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Chapter 158 Spirit Animal


“Bast*rd, you took advantage of me!”

Wei Yi suddenly stamped her foot and grabbed Liu Yi by the neck, trying to strangle him.

“I did nothing wrong….hey….you said it yourself….”

“Hateful….you deliberately set me up!”

Wei Yi was about to go insane. She had never called another man in such an intimate way!

But today, she was actually taken advantage by that d*mn Ten Steps To Milk A Man!

“I am just teasing you….How could I know that you actually fell for it!”

“Hateful, who would have thought that you are actually so crafty!”

Wei Yi shouted, “Hateful, today, one of us must die!”

“Stop it….we have yet to divide the booty!”

Thinking about the money, Liu Yi immediately said to her.

“What do you mean by booty! It’s called a bounty!”

Wei Yi mercilessly rolled her eyes at Liu Yi, “You, this guy….How could you be so greedy for money!”

“This is me, fighting for my own future! And also saving for my wife!”

Liu Yi had the idea of buying a house so that he can marry his wife, but thinking about the current house price, he felt a burst of pressure in his heart….

A mountain-sized pressure!

“You want to save it for your wife?”

Wei Yi looked at Liu Yi in surprised, An immortal cultivator is still talking about a wife?

A harmonious couple will naturally be together, how could a cultivator will care about it so much?

“Of course!”

Liu Yi hastily said, “If you marry, won’t you ask for money?”

“When I marry, of course I will ask for money….wait!”

Wei Yi suddenly grabbed Liu Yi’s neck, “But I am not your wife! You hear me, I am not your wife!”

“Okay, okay….No need to be angry at me….Us immortal cultivators must unite….We are a team you know….”

Liu Yi appeased the hot-tempered Wei Yi.


Wei Yi straightened her somewhat crumpled clothes, and then looked at the huge spider corpse on the ground, and said.

“That Thirteen Aunt is back to his original form, I must take her corpse back to report our completion of the task.”

With that, she took out a spatial ring from her pocket and put that spider’s corpse into it.

Liu Yi seemed very envious.

Be patient Liu Yi, you only need to continue your practice….And then you can learn this spatial ring technique.

At that time, you will no longer need to bring your things in a bag everywhere.

“We still have a little monster here, we need to take care of her first.”

Wei Yi, under Liu Yi’s envious eyes, took the corpse of Thirteen Aunt, turned around and saw the nearby trembling beautiful Butterfly Demon.

The face of this beautiful Butterfly Demon was pale, noticing that Wei Yi was looking at her, she immediately felt cold.


Tuantuan left Wei Yi’s body to lie on her shoulder. It called out the nearby beautiful Butterfly Demon.

The Butterfly Demon’s tremble was getting worse.

“She is innocent, we don’t need to deal with her.”

Liu Yi hastily said.

“Humph, she is also an evildoer!”

Wei Yi bluntly said, “Moreover, she definitely has an inseparable part in the death of so many innocent people!”

“She was threatened by Thirteen Aunt, moreover, she has tried to protect us.”

Liu Yi remembered when they just entered this dark alley, this beautiful Butterfly Demon constantly tried to scare him away.

It also happened in the game room, where she desperately warned him.

“Humph, but she enticed me to play the game, didn’t you forget it?”

Wei Yi reminded Liu Yi.

“That one….Is on Thirteen Aunt’s….”

The beautiful Butterfly Demon weakly said from the side, “When Thirteen Aunt saw you….She said that you are her type….So, she told me to seduce you….”

“Gee, so charming eh.”

Liu Yi clicked his tongue in amazement, “Even a Spider Demon took a fancy on you!”

“You….go to hell….”

Wei Yi’s face was red as she cried, “No matter what, she is still a monster, so she must die!”

With that, she turned toward that beautiful Butterfly Demon, told her civet to turn into a flame, and prepared to burn her.

The beautiful Butterfly Demon was terrified, she was just a small demon and basically cannot run away from this attack.

As the pressure from the civet on Wei Yi’s shoulder continued to build, she can only crouch there, trembled, waiting for her death.


But Liu Yi suddenly went in front of the beautiful Butterfly Demon, looking at Wei Yi with a frown.

“What are you doing? She is a demon!”

Wei Yi looked at Liu Yi in surprise.

“If you think like that, it means I am also a demon, why don’t you kill me then.”

Liu Yi pointed to his chest and said.

“Hateful, Ten Steps To Milk A Man, don’t take advantage of someone else’s weakness!”

Wei Yi was mad, How could this guy be so unreasonable!

How could he conspire with a demon!

Master always said, as long as one is a demon, one will always be a danger to a human!

Therefore, even if they are just a small demon, you absolutely can’t let them go.

“Stop creating a scene, get away from her and let me do my job!”

Wei Yi glared at Liu Yi and fiercely said.

The flame on Tuantuan the civet’s mouth on Wei Yi’s shoulder was getting increasingly concentrated.

“Sir….you don’t have to save me….”

The beautiful Butterfly Demon suddenly pulled Liu Yi’s clothes and weakly said.

“In any case….I am just a small Butterfly Demon….”

“ I have decided to save you, and that’s that!” Liu Yi bluntly said, “Listen to what I say, hide behind me, and no one will dare to put their hands on you!”


The little Butterfly Demon’s eyes suddenly wet.

No one has ever been kind to her….

