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Chapter 436  [Drawing of an ugly woman]

"Who is it?"

The moment Liu Yi enters the tower, he was immediately discovered by the servant.

The servant turns around and got a shock when he sees Liu Yi.

"Don't make any sound. I am not here to catch you."

Liu Yi immediately says, "I am the same as you. Same occupation, same occupation."


This servant raises his eyebrows, his pair of thick eyebrows make people uncomfortable.

This servant is really too ugly. Black skin, abnormal five features….

Liu Yi does not know how to start ridiculing him.

"You are also a thief?"

"Of course! Since we are in the same occupation, let's take care of each other."

Liu Yi continues, "I only want a single thing, as long as you let me have it I will not expose you even if you take all the rest."

"Who knows if the thing that you want is the same as mine?"

Unexpectedly the little servant is not only ungrateful, she starts smiling, that smile is very twisted causing Liu Yi to shiver.

"Then what do you want. We do not have much time, unless you want to fight?"

As Liu Yi speaks, he remains vigilant towards the movement outside.

"As for fighting, I am not your opponent Taoist Liu Yi."

"Who is able to say ….wait a minute…"

Liu Yi's expression suddenly changes. I am obviously in my Blood Emperor disguise and also wearing a mask. How did he know my real identity?!

"Hehe, how long do you think that you are able to hide it?"

The servant starts laughing, "The newest emergence of an expert in the cultivation world, furthermore the martial arts that he possesses…if it was not Blood Emperor that I have known back then, who else could it be? A person like you, sooner or later will let your name rock the cultivation world. Thus I have always been waiting, waiting until the day where you reveal your real identity."

The servant's smile carries a trace of craftiness causing Liu Yi to tremble as he feels that he is very familiar.


"Hehe, not interesting, you have seen through me so easily. Looks like I had talked too much."

The servant winks at Liu Yi.

It is really Ai Ling! Ai Ling who is in disguise!

Isn't she a person from Concealed Sword Pavilion? Why did she come here and steal things!

Furthermore…it had been four years…the two of them have separated for so many years and finally meet again…but why the hell would we meet in this kind of situation!!!

Where the hell is the romantic reunion from the TV series?! Damn it!

[TL: well the author don't want it so suck it Liu Yi]

"Really did not expect that the righteous Blood Emperor back then would also come and steal things."

Ai Ling is still in her servant disguise and when she smiles, it creeps Liu Yi out.

But her gaze is very deep making Liu Yi wanting to fall into it.

He immediately looks away and redirects his line of sight, before coughing and say, "I have never said before that I am righteous. But Ai Ling, you still have not changed, you still want to possess these kinds of treasures."

The last time when they meet, Ai Ling keeps wanting to snatch away the little dragon girl Ao Su's dragon pearl. And now she runs to other people's treasure house to steal treasure!

"Aiyah, naturally I want to obtain good things what!"

Ai Ling's tone carries a bit of coquettish making Liu Yi unable to get mad, "What does our Sir Liu want? I can help you search for it!"

"If you are willing to work together with me…"

Liu Yi did not forget about his original intention which was to steal pills for Wang Yuzheng's mother.

I cannot because I have seen Ai Ling and tossed Wang Yuzheng's matter to the back of my mind!

It is something related to Wang Yuzheng's mother's life!

"Okay ah, why can't we."

Ai Ling claps her hands and says, "I am rather curious what could turn our Blood Emperor into a thief! Come to tell me what do you want?"

Ai Ling's mouth edge lifts up, while Liu Yi true is unable to comprehend her mind.

"I want the pills that Medical King Valley brought this time around."

Liu Yi tells her the truth as he does not have time to waste with Ai Ling.

"Aiyah, that is a rather strange request."

Ai Ling blinks, "Most of the pills are for life and death, flesh wounds and bones…for cultivators they are not really useful. Who do you want to save with it?"

Why the hell is Ai Ling this lass so leisure?!

Liu Yi is shocked by her judgment ability.

"It is not related to you!" says Liu Yi harshly.

"Hehe still so tough."

Ai Ling clucks as she turns around and starts walking towards a red small wooden chest like she is in her own treasure house. Picking it up she opens it and says, "Oh, there is 8 pills in total here. Among which 6 are Vitality Pills, 2 are Soul Return pill…."

"Give it to me."

Liu Yi tries to grab the small wooden chest but Ai Ling easily hides it behind her.

"Hehe, why are you in such a hurry. It is hard for us to meet each other, let us chat more."

What on earth is this girl planning!

When Liu Yi sees Ai Ling's smile, he starts to be nervous.

"I do not have time to chat with you. Aren't you anxious to seek for your treasure?"

"I have already found my treasure. Now I have a lot of time to chat with you."

Ai Ling is indeed not anxious as she stands on tiptoes as she appreciates Liu Yi's expression before laughing and says, "Do not think of snatching it away! I will scream with all my might! Hehe, currently the thing most in World Manor is none other than cultivators."

Damn it…why does this lass like to lead me around by my nose?!

Liu Yi is silent for a while before deciding to yield.

For Wang Yuzheng, just bear with it!

