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After going through tribulation and suffering agonizing pain to receive the increase in inheritance level, Yan Yu reached the 250 level and intermediate rank 2. Now she had to get used to her new powers before she could fight back on the tide.

Yan Yu left the place where she was and went to find a place to perfect her new powers suddenly gained. It took her training several months before she could use her skills to perfection.

After finishing training, Yan Yu started making her journey back to Frozen Mountain City and then going to Snow City, she wanted to see if the tide was still happening or was already over.

When she arrived in Frozen Mountain City, Yan Yu heard the news that the tide was successfully repelled, even millions of deaths. After discovering this news, she did not worry about the tide anymore and decided to make a trip back home, since she was almost ten years absent and did not send any messages back.

After exchanging parts of the creatures' bodies for money, Yan Yu bought a small space ring and many presents for the people of the villages.


The journey back to the village was rather soft, for Yan Yu was already much stronger than the creatures on the way. This time, she was wearing a horse she had bought in town.

After a few months of traveling, Yan Yu finally reached the village, looking at that familiar scenery, some tears began to fall from her beautiful eyes.

During those years, Yan Yu became increasingly beautiful and elegant, but her aura was a little bloody because of her abilities. By the time she reached the door of the village, Yan Yu was greeted by the chief and her parents. The village chief had sensed her arrival and had organized a small party.

That night everyone celebrated the return of Yan Yu, many men were excited to see the beauty of Yan Yu after almost ten years. Some of them were her admirers in those earlier years, but they knew they could not be a good match for her since they were very weak.

Yan Yu's parents were extremely shocked to know how strong their daughter had become after so many years. After dinner, Yan Yu distributed gifts to everyone, there were equipment, consumables and other things she had bought. The inhabitants of the five villages received a gift.

Yan Yu also received the visit of her maternal and paternal grandparents, cousins and uncles also made a visit to try to make a good connection with her, since she was the strongest warrior of the five villages. The five leaders announced this.

This news was extremely shocking, as they never imagined that the little girl they all knew would become the village expert. Her parents were extremely proud of her.

One of the subjects discussed by her grandparents was about her marriage, but Yan Yu refused to talk about it because she had higher plans, she wanted to travel through the Nine Worlds and meet new people. Even though she already has Herman's memories in the end, it were just memories, not her own experiences. Yan Yu wanted to try those things on her own.

After Yan Yu revealed her plans, no one commented on the matter, as they knew that a small village like this could not hold someone like Yan Yu. She stayed in the villages reminding her childhood and everything else for a few months, Yan Yu went fishing and hunting animals along with her parents and various members of the village.

She also taught them how to fight, among the gifts Yan Yu brought, there were several basic skills like Fireball, Water Ball, Lightning and among other types of attack spells that anyone could use as long as they have the requirements.

Yan Yu gave these skills to the younger generation as they would be the ones who will protect the village in the future. She also gave some skills to the older generation, as they were the current protectors of the village, the leaders did not need these basic skills, as they already had several of them.

After several months of living as an ordinary person again, Yan Yu felt renewed. After saying goodbye to her parents, she started her journey again, but this time, the journey would be thousands of years old. And when Yan Yu returned to the village, several generations had passed, but that is a story for the future.


After Yan Yu returned to Frozen Mountain City, she picked up an array of transportation that led to another city that had better breeding sites. She began to spend her days like this, traveling and struggling, while meeting new people.

Yan Yu met great friends while exploring the secret realms and dangerous places, some even wanted to take her as his wife, but all were refused by her in the end. Because Yan Yu had no interest in getting a husband yet, she still wanted to explore the world.

Over the years, Yan Yu became increasingly beautiful and elegant, and along with her great power, she attracted thousands of suitors. But she never wanted any relationship for the time being, she would only look for a man when the time was right or predestined.

After thousands of years traveling through the Nine Worlds and exploring dangerous places, Yan Yu was getting tired and decided to go home. She knew that her parents had already died thousands of years ago, but she wanted to know at least about their graves and pray for them.

When she got close to the village, she realized that the place had become a medium-sized city, the five villages were destroyed and there was a thriving town on the site. Yan Yu realized that in her absence, her little village had changed a lot.

Entering the city, Yan Yu realized that everything had changed, but the warm feeling still remained. She decided to look for information about her parents.

In the center of the city, there was a small statue, when Yan Yu looked at the statue, she realized that it was hers when she was a child. There were some words written: Our little heroine, the person who brought all the changes in our lives.

After the phrases, there were the signature of her parents and several village leaders. After asking about the site's cemetery, Yan Yu discovered that her parents were buried in the northern part of the city.

Her parents' tomb was very clean and tidy, beside them there was another tomb, Yan Yu discovered it was from her younger brother, a few years after she left, her parents had another child, a boy. He wanted to be a great warrior as his elder sister, but he failed to become as powerful as she and died a thousand years and leaving several descendants.

Tears began to fall from the beautiful eyes of Yan Yu, she prayed to the graves of her parents, brother and nephews before leaving. She wanted to see what the current situation was like for the descendants of her younger brother.

After asking, Yan Yu discovered that the descendants had a good life and could enjoy without problems, and they were also the most influential group in the city. But over the years, they could not have a strong person, so the other groups were pushing for them to get out of power.

As Yan Yu was in town, she would not let her younger brother's descendants be intimidated. She had to do at least one thing like the big sister, since she'd never seen him before.

Coming close to the Yan family mansion, Yan Yu could hear heavy voices from the people inside the main hall. They were arguing over the marriage to the eldest daughter of the current family leader with the eldest son of another influential group.

They did not want to accept this because Yan Yu did not accept it when she was young. But the situation between the two cases was very different.

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