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‘The Principal is looking for me?’

Liu Yi was taken aback, thinking, ‘Why would the Principal want to look for me!?’

‘Is this one of Lin Huayang’s trick?’

The first thought that flashed through Liu Yi’s mind was ‘I’m not going, even if you beat me to death, I’m not going!’

But soon he told himself that he has no alternatives but to go….

This was not the call to play LOL from the next class student!

“I know teacher Li…I’m going now….”

With heart beating like a drum, Liu Yi went outside of the classroom.


At that time, Murong Die unexpectedly rose and followed behind Liu Yi.

Liu Yi turned his head to find Murong Die was walking behind him and was surprised.

“Murong Die, why are you following me?”

“Cut, which one of your eyes that saw this Lady following you?”

With hands behind her back, Murong Die tilted her mouth and said, “This school is so big while the path is under my feet. Where this lady wanted to go, that’s where I’m going to go! You can’t just assume as so, the school is not yours!”


Liu Yi felt that he was merely quarreling with a noisy chick, so he shrunk his neck and simply did not reply.

Murong Die turned around and secretly made a hand gesture of “Yes!” to Wang Lele.

Wang Lele was helpless, thinking.

‘This sis’ Die, how could she really likes to go against Liu Yi….’

‘She obviously care about him and wanted to help him.’

‘But she always ends up quarreling with him….’

‘Oh the headache, it seems like these two people’s ancestors were definitely enemies*!’

(TL: *Enemies here can also be translated as a fated couple)

Li Juanhua, seeing Murong Die also came, said nothing.

She was just a teacher here, so it was impossible for her to control the lady of the Murong Family. She would just let the Principal have this headache.

So, Li Juanhua and Liu Yi, followed by a beautiful big miss, went all the way to the Principal’s office.

After knocking on the door, she led Liu Yi and them to enter.

When the door opened, Liu Yi was taken aback.

Because in the Principal’s office, stood two uniformed police officers with big hats!

One of them is tall, and the other one is short. A man and a woman

Moreover….’Why they seem familiar to me!?’ Liu Yi thought.

‘Weren’t the two of them the one I met at the bridge that day?! One of them is the well-intentioned young policeman that let myself to go back to school, the other one is….Yuan Zhenyue, I’ll be damn….’

Seeing Liu Yi came in, the two police officers were obviously startled.

“Two police comrades, that’s him!”

Principal Lin, who was sitting at his desk, pointed his Liu Yi and said, “Seize him!”


Liu Yi looked at Principal Lin with a puzzled look, “What did I do that make you want the police to arrest me?”

“Liu Yi, you know exactly what you did!”

Principal Lin looked at Liu Yi with a clenched jaw. The affable appearance he always showed to the students in the past was all gone.

“Although you’re just a student, everyone is equal before the law! Wait until you get your punishment!”

Hearing Principal Lin said these words, Liu Yi had a shock, thinking.

‘All person are equal before the law….’

‘This is what I said last night, and was refuted by that great God cult’s believer.’

‘Today….it seems like someone wants to use the law to punish me….’

‘But, what have I done to warrant this?’

“Principal Lin, please calm down.”

The kindly young policeman suddenly frowned and said, “We can’t just arrest people whenever someone told us to seize a person. Everything must be based on evidence. We came here only to investigate and collect evidence. Please don’t interfere with our work.”

With that, he turned around, held out his hand toward Liu Yi, and said.

“Hi, we meet again, my name is Zhang Kening.”

“My, my name is Liu Yi….”

Although this was not the first time he shook hand with the police, Liu Yi was still nervous.

Murong Die stood at the side. Her black eyebrows slightly furrowed. She didn’t know what to think about this scene.

“Hey, you kid can be regarded as to fall into my hand!”

The nearby Yuan Zhenyue was surprisingly fitting in wearing the police uniform.

She looked at Liu Yi with a smile, making goosebumps appeared all over Liu Yi’s body.

‘This female police officer….wouldn’t possibly do something toward me, right?….’

‘Is she looking for a fight?…’ Liu Yi thought.

Remembering the scene where this girl, Yuan Zhenyue showed her violent nature when she kicked off the criminal’s motorcycle, Liu Yi felt a bit scared.

‘Being her enemies….’

‘Is absolutely not a thing that a normal people is willing to do!’

“Comrade Yuan Zhenyue, you watch your mouth. We are here for an official duty!”

Zheng Kening immediately said.

“Of course…brother Zheng. I suddenly want to exercise my skill. When we get off work, I want you to accompany me to practice!”

Yuan Zhenyue said as she rubbed her fist.

Zheng Kening immediately shrunk his neck and bit his tongue.

“That’s better, let me handle this.”

Yuan Zhenyue said, walked to the front of Liu Yi, saying.

“Liu Yi, you are now accused of harming other people with intent.”


Liu Yi blinked.

‘Is this because of what I did to Yuan Shaojun last night?’ Liu Yi thought.

‘But that should count as a self-defense….’

‘Although later on my other personality woke up, making me use a heavy-handed method….It should be still in the category of self-defense….’

‘As for injuring people with intent, where did that come from?’

“Your fight last night, not only wounded Yuan Shaojun but also caused Yuan Shaojun to be hospitalized because of severe injuries. Moreover, you also beat Lin Huayang, causing Lin Huayang to develop a certain….disability….”

When Yuan Zhenyue said the last word, her face looked weird.


Liu Yi thought that last night, he seemingly only gave Lin Huayang a bitch slap in the mouth.

