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Chapter 184 Red Scarf Army Development Plan


Tang Guo wanted to fiercely beat Hu Rui, that guy, with the cue stick.

Is there something healthy in this guy’s head?

“Afraid to bet, little Chili?”

Hu Rui slyly smiled, looked at Tang Guo and said, “If you’re afraid to lose then so be it.”

“Are you kidding me, since when did I, your old mother, afraid to bet!”

Tang Guo gripped the cue stick, “Bring it on!”

Liu Yi secretly thought, Oh my….Isn’t this too cheap for her….

What if I continue this cheat?

If I win, would she undress?

But this office seems really hot, if she keeps her clothes for too long, perhaps she would get a heatstroke.

Ai, Liu Yi, you are so kind, you like to think about other people.

Yes, this is for Tang Guo’s health, that’s it.

Liu Yi leaned over the table, held the cue stick, and eyes on the ball.

The golden and silver lights reappeared. Indeed, just as Tang Guo expected, Liu Yi found that all the linear paths were blocked by Tang Guo’s balls.

Liu Yi tried to aim for a long time, to no avail.

Cold sweat began to trickle down his forehead….

If he cannot put the number eight ball into the hole, it was highly likely that he would lose.

If I lose, wouldn’t Tang Guo suffer a heat stroke?

That would be a sin!

“Idiot, if you can’t shoot straight, can’t you try shooting in an arc?”

At this time, Lin Tong’s voice floated out of Liu Yi’s spiritual environment.

Then,Lin Tong flew out from his body and jumped on the table, her small paw pointed at the white ball and said.

“Can you play billiard? Did you ever saw a curve ball?”

His cold sweat suddenly poured down.

My fox sister….Is actually able to play billiard?

“Can you play billiard….?”

“Nonsense, this big miss is certainly can! Previously, my clansmen are expert in this, okay! However, it looks like you are the one who is so abnormal, your eyes of favorable impression can also be used like this! It appears that when you break through the third star-jade, your eyes of favorable impression ‘mutated.’”

Lin Tong sat cross-legged on the table, held her paws together and said while nodding her head.

“I don’t know if this ‘mutation’ is good or bad, but for now, you have a lot of auxiliary technique.”

Lin Tong guessed, “Later on, you can test this effect in the actual combat.”

“Hey, hey, are you going to play or not? You’re not painting a calligraphy, you know! In a minute, I, your old mother, am going to get pregnant!”

The nearby Tang Guo impatiently said.

Liu Yi wanted to vomit blood.

This Tang Guo really has a big mouth.

But, this is her special characteristic.

“Look at here!”

Lin Tong’s tail suddenly stuck out and gently tapped somewhere on the white ball.

Liu Yi suddenly aimed the cue stick there.

The two lights suddenly got distorted, especially the golden line, which directly drew an arc, bypassing the two colored balls in the front.

The silver line also got distorted, but the arc was much smaller.

Liu Yi glanced at it a few times, the golden line completely bypassed the two colored balls, and then the silver line fell into the hole.

“Come on!”

Tang Guo once again urged him.

Liu Yi pulled his right hand back, preparing to thrust the cue stick forward.

At this moment, Sun Haoyuan and Hu Rui were far more nervous than he was.

You have to win….

For men’s happiness, you have to win!

We all rely on you, Liu Yi!

The two men’s widened eyes were staring straight at Liu Yi’s hand.

At this time, Liu Yi’s hand finally began to move again.

Like a lightning, the cue stick struck that white ball.

In Tang Guo’s astonished eyes, the white ball drew a beautiful arc and hit the eight ball, bypassing the two balls that were blocking it.

The eight ball immediately spun and with a crash sound, went inside the hole.

“This….Is impossible….”

Tang Guo went silly, unable to believe what she just saw.

“That’s….a curveball, how could you possibly this good!”

Even in international matches, only a few of those real masters can hit a curveball!

Because it’s just too hard! There are so many calculations and predictions!

And it’s not just calculating how to make the ball draw a curve, sometimes they also need to consider the friction on the table, or whether or not there are some slight tilts.

But this skinny guy in front of her….Who looked like a teacher’s pet, actually played a nifty curveball!


Hu Rui’s mouth spat out a speck of saliva.

He hit his chest like an excited male baboon, shouting in excitement.

“Take of the clothes! Take off the clothes! Take off the clothes!

“Ahem….Accept your defeat.”

Sun Haoyuan’s eyes were a bit green, but he quietly gave Liu Yi a thumbs up.

With hard work.

He fought for the men’s reputation!

And he gives us a treat for the eyes….


Tang Guo was not going to shy away, “I, your old mother, am not afraid!”

With that, she reached out her hands and touched her clothes.

At this time, the three men’s eyes were looking straight at her.

Tang Guo loosened her top clothes that was wrapped around her waist and then threw it to the nearby couch.

“Ok, I finish taking off my clothes!”

“F*ck! Little Chili, you’re cheating!”

Hu Rui was the first to denounce.

