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Faced with the incoming two-sided barrier, Ross raised his hand and pressed it on both sides.


Under the influence of the power of distortion, the glass barrier with almost unbreakable characteristics instantly distorted like dough.

Distortion Fruit and Barrier-Barrier Fruit, regardless of the relationship between the two, their powers are purely based on the degree of development of the fruit. if Barrier-Barrier Fruit development is strong enough, it can withstand the power of the Distortion Fruit and if Distortion Fruit is stronger, it can naturally distort the barrier.

In terms of fruit development, how can a single Ravarro be comparable to Ross, who has been working hard since he acquired the Distortion Fruit?

"That Devil fruit is very good, unfortunately, Its development is too poor."

After the barrier was forcibly torn apart, Ross rushed straight toward Ravarro and in a single moment, he was already in front of Ravarro.

Ravarro was shocked and did not hesitate to retreat to the rear. Although he was cruel and sly, he was not a fool. Since Ross could make dough out of his barrier, he could probably make dough out of him.

Ravarro raised his hands and shouted angrily as he retraced toward the rear.

"Barrier Ability Hammer!"

The fluid-like barrier emerged from his palm and turned into a glass-like giant hammer that hammered down on Ross under his control.

Ross was expressionless raised his hand and punched towards the sky.


His fist collided with the barrier hammer and a loud sound broke out in an instant. An air wave centered on the impact site rippled in all directions.

Ordinary people who have retreated or fled, even outside a few streets are struck by the loud sound which left their ears ringing and even members of Iron Wall Pirates are stunned!

"How can it be……"

"That guy actually distorted boss's barrier and also caught the Barrier Hammer!"

Many Iron Wall Pirates'watched the brief confrontation between Ross and Ravarro and they were shocked.

Since they followed Ravarro, they have never seen Ravarro's barrier destroyed. Whether it's a powerful swordsman, a spring-fruit man, or Vice-Admiral of the Marine branch, all of them are helpless in front of Ravarro's barrier.

Not to mention that when a Distortion is formed on the barrier, the barrier disappeared.

"Ghost Hand Ross… no wonder he's called ghost hand. He must be quite strong. Can those hands break Captain's barrier?"

Iron Pirates' deputy Captain, wrestler Hanu looked at Ross and Ravarro's Battle and suddenly yelled at his subordinates:

"Aim at Ghost Hand Ross!"

They are ferocious pirates that run across the sea. There is no such thing as fighting alone. When confronted with an enemy, it is natural to kill the enemy by all means.

Under Hanu's order, the Iron Wall Pirates crew members who were immersed in the fight woke up and picked up their weapons, some pulling out swords and some pulling out the guns.

It was then that they heard a voice coming from the building next to them.

"Huh-huh, please be quiet and don't disturb our Captain's Battle."

Laffitte was sitting on the sign of a store, holding a mahogany cane with a strange smile on his face, looking down at the Iron Wall Pirates.

With a bounty of 80 million Berries, In the Ghost Hand Pirates, he is currently second only to Ross, so his name is quite famous.

"Demon Sherrif…Laffitte."

Hanu recognized Laffitte and his face sank in an instant. He shook his arms. His muscles relaxed and tightened. He showed a ferocious look and said, "How about wrestling?"

Laffitte, Hanu, and other members of Iron Wall Pirates on this side, while Ross and Ravarro's Battle on the other side, have shown a nearly one-sided situation.


Ross's figure flickered as he came to Ravarro's side. His right hand clenched into a fist and he punched Ravarro's head.

Ravarro did not hesitate to launch the Barrier-Barrier Fruit ability, creating a small barrier between his face and Ross's fist.


Ross' fist hit the barrier and the direct Distortion caused the small barrier to hollow out like a dough and his fist hit Ravarro's face.


Ravarro's mouth was bleeding and he spits out two of his teeth and his right face was swollen, which was the result of a barrier that counteracted most of Ross's strength, otherwise, he would've been killed.

"Bastard… Die!"

Ravarro was beaten by Ross and lost several teeth. His eyes were bloodshot and he was furious. He screamed as his hands slammed toward Ross.

Instantly, numerous fluid-like objects emerged from the void, which did not form a barrier but they were separately transformed into a glass-shaped sword, suspended in the air, which then attacked Ross frantically.

