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“What’s this? Someone’s seems to be screaming out there?”

At the teacher’s meeting in the office, a teacher looked out of the window and said.

“Do you want to go out and see?”

“It must be a disturbance created by a student.”

Director Zhang Yuren waved his hand and said, “What’s more important than our school’s upgrade? We finish the meeting first. We can talk about it after that!”

“Oh, ok….”

That teacher can only withdraw his gaze.

The outside was pitch black, under the dim moonlight, there was nothing to look at.

Zhang Yuren secretly thought.

‘Liu Yi, this is you ask for it, it has nothing to do with me, Zhang Yuren.’

‘This student even dare to point his finger at my nose and say I was wrong!’

‘Humph, you deserve to die!’

But Zhang Yuren could not possibly think that the one who was being hit was not Liu Yi, but Yuan Shaojun.

Yuan Shaojun’s left calf was stepped on and directly fractured. He broke into cold sweat and lay on the ground while holding his calf, twitching.

The nearby Ma Yixuan watched this scene in tears, she crouched down and shivered on one side of the corner.

But Lin Huayang was awoken from his daze by this miserable scream, only to see the wailing Yuan Shaojun. His eyes simply rolled up, showing only the white part of the eyes, and straightforwardly lie down on the ground.

‘Mommy….’ Ling Huayang called out in his heart.

‘This was suppose to be an ambush to beat Liu Yi to death….’

‘How could it turn into such a situation in an instant….’

Seeing the twisted leg of Yuan Shaojun and remembered that he only received a slap in the face, Lin Huayang was secretly glad.

‘His mother….I’m so lucky….’

‘Better continue to play dead….heroes do not eat immediate loss (A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him)!’

“Mercy….mer, mercy….”

Yuan Shaojun was in an excruciating pain. His eyes were blackened, watching Liu Yi while holding his leg. He was lying on the ground and constantly begging for mercy.

Liu Yi squatted by Yuan Shaojun’s side, stretched out a hand, patted his face full of cold sweat, and then, while rubbing the hand on Yuan Shaojun’s clothed, said, “Forgive you?”

“I….I….I beg of you….please have mercy on me….”

Yuan Shaojun felt fear for the first time.

He never thought that after lording all over the school for a long time, today he actually being dealt a massive blow by the hand of such an unknown student.

“Don’t be afraid, come, smoke some cigarette.”

Liu Yi pulled out a cigarette from Yuan Shaojun’s pocket and lighted it on Yuan Shaojun’s mouth.

“It’s good right?”

Liu Yi asked.

“Good, good cigarette….”

Yuan Shaojun was hurt and shocked. He didn’t know what Liu Yi wanted to do with him.

“Mm, smoking cigarette should calm you down, now answer my question.”

Liu Yi looked at Yuan Shaojun with a smile and said.

“About, about what….”

Yuan Shaojun timidly asked.

“Do you want the left arm or the right arm?”

This few words from Liu Yi directly scared Yuan Shaojun so much that he almost wet himself.

“Bo, boss….you are my boss….I beg of you, please let me off….”

“You don’t answer my question. Then I’ll choose it for you.”

Liu Yi said while his eyes were looking back and forth at Yuan Shaojun’s arms.

“Hmm, are you right handed or left handed….I should make you keep the one that you use the most, right….Ai….I think I’m being too sensible. I’m truly a Lei Feng!”

Liu Yi said with full on narcissism while touching his chin.

Yuan Shaojun has the urge to cry.

‘His mother, how can this be called sensible?’ He cried in his heart.

“Don’t, don’t….I want both of them, both of them….”

“Oh? You want me to break both of your arms?”

Liu Yi touched his chin, “Such a request actually exist. You really are not an ordinary man.”

“No, it’s not!”

Yuan Shaojun scared out of his wits, and hastily cried, “I don’t, I don’t want it!”

“You don’t want your two arms?”

Liu Yi shook his head, “Ok then, as you wish.”

With that, Liu Yi extended his left hand to directly take Yuan Shaojun’s left hand and then fiercely pulled it.


A crisp sound of broken bones was heard, followed by a squealing Yuan Shaojun who screamed like a pig that was about to be slaughtered.

And then, without even pausing, Liu Yi broke off another arm of Yuan Shaojun.

The pain made Yuan Shaojun directly fainted. He half collapsed there like a dead pig.

The other people were scared out of their wits. Some students can’t even control themselves and wet their pants. The smell of urine floated in the playground.

At that moment, how could Liu Yi be recognized as a student anymore, is there any difference between him and the devil king?

Especially after they saw Liu Yi casually discarded Yuan Shaojun’s leg and both of his arms….

They suddenly have the urge to be a good and honest student and never wanted to be a bully anymore.

‘This bullying business is really terrible….’ They thought.

‘It has too much violence and quite bloody….’

“I thought you could hold on much longer than this….I didn’t expect you can only go so far.”

Liu Yi stood up and said, “If no one sent him to the orthopedic Hospital, he would really be finished. I’m going home now. You can go to pee if you want.”

With that, he turned around and walked away through the crowd.

No one dared to stop him, for fear that they will be the next one whose arms and legs were destroyed.

Only after Liu Yi truly gone did Lin Huayang crawl up from the ground.

‘Damn….’ He cursed in his heart.

‘Too scary….’

‘This Liu Yi really is like an animal….’

‘How could he be so brutal like that….’

“Young, young master Lin….what should we do now….”

One student timidly asked.

“What do you mean what should we do, quickly took the injured to the hospital….”

Lin Huayang shivered a bit.

Tonight’s disturbance is really not small….

Many students were injured and Yuan Shaojun was almost ended up disabled.

But they were unable to talk about this….