‘Could that trashing made his face paralyze?’

The nearby Principal Lin’s face was crimson. His eyeballs were also slightly red.

His son….has become disabled!

This was the same as saying their Lin Family’s lineal was basically cut off.

Can one’s hatred be deeper than this?!

Principal Lin has decided to let Liu Yi pay the price.

“You must not admit this.”

Before Liu Yi said anything, Lin Tong on his shoulder had verbally warned him.

“This old man certainly want to frame you. If you admit this, the matter will go big! As long as you refuse to admit no matter what, they can’t do anything to you.”

“But….What if Yuan Shaojun testifies against me….I did give him a severe beating….” Liu Yi said to Lin Tong through his spiritual environment.

“Humph, there is no use even if both of them testify against you. They don’t have the proof! You guy, knows nothing about the law!”

Liu Yi actually being look down upon by the small fox.

When he thought about this, he also reached the same conclusion. Yuan Shaojun and Lin Huayang brought this down upon themselves. He didn’t need to be responsible for them.

“There’s no such thing. I am only an ordinary student, how could I possibly intentionally hurt someone!”

Although Liu Yi is somewhat stubborn, lying is definitely one of his fortes. He said those words without even missing a beat.

“Then where are you after the school is over last night?”

Yuan Zhenyue, with a sparkling vision, asked.

“I’m in….”

Liu Yi didn’t know what to say.

During that time….even if said he was somewhere else, but who can prove his alibi!

“During that period, he was with this lady!”

At that time, Murong Die, with arms crossed, chipped in.

Principal Lin’s face suddenly pale.

‘Why would Murong Die will come forward for Liu Yi?’ He thought.

“You are….”

Zheng Kening looked at Murong Die, thinking, ‘This female student is stunning, not much different than Yuan Zhenyue….moreover, she seems more elegant and glamorous.’

”This lady’s name is Murong Die!”

“Murong Die….”

Zheng Kening pondered for a moment, and then shuddered, thinking ‘Could it be she’s the lady Murong from Murong family….’

This Zheng Kening was different than the frank Yuan Zhenyue. He has been a policeman for quite a while and knows the inside and the outside of the underworld gang in this city.

The lady Murong of Murong family….this name….was known by him.

Moreover, he was aware that she also attended this school….

Thus, he came to the conclusion that the person before him was the real lady Murong.

‘Liu Yi this silly boy is truly lucky. Even lady Murong is willing to help him.’ Zheng Kening thought.

‘It seems like today he might have dodged the bullet.’

“Murong Die….”

Liu Yi was also slightly surprised to see this big miss. He didn’t know why she would cover for him.

“Liu Yi was in this lady’s car, tutoring English for this lady. Our family’s driver uncle Wang can testify. Do you want me to invite uncle Wang?”

“Is it Captain Wang?!”

There were rays of excitement in Zheng Kening’s eyes.

“Oh? Is he that Wang An guy?”

Yuan Zhenyue blinked her eyes with keen interest.

After this Wang An retired from the army, he was transferred to the police department as a captain.

Zheng Kening and Yuan Zhenyue once worked under him.

But afterward, he seemed to have a quarrel with his superior, then left the job. He then was invited to work by Murong Family.

The one Zheng Kening was most admired of was this captain of him. Unfortunately, he has retired now. Upon hearing this news from Murong Die’s mouth, he was naturally somewhat excited.

“Shall I get him to verify my words?”

Murong Die asked again.

“No need, no need. This appears to be some misunderstanding.”

Zheng Kening waved his hand and hurriedly said.

“Principal Lin, it seems like this matter is just a misunderstanding. Moreover, the hospital also said that young master Lin has no injury, no scar was found on her lower part. I think you should just forget about this matter.”

Since Murong Die have come forward, Zheng Kening also intended to close this case.

The struggle between these people was not something a police officer like him could intervene.

It’s better to just let them sort it out themselves.

Principal Lin gritted his teeth, he is very unwilling.

But he is not stupid. He knew that since Murong Die has come forward, he can’t press this matter forward today.

‘Damn that Liu Yi. His background is so ordinary, but how could he get the help from the Murong family!’ Principal Lin cursed in his heart.

‘But this matter absolutely not ends here!’

“Then so be it….I have troubled the two police comrades….I’ll send you out….”

“I want to say a few words to Liu Yi alone.”

Yuan Zhenyue suddenly said.


Murong Die was like a mother hen protecting her little chicken, stood in front of Liu Yi and exclaimed.

“Little missy, don’t be so nervous, I just want to talk to him. Talking about personal matter.”

Yuan Zhenyue could not help but smile.

“Rest assured Murong Die. It’s gonna be okay.”

Although Liu Yi really didn’t want to face with Yuan Zhenyue alone, he felt that if he avoid her this time, with Yuan Zhenyue’s temperament, she will absolutely not forgive him!

Better to just be obedient.


Murong Die gave a stare at Liu Yi and then stood to the side.

“Come with me.”

Yuan Zhenyue led Liu Yi out of the office and arrived at the corner of the corridor which bereft of people.

“Police Officer Yuan, what do you want to talk about….”

When Liu Yi opened her mouth, a fragrant wind suddenly lunged in front of him.

Yuan Zhenyue’s arm has arrived in front of Liu Yi’s chest. That hand pressed his whole body upward against the wall.

What kind of act was this!

Liu Yi was desperate and unconsciously shouted.

“Ah, ah, I give up, just take what you want….”

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