Because the toughness of the barrier is almost impossible to break, even the King Punch which can smash an entire kingdom could not shake this barrier, so the sharp blades formed from this abilities needs no other words.


In front of Ross's Distortion Fruit, this toughness doesn't exist as the development of his fruit is far ahead of Barrier fruit.


Ross put his hands out and grabbed them. He pulled the swords together and then smashed them into a glass ball. He threw it out with his backhand and ripped the remaining swords away.

Then Ross took a step and he rushed forward again towards Ravarro. His right hand was clenched into a fist as he punched it out.


Although Ravarro once again created a barrier between Ross's fist and his chest, the barrier was still turned into a dough under the influence of the power of distortion. It was deformed by the Distortion power and Ross's fist collapsed on his chest.

Ravarro flew backward and the ribs on his chest made broken sounds as blood gushed out of his mouth. Even if the barrier counteracts most of his strength, his ribs were almost broken by the blow.

"I take back what I just said. You have developed this fruit well…"

"It's just that you're not as strong as I am."

Ross spoke calmly to Ravarro, who had vomited blood and flew backward.

Looking at Ravarro's tactics today, it's much better than the green-haired guy ten years later. The bounty of 180 million Berries looks a little lower to Ross.

Ravarro's back slammed into the distant building, but at the moment of touching the building, a barrier appeared between his body and the building, blocking most of his impact.

His body fell to the ground and he covered his chest with a violent cough.

"You…are the first person to hurt me."

Ravarro raised his head and stared at Ross with palpitating, cold eyes and said in a chilly voice, "But if you want my head, you have to have the courage to bet your life on it!"


He lifted his legs and stepped forward. The fluid barrier emerged from beneath his feet and spread rapidly. He pushed the size of the barrier he was currently able to stimulate to the limit.

Almost instantaneously, a giant barrier of about three meters high appeared in the field and the glassy barrier wrapped Ravarro's body.

Looking at this scene, Ross narrowed his eyes.


He probably knows why Crocodile couldn't kill Iron Wall Ravarro before.


Ravarro took a step forward, stepping on the ground with a glass-shaped enclosure made up of barriers and creating an inch long crack on the ground, he looked like an all-metal machine armor fighting god.

"This is my… absolute defense!"

Ravarro's voice came out of the inside of the barrier and although it became a little weak, it still entered Ross's ear clearly.

"So, despair!"

With a fierce smile on his face, he rushed towards Ross as his huge fist was wrapped in a barrier, he hammered towards Ross's head, wrapped in terrifying momentum and tried to beat Ross into a bunch of meat pies.

Ross looked at the fallen fist, his eyebrows gradually wrinkled and he retreated to the rear.

"What's wrong? Didn't you have a good fight just now?!"

Ravarro grinned fiercely and continued to chase Ross, punching continuously, while Ross kept avoiding his fists and showing a slight unwillingness.


Ravarro pushed Ross back with his fist and closed his hands together. The barrier flowed into a glass sword, which fell sharply at Ross.

Ross took a step toward the side and the sword fell into the street creating a ten-meter-wide crack in the street instantly splashing gravel and mud.

Not far away, members of Iron Wall Pirates, who are fighting Laffitte, saw Ravarro's ultimate ability that forced Ross to retreat and their confidence boosted.

"That! Captain's absolute defense!"

"No one has ever been able to destroy it and it has crushed all enemies!"

Many pirates were amazed.

Once Ravarro used this trick to defeat the Marine fleet led by a branch Vice-Admiral, and there was no resistance.

On the field.

Ravarro swung a sword that cut off a house on one side and walked to Ross with a mighty grin. "What's wrong?" he muttered. Do you feel despair?!"

With a cruel grim expression, he controlled the clothes of the barrier and raised the transparent sword, intending to end the Battle quickly.


It was at this time that Ross spoke up.

"It's a big loss…"

"Did you finally realized that it was a mistake to provoke Iron Wall Ravarro?" Ravarro held a high-spirited posture and looked at Ross, coldly saying: "Unfortunately, it's too late!"

The moment his voice fell, he turned his power to the utmost, wrapping the sword with unprecedented terrifying power and boldly split against Ross!

"It's really a big loss this time…"

Looking at the power of Ravarro's sword, Ross repeated what he had said before, he closed his eyes slowly and clenched his fingers into fists that trembled slightly.

