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Wenren Qian suddenly reached out her hand toward Liu Yi, immediately scaring him.

He hastily retreated, turned around using the ice-skates in his feet, and prepared to accelerate to escape.

But when he turned around, Wenren Qian was still standing in front of him.

‘What kind of speed is this!’ He wondered.

“This woman is an expert! Quickly run!”

Lin Tong exclaimed aloud.

Liu Yi also wanted to escape, but Wenren Qian’s hand is already on top of his forehead.

Suddenly, a force emerged in Liu Yi’s head.


He could not help but scream, feeling incredible pain in his head.

Finally, his eyes went dark, his whole body half kneeled on the ground, his head was a mess.

But at this time, a red text unceasingly burst out inside Liu Yi’s head.

These words, when combined together, actually formed a heart sutra.

Four burning words emerged in Liu Yi’s mind

Red Blood Sutra Code

On Liu Yi’s body, suddenly emerged red flame.

When he opened his eyes, red light flowing out of his eyes.

A fiery force started circulating inside Liu Yi’s body.

In Liu Yi’s body, there are no longer only red stream of qi and white stream of qi.

Black stream of qi emerged out from his pubic region and began to circulate according to the heavenly circulation.

This black stream of qi poured into his first star jade and then poured into his second star jade.

“Devil qi….”

Lin Tong exclaimed.

“Oh my god….this woman, what did she do!”

The forces in Liu Yi’s body have been a mess!

Immortal qi, Demon qi, and now Devil qi, which was infused by this woman!

Moreover, she also imparted him the devil technique!

Red Blood Sutra Code!

Lin Tong dared not to imagine, what will Liu Yi’s future be like!

The Red Blood Sutra Code continuously circulated inside Liu Yi’s body.

Liu Yi’s body was filled with evil qi.

The silver-white long hair has been stretched out by him.

His eyes turned golden, one of his hand was inside his pocket while the other hand was placed in front of his body. His palm was slightly burning with red flame as he looked at Wenren Qian before him.


Liu Yi snuffed the red flame on his hand and then smiled, “Really interesting….Unexpectedly, someone will use this method to wake me up….”

“So this is the demon….”

Wenren Qian wrote a few flaming words in front of her.

“I must say, I’d like to thank you.”

Liu Yi smiled crookedly, “Being awakened by a beauty, who also gave me such a good heart sutra….This thing is called, red blood devil flame, right?”

“Yes, this is a high-level heart sutra that belongs to me and my foster father. My foster father said, besides God’s chosen people, no one can cultivate this cultivation technique. Instead, they will be consumed by the devil flame. But you….are not an ordinary man….”

A lonely light flashed through Wenren Qian’s beautiful eyes.

“Oh? You mean….If I get rid of you, there are only two people in this world that can cultivate this heart sutra right?”

Wenren Qian’s eyes opened widely in an instant.

“Hehe….I’m just kidding with you.”

Liu Yi said, flicked his finger, then slowly flew out a flame from his finger, which turned into a long slender flame that snaked around his body and finally fell on top of his finger on his other hand.

That Wenren Qian watched this, unable to close her mouth.

She can’t imagine that a person who just learned the Blood Red Sutra Code, could actually have such an exquisite control of this red blood devil flame!

Even she….the so-called reincarnation of God, when she first learned this Sutra Code, was impossible to exert such a high level of fine control.

This fellow….is really unordinary.

An exciting light came out of Wenren Qian’s eyes.

“Fire Chain!”

At this time, in front of Wenren Qian, Liu Yi suddenly threw out a flame snake.

This snake-like fire formed a chain, about two fingers thick, which instantly wrapped around Wenren Qian’s body.

Wenren Qian was surprised, red roaring flame burst out of her body, which instantly broke the fire chain of Liu Yi.

“Hehe, don’t be afraid. I mean no harm.” Liu Yi said.

A vindictive smile hung on his mouth, reading Wenren Qian’s words, and said, “I was just trying your strength.”


Wenren Qian slightly frowned her eyebrows, and then wrote a bunch of ellipsis.”

“Your strength, according to my conservative estimate, is above five stars.” Liu Yi said.

“It seems like, temporarily, it’s good that you are not my enemy….I must go back. If I stay out for a long time, the other me would not be happy. Well, beauty, next time if you wish for me, use an ordinary method to find me.”

With that, Liu Yi slightly closed his eyes.

The demon energy on his body instantly melted away.

Wenren Qian curiously looked at Liu Yi’s eyes, and suddenly remembered something.

She left a string of text in the air and then turned into a flame and disappeared.

When Liu Yi slowly opened his eyes, that bright-eyed beauty was gone.

There were only a few flaming words left in the air, which slowly dissipated.

“Looking forward to our next meeting….”

‘Fuck! I don’t want us to meet again, ok!’ Liu Yi thought.

Liu Yi felt that the red blood sutra code was silently running within his body. Moreover, there’s also the flow of devil qi, which he didn’t know what to do about it.

A mess, such a mess….

But after he regained his consciousness, that devil qi gradually quieted down.

“Fox sister….what should I do now….”

Liu Yi felt that his other personality was becoming even more powerful.