Before all this happened, she was just an ordinary Butterfly, but one day, the alignment of the five planets happened, making her absorbed the energy and turned her into a demon. Thus, she became a little Butterfly Demon.

But then, she accidentally crashed into Thirteen Aunt’s cobwebs. After Thirteen Aunt threatened her life, fearing for her safety, she let Thirteen Aunt hid behind her and comply with her order to seduce humans.

In her previous experience dealing with people, especially the men, all of them wanted to have sex with her.

But the man in front of her….was willing to save her….

This man was very strong, so strong that he can even defeat Thirteen Aunt. But this man was actually willing to save a little Butterfly Demon like her.

It turns out….someone is willing to save me….

“Ten Steps To Milk A Man, enough of this!”

Wei Yi could no longer hold on anymore and shouted, “If you don’t get out of the way, I’ll hit you!”

“Come on then!”

Liu Yi fearlessly said, “I said, as long as I am here, no one can touch her!”

“Ten Steps To Milk A Man!”

Wei Yi was about to explode in rage.

But no matter how angry she was, she will not attack Liu Yi with her power.

When Wei Yi was about to withdraw her attack, a dark shadow suddenly fell from the sky.


This dark shadow eerily roared. Like a black lightning, he suddenly struck Liu Yi’s back.

“Watch out!”

Wei Yi was surprised and immediately reminded Liu Yi.

But it seemed too late.

That black shadow has already arrived behind Liu Yi’s back.

Liu Yi wasn’t paying attention, still putting all his attention on Wei Yi’s body. He thought that she wanted to distract him.

But at this time, the beautiful Butterfly Demon who has been hiding behind Liu Yi all this time suddenly moved.

She suddenly jumped and stood between that dark shadow and Liu Yi.


That dark palm was covered with blood as it pierced the belly of that beautiful Butterfly Demon.

Right now, Liu Yi finally realized that something was wrong. He turned around, only to see the beautiful Butterfly Demon slowly stumbled to the ground.


Liu Yi’s heart was shocked, he did not expect that this Butterfly Demon would actually sacrifice herself to protect him.

This was something that truly surprised Liu Yi.

After the sneak attack failed, the dark shadow flew to the nearby wall, constantly wandering around as if looking for the next attack opportunity.

The civet loudly screamed and jumped to the ground. It’s body fully covered with flame.

“Thank you….for caring about me….”

The beautiful Butterfly Demon was lying in Liu Yi’s arms while her mouth was dripping with blood.

“To….be able to protect you once….I am content…..”

“D*mn….” Liu Yi looked at the increasingly frail body of the beautiful Butterfly Demon, feeling really useless!

Just now I vowed to protect her, but now, I can’t even keep her life!

What kind of cultivator is this!

Liu Yi, Liu Yi….

You are truly a waste!

“Liu Yi, use this formula and save her!”

At this time, Lin Tong bit Liu Yi on the nose.

Big installation technique was launched.

A pile of complex text suddenly appeared in Liu Yi’s mind.

This was obviously some kind of a method!

Liu Yi subconsciously lifted the middle finger on his right hand according to the method. After he bit that finger, dropping his essence and blood, he then pressed that finger on the forehead of that beautiful Butterfly Demon.

In that moment, a strange seal symbol appeared on the forehead of the beautiful Butterfly Demon.

This symbol unceasingly emitted a golden light, which quickly wrapped the whole body of that beautiful Butterfly Demon.

“You….you actually….”

Standing behind him, Wei Yi looked at all of this with a silly look. She did not expect Liu Yi would actually use this method to save the Butterfly Demon!

“From today onwards, she is your spirit animal.”

Lin Tong’s voice slowly entered Liu Yi’s ears.

“Your spiritual force will nourish her. But she can no longer turn into a human. Starting today, she is your weapon.”

Spiritual force? Spirit animal?

Liu Yi blinked his eyes, looking at the beautiful Butterfly Demon who now has turned into a beautiful multicolored Butterfly. The Butterfly slowly landed on his finger, constantly flapping its wing.

Is this my own Spirit Animal?

Then, from today on….wouldn’t I be a part-time spirit-cultivator?

“Are you crazy!”

Wei Yi shouted at him from the back, “You are actually trying to do a double-cultivation! You are wasting your strength!”


Liu Yi did not answer her because he and Lin Tong were the only people who understand his real situation.

His spiritual strength was really big, because his three forces constantly replenished it, like an engine that was powered by a limitless amount of gasoline.

With his spiritual strength, he can even raise several spiritual animals at once.

The three forces that joined together inside his body was not simply a problem of ‘1+1+1.’

These three forces complemented each other, each will stimulate or act as a catalyst to the other two, which was truly ‘went against the heaven’s will.’

That multicolored Butterfly seemed to be very happy, constantly patting its wing on Liu Yi’s index finger.

Liu Yi seemed to be able to feel the thought of this Butterfly. The two of them felt as if they were as close as flesh and blood.

“Don’t worry, I am not in danger….”

Liu Yi looked at the little Butterfly, and said with a smile, “You want to protect me? Good….This time, we are going to work together!”

With that, Liu Yi held out his hand. That butterfly flapped its wings, turned into a multicolored light, landed on Liu Yi’s palm, and then wound around his arm.


That dark shadow, who circled around the wall, once again jumped to the ground.

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