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Book 6 Chapter 23.9 - Start of Hell

It was another unexpected answer, completely destroying the logic system Su constructed with absolute rationality and intelligence. He also became silent. He looked at Helen who looked like she was earnestly working, and then released a soft sigh, saying, "Has Persephone given birth?"

"En, she should have, you don't need to worry."

Su handed Snow into Helen's arms and said, "That child… should be just like Snow right? What a pity, she seems to have forgotten everything."

Helen accepted Snow. Snow immediately made its way into her collar, completely unaware that its movements already displayed a large half of Helen's chest before Su. Helen carried Snow, fixed her clothes, but didn't deliberately speed up her movements, nor did she fear that Su would see anything extra. In reality, the moment Snow was held in Su's hands, Helen already ceased all movements that might cause misunderstandings, including her her own perception defense. Even now, she still didn't restore it. With Su's perception abilities, as long as he wanted to, whether Helen wore clothes or not made no difference.

"Phoney likely took the initiative to erase her own memories. You should know that in the present age, this is an extremely normal action." Helen said. There were some words that didn't need to be spoken too clearly. As long as the brain was obtained, the biochemistry technology of the present era had many methods to obtain access to one's memories. For the sake of protecting her child, she completely forgot about it."

Su sighed, and then said, "I brought her back. She has already done far too much for my sake, so I do not wish for her to participate in the following war. She will wake up in another 48 hours. When the time comes, I believe you definitely have a way to make her stay behind."

"What are your plans going forward?" Helen asked.

"Find Bevulas."

"He has an entire army!"

Su laughed, and then said, "An army? I have one too."

Helen wanted to say something, but shook her head in the end, saying, "Even if you seek out Bevulas, what meaning is there? For Madeline, for him pursuing Phoney? … forget it, you should go. You are still going to go no matter what I say. Regardless of whether you win or lose, coming back is a good thing. Don't forget that Phoney will always be waiting for you here."

Su laughed, recovering his charming and gentle appearance, saying, "That silver hair fella outside feels a bit dangerous. Before leaving, I'll help you teach him a lesson, make him a bit more obedient!"

"You can defeat him?" Helen was a bit worried.

"Don't worry, I have ways to deal with him."

Helen revealed a pensive look, and then nodded, not saying anything in response.

Before leaving the laboratory, Su stopped, turned around, and with an unchanging smile said, "Helen, if you die, I will feel broken-hearted. For Phoney's child, and also for Snow, thank you."

Only when the laboratory's doors completely closed did Helen release a snort, saying indifferently to herself, "Only a thank you? Truly empty."

However, she never expected Snow's delicate voice would suddenly sound. "But Mama is really happy!"

Helen forgot that there was also this listener. The expression on her face immediately changed, but her many years of habit made her immediately enter an ice-cold and machine-like state. With an expressionless face, she said, "Snow, it's time to transform your body!"

Snow released a sad cry, resisting, "Wasn't the entire project already finished?"

"I just thought of a few more immediate projects." Helen's voice was firm and undefiable.

Snow silently resigned itself to its fate. However, before it was placed in the breeding tank, Snow reached out its head, saying, "However, now, I don't seem to be that scared of father anymore."

Helen stared blankly for a moment. She pushed its little head back in, and then with a sigh, said, "You still have to avoid him as much as possible, stay away if you can. If you really can't, then come to where Mama is."

Snow obediently nodded. This personified motion had previously left it quite confused. Why was it that in the human world, a motion so complex could only express such a simple meaning?

Culture fluid slowly rose, submerging Snow's body, making it enter a state of sleep. A light screen was transferred over, even though this was actually completely meaningless. Only, when she saw the data on the screen, she suddenly became distracted.

Snow was already perfect enough. If she was modified any further, she would break through the critical point she had set up so painstakingly. At that time, Snow's evolution would become an irreversible process. Snow would become incomparably powerful, but the ultra life form instincts that woke up would also completely change it. Even if a lion was raised within a herd of sheep, it would still be a lion. At a certain point, the lion's instincts would topple all cognition of it being a sheep. Meanwhile, the instincts of an ultra life form were powerful to the point of being almost impossible to resist.

Only Helen could suppress the instinctive reactions of an ultra life form, making Snow its current self. However, not even she knew if this was right or wrong choice.

Her long and slender fingers moved many times over the light screen, but she just couldn't set her resolution.

However, why did it have to become stronger? When she recalled Su's smile before he left, Helen felt for the first time that apart from this world's black and white colors, evolution, icy coldness, power, these constant words, there were many other things of substance.

She suddenly released a long sigh. She tapped gently on the light screen, and then all of the instruments that had already gathered in the surroundings returned to their original positions.

"You should just get a nice long sleep…" Helen thought.

Ultra life forms didn't need sleep.

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