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Liu Yi looked at his tuxedo. He was standing in the middle of a chapel with a group of people, and they were all waiting for a man who will give the blessing.

A bride in her wedding dress slowly walked from the side.

Liu Yi was surprised.

‘WTF, this is my wedding?’ He thought.

‘Who is the bride?’

Liu Yi tried to see the bride’s face.

But her face was under the white gauze that is hard to see.

‘What is the bride look like….?’

Liu Yi was incredibly curious.

How could he doesn’t know how his bride looks like?

At this time, the priest came over and asked.

“Liu Yi, will you take her as your wife?”


Liu Yi was suddenly shocked, “I don’t even know what she looks like….”

“Then you lift up the bride’s gauze and take a look.”

The priest solemnly said, “This is your right as the husband.”


Liu Yi quickly stretched out his trembling hands and lifted up the bride’s wedding gauze.

He thought, ‘Unbelievable, I Liu Yi, am finally married!’


He slowly lifted up the gauze, but the bride seemingly could not wait; She urged.

“Liu Yi, Liu Yi!”

“Fuck me….”

When the wedding gauze flipped out, Qin Chao saw the face of a winking Chen Cai in front of him. His face and his whole body suddenly turned into a statue.

“Liu Yi, Liu Yi wake up, wake up!’

At this time, Chen Cai’s voice came into Liu Yi’s ear.

Liu Yi suddenly opened his eyes and looked the big face of Chen Cai that was parked close to his head.


He scrambled to climb up, but he nearly slipped and almost fell because of it!

Liu Yi looked down and saw that there was a thin layer of ice above this rooftop.

Along with him climbing up from the floor, the ice on the floor has begun to melt.

“My god, are you OK?”

Chen Cai looked at Liu Yi in surprise and asked.

“I am a bit worried after you went out for so long but did not come back….Wang Lele said you were on the roof, so I hurriedly came up to see you. Why are you doing here alone? Were you masturbating?”

Chen Cai looked around and said, “This is a good place with a great view. Masturbating here will certainly have a unique flavor!”

“Masturbate your sister…!”

Liu Yi glared at him, then said, “Didn’t I tell you that I was practicing Immortal Cultivation? Just a moment ago, I….”

“Don’t tell me you’re just practicing Cultivation?”

Seeing the melted Ice on the floor, Chen Cai couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes…I was cultivating a technique that I was unable to make a head or tail of it…”

Remembering the white clothed beautiful woman, who injected into his head the teaching of a technique, Liu Yi can’t help but be suspicious and envy.

‘What does that beauty really wants with me?’ He thought.

‘Why not just take away my power, instead of giving me this technique?’

‘Moreover, that technique seems to cultivate automatically by itself; I can’t even prevent it….’

Lu Yi felt that his white stream of qi already circulated in a different circulation than before. It was also more active and more formidable.

Meanwhile, this white stream of qi also brought him a kind of cool and refreshing feelings, as if his consciousness seems to be more alert and aware.

“Spill it, what technique is that? Don’t just tease me!”

Chen Cai curled his lips, “The cultivation technique that you taught me has no use! That stream of qi or whatever, it never came out! It only made me fart twice! Since you’re alright, I’m going to go back first. I’m going to start studying tomorrow night.”

Then he turned around to go downstairs.

Before leaving, he turned his head and said to Liu Yi.

“You’re not really using drugs aren’t you?”

“Using your sister!”

“If you don’t want to tell me then just forget it! I’m going back to the classroom to read novels!”

Chen Cai waved his hand, opened the door and went downstairs.

Liu Yi stood on the rooftop alone, worrying about stuff.

‘Why Chen Cai can’t practice the cultivation technique from Lin Tong?’

“Fool, you think everyone can practice the Immortal Cultivation!?”

At this time, Lin Tong flew out from Liu Yi’s body and floated before him. She held out her small paw and said.

“Especially the heart sutra that was given to you by this Lady…how could the average person be able to practice it?

“That’s because it’s the precious book of the Demon race….Someone who doesn’t have the Demonic power will not be able to cultivate it….”

“So that’s why….too bad then.” Liu Yi sighed.

“Too bad what?….You are really not appreciating your gift….Also, why did your body have another set of heart sutra? What did you just do?”

This is the question that Lin Tong really wanted to ask!

After restoring some of her spiritual power, Lin Tong suddenly felt a strong Immortal Power inside Liu Yi’s body, so, she immediately woke up and went out to ask.

Liu Yi then honestly told Lin Tong all about his encounter with Gu Yu just now.

“What….There was actually such a thing?!”

After listening to the story from Liu Yi, Lin Tong finally felt that she had enough.

Not only Gu Yu did not eliminate her, she even taught Liu Yi her Immortal Cultivation technique!

‘What is happening here…’ Lin Tong was bewildered.

‘What kind of Heart Sutra did Gu Yu impart to Liu Yi?’

“What kind of Heart Sutra did she give you?”

“Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra.”

“Oh my god…”

Lin Tong covered her mouth and unbelievably looked at Liu Yi.

‘Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra….’ She thought.

‘Isn’t this the Immortal World’s high-rank heart sutra!’

Lin Tong can’t believe that Gu Yu would be willing to impart Liu Yi such a high-level Immortal Cultivation technique….

She was completely baffled.

