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Chapter 182 Not Good Enough

14 High School was a quite chaotic high school in Northern Dragon City. As long as the students graduate from junior high school, 14 will send admission notice to each of them.

There was no serious student in this high school.

For instance, Sun Haoyuan who just drifted along there.

How many gangsters who were able to finish high school?

Therefore, this 14 High School became their paradise.

Liu Yi’s parents forbade him to come near the 14, for fear that it will give bad influence on Liu Yi.

And Liu Yi himself was afraid to get into trouble so he never visited that high school.

After all, he heard that all of the students there were bullies. What if someone sees him and find that he is not pleasing to his eyes? That someone will sure come and hit him.

However, this time is different, Liu Yi came to find people. Moreover, he was looking for Sun Haoyuan, who was well-known in this 14 High School.

At this time, the students of 14 High School have gone home and the school entrance has been deserted.

Liu Yi knew that not many people actually came to this school. Most of them tend to skip classes and go out to play, only a few people who really attended the class.

However, this time, there were still three or two students standing at the front of the school gate, smoking. Occasionally, when a girl in an electric bike passed by, they would whistle at her.

No girl dared to walk past here, for fear of being molested.

When these several students saw Liu Yi, who was dressed in his high school uniform, came, they suddenly raised their eyebrows and walked toward him.

“Hey, isn’t this the student from the 1 High School!”

A boy with a bleached hair and smoking a cigarette swaggered along with his several friends.

“What does a student from the 1 High School do in our 14 High School? Want to show off?”

“I think he wants to spend his money to us, hehe….”

“Stop. We, brothers, do not have money to buy cigarettes so we want to borrow some money from you.”

“Several people began to extort Liu Yi.

“No money.”

Liu Yi, with a bag on his back and hands inside his pants pockets, mercilessly refused.

“F*ck me, how dare you refuse to give us face!”

That boy with bleached hair suddenly raised his hand, wanting to slap Liu Yi in the face.

He usually liked to bully the students around his school. Those students were perfect to be bullied, even if he hit them, they would not even dare to say anything.

In his view, the thin student in front of him should be the same as them.

But before his hand could slap Liu Yi’s face, Liu Yi lifted his foot and kicked his lower abdomen.


His pitiful yell rang in their ears. That bleached hair boy immediately bent down and fell to the ground. He clutched his stomach and suddenly threw up.

Liu Yi’s kick was quite severe, it almost took half of that boy’s life.

At this time, the bleached hair boy’s stomach twitched, giving him the urge to die.

“Dajun, Dajun, what happened to you?”

“F*ck, kid, how dare you to fight back!”

The other students were startled, they did not think that this kid would even dare to fight back!

“I just have one yuan.”

Liu Yi took out a piece of crumpled money from his pocket.

“If you can beat me, I will give you this money.”

“F*ck, you think we’re beggars!”

“One yuan?! Killing you is not even worth it!”

The noses of these several 14 High School students crooked in anger.

Wasn’t this a grave insult to them?

These students surrounded Liu Yi, wanting to give him a lesson. But at this time, Liu Yi heard the billiard hall door behind him being pushed open.

The tall Sun Haoyuan, along with two figures, came out from the inside.

“What is this? What are you going to do to my brother?”

Sun Haoyuan walked eight steps forward.

“Sun, Sun Haoyuan….”

Seeing this guy, these several 14 High School students’ legs immediately went soft.

“Sorry….Sorry, we got the wrong person!”

With that, these several students immediately carried the bleached hair boy away, without looking back.

“You see how powerful we are?”

Sun Haoyuan looked at the students who were fleeing in panic and smiled at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi looked at this tall guy, not sure of what to say.

Scaring away some students….You call this powerful?

If you must know, that Yuan Shaojun was settled by me!

“Chief Sun, is he the fierce guy that you said to us?”

At this time, a woman’s voice came from Sun Haoyuan’s side.

Liu Yi suddenly could not help but take a look, Oh my, a beauty!

This beauty wore the 14 High School uniform; with blue pants but the blouse was tied at her waist.

On her upper body, there was a black t-shirt printed with a skull. Coupled with her abundant chest, she looked very eye-catching.

At this time, both of her hands were on her hips and body slightly tilted to the right. Her willowy eyebrows were raised, somewhat contemptuously looking at Liu Yi.

“If that’s him, I, your old mother can beat three of him!”

“You can’t underestimate my brother!”

Sun Haoyuan immediately patted Liu Yi on the shoulder and said, “My brother is a bully in 1 High School!”

“Just him?”

That beauty obviously has a low opinion on Liu Yi.

“I believe in the chief’s judgment, he is certainly not bad.”

At this time, a very vulgar sounding voice came from the side.

Liu Yi turned and saw a somewhat sluggish fellow.

Whoa, I’ve never seen such a wretched guy like him!

The man in front of him seemed to be 1.6 m tall. He was squatting down with his hands inside his spacious school uniform sleeves that seemed to be deliberately loosened by him.

