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Hearing that woman’s laughter, Liu Yi and Wei Yi, two people’s faces greatly changed.

It turns out….there is a monster in hiding?!

At that time, the scene around the two of them started to change.

The nearby bags of garbage, in the blink of an eye, turned into rancid dry bones.

And everywhere around them was filled with cobwebs, blocking the two people’s path.

White spider web with strange breath flooded around Liu Yi.

A rich source of demonic aura finally unfolded out in the open.

“So….my cute little bait….in order to prevent me from eating, even tried to scare away my food?”

A spider silk suddenly fell to that scarlet beauty on the ground and she, in the blink of an eye, wound up in mid-air with a panic-stricken look.

“Stop eating people anymore….”

The scarlet beauty sobbed, “This….this is not right….”

“You, this little Butterfly demon, has some courage; actually dare to talk like that to me.”

Liu Yi suddenly noticed, high above, not far from the cobwebs, a woman covered in black silk cloak.

That woman was very enchanting, but there was a negative aura on her forehead that was hard to dissolve.

This should be….that man-eating monster….

“I used to cut you some slack so that you can be my bait….”

The tone of that enchanting woman in black silk cloak was getting cold by the seconds, “If you don’t have the awareness….then you will be my food.”

“Bold evildoer! Turns out you are the one behind all this!”

Wei Yi, with Tuantuan on her shoulder, scolded the woman on high above.

But Liu Yi noticed that Wei Yi’s body slightly trembled.

“What happened….” He lowered his voice and asked.

“We are in her illusion….”

Wei Yi also replied in low voice, “The one who is able to cast such advance technique….should be at least, a four star demon….we….we may have to suffer….”

With that, her hand quietly touched the Jade on her neck.

Finally taking a D-level task….But I didn’t expect, the enemy turns out to be this abnormal….

It is a four star monster….

It seems this will be difficult….

“But….before that, I want to enjoy these two little cultivators.”

That female demon said, and her eyes turned toward Liu Yi and Wei Yi, two people.

Suddenly, Liu Yi felt his whole body was bound by ice.

Huge amount of Demonic aura wrapped around his body.

The nearby Wei Yi also trembled, seemingly feeling the same as him.

“Hihi….it seems like you two are pure newcomers….”

The female monster said and licked her lips, “I really like tender newcomers like you two….[Read this on] There are supplements but also young and tender….hihi….just thinking about it make me drool.”

“Perverted! Take this!”

Wei Yi suddenly held Tuantuan and exclaimed.

“Spirit Animal Possession!”

Her whole body suddenly changed, a pair of cute cat ears and a tail appeared on her.

Red flame lit around her feet, making her look cute and awe-inspiring.

“Oh my, a spirit-cultivator, good, good, interesting.”

That female monster looked at Wei Yi’s with arms crossed, not to stop her, but to said with great interest.

“This will add my appetite before my meal.”

“You will taste the power of spirit-cultivator!”

Wei Yi said, and suddenly moved in a flash, and in a blink of an eye appeared behind that female monster.

Meanwhile, her flaming claws swung to tear that female monster on her vest.

After evolving into the cat mother, Wei Yi’s speed was incredibly fast.

But that female monster….seemed to show a careless appearance….

She wasn’t aware of Wei Yi….or, did not care for her at all?


Wei Yi loudly shouted in a delicate voice, her claws were about to tear that female monster on her vest.

But at this time, that female monster suddenly sprayed out a white spider silk from her back and directly wrapped Wei Yi’s body tightly.

“Damn….What is this….”

Wei Yi’s whole body was tightly strapped like a silkworm cocoon.

She burst out flames from around her body, trying to burn off those spider silk.

But the spider silk was neither burned nor broken, it kept on strapping her.

“It’s useless, little dudes…my spider silk cannot be invaded by fire and water….Unless it is the Samadhi (or ultimate) true fire, otherwise, don’t ever think of breaking my spider silk.”

Wei Yi was flustered.

Samadhi true fire….

Her strength was not enough to cultivate such flame!

Moreover, her hands were now tied, so there was no way for her to crush the jade.

Now….she was really in a big trouble….

“Ten steps to milk a man, run away!”

Wei Yi’s mouth has not been blocked, so she shouted at Liu Yi, “Go to my school, and inform the disciple of Linglong school! They will save me!”