“Even if she gave you that, why did you immediately cultivate it? Are you crazy?”

Without any other option, Lin Tong can only put the blame to Liu Yi.

“I didn’t want to cultivate it….but the white stream of qi inside my body immediately active and started to circulate according to that cultivation technique.”

Liu Yi quickly explained.

‘Could it be that Gu Yu also cultivated this Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra…So that the immortal power that was left by Gu Yu in Liu Yi’s body will automatically circulate accordingly?’ Lin Tong thought.

‘This should be the case….’

“This heart sutra….what’s it look like?” Lin Tong asked.

Immortal technique is very powerful, especially the high-level one. Although she was somewhat worried, Lin Tong was also curious.

“Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra, consist of nine Heart Sutra. Right now, I’m cultivating the first layer.”

Liu Yi said, “Every time I opened three Star Jade, the heart sutra will increase a layer. Each level increase will improve my strength…there’s also the mysterious icy qi.”

After that, he held out his left hand, and then his entire left hand emitted out a layer of white icy-frost.

“This…immortal technique is really amazing…is it also teaches you how to use this mysterious icy qi?”

Lin Tong asked.

“Em, no….” Liu Yi shook his head.

Lin Tong is well aware that, it was highly likely that Gu Yu imparted this technique to Liu Yi so that he can use it to suppress his demonic energy!

This small fox is very smart, with just a few information, she was able to correctly saw the whole picture.

It seems like the only way to get rid of Liu Yi’s power is to kill him.

Moreover, the immortals have many rules. Without any means to bypass those rules, Gu Yu cannot just kill a mortal.

Therefore, Gu Yu can only impart Liu Yi her Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra, so that Liu Yi can suppress his Demonic Energy by himself.

But this doesn’t mean that Gu Yu has let Liu Yi off the hook…According to Immortal’s behavior, Gu Yu will surely use this immortal energy to pinpoint Liu Yi’s location and strictly monitor him!

If Liu Yi did something bad…Gu Yu may personally come to behead Liu Yi first!

“But, I think I can utilize this Mysterious icy qi…”

Liu Yi said, and then he started to imagine as if he was playing a game. He held out his hands, rubbed it together and forced out a white light that was slightly frosty to appear.

Suddenly, a white oval puck was rubbed out by Liu Yi. He then held it in his hand.

“What the hell is this?”

This small fox didn’t know about the use of this small oval thing that was created by Liu Yi.


Liu Yi said. He then threw this icy oval puck to the wall on the adjacent building.

The icy puck flew along a trajectory in the air and boom, it finally exploded along that building’s wall.

A gaping hole with about a meter in diameter instantly appeared on that wall.

A frosty ring of ice was plastered all around that hole.


Lin Tong didn’t know what to say anymore.

“An ice bomb!”

Liu Yi laughed and said, “Don’t you think this is useful? This is a ranged attack!”

“Compared to my sect’s attack…this ranged attack is quite low in rank!”

Lin Tong could not help but put the cold water on Liu Yi.

“I think it’s quite nice…”

Liu Yi shrugged, “In any case, I can’t learn more than one attacking technique. This degree of attack is already enough for me…Later on, if I run into a fight, this will surely come in handy.”

He said, still full of expectations of the future, “Wait until I do numerous research….see if I can’t develop a more powerful attacking skill…”

“You’re not a master in developing an attacking skill…It’s best for you to just continue to cultivate!”

“I know, I know, but this skill is quite amusing don’t you think….”

Liu Yi said, and then stood at the edge of the building, looked down, rubbed a few ice puck and threw it down.

“Boom boom boom!”

Several icy circle appeared on the floor downstairs. Liu Yi will never be bored playing this.

At this time, a baldy, who happened to walk from a classroom building, was not paying attention and directly stepped on the ice. He slipped and neatly fell to the ground.

“Fuck me!”


Liu Yi quickly shrank back his head….Bad, he accidentally harmed Director Wang….

‘Amitabha, I don’t know anything, I don’t know anything….’ He chanted in his heart.

Liu Yi sat on the rooftop. He was afraid to stand up and return to the classroom.

“Hehe, didn’t you just say that your ice bomb is powerful? I think it’s pretty troublesome!”

Lin Tong could not help but make fun of Liu Yi.

“You, you mustn’t say that…”

Liu Yi smiled. He looked at his hand that was emitting a layer of slightly icy-frost, “Wait until I practice this skill in the spiritual environment tonight….Yesterday, I haven’t mastered the Spirit Fox Steps, but I can use it quite well today!”


Lin Tong snorted, “Spirit Fox Steps is a profound ability! Your comprehension about that ability is still superficial! But….In any case this is just a skill that is utilizing your white stream of qi, so, it’s okay if you practice it.”

Lin Tong thought that this immortal technique will definitely help Liu Yi in suppressing his Demonic Energy. Therefore, she was not worried about it.

“Really? Thank you, Fox sister! I knew Fox sister is good to me!”

Liu Yi was moved and excitedly said.

Lin Tong’s face was red.

The more silly Liu Yi is, the more she felt bad for him.

Unfortunately, she is a fox…

How could fox felt bad toward other people…

If a fox doesn’t harm a human, how could it be called a good fox…

‘My god, what exactly should I Lin Tong, do!?’ She thought.

‘Master, if you hear my prayers, I beg you to come and save me….’

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