His posture made people think that he was a beggar.

“The chief’s vision is good, moreover, didn’t you see the bleached hair boy that was just carried away?”

This wretched fellow’s observation was actually good….

“So….That bleached hair boy was beaten by you?”

The beauty pinched her waist and looked at Liu Yi, still somewhat doubting him.

“Little Chili, I told you, don’t underestimate my brother, he is fierce!”

Sun Haoyuan explained, “Although we both basically grew up together, even I was very surprised by his change.”

“Did he name our gang?”

Little Chili pouted and said, “Though I am not too proud of you, but I have to say that your proposed name is actually good, much better than the Chief’s proposed name. White Tiger, white tiger, that’s so unpleasant to hear!”

“Hehe….I think that’s a very good name….” (Remember, White Tiger is a slang for hairless female genital)

The nearby wretched fellow laughed twice.

“F*ck, Rat, can you stop being wretched for a moment!”

Little Chili immediately lifted slender thigh and kicked the wretched fellow called Rat who was squatting down on the ground.

A violent woman….A wretched man….

My God, what’s with the members of this gang!

“Come, come, I introduce you. Later on, we are all brothers!”

Sun Haoyuan happily put his arm around Liu Yi’s shoulders and said, “This little fellow on the left is Hu Rui, nicknamed Rat. He is our gang’s military strategist.”

“Just call me a good for nothing strategist.”

Hu Rui wiped his mouth,  “Just don’t call me a turtlehead strategist.”

“F*ck! Can’t you be a bit serious!”

Little Chili lifted her leg and was about to kick Hu Rui again. The frightened Hu Rui quickly tumbled, dodging to the side.

“This beauty is Tang Guo, in our Red Scarf Army, she is responsible for the foreign affairs.”

“D*mn it, you!”

Little Chili’s willowy eyebrows immediately rose in anger, “I, said, I am not serving in foreign affairs. I, this old mother, am responsible for the PR department! If you want, you, chief Sun, can do it yourself!”


Sun Haoyuan helplessly touched the back of his head, “In short, this is our current configuration.”

“This configuration….Can’t even fill the Songhua River van (A car brand).”

Liu Yi could not help but sigh.

“Brat, you look down on this old mother, aren’t you?”

Little Chili, Tang Guo proudly straightened her back, “Kid, let me tell you, this old mother is in top ten!”

“Chest, she means her chest!”

The nearby Rat, Hu Rui gestured with his eyes and said.

This time, Liu Yi actually agreed with his assessment.

“Rat, I see that your skin is too tight recently.”

Tang Guo clenched her fists and smiled, “I think you need to be punched to loosen your skin.”

“Hehe….Today the weather is nice….The weather is nice….”

Hu Rui laughed a hollow laughed twice and moved a bit far away.

“Come, let’s talk inside.”

Sun Haoyuan said, “This billiard hall is owned by Rat’s uncle so we can say that this is our place.”

With that, he led Liu Yi and the others inside.

Inside, there were several green billiard tables and many 14 High School students who were smoking and playing billiard.

When a tattooed middle-aged man saw Sun Haoyuan and the rest, he smilingly nodded at them.

“You’re back.”

“Em, uncle, we want to discuss something.”

Hu Rui greeted his uncle.

“Go on then, it’s quieter on the inside.”

That tattooed uncle looked scary but he seemed to have a very good temper.

“Boss, I forgot to bring money, add it to my tab will you?”

At this time, a slovenly student came over and arrogantly said to that uncle.

That uncle laughed and, without saying any words, pulled a dagger from behind and then, with a bang, placed it on the nearby wooden table.

That student suddenly trembled with fear and obediently pulled out his money and paid.

Liu Yi was stunned.

My God….A smiling tiger!

No wonder he can successfully open a billiard hall right across the chaotic 14 High School….

“My uncle is so friendly.”

Hu Rui shook his head and pulled the side door, “Come on, let’s talk inside.”

You call that friendly….

Liu Yi curled his lips and walked inside.

The room that they entered seemed like an office room, the inside was very spacious. There was also a newly purchased table.

“This is my uncle’s office, but also our activity room.”

Hu Rui wretchedly smiled, “If you fancy one of the girls outside, you can bring her here and f*ck her….”

At the main area outside, there were several girls playing billiard. But seeing their heavy makeup look, Liu Yi completely lost his interest.

“If you talk nonsense again, this old mother will beat you to death!”

Tang Guo took a cue stick from the nearby rack, gave Hu Rui a glance and then said to Liu Yi.

“Kid, aren’t you good? Let’s play with this old mother. See if your performance is good enough!”

Hearing Tang Guo’s provocative words, Sun Haoyuan and Hu Rui, the two people simultaneously looked at Liu Yi with ambiguous looks.

“Do you dare to accept this challenge?”

F*ck….I have never played Billiard in my life….

Liu Yi hesitated.

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