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Chapter 55 – Mission Success (6)

In all odds, she wanted to live like this first, before jumping to serious matters. At least, she would have someone that makes her comfortable with herself and someone who would stay by her side regardless of the tides being high or low.

Maybe that person really likes her. If she doesn’t love her, why lure her to bed twice?

Qu Feiqing’s judgement is the same as that of many women. Even though she became this country’s Emperor, she still had the fickle heart of a woman.

She, in all perspective, is not like a man. Therefore, she couldn't separate lust from love like how men do it.

But as wise men said, one cannot truly have the best of both worlds.  

Qu Feiqing being the mightiest figure fell hard for a woman who couldn’t give a piece of herself.

Su Xin thinks merely that it's mutual consent between both parties, nothing more. Qu Feiqing however, did not think like this. She even thought of her and Su Xin's futures in detail not knowing that Su Xin had other plans on her own-plans that would never involve her.

As agreed, Su Xin stayed in the ancient China plane. It has been a month since she had accomplished her task and a month of unyielding boredom poking at her sanity. The palace was gorgeous, yes, but she would rather explore the world outside of it.

She would occasionally visit the little crown prince, who was always busy with his imperial studies, to motivate him. Sometimes, they would play together when both were idle.

Qu Feiyun had become her usual companion during these dull days. The girl didn’t change one bit and was still cracking up at the smallest things.

On other time, she’d fool around with Qu Feiqing at any change she get. Together they would sneak at places hidden from the eyes of others and do things that would give an instant heart attack to unlucky onlookers.

But there must always be a time for some decency and seriousness. While Qu Feiqing worked on her memos, Su Xin could be seen deeply invested in embroidery not far from the emperor. Sometimes, Su Xin would join her in reading books. Qu Feiqing was glad that Su Xin was not shallow like most women these days.  

“Xue Yao, aren’t you a musician? Why don’t you play the guqin for me?" One day, Qu Feiyun came to see Su Xin to pester her again, shaking her arm back and forth and acting like a spoiled child.

“Aren’t there other musicians in the palace?”

Su Xin was held her chin by the hand, while her left free one, traced the carved patterns on the stone table.

“But I want to hear you play it.” Persistent, Qu Feiyun tugged at Su Xin’s sleeve harder that Su Xin finally nodded in defeat. Shu juan was pleased to get the guqin for her master.

“Xue Yao, why aren’t you afraid of my emperor sister? You’re the first person I’ve ever seen who dared to be so close to her.”

God knows that Qui Feiyun saw them invested in a very comfortable position which left her vexed and afraid for Su Xin.

"Is she terrible to you?”

Su Xin thought Qu Feiqing was very good. From the beginning, she was allowed to approach her. She could still remember how Qu Feiqing treated her like a mentally retarded person before-staring at her deliberately then ignoring her until they parted.

Her treatment changed right after their first intimate night.

Now that they have done it five, six, seven or eight times already. With the long hours spent together, Su Xin began to know Qu Feiqing more and could genuinely say that Qu Feiqing was a caring and passionate person inside.

She told Qu Feiyun of her opinion and the latter nodded without truly understanding.

“Emperor sister is the most terrible person I’ve ever met, but I feel like she's softened after meeting you. I guess, good things really do happen.”

Qu Feiyun saw with her own eyes how her emperor sister killed her brother. In her heart, no one could be more ruthless than Qu Feiqing.

“But I’m leaving." Su Xin smiled.

[Host..] Fourteen words stopped.



The system doesn’t interfere with the host’s feelings. Fourteen now confirmed that Su Xin was not only low in emotional intelligence, but she was also dumb, intimidating and a bit of a slag.

[Host, have you really never thought about why the emperor still kept hitting on you even after she has done it with you the first time?] Fourteen tried to raise some points to make Su Xin understand.

Because I’m beautiful?

T/N: lmao poor Feiqing

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