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Chapter 159 Afraid Of Illness


A multi-colored chain wound around Liu Yi’s right arm.

But the dark shadow moved really fast, so fast that Liu Yi was unable to see him clearly.

The chain on his arm automatically flew, turned into a multi-colored light and directly entwined that dark shadow.


That chain finally exuded a sound.

“Au, au!”

The dark shadow was instantly tied by the chain and pulled in front of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi can clearly see the face of the man in front of him.

The man’s whole body was dark, his face was grim, and blood came out of his eyes.

Traces of sinister ghost qi continued to gush out of his body.

Every time he growled, he will give off a unit of evil wind.

Moreover, his scream made people chilled to the bone.

This feeling was familiar to Liu Yi….

This is an evil ghost!

Liu Yi stared with his eyes to look this evil ghost in front of him.

The ghost actually seemed familiar to him….Isn’t this….Huang Zhongyi? (The psycho killer)

Huang Zongyi actually turned into an evil ghost?

Is it that easy to turn into an evil ghost after someone died?

“You, this guy….When you are still alive, you are not a good man , after dying, you want to continue to do evil?”

Liu Yi was holding the multi-colored chain, which firmly tied the opposite evil ghost.


After Huang Zongyi turned into an evil ghost, his thought became a lot simpler.

And his only thought now was to kill Liu Yi.

“Since now you have become an evil ghost….Let me help you cross into the afterlife….”

Liu Yi said, tightened the multi-colored chain, and condensed out his strength on his left-hand palm, ready to send Huang Zongyi into the underworld.

But at this time, Huang Zongyi suddenly opened his mouth.

After he turned into an evil ghost, he was able to do a lot of things that seemed impossible by ordinary people’s eyes.

His mouth suddenly turned big, while a black hand suddenly stuck out of his mouth and swung to claw Liu Yi’s face.

Liu Yi quickly dodged his head to the side. That hand almost scratch his face, instead, it directly grabbed the wall behind Liu Yi.


A large piece of wall directly broke by this black hand.

“What the…This claw is quite fierce!”

Liu Yi suddenly looked silly.


Wei Yi’s reaction was not slow, she quickly ordered her Tuantuan to burst into flame and charge toward the evil ghost of Huang Zongyi.

“Wu, wu, wu!”

Crimson flame burned the body of Huang Zongyi which was tied by the chain.

Although the strength of an evil ghost was really strong, he can’t break free from Liu Yi’s chain. Therefore, he can only stand in place as Tuantuan’s fire burned him.

“Au, au, au!”

The flame made the evil ghost suffer, his body constantly distorted.

The colorful chain tied him in place, not letting him dodge and attack.

But all of a sudden, a black arm suddenly grew out from his body.

In the blink of an eye, this guy already has more than a hundred arms.

“Holy sh….he really turned into a ghost….”

Liu Yi suddenly discovered that a hand suddenly grew out of Huang Zongyi foot and tried to grab his leg.

“Go away!”

Liu Yi lifted one of his foot and stamped down.

White icy-frost immediately exploded.

Those palms on the ground were suddenly frozen into ice and began to break.

“Women….kill….you also….kill….”

Huang Zongyi seemed to change.

His body suddenly began to swell, making Liu Yi hear the constant distress sound from the beautiful Butterfly Demon.

Because of this, he hastily withdrew the multi-colored chain back to his hand, which released the evil ghost.

When he looked at the chain, Liu Yi was surprised to find there were several cracks on it!

Huang Zongyi’s multiple arms also tried to grab the civet Tuantuan. The scared Wei Yi rushed to call Tuantuan back.

Meanwhile, Huang Zongyi’s body continued to expand and, in the blink of an eye, a more than three meters high evil ghost, whose body covered with multiple arms, stood before them.

“This evil ghost….actually transform.”

Wei Yi, being a person from the immortal cultivator world, naturally knew more about this.

“All of a sudden, this evil ghost has the strength of a third-star cultivator….”

“It’s okay, it does not matter to me.”

Liu Yi has just beaten a four star Spider demon by himself, so what he said was true.

Moreover, he just ate the Spider demon’s inner alchemy. So, right now, he felt his strength has consolidated and progressed a lot.

As it happens, there was this guy, who he can test his increased power with!


That Huang Zongyi wailed, his arm stretched out toward Liu Yi, trying to grab him.

The power of this claw was known to Liu Yi.

He can’t block it head on….Otherwise, he would certainly be crushed.

At this time, the chain on Liu Yi’s arm re-transformed into a colorful Butterfly and landed on his finger.

“Magical Butterfly!”

Liu Yi launched a spell that was ‘pre-installed’ from the beautiful Butterfly Demon.

Suddenly, the multicolored Butterfly flapped her wings, flying toward the face of that evil ghost.

That evil ghost subconsciously stretched out his hand, wanting to beat that multicolored Butterfly away.

But that Butterfly was actually an illusion. This was the well-versed illusion technique of the beautiful Butterfly Demon.

Using this opportunity, Liu Yi suddenly jumped toward that evil ghost and struck his palm on the head of that evil ghost.


A majestic palm strength directly poured into that evil ghost’s head.