"What do you want to chat about…"

"Why are you speaking so stiffly, come on smile for me…"

"Are you fucking joking around with me?"

"No ah, I actually really wish to see how you look smiling."

Ai Ling tilts her head as she looks at Liu Yi, "They say that a beauty's smile is worth a thousand gold. Our Liu Yi is a hero what! Hero's smile is worth a few pills!"

Bullshit! Why does it sound so uncomfortable hearing that!

Ai Ling winks at Liu Yi and says with a trace of anticipation, "Come on great sir, give this girl a smile!"

The edge of Liu Yi's mouth starts twitching.

Ai Ling continues and says, "Come on take off your mask. I cannot see with your mask on."

Liu Yi takes off his mask rather bluntly, after all, she had already guessed his identity, thus hiding is useless.

"Hehe, great sir is much more handsome than two years ago."

"Oh? You’ve seen before my appearance two years ago?"

"Nope. This girl guessed it ."

Ai Ling acts like she is a pure girl, making Liu Yi mad.

This girl is obviously a devilish girl!

"Come one, great sir just show me one and I can give all of these pills to you!"

Damn it, it was originally mine why do I still need to sell my smile!

Although Liu Yi is not willing, he still pulls back the corner of his mouth and smiles as unsightly as you can imagine it.

"Oh dear, great sir are you trying to make a little child cry?"

Ai Ling's sentence makes Liu Yi really mad.

"What the hell! It is already good enough that you are able to see it okay? My occupation is not selling smiles! What else do you want!"

"Aiyah, don't be mad. Fine then, I'll improvise myself."

Ai Ling acts like she is in a disadvantage as she shrugs her shoulder before passing Liu Yi the wooden chest in her hand.

Liu Yi hurries and takes it, and carefully keeps it away.

"Great sir quickly come and take a look at this."

Ai Ling suddenly points towards a very large wooden chest placed by the side and says, "There is a wooden box here. It looks to be very precious, but the barrier surrounding it is very unique. My family heirloom treasure, Telepathic Dagger is unable to open it."

As she speaks, she shows a small bone dagger in her hand.

This toy seems to be the tool that Ai Ling used to break the barrier earlier. But whether this thing is really Ai Ling's family heirloom treasure needs to be looked into.

"I really wish to see what is inside it ah….great sir help me open it!"

"No door."

[TL: or you can say no way to do it.]

Why the heck should I go and help her!

"Really not going to help me?"

Ai Ling looks at Liu Yi pitifully.

Liu Yi rejects without any hesitation, "Busy. No time. No Mood!"

"If that is the case, haiz…"

Ai Ling sighs as she reveals a few pill bottles in her palm, "I still wish to tell great sir that just now I had only passed you the wooden chest and forgot to pass you the pills."

What the hell?!?!?!

Liu Yi immediately takes out the wooden chest and indeed there isn't a single pill inside!

This is bullshit!!! This lass is really a godly thief!!

I am a person who is able to beat up monsters like Ao Ri and Devil Stillborn but I am actually being toyed with by this lass! Bullshit this makes no sense!

Bear with it…I can only bear with it…

Ai Ling says with regret, "Since great sir is in a hurry to leave then you can go. Let this girl study on how to break this barrier."

Liu Yi bears with his anger and says, "I am not busy."

"Eh? Did great sir says that there is no door?"

"There is a window."

[TL: I'm liking how this conversation is going ^^]

"Aren't you busy, no time and no mood?"

"When serving the people you cannot be considerate about individual factor."


Ai Ling starts giggling, "I did not expect that you have such a shameless side. Fine then, come over here and help me."

As Ai Ling speaks, she points at the wooden box.

Liu Yi looks at the wooden box, it is 1.5meter long and around a finger thick. Could it be that there is a treasure sword inside it?

There is a very powerful barrier covering the wooden box, but it is a small scale barrier. Even if he forcefully breaks it, there will not be any large activity.

But to be safe, Liu Yi decided to use a much more gentle approach.

Netherworld Qi emerges from his right hand as his directs them towards the barrier.

Netherworld Qi belongs to a special ability which is very mysterious.

Currently, the Netherworld Qi is used by Liu Yi as a corroding agent.

Very quickly a hole appears on the barrier which allows Liu Yi to stick his hand in and take out the wooden box.

"Wah! Indeed it is you who are powerful!"

Ai Ling is very happy as she receives the wooden box and happily opens it.

In the end, inside the wooden box is not a sword. Instead it is a drawing.

"So it is actually a drawing ah…"

Ai Ling pouts in dissatisfaction and as she takes the drawing. In an angle that Liu Yi is unable to see, she opens it to take a look.

Instantly a drawing of a beautiful lady appears in front of her.

The woman in the drawing is as beautiful as a fairy. Although Ai Ling is very beautiful, she is slightly inferior as compared to the woman in the drawing.

There are no girls who like other people who are prettier than them and Ai Ling is also the same.

Indeed she snorts and says, "What the heck is this! A drawing of an ugly woman. Letting me get happy for nothing, let me tear it up!"

Chapter 436  [Drawing of an ugly woman]

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