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Chapter 93 New Mode Of Chatting

Liu Yi fought back his inclination to yawn twice while taking a breathing technique to revive his spirit as he ran over the bridge across the river.

Last night was without sleep, as he neglected his cultivation training to thoroughly deal with his homework.

If the evil Ghost that he beat last night were ranked as level D, then his homework would rank as level A.

‘His mother, I’d rather fight with that evil Ghost once again!’ Was Liu Yi’s thought last night.

Writing his homework was a big headache for him.

The other subjects were, fortunately, because of his breathing technique that enabled him to have a photographic memory, easy to write.

But the extremely evil math homework, actually wanted to take his Liu Yi’s life.

The several sheet of homework papers were simply elusive for him to deal with.

In the end, he carelessly wrote the answers. In any case, the questions have multiple-choice ABCD answers, adding a few scribbles on the big topics.

He truly doesn’t know the answers…..

Those questions recognize him, but he doesn’t know those questions!

These various kinds of questions, were truly a big headache for Liu Yi.

Each weekend, the school teacher will arrange a large amount of homework papers for the student to finish during the weekend.

A student wants to live a pleasant Saturday and Sunday?

A dream!

Only two types of happiness happen every weekend.

One is to completely finish the papers early.

The other one is to completely rip apart the papers.

However, those who rip apart the homework, will probably not feel happy, but feeling hurt instead.

Liu Yi was day-dreaming while jogging on the bridge.

Just at this time, a girl’s voice rang from behind.

Liu Yi heard this sound, the whole body suddenly covered with pins and needles.

‘Bad….’ He thought.

For him, this sound was several times more terrible than the evil Ghost….

Liu Yi’s feet were suddenly light like the wind, launching his spirit fox steps and quickened his pace to rapidly escape.

Initially called Liu Yi, wanting him to stop, the owner of the voice didn’t expect Liu Yi to actually run faster and faster, letting her suddenly called out anxiously behind him.

“Liu Yi….don’t run….I’m not here to fight you….”

“Only a ghost would believe you!”

Liu Yi said as he ran, without the slightest bit intention to slow down.

“Liu Yi! You bastard….You stop, I have important matters to say to you!”

That voice was more anxious.

Liu Yi thought, ‘Treating a woman like this seems not too good….’

‘Grandpa said, men have to be gentlemen.’

‘Well, let see what will this girl do first.’

Liu Yi finally stopped his feet, stood in place, and turned around toward Yuan Zhenyue, who looked out of breath from running.

“Bastard….you, you this guy….really want to get arrested!”

Yuan Zhenyue looked at Liu Yi with resentment, seemingly anxious to beat Liu Yi into a pulp.

“I didn’t break the law, you can’t just arrest people!”

Liu Yi hastily said.


Yuan Zhenyue grunted, seemed very reluctant, thinking.

‘If I can really arrest him, it would be splendid!’

‘Keep him at home and fight with him everyday, would be even more excellent.’

Yuan Zhenyue was startled about her own ideas.

‘Strange, how could my ideas were such a mess.’

“Police sister, why are you looking for me, is there any problems? I still have to rush to my school for the class!”

Liu Yi looked at the uniformed Yuan Zhenyue and asked.

“Can’t I look for you even if there’s no problem? Don’t forget, I’m a police officer, you expect me to look for you if there’s a problem?”

“This….of course, not.”

Liu Yi smiled, thinking, ‘How could I forget about this fact.’

“Humph, I have good intentions to caution you!”

Yuan Zhenyue put her hands on her hips as she said, “I called your phone several times but you seemed to turn it off, so, I have been squatting here waiting for you to show up!”

‘Wow, these words are strange. They are no different than wanting to arrest me!’ Liu Yi thought.

“My phone is broken. I’ll change it in a couple of days.”

Liu Yi had to explain.

“Better change it quick. What to do if I have an important matter to look for you? I don’t want to wait for you here everyday!”

Yuan Zhenyue rolled her eyes and said to Liu Yi.

“Recently, there has been a criminal on the run. That criminal is responsible for many cases.

“Em, what does this have anything to do with me?”

Liu Yi was puzzled, “I’m just an ordinary student….”

“This fugitive was seemingly spotted in your general area, so I want you to be careful.”

Yuan Zhenyue said, “Of course, if possible, it would be better if you can cooperate with us to catch him.”

“Whoa, hold on there. I’m just an ordinary student, how could you ask me to catch a criminal….”


Yuan Zhenyue blinked her eyes, “Forget it then….It seems an ordinary student wouldn’t be interested in 50000 yuan reward money.”

“Wait a minute!”

Liu Yi quickly stayed on topic, “What do you mean by 50000?”

“I did not see it….you this fellow….turn out to be greedy….”

Yuan Zhenyue initially dropped the word casually, but she never thought that this kid really took the bait!

“This….since it involves money, it would naturally make people curious….”

Liu Yi smiled sheepishly.

“Actually, that’s just the reward policy from the top. If someone provide effective clue for the fugitive’s whereabout, they will receive 1000 bonus money. If they assist in the arrest, they can get up to 50000 reward money. The reason for this policy is to make the fugitive feel restricted and to force him out. This criminal is a recidivist, thus you better not look for him alone by yourself, so as to avoid him to take action on you, letting you die in injustice. I actually come here to remind you and your classmates to be careful around here, don’t run around at night in the vicinity of the school. Just be wary for these two days around your school.”