“When did I, your old mother, cheat!”

Tang Guo pinched her waist, her lips showed a teasing smile, “Wasn’t that clothes mine?”

“You, you shameless!”

Hu Rui was pissed off; He has always been claiming to be smart, but he did not expect to fall into a woman’s trap today.

“Cut, want to look what’s under my clothes?”

Tang Guo pulled her collar, “Come and take it off yourself!”

“I, I….”

Hu Rui held back his desire to look and took two steps back.

Nothing good will happen if he took her offer, he would probably die instead.

“No matter what, our Liu Yi won the game.”

Sun Haoyuan smoothed things over, “So then, little Chili, now you can view him as our own, right?”

“Humph, able to play billiard is nothing.”

Tang Guo curled her lips, “Moreover, I hate this kind of playing-the-pig-to-eat-the-tiger thing, humph, if you have the skill you should say it from the beginning! You want to deceive this old mother to undress right!”

“I really don’t….”

Liu Yi was aggrieved, Obviously, it’s you who wanted me to play billiard!

Moreover, this undress thing did not come from me, but from Hu Rui, okay!

Alas, it’s hard to be a good person!

“Humph, you this group of smelly men, are not a good thing!”

Tang Guo sat on the nearby couch, put her left leg on top of her right leg so as to avoid being looked at.

“Okay, okay, stop making trouble anymore, today we have Liu Yi. Besides announcing that our Red Scarf Army is officially established, there are many things that need to be discussed.”

At this time Sun Haoyuan took up the big brother’s mantle, “We gather here because we have a common goal, that is to expand our Red Curve Army so that sooner or later, we can trample the Black Dragon Gang and then become the leader of the underground world in the Northern Dragon City, right?”

“Bah, I am not interested.”

Tang Guo curled her lips, not giving Sun Haoyuan any faces, “You’re the one who shamelessly dragged me here, saying that I can fight.”

“Ahem….This, this can be discussed separately….”

“Little Chili has learned Tae Kwon Do, and her level is quite high….”

Hu Rui said in a hushed tone in near Liu Yi’s ear, “Do you want to try her?”

He gave Liu Yi an ambiguous look.

Liu Yi’s head immediately shook like a rattle-drum.

He has not lived long enough yet.

“Let me tell you….This woman is spicy, you have to try her….If you are interested, I can sacrifice my life to help you create an opportunity?”

Hu Rui asked, continuing to carry an unrelenting spirit.

“Let me off…okay.”

Liu Yi had to beg for mercy.

“Ai….Couldn’t little Chili meet with a sincere person?” Hu Rui put on a regretful look.

Liu Yi thought, I never thought that this wretched guy would actually care about friends.

“If she goes on like this, I might not live long….”

When he heard these tearful words, Liu Yi suddenly had an insight.

So that is the reason….

“Liu Yi, you see, now in addition to you, our Red Scarf Army only have four people.”

Sun Haoyuan finally recognized the fact, “Little Chili is our thug and Rat is our staff. Although the Red Scar Army currently have only the four of us, there will be a large number of people in the future! The four of us will be the veterans of the Red Scarf Army, the senior cadres!”

His words actually sounded awe-inspiring, but Liu Yi still could not help but ask.

“Then how do you plan to develop?”

“Actually, I want to take this 14 High School as our domain first.”

Sun Haoyuan has his own plan, “I plan to make this billiard room as our headquarters, and then we’ll try to recruit our members from those 14 High School students.”

“I do not agree.”

Hu Rui put on his rarely shown serious look and said, “Those students are ultimately a student. Chief, can you count on them to help us fight the other underworld people? Without the real people from underworld, our strength is never going to be enough.”

“People, money, fists.”

Liu Yi raised his three fingers and said, “What we need now are these three.”

“When did your talk get this big? I won’t say anything, you guys decided yourself, I’m just responsible for beating other people.”

Tang Guo waved her hand from the side.

This development thing was too much, she was too lazy to think about it.

She just wanted to use her head to think on how to beat other people. Previously she got high test score and was eligible to enter a good high school, but she chose this 14 High School instead!

“We should look for a reliable site to settle.”

Hu Rui suggested, “If we can strengthen our power a bit, we can rein in some smaller gangs and occupy their sites. Then, we can slowly draw in the surrounding small gangs, continue to recruit and to expand our forces. Slowly we will develop.”

“That’s a good idea, but where can we find such small gangs?”

Sun Haoyuan and the others were bewildered.

“We should try the Eastern Xing district.”

Hu Rui said and pulled out a map of Northern Dragon City. He spread it out and put it on the billiard table.

His finger pointed to a relatively remote area. Seeing this, Liu Yi immediately drew a gasp.

The Eastern Xing district was the most chaotic place in Northern Dragon City.

However, heroes came out in troubled times; If that idea is true, then that place is actually one of the best environment.

“What do you think about this place?”

Hu Rui enthusiastically asked.

“I can only say that you are out of your mind.”

Sun Haoyuan swallowed his saliva.

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