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Chapter 181 Red Scarf Army


At the First High School bus stop, Liu Yi and Wang Yuzheng got out of the bus.

Without knowing whether he was serious or not, that Sun Haoyuan also got out of the car.

“Liu Yi! You, this kid; when did you become this fierce! Are you taking drugs?”

When Sun Haoyuan got off the car, he pulled Liu Yi aside and excitedly said.

“Huh? Am I?”

Liu Yi pretended to be stupid, “I am still me….Just now I got an adrenaline rush. I was just acting on impulse….”

Wang Yuzheng who stood on the side rolled her eyes.

On impulse….

You act on impulse too many times!

“Liu Yi, now you’re not bad, you have a beautiful girl by your side now.”

Looking at Wang Yuzheng who stood by Liu Yi’s side, Sun Haoyuan cannot help but say with envy.

Wang Yuzheng’s face instantly became red.

Liu Yi quickly explained.

“Ah, you misunderstood, we are not a couple. We are just classmates, classmates!”

“Okay, you, this kid.”

Sun Haoyuan cast an ambiguous glance at Liu Yi and teasingly said, “I am not your teacher nor will I tell your mom, why are you trying to hide it from me? Such a proper girl like this, you should take her out to show off, don’t just hide her by your side, it makes you look like a b*tch.”

“I really am not….”

“Less nonsense, why are you acting like the old you, so chatty.”

Sun Haoyuan cast Liu Yi a glance.

Liu Yi was tongue-tied. He was unable to explain, making him wish he could jump into the Yellow river.

“Liu Yi, you know me, I don’t like to study, remember?”

Sun Haoyuan suddenly changed the topic.

“Em, yes, I know.”

Seeing Sun Haoyuan’s current outfit, Liu Yi was able to guest 70-80 percent.

“Em….You also know that my head is not made to study. So now I simply don’t. Now, I wholeheartedly mix in the society (gang).

Sun Haoyuan said, “In recent years, it can be said that I do not mix in the society in vain, I have established a small gang.”


Liu Yi was shocked.

Not only he is a gangster, he even set up a gang?

“Hehe….It’s actually just a small scale and the members all know each other.”

Sun Haoyuan sheepishly touched the back of his head, and said, “But we are very ambitious. We want to develop our gang to be the biggest gang in Northern Dragon City! Liu Yi, do you know the Black Dragon Gang?”

Hearing these three words, the nearby Wang Yuzheng visibly trembled a bit.

Black Dragon Gang….How could they not know?

“I’ve heard a bit….What about this Black Dragon Gang?”

“Right now, Black Dragon Gang is the biggest gang in the Northern Dragon City. But we have the confidence to go beyond them! Sooner or later, this Black Dragon Gang will be stepped on by the soles of our feet!”

Sun Haoyuan confidently said.

“My God….Your ambition is so big.”

Liu Yi looked at Sun Haoyuan and curled his lips, “As the biggest gang in the Northern Dragon City, Black Dragon Gang can’t be easily got rid off by others. You said you want to trample them, how many men do you have then?”

“A lot!”

Sun Haoyuan patted his chest and raised up three fingers.

“300 people?”

Liu Yi was surprised by this number. Although they can’t be compared to the Black Dragon Gang, they still can make a name for themselves.

“Ah….How could I have that many people, I am still a high school student, you know.”

Sun Haoyuan shyly smiled.

“Oh, so it’s thirty people.”

Liu Yi nodded his head, although 30 people is a bit less, it should be enough for a gang.

Slowly, they can form a small force.

And in time, they can be a force to be reckoned with in Northern Dragon City.

“Em….It’s actually three….Three people.”

Sun Haoyuan said with an awkward smile.

“What the….Three people?….Have you gone mad!”

Liu Yi almost lifted his foot and kicked this guy out.

“Ai….We can just develop it can’t we?!”

Sun Haoyuan straightened his back and proudly said, “I gave our gang a very stunning, very imposing name!”

“What name?”

“White Tiger Gang!”

Sun Haoyuan said, “You see, this is just the opposite of the Black Dragon Gang. They are black, we are white. They are Dragons, we are Tigers! It is exactly the thing that can overcome them!”

“Overcome your sister! I see that you’re the white tiger here! (White tiger : a slang for hairless female genitalia)

Liu Yi viciously gave Sun Haoyuan a glance, “Do you have to call it like this? This name is unpleasant to hear.”

“Then why don’t you suggest me a good name.”

Sun Haoyuan said with a meaningful smile.

Wang Yuzheng suddenly grabbed Liu Yi’s hand. This young girl is very clever, after hearing this far, she already knew where this conversation was going to go.

Liu Yi was not stupid either. He waved his hand and said.

“I am not going to give any suggestion, I won’t get involve with you. I want to be a model student. I have to go, I need to study for my midterm exams!”

With that, he and Wang Yuzheng began to walk toward their classroom.

“Come on, let us discuss this….”

Sun Haoyuan did not want to give up just yet, he shamelessly followed behind Liu Yi.

“I don’t want to participate in that, I am a good student, okay?”

Liu Yi immediately made his position clear, “Don’t look for me to participate in those fighting and killing things!”

Just as he said that, when several students passed by them, they respectfully said to Liu Yi.

“Brother Liu!”

“Morning, brother Liu!”

“Brother Liu, smoke!”