"Such strength and he only have a bounty of 180 million Berries, it is… too bad!"

Ross's fist swayed upwards and slammed at the sword in Ravarro's hand.

The strength of this Ravarro is enough for him to have a bounty of 300 million berries, but his actual bounty is only 180 million Berries, two grades lower!

Ross was angry. After bending the sword of the barrier, he grabbed it with his back hand and pulled it violently. He pulled the whole barrier together with Ravarro and smashed it with one punch.


The punch hit the glass-like barrier and water-like ripples appeared on it. The entire barrier was made into a paste by the power of distortion that broke out from Ross.


Ross raised his foot and kicked Ravarro's barrier armor, slamming it into the side of a building.


Ross disappeared and appeared in front of Ravarro, his fist slamming down and hitting the pasty armor that had not yet recovered.

Like the crisp sound of glass breaking, the barrier bursts directly from the center, the power of distortion falls on Ravarro's body through the barrier, causing him to spurt blood from his mouth and his ribs broke.

After the series of attacks, he couldn't react at all and his face was filled with horrer and fear.

All the barriers disappeared instantly and Ravarro's body fell on the ruined streets.

The wrestler Hanu was expressionless.

Members of Iron Wall Pirates, too, were expressionless and there was no noise in the air.

Laffitte also stared for a moment, then gently smiled while reaching up and lifting his hat.

"Cough! Cough!"

Ravarro was still alive. He coughed twice and tried to get up, but the severe pain in his chest made him unable to even flip his body.

Ross walked toward Ravarro, step by step to his side, stepping on his chest and saying, "Why is there a bounty of only 180 million Berries…"

Cough! Cough!

Ravarro vomited blood violently, blood spilled from his nose and mouth. He looked at Ross's face and listened to Ross's inexplicable words. Fear spread in his heart.

What is this man talking about? Is he a madman? But how can a madman have such strength?!

"Your strength, your bounty should be a lot higher, even if it was 20 million higher…"

Ross spoke to himself.

Listening to Ross, Ravarro's inner fear spread and gradually occupied his whole heart. He suddenly coughed violently and said to Ross, "Don't… Don't kill me… If you want money, I have many precious things here…"

Ross looked at him without any emotions.

Ravarro cried, "No! No I have… I have ancient weapons… Maps…"

His eyes were full of fear. Maybe he would not fear a cruel pirate, but there is a madman in front of him who easily defeated him and said things he didn't understand at all. He didn't have the pride to wait for death after losing.

Ravarro reluctantly raised his arm, reached into his clothes, and pulled out a very old, somewhat tattered drawing.

"Look… the ancient weapons… you want what's there…"

Looking at this scene, Ross showed a strange look for the first time.

Ancient weapons? !

It is rumored that the three ancient weapons that existed before the establishment of the World Government, Uranus, Sea King Poseidon, and Pluton. The Pluton is a ship that can destroy an island and Sea King Poseidon is a mermaid Princess who can communicate and command all Sea Kings in the sea. As for Uranus, it is still unknown.

Ross reached out, took the old map from Ravarro and slowly opened it, but with only one look, his eyes showed a strange look.

"Ancient weapon… Map of Sea King Poseidon?"

"Yes, it is."

Ravarro responded with a tremor.

Ross went on looking blankly.


The power of distortion in Ross's body was activated, ripping the old map into numerous fragments in an instant and scattering everywhere.

Looking at this scene, Ravarro was stunned.

That is the map of ancient weapons!

Once it's out there, there will be countless pirates who would want this, Crocodile found him just for this map and he wanted to kill Crocodile because Crocodile knows he has this map.


Such a precious thing was actually destroyed by Ross. Is he really a madman? !


Ross's expressionless said before using the power of distortion and without any blood spilling Ravarro's body is silently separated.

Looking at the fragmented body with a trace of despair on his face, Ross spoke in a voice that only he could hear.

"My eyes have the ability to understand all the truth in this world."

The Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi, who lives in the fisherman's island is the ancient weapon, Sea King Poseidon. As for this treasure map, it may be a graffiti that the ancients people used to paint hundreds of years ago.

I am afraid I don't know how many people have been turned around by it. When they search for it they die without finding any trace of ancient weapons. They don't know the truth.

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