“I don’t now either….just take one step at a time….”

Lin Ton can only say, “You have to cultivate your Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra and your Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra, and try to suppress your devil qi.”

“I know….”

Liu Yi nodded his head, then he remembered that he had to go to school. So this thing will have to, temporarily, be thrown to the back of his head.

“How come the boss still not activate his phone?”

Chen Cai put down his phone and gloomily muttered.

When he arrived at the class this morning, Chen Cai suddenly discovered that his gel pen doesn’t work.

This guy always goes to school with only one pen, if anything happens he would usually borrow from Liu Yi.

But there seemed to be an English test today, so if when the time comes, Liu Yi only brings one pen, that would be bad.

Initially, he wanted Liu Yi to buy one along the way, but his call never got through, making him depressed.

After much deliberation, he got up and went out of the classroom, preparing himself to go downstairs to buy one.

When he just got out of the classroom, Kevin, with two other students, blocked his way.

“Hey, look who’s here, it’s Chen Cai.”

Kevin stopped in front of Chen Cai and wouldn’t let him pass.

“You, what do you want….”

Chen Cai was somewhat afraid.

He is usually an overly cautious and prudent student. Although his mouth likes to spout nonsense, when he saw Kevin and his gang, he was a bit afraid.

“Hehe, we brothers want to play some billiard, but we don’t have pocket money. Chen Cai, we are all good classmates, you should understand what I mean.”

With that, Kevin repeatedly rubbed his thumb and his index finger together.

His mean was too obvious.

“But….but I don’t have any money….”

Chen Cai did have 100 yuan in his pocket.

This is his pocket money from his mom. But he wants to spend it on gifts for the girl on the fourth class in order to woo her.

In Chen Cai words, this is the so-called the girl’s fund!

If it were extorted by Kevin….then what about him?

Won’t he be single forever?

No way….Prior to this ‘first of October,’ he must solve his bachelor’s issue!

Incidentally, if he can also solve his virginity problem, so much the better….

“No money?”

Kevin sneered, “Chen Cai, it seems you’re not honest with me. You have money or not, better let me search it for myself, how about it?”

“No way….”

Chen Cai unconsciously tightened his right pocket.

Seeing Chen Cai’s movement, Kevin was even happier.

“Chen Cai, if I found out that you have the money, don’t blame me for beating you. Lying is not a good thing to do you know.”

“Kevin! This is the school! You, you don’t be too presumptuous here!”

Chen Cai was particularly helpless.

“So what if this is school? I’m telling you, right now there’s no Yuan Shaojun, so, this school is my, Kevin, territory now, understand?”

Kevin proudly said, “If you don’t want to take this beating, honestly pull out your money!”

“I, I’m Liu Yi’s best friend….if you rob me of my money, aren’t you afraid Liu Yi will come looking for you?”

“Liu Yi?”

Kevin suddenly froze for a moment, and then he saw the two friends on his side and laughed.

“So what if it’s Liu Yi? Not to mention that he’s not here, even if he’s here, I will make him kneel down in front of me and call me, Kevin, grandpa!”

“Who’s the one that you want to make him kneel and call you grandpa?”

At this time, a familiar voice sounded from behind Kevin.

Goosebumps suddenly burst out of Kevin’s body, his expression was like someone who was being cursed, his small face became pale.

He gingerly turned his head and immediately saw Liu Yi stood behind him.

His two friends ran away in horror, in a blink of an eye, they disappeared.

Kevin also wanted to run, but his legs have turned soft.

‘Why is such a difficult to extort money these days….’ He thought.

For several days, he was honest, until he finally bumped into a soft target Chen Cai, but in the end, he actually met with Liu Yi.

“I will kneel down and call you grandpa….”

Kevin said, directly softened his legs and kneeled down.

Liu Yi is the one who crippled Yuan Shaojun….

The matter of him fighting off one hundred students by himself has spread all over the school….

Kevin can’t think of a reason why he would be so unlucky.

Directly after speaking badly about a person behind his back, he actually ran into that person.

Kevin thought in his heart…

‘How could there be such a coincidence…..’

“Who wants to be your grandpa!”

Liu Yi was already in an unhappy mood. Seeing Kevin like this, he was even more unhappy.

“How could I met with such bad luck.’ Kevin thought.

‘Don’t tell me I’m the reincarnation of a crow?’ (In Chinese culture, when a crow sings, it will bring bad luck)

“Haha! Kevin, aren’t you very arrogant just a moment ago!”

But Chen Cai was excited at this time. The table has turned, so, he’s the one who sings right now!

He was usually being bullied by Kevin. After seeing this scene, Chen Cai would not let Kevin go that easily.

“Kevin, Kevin, unexpectedly, there is this day for you!”

“Chen Cai, forget it, let’s go back to the classroom!”

Liu Yi, who was not in the mood to play tricks on Kevin, said.

“No, if today I can’t make him call me Grandpa, I’m not surnamed Chen!”

“The two of you are the grandpas. You are all grandpas….”

Afraid of being beaten like the last time, Kevin has to beg for mercy

But when Liu Yi tried to say something, suddenly there came a girl’s scream.

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