Why, because the other people is Liu Yi, a single person. How could they tell outsiders about it.

Did Liu Yi alone able to take down more than a hundred people?

Even if others believe it, they can’t afford to lose to that man!

Lin Huayang thought that this was the first time he lost his face.

Those bullies also thought they should hurry to go to the hospital. A group of people supported each other by the arms posthaste. They also didn’t forget to carry Yuan Shaojun with them and went to the hospital.

Soon, almost all the people in the playground have walked away.

Only Ma Yixuan, who was still hiding in the corner and slightly shivered, remained.

“Young, young master Lin….”

Ma Yixuan, who caught Lin Huayang’s gaze, weakly said.

Seeing the sweet and pretty Ma Yixuan, Lin Huayang suddenly wanted to do her.

“Yixuan, what’s the matter?”

“My, my legs are numb….I can’t take a walk….”

“Then I’ll help you to go to the medical center to take a rest.”

Lin Huayang said and directly walked forward and helped prop Ma Yixuan up.

Meanwhile, his hand dishonestly started to knead Ma Yixuan’s breast.

Ma Yixuan cried out, but after looking at the charming Lin Huayang with a single glance, she didn’t say anything.

Lin Huayang was pleased, thinking that she has given him an opening.

Immediately, he partly hugged Ma Yixuan while supporting her by the arm and walked into the abandoned medical center.

Yuan Shaojun chose the health center for his activity because the interior was fairly decent, it also has a small bed, which Yuan Shaojun needed the most.

He helped Ma Yixuan sat on top of that bed and then hugged and asked her softly.

“Yixuan, Yuan Shaojun is finished, what are you going to do after this….”

Ma Yixuan’s heart was moved. She looked at the incomparably charming man next to her and could not help but said.

“I….I don’t know what to do….I’m just a weak woman….”

“Why don’t you follow me! Follow this young master!”

“But….but what happen when Yuan Shaojun comes back….I fear he would create troubles for young master Lin.”

“Why don’t we do it this way….You become my secret lover, while he still your official boyfriend, what do you think?”

Lin Huayang thought, ‘I won’t allow you to become my girlfriend. My girlfriend is Wang Yuzheng, that beautiful and capable chick.’

‘That’s more like it.’

“Good….then you have to treasure other people (me/renjia)…..”

Ma Yixuan’s heart also has its own ideas.

Yuan Shaojun is sure to die, so she must change her patron.

Otherwise, how could she cope with Liu Yi.

Each of these two has their own ideas. After flirting with each other’s eyes, their lust surged upward and finally rolled together.

Lin Huayang, relying on his face and family, has no less times playing with girls.

He is not some inexperienced youngsters. After expertly teasing Ma Yixuan until her whole body went soft, he straightened his gun and ready to enter its target.

“Young master Lin….later on, I (renjia) can only depend on you….don’t let Liu Yi bully me (renjia)….”

Just when Lin Huayang prepared to enter the cave, Ma Yixuan’s sweet and delicate voice suddenly made Lin Huayang as if dropped into an icehouse.

The scene where Liu Yi broke Yuan Shaojun’s arms immediately emerged in his mind.

The scream of Yuan Shaojun….

The evil smile on the corner of Liu Yi’s mouth….

In a flash, Lin Huayang’s whole body went icy-cold and cold sweat directly poured out.

His lower body suddenly became dispirited and shrank.


Seeing his lower body has gone on strike, Lin Huayang immediately shrieked.

“Young master Lin, what’s wrong?”

Ma Yixuan’s body has been excited by Lin Huayang’s ministration, she was waiting to enjoy the next stage, but when she saw that Lin Huayang suddenly stop and cursed, she cannot help but ask.

“No, nothing….”

Lin Huayang thought that he probably too scared and blame himself for thinking about Liu Yi at this critical moment.

He quickly buried his face on Ma Yixuan’s breast, sucking and licking, and tried to wake up his lower body.

But his lower body was like a hibernating snake, no matter how he called out, it won’t wake up.

‘Damn it….what the hell is this!’ He thought.

Lin Huayang’s heart was restless.

He suddenly pulled up Ma Yixuan and said.

“Help me suck my bellow!”


Ma Yixuan was taken aback.

“Hurry up, I told you to suck it, then suck!”

Lin Huayang lower body is limp, he was upset and could not help but roared.

“Oh, ok….”

Ma Yixuan scared shiver, she didn’t dare to neglect this order and at once go down on him. She held Lin Huayang’s shrunken body parts and put it into her mouth and then began to suck it.

Ma Yixuan’s mouth was warm and comfortable, but Lin Huayang’s lower body didn’t have the slightest bit of indication to get up.

Being lick and suck by Ma Yixuan, “he” still maintained “his” minimum mode.

“Liu Yi! Fuck you and your whole family!”

Not until Ma Yixuan was tired, full of sweat, gave up and lie on the bed did Lin Huayang knew that something was wrong.

His heart was full of sorrow. He suddenly couldn’t help but shout. With anger and despair, he screamed loudly.

This voice was sorrowful and shrill and spread to the faculty office where the teacher still held their meeting.

“It seems there’s really a problem….”

A teacher couldn’t help but worry and asked.

“It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s probably just a dog bark, we continue our meeting! The school’s upgrade is more important, am I right, Principal Lin?”

Zhang Yuren looked at the middle-aged man who sat opposite to him.

“Yes, the school’s upgrade is the most crucial now. At this time, even if my son was ill, I will stick here until this matter is resolved.”

Principal Lin sternly said, but then, his cell phone suddenly rang.

When Principal Lin picked up this call, his face immediately went pale.

“My dear son, what, what did you say? Wait there, I’m coming for you!”

He then said to the teacher, “The meeting is over!”

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