There was a boy actively handed out a cigarette to Liu Yi, which immediately made Liu Yi’s face darken.

His mother, this heartless stupid guy….

Really makes me lose my face!


Sun Haoyuan gave Liu Yi a teasing look, “Still saying you’re not one of ours? You already got these many people who call you brother Liu and one of them even offers you a cigarette….Even I, in my school, don’t have this kind of treatment!”

“It’s all an illusion….”

Liu Yi’s mouth twitched.

“Come on, let’s just talk about it.”

Sun Haoyuan seized this opportunity to embrace Liu Yi’s shoulders and shamelessly said.

“Liu Yi, did you forget how many times I help you when you were a kid? Once when a boy snatched away your stationary case, didn’t I split open that boy’s nose the next day? I suffered twenty lashes from my dad because of that!”

“That’s because you hid your candies in that stationary case….”

Liu Yi muttered some words, his memory was not bad.

“In short, I did help you, always!”

Having gone this far, Sun Haoyuan did not want to give up this opportunity. He always wanted to establish a big gang!

“Wang Yuzheng, why don’t you go to the class first, I’ll be there shortly.”

After he thought about it, Sun Haoyuan did treat him well in his childhood.

If I brush him off just like that, wouldn’t that mean I am not loyal to a friend?

Grandpa said a real man must uphold the spirit of loyalty and self-sacrifice (In modern term: The bro code). If not, you might as well be a woman.

“Liu Yi….”

Wang Yuzheng’s face went somewhat pale. She tightly tugged Liu Yi’s sleeve.

“Don’t worry, I just want to have a good talk with my friend.”

Liu Yi knew what Wang Yuzheng’s fear was; He hurriedly comforted her, “I am not going to do something outrageous, I still want to surpass your test result!”


Wang Yuzheng went a bit silly.

What do these words mean….

Does….Does he want to be my boyfriend?

Thinking about this possibility, Wang Yuzheng became somewhat flustered.

If that is the case….Should I agree, or refuse?

Wang Yuzheng was somewhat awkwardly shy, her thoughts were in a whirl.

“So, go back to the class first, I want to have a talk with Haoyuan.”

“Okay then….”

Wang Yuzheng did not know what to say and had to step back three steps and then turn away.

“Hehe….You this kid is so competent now….You have such an upright girl!”

Sun Haoyuan admiringly said, “If I have such a girl, even if she wants me to reform my way, I am willing!”

“Just drop it!”

Liu Yi rolled his eyes at Sun Haoyuan, “Just with this virtue, you want to reform your way?”

“Hehe….Speaking of which, I do want to be the underworld emperor of the Northern Dragon City.”

Sun Haoyuan’s ambition was truly great.

“I can help you.”

Liu Yi finally nodded his head.


Sun Haoyuan suddenly became excited again, “That’s great, with your help, our White Tiger gang will definitely able to finish the Black Dragon Gang!”

“Hold on. Before we continue, I have two conditions.”

Liu Yi stretched out two of his fingers.

“What conditions?”

“One, I am not officially joining your gang, only as an outer member.”

“Why are you playing with words here, outer, inner, what’s the difference! No matter what, you are my, Sun Haoyuan’s, brother!”

With that, he put his arm around Liu Yi’s neck from the side.

“You, this guy….And then the second, we don’t call our gang White Tiger Gang!”

“What do you want us to be called then? I think this name is very domineering!”

“Domineering your sister! Change it!”

Liu Yi curled his lips.

“Change to what?”

Sun Haoyuan rubbed the back of his head and confusedly said, “This ‘giving name’ thing gives me a headache, why don’t you name it.”

“Then I’ll name it.”

Liu Yi caught a glimpse of a few elementary students walking past them who wore red scarves, his eyes suddenly lit up.

“Just call it Red Scarf Army.”

“Red Scarf Army?”

Sun Haoyuan blinked his eyes.

“It sounds okay….But what’s the meaning of this name?”

“Later on, all of our members will wear red scarves as a marker.”

Liu Yi explained a bit.

“If our gang develop well, perhaps, in the future, you’ll see many people with red scarves walking on the street.”

“That’s good, then we’ll call it Red Scarf Army!”

Sun Haoyuan kept on clapping.

“Okay, let’s continue our talk later, I have to go to the class.”

Liu Yi said and turned around.

“Wait a moment!”

Sun Haoyuan quickly informed him, “In the evening, come to the billiard hall across the 14. We, Red Scarf Army will hold a meeting tonight! I will introduce you to our great organization!”

“Pei! Since when a person can be calculated as a great organization!”

“It’s four people, okay! Aren’t you a human?”

“F*ck….You’re the one who’s not a human! So be it, after school in the evening, I will be looking for you in your school.”

Liu Yi secretly sighed, I manage to give myself a work again.

But, this is actually not bad….I always think about how to get rid of the Black Dragon Gang.

If I support Sun Haoyuan to raise the banner of Red Scarf Army, I actually can remove Black Dragon Gang from controlling the underworld of the Northern Dragon City. This is also a good choice.

Perhaps later, I can have such power and prestige like Murong Hong, with a stamp, all the Northern Dragon City will tremble.

Humph, humph…..I must be a Dragon among men! The King of the Northern Dragon City!

“Liu Yi, if you don’t enter now, the school gate will close!”

The guard, who recognized Liu Yi, reminded him.

“Ah! I am coming!”

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