“You’re waiting here for me, just for this thing!?”

Liu Yi can’t help but ask.

“Actually….I’ve been looking for an excuse to come and see you.”

Yuan Zhenyue smiled as she rubbed her fist.

“Damn! I knew it!”

Liu Yi suddenly got goosebumps on his back, and immediately bolted to madly run away.

“Don’t run! A fight will not get you pregnant!”

Yuan Zhenyue kept on shouting from behind.

“I’m not afraid of being pregnant! I’m afraid of abortion!”

Liu Yi didn’t want to fight with Yuan Zhenyue, let alone here on the bridge. If trouble comes, it would be too late.

“That damn guy….”

Yuan Zhenyue really can’t overtake him, making her stomped her feet in anger behind him.

“You wait! You can’t escape from my palm!”

But Liu Yi already ran far away.

After running at full speed for about five minutes, Liu Yi has left Yuan Zhenyue to disappear without any trace.

Next to this place was an avenue, after that, he will arrive at the school.

The usually green trees along the road, have now turned yellow.

The yellow leaves on the ground would creak when being stepped on.

After all, this was already late in autumn. After a hot spell during autumn, Northern Dragon City will welcome its winter.

The evening will come fast in Northern Dragon City during winter. Walking on the night when the snow flutters about is very beautiful, naturally it’s also very cold.

Since Liu Yi enters the world of immortal cultivation, the temperature around him will be automatically balanced.

In other words, he will feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This automatic temperature control is stronger than a thermostat.

Liu Yi stepped on the fallen leaves, which continued to exude crackling sounds.

Because it was early in the morning, no one else is around. Liu Yi was alone on the road.

But at this time, Lin Tong, who was lying on his shoulder, suddenly screamed.

“Liu Yi, watch out! Get back!”

Although he didn’t know what happen, regarding his Fox sister’s words, he firmly believed it.

He immediately stopped his feet and jumped backward three to four meters away.

And just before he landed, all of a sudden, bam, a column of red fire suddenly rose up on the place where he previously stop.

This column of fire exuded a scorching heat, directly on his face, making Liu Yi unable to bear and stepped back several steps.

He was shocked, thinking, ‘What’s going on!’

But that column of fire gradually dispersed and, from the inside, a woman’s figure slowly came out.

The woman’s figure was delicate, her eyes are exceptionally beautiful. When she blinked, her long eyelashes trembled, making Liu Yi’s heart also fluttered.

She sniffed her nose and then nodded as if to determine something.

‘This girl….where did she come from….’ Liu Yi thought.

‘Is she also a cultivator?’

“Such a strong evil qi….”

Lin Tong kept on cautioning him, “Liu Yi….be careful, she’s not a person to be trifled with….be ready to escape at any time….”

Hearing what Lin Tong said, Liu Yi immediately alarmed.

He activate his spirit fox steps, produced ice-skates under his feet, slightly bent his knees and was about to leave.

The opposite girl quickly waved her hand, looking worried.

Her bright and intelligent big eyes kept on open as she continued to wave her hand.

“What? Can’t you talk?”

Liu Yi was surprised, thinking.

‘Is she a mute?’

The opposite woman with beautiful eyes nodded and then held out her hand to write some words in front of Liu Yi.

Suddenly, a text made of fire appeared in the air.

“I am Wenren Qian, not a bad person. Please don’t be afraid,” The words read.

‘I’ll be damned….’ Liu Yi thought.

‘There’s actually such a method to chat!’

Liu Yi was immediately shocked.

‘This is more powerful compared with his mother QQ2011. Don’t know if can be set to shake the phone if the message arrives.’

That Wenren Qian looked at the slightly stunned Liu Yi and took out a piece of torn cloth from behind her.

After Liu Yi seen this cloth, he was immediately on guard, thinking.

‘This is the half torn scarf!’

‘No wonder when I got back, I found the red scarf was a bit incomplete. Thus, I have to put it inside the sumeru ring to fix it.’

‘How could this woman have this….’

‘She has discovered my true identity!’

“Don’t be afraid. I’m just curious.”

Wenren Qian hastily wrote again, “I’m not going to tell others about your true identity….I’m just wondering….in your body, how could there be a demonic energy….”

“This has nothing to do with you!”

Liu Yi’s wariness was still not down.

‘Grandpa said, the more beautiful the woman, the more frightening she is.’ He thought.

‘This girl is gorgeous….’

‘She must be terrible!’

“So, there really is a demonic energy!”

Wenren Qian’s eyes lit up.

“Idiot! Liu Yi you big idiot!”

Lin Tong was worried to death, thinking.

‘How could I ever bump into such a gigantic idiot!’

“You, you, you, you think too much….” Liu Yi hastily said to Wenren Qian.

Liu Yi also thought of himself as too silly, in just a few words, he already spilled the beans.

“Hehe….you don’t need to worry, I don’t have any ill intention toward you.”

Wenren Qian gently smiled. Her smile was breathtaking. It suddenly even made Liu Yi to become absent minded.

‘This girl….her smile is actually very attractive….’

‘I’m really not quite sure why would Lin Tong say that she’s evil….’

“I’m just curious and came here to take a look. Where would you hide your demonic energy….why it’s completely gone now.”

The girl’s writing was also exquisite….

“Well….why don’t you let me take a look.”

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