of no return? But what Qin Zhaoyue expected even less, was that she would be killed by that stupid woman with no good strength!

In the end, who of them was more stupid, ah?

Qin Zhaoyue lifted a corner of her mouth, but suddenly, her smirk turned stiff as an acute pain tore through her brain, and then her eyes closed unwillingly.

Sometime later, she woke up again. Qin Zhaoyue, no, it should be Xi Zhaoyue now, opened her eyes and stared in a daze at the white ceiling.

Had she taken over the body? Or was she reborn?

The memories of this body were all odd and inconceivable. She had only vaguely seen some of them and learned that this was the era of the so-called interstellar civilization. People here didn't cultivate in order to become immortals, they actually relied on such things as mechas, battleships and flying cars to fly into space, fight there and whatnot. And the destructive power of these things was nothing short of incredible. Their strength could even compete with Nascent soul cultivators' life-saving techniques!

But not all people here could control these things. For example, a person who wanted to be a mecha’s pilot was required to have both strong physique and strong psychic powers to be able to drive it. And a majority of those who fit these requirements were sentinels.

Sentinels were a unique group of humans in this world. There were not many of them either, only about one-fifth of the entire Outer Space population. Sentinels had a formidable physique and their psychic power was vigorous, the only shortcoming was that this psychic power was unstable. The stronger sentinels became, the more unstable would their psychic powers be, and this instability could lead to mental sea riots. If those periods of mental sea instability and riots weren't dealt with promptly, the psychic powers could snap, ruining the mental sea, which could not only turn sentinel into a fool but also endanger sentinel's life.

That was where guides came into play. Just like sentinels, they were a unique group among humans, but their numbers were much lesser than that of the sentinels'. In all of several thousands of years, their cumulative number didn't even reach one-tenth of the entire population.

The guide's psychic powers were much stronger than ordinary person's, yet their physique was even weaker than the latter. Their usefulness lied in their ability to help sentinels guide their mental sea, treating dark spots there and saving sentinels from their mental sea riots. From this point alone, it could be seen just how precious existence of a guide was.

However, not just any guide could treat a sentinel. To able to carry out the treatment, the compatibility between the guide and sentinel should be high enough. And the higher compatibility was, the better the effect of treatment would be. That was the reason Xi Zhaoyue, a mere illegitimate daughter, hit a "jackpot" and ended up marrying Empire's youngest Major General.


Wisteria color is something like this:  If you feel confused about the psychic, mental, spiritual, this is for you. Psychic power and spiritual power(sense) are similar, if not the same. The difference lies in the planes they emerged and methods used to train/cultivate them. Spiritual power & sense belong to the cultivation plane, while psychic power belongs to the sci-fi interstellar civilization. Spiritual power is a more of multi-task force, while psychic powers have only certain (discovered) functions. Spiritual sense, Divine Sense and spiritual powers are one and the same. To avoid unnecessary problems and irritation (reader's), unless the context is strictly set in the cultivation plane, I will be using spiritual power and sense, instead of Divine sense that we are so accustomed to. The slight difference in spiritual power and sense lies actually in words 'power' and 'sense': Zhaoyue is going to use her power to bash the enemies, once she senses their approach. Mental sea (Outer Space plane) aka Sea of Conscience (Cultivation plane). Unlike Sea of Conscience, a Mental sea of sentinels is fragile and susceptible to instability and riots (the latter lead to complete insanity, in worst cases, death)


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Hey, guys! I’m glad that the 1st chapter was ready earlier than I expected, so I can finally share this light-hearted (or not), funny (or not), face-slapping (face-palming) story! Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Once again, a description can be found , and my sort of review is . 

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