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Chapter 178 To Deal With The Black Dragon Gang


The giant loader was moving toward one of the corners of the red building.

At this time, a figure suddenly stood in front of that loader.

The front loader quickly stopped, and the man controlling it pulled his head out and cursed.

“Motherf*cker, are you trying to die!”

Zhou Haolong could not help but look up and saw a youth in a high school uniform standing beneath the loader with outstretched hands as if waiting for the front loader to crush him.

“Liu Yi!”

Wang Yuzheng was also surprised, thinking, What’s wrong with Liu Yi?

“Didn’t you guys just happily shout that you guys don’t put our lives in your eyes?”

Liu Yi lazily lifted his arms, stood there and said, “Then why don’t you let your front loader move over my body?”


Hearing Liu Yi’s words, the man in sunglasses slightly wrinkled his brows, cold sweat poured out of the back of his head.

Although they did shout all of those things, to really kill someone, they were still afraid.

Currently, the demolition issue was a sensitive topic.

Their boss had told them not to kill anyone, no matter what the situation.

If someone got killed….That would be really bad.

If their boss come to check the situation, they would be in a big trouble.

Zhou Haolong never thought that he would run into this hard stubble.

Where did kid this come from….?

I have never seen him in this shantytown.

“Step aside for this father, don’t think that I won’t dare to kill you!”

Zhou Haolong intended to threaten Liu Yi, “This father is from Black Dragon, kid, have you ever heard of the Black Dragon Gang?”

“I have never heard of the Black Dragon gang, but I did hear the Black Insect Gang.

Liu Yi crossed his arms and lazily said.

“I know a Slug, a Maggot…..What kind of insect are you?”

A group of Black Dragon gang member’s noses crooked with anger.

The Black Dragon Gang was a big and famous gang in Northern Dragon City!

But now, this kid actually compared it with an insect!


This is too looking down on others!

“Kid, I see that you are tired of living!”

Zhou Haolong shook the sledgehammer in his hands and viciously said to Liu Yi.

“I see that your eyes haven’t been opened yet so you dare to mess with us, people from the Black Dragon gang. Little three, you and some brothers, teach him a lesson. Let him know what is Black Dragon gang.”

“Understood, brother Long.”

A man with a nose ring licked his lips. He and two other men rushed toward Liu Yi.

“Liu Yi, run!”

Wang Yuzheng went pale with scare. Liu Yi’s courage is too big, he actually dares to directly confront people from the Black Dragon gang!

But then she remembered how the last time he, for her sake, went to the warehouse alone….She knew that his courage is certainly not small!

But even if Liu Yi is quite a ‘bully’ at school, he is unlikely to be a match for these people!

“Kid, you asked for this.”

The man called little three pulled out a butterfly knife from his pocket and played it a few times with his hand.

The two men behind him were carrying a sledgehammer and an ax. They menacingly came toward Liu Yi.

If an average student were to encounter such a scene, he would have been scared sh*tless.

But Liu Yi was not an ordinary student. Watching these several men walking toward him with weapons, on his face, instead of fear, there was a faint smile.

“You guys are beasts! You guys actually want to move your hands against a student! Do you guys still have human hearts!”

Grandma Wang did not know how powerful Liu Yi is; thinking about how painful it must be to get beaten and injured, she cried out.

“Human hearts?”

That little three licked his butterfly knife, and said with a smile, “What is this ‘human heart?’ This father have long sold it to get some pocket money. You guys may have human hearts, but look at yourselves, in the end, you guys won’t even have a place to live! I may not be a human, but I have money, a place to live, and you guys tremble before me. A human heart, what kind of thing is that? Hahaha!”

Little three guffawed.

Grandma Wang trembled with anger.

“Since you guys don’t know what human heart is….”

Liu Yi, with arms crossed, looked at the several men walking toward him, and then slowly said, “Then I, on behalf of your parents, will teach you what it means.”

“Relying on you? Even a stupid person won’t piss on his own image on the mirror, you alone dare to resist our Black Dragon Gang?! Today if I don’t let you see blood, my years of being a gangster will be in vain!”

With that, he arrived in front of Liu Yi and swung his butterfly knife to stab Liu Yi’s abdomen.

These bunch of gangsters were ruthless, without any mercy.

Amid Wang Yuzheng and other people’s exclaimed sound, Liu Yi stretched out his right hand and pinched little three’s wrist.

This little three was about 1.8 meter in height, with a fierce looking face and a robust body.

But this 1.8 meter tall, fierce looking and sturdy man was caught on the wrist by a youth with a somewhat emaciated body.

Everyone was taken aback by this turn of event.

How could this kid be so powerful?


Liu Yi slightly pinched his hand and suddenly they heard the clear and crisp voice of a fractured bone.

“Aaa! My hand!”