Immortal power can be said to be the nemesis of the evil ghost, although it did not have the Buddha’s power which was the real evil ghost subduer, this power was definitely hated by the evil ghost.

“Ao, ao, ao!”

The evil ghost suddenly took two steps back. His huge body hit the wall behind him.

And the entire wall crushed.

The evil ghost roared twice, sitting on that broken wall, unable to get up.

“Come here again, and I’ll send you to the underworld.”

Liu Yi clenched his palm and coldly said.

If he let this kind of evil ghost free, it would only cause harm to others. So he must remove him as soon as possible.

“Hihihi….Such a fierce little brother….”

At this time, a woman’s laughter suddenly rang.

This laughter penetrated everyone’s ears, with an irresistibly seductive voice, which resounded throughout the alley.

“Who is it!”

Wei Yi looked around vigilantly, “Evildoer, where are you hiding? Quickly come out!”

“Hihi….This chick has a great temper….No wonder you like to dress like men.”

The opposite party seemed able to see through Wei Yi’s disguise as she laughingly said.

Liu Yi and Wei Yi looked at each other.

This is bad….But since she doesn’t want to come out…. Liu Yi thought

Better finish that evil ghost first!

Liu Yi wanted to avoid further complications, so he stepped on ice skates and rushed toward that evil ghost.

“Fierce little brother, that one is sister’s toy, I can’t let you destroy him.”

Just when Liu Yi approached that evil ghost, several black lights suddenly flew up from the ground.

Then, a lot of dark figures suddenly rushed toward Liu Yi.

“So many ghosts….”

Lin Tong could not help but exclaim, “The opposite party must be good at controling the ghosts, a ghost controller cultivator….”

“Get away from me!”

Liu Yi threw out several ice bombs toward the lower part of those spirits, freezing all of them to the ground.

“Little brother seems to have some skills….Oops, it seems like a Mysterious Icy Qi.”

While she spoke, Liu Yi suddenly felt something appeared behind him.

For the first time, Liu Yi subconsciously wore his face mask.

I absolutely can’t let her see my face….

“Ten Steps To Milk A Man, watch your back!”

At the same time, Wei Yi’s warning voice also came.

Behind him, the sense of terror deepened.

Liu Yi felt as if there were thousands hands of ghost grabbing him from behind, it was very creepy.

All the fine hair on his body stood up.

Unconsciously, he turned away, but was surprised to actually see a beautiful woman.

He thought that it would be some kind of terrifying evil ghost, but never thought it was actually a stunningly beautiful woman!

This beautiful woman has crescent moon eyebrows and almond eyes, luscious red lips and white teeth, and her eyes were alluring.

Those kind kind of eyes can easily electrify many male students.

Moreover, her most prominent feature was….her really huge breast….

Even Wang Lele….Can’t compare to her!

Holy mother, is that real?

This thing can only be found on a cow!

That pair of plumpness were as high as the mountain, making Liu Yi wanted to climb and conquer her….

“Little brother….Where are you looking at? What do you think about sister’s chest? Are they good?”

Those words from the beauty almost made Liu Yi spurt out blood.

This beauty is definitely something….

“Who are you?”

Even though the one in front of him was a beautiful woman, it did not decrease his sense of terror.

“Hihi….Little brother is really impatient….We just met, but you already want to know my name.”

The beauty said, and squeezed her chest with her arms. It’s deep ravine almost made Liu Yi’s eyeballs pop out.

“The next step….You want to know the size of sister’s cup….Next, you want to climb on top of sister….”

“Pei! Shameless! You slut!”

The nearby Wei Yi suddenly cursed.

“Don’t you have any face! D*mn it! Stay away from Ten Steps To Milk A Man!”

“Little beauty seems to be jealous.”

That big breasted beauty said. Suddenly, she put her hand on Liu Yi’s shoulder, pressed her body against Liu Yi, and intimately said in his ear.

“She wants sister to stay away from you….But my dear little brother….Are you willing to stay away from sister….?”

Her exquisite sound felt like someone was rubbing his ear, making Liu Yi’s whole body tingled with numbness….

His reaction was quite normal, after all, his ‘little brother’ still hasn’t tasted that forbidden fruit….

Under such temptation….He seemed to have no ability to resist.

At this time, two little people came out to watch the show.

“Liu Yi, you can’t give in to her temptation!”

The little people who wore a suit and a pair of glasses quickly said, “We don’t know the origin of this woman, whether she is an enemy or not! You can’t enter her honey trap!”

“F*ck, what are you afraid of, you d*ckhead!”

Another little people with chest full of hair spout out a mouthful of curse.

“This woman is too damn pretty, Liu Yi, are you a f*cking man or not? You can’t just give her up! It doesn’t matter if she is a friend or a foe, just use your strength to conquer her!”

This time, the little devil truly showed his unruliness….

Liu Yi actually somewhat agreed with him.

“No! Definitely not!”

The little people with a suit touched his glasses and reminded Liu Yi again.

“F*ck, are you a man or not!”

“Of course I am a man, but a man can’t just give in to the temptation from a random woman and climb on top of her….Because, there is something very, very important.”

“What is it?”

The little devil curiously asked.

“Because we didn’t bring any condom, I am afraid we are going to get sick!”

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