Little three, from an arrogant man just a moment ago, was now crying like a woman, kneeling on the ground with tears ran through his nostrils.

This made Zhao Haolong unbelievably amazed.

That little three is his subordinate, he knew how strong little three’s hand was. But now, it has been broken easily by a high school kid.

“Come and help, you f*cker!”

Little three was crying in tears, he looked at the two men behind him and roared.


The two men behind him finally reacted, the one carrying a sledgehammer swung it toward Liu Yi’s head.

The sledgehammer issued a whistling wind, which freaked Wang Yuzheng out.

If this sledgehammer smashed Liu Yi’s head, wouldn’t his head be split open?

What head can withstand a sledgehammer!

But Liu Yi did not try to dodge. He loosened his right hand and then lifted his foot, fiercely kicking little three at the chest.


Like kicking a rubber ball, little three’s body immediately flew away, hitting the man wielding the sledgehammer.


That man felt like he was punched in the gut, his chest was tightened, his hands lose the sledgehammer and he fell down to the ground along with little three,

The sledgehammer in his hand flew out, grazed past Liu Yi’s ear toward Wang Yuzheng on his back.

Wang Yuzheng was even more afraid.

At this time, without even looking back, Liu Yi suddenly stretched out his left hand and directly grabbed the wooden handle of that sledgehammer.

But the huge momentum of the sledgehammer made Liu Yi feel as if he was holding a moving Mercedes-Benz.

But he immediately launched his strength. His three forces continuously gushed out toward his left hand from all over his body..


His force burst out.

That flying sledgehammer was actually stopped in mid-air by Liu Yi.

This group of people’s eyes almost popped out.

Zhou Haolong cannot even close his mouth.

F*ck me! This is a joke, right!

That kid is actually able to stop that flying sledge hammer with one hand!

His hand should have been broken, right?

Is he a human?

“Liu Yi….Are, are you okay?”

Wang Yuzheng, who was very good on physics, knew how such a momentum from the sledgehammer….Could affect the human body.

“I am fine, don’t worry.”

Liu Yi said with a smile and wielded the sledgehammer with his left hand, which created a whistling wind.

“This sledgehammer is not bad, unfortunately, it was used by people like you.”

“Motherf*cker! I will fight you!”

The last man shouted and swung his ax toward Liu Yi.

“Such a reckless move.”

Liu Yi shook his head, thinking, This guy still want to cut me in this situation.

This guy doesn’t even have a head but still want to be a gangster.

Liu Yi suddenly wielded the sledgehammer, hitting that big fellow’s hand with the head of the sledgehammer.

Suddenly, that big fellow’s hand fractured, which made him cry in pain and release the ax.

Liu Yi stretched out his hand and grabbed that falling ax.

The three people that Zhou Haolong sent to deal with Liu Yi has been all taken care of, and disarmed by Liu Yi.

Who was hitting whom here?

“Like I said, The Black Insect Gang is a Black Insect Gang, a bunch of useless thugs.”

Liu Yi played the ax with his hand, looked at Zhao Haolong downstairs and slowly said.

“The thing that I hate the most are insects. If you guys don’t want to leave, I don’t mind to kill all of you.”

Liu Yi has a deep aversion toward this Black Dragon Gang!

This gang never did anything good. Not only they almost killed me, now they even want to demolish this shantytown, making these innocent people homeless!

For such a group of people, Liu Yi did not think that they deserved to live!

He also wondered how could the police never deal with them!

“No wonder you dare to stand up, it turns out you know some Kung Fu.”

Zhou Haolong gloomily said.

“However, even if you know Kung Fu, provoking our Black Dragon Gang will only lead you to a dead end.”

“Looks like you guys are not going to leave today?”

Liu Yi narrowed his eyes.

“Today, this place is going to be demolished, kid, if you dare to stop, then I will let you die under this front loader!”

With that, Zhou Haolong waved his hand, telling the front loader to continue.

“Stupidly stubborn!”

Liu Yi was very angry.

Being threatened like this, Liu Yi has nothing to say anymore.

Since that is the case, then don’t blame me!

That front loader made a turn, moving toward the other side of this red building.


Liu Yi’s eyes were slightly red, he immediately threw the sledgehammer in his left hand.

“Whooz, whooz, whooz!”

The sledgehammer constantly spun as it moved through the air and went straight through the front loader’s window, moving right next the head of the operator, grazing his ear.

The metal plate next to his head was directly slammed. The sledgehammer was stuck in there.

The operator was so scared, he almost wet his pants.

His mother….If this huge sledgehammer fall on my head….Wouldn’t my head burst like a watermelon?

This is too vicious….

He has a feeling of walking in circle in front of the death gate.

He has lost all his will to operate the front loader.

“This kid….Where exactly did he come from!”

Zhao Haolong went a bit silly, completely unable to come up with any ideas on how to deal with Liu Yi.

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