“Hehe….little dude is really funny.”

That female monster covered her mouth to chuckle, “Today….No one can run away from here….”

With that, a spider silk spread out and turned into a white fence-like barrier.

“You look quite delicious….people will finally eat you….em, first take the other one as an appetizer.”

With that, the female monster turned around and walked toward Liu Yi.

“Run away!”

Wei Yi did not give up; she suddenly took a deep breath, making her mouth swollen.

Then, she sprayed a mouthful of fire to the back of that female monster.

A pillar-like red flame went straight toward the back of that female monster.

This mouthful of flame seemed to contain all of Wei Yi’s power. Even the female monster did not dare to resist head on.

She suddenly bent over, and the fire went past over her, burning a strain of her hair.

Wei Yi was trying to harass the female monster in order to create an escape opportunity for Liu Yi.

But Liu Yi was still standing there and did not move.

Soon, Wei Yi’s flame went out, gasping her breath. Watching Liu Yi still did not leave, she scolded.

“Bastard….why, why don’t you run….you fool….”

“Sorry, little cat mother.”

Liu Yi stood there, clenching his fists.

“I told myself….Never again will I run away from a fight.”

Never again will I flee from the face of the enemy.

This was Liu Yi’s oath to himself.

“Fool, you big fool, this is not the time to be a hero!”

Wei Yi could not help but scold, “You will make both of us killed!”

“Alas….this little dude is actually quite interesting in his foolish way.”

That female monster put an arm on her waist, smilingly looking at Liu Yi.

“Unfortunately, the strength is still too weak….there is no fun in playing with you.”

“Don’t worry, I will make you satisfied.”

Liu Yi moved his joints and then laughed.

“These new people are interesting.”

The female monster clapped her hands, and smiled, “Especially the one who doesn’t know how high the sky is, those are the most interesting one.”

With that, she reached out her hand, and the white spider silk immediately flew toward Liu Yi.

“Ten Steps To Milk A Man, watch out!”

Wei Yi suddenly shouted in horror.

That spider silk is terrible….

Even my flame is invalid to them….moreover, they are so fast….can Ten Step To Milk A Man….get out of here?

But Liu Yi stood there and did not move, looking at the hordes of spider silk that were coming at him like he was petrified.

The corner of that female monster hung a proud and contemptuous smile.

While Wei Yi’s heart twitched.

But at this time, Liu Yi suddenly moved.

He suddenly lifted his right foot, and then stomped his foot on the ground in front of him.


Suddenly, mysterious icy qi soared toward the sky.

Blue-white icy mist burst out.

Those attacking spider silk have been frozen and freeze in front of him.

Since the flame didn’t work out, then I’ll just use ice.

Liu Yi did not believe that the spider silk was really invincible!


That female monster was surprised; she did not expect the other party to actually able to deal with her spider silk.

“Do not think that would be so easy!”

She waved her hand, and many spider silk unceasingly moved toward him from behind .

“Poof, poof, poof!”

These spider silks went right through Liu Yi’s body.

The female monster turned pale; aware of something, she subconsciously glanced up.

She saw from above her head, the young man in a black suit was on top of her as he viciously threw a palm toward her.

“Courting death!”

After sucking many people’s life essence, I have finally been promoted to four star expert!

But a newcomer dare to be so close to me!

Court death!

That female monster scolded, her right hand moved to meet his palm as the demonic strength surged out from her body.

The two people’s palms struck each other.

“Desolate Flame!”

At the same time, Liu Yi’s mouth let out a roar.

Dazzling white light burst out from his left palm.


The female demon’s mouth uttered a scream, her mouth spurted out blood, and her whole body directly fell from the sky like a broken kite and severely hit the ground.

“Turns out to be….a third star….cultivator….”

That female demon suffered a big loss.

She was a skill-cultivator, so her body technique originally was not very good.

Her palm just now contained a huge amount of her demonic strength.

But she was careless, the opposite party was actually a third-star body-cultivator.

Moreover, the power of this third-star body-cultivator was actually close to four-star!

Body-cultivator’s greatest strength was in the melee!

In addition, his strength was not necessarily inferior to her….so when the two of them exchanged palms….she suffered a heavy loss.

The organs inside her body twitched, and her mouth couldn’t help but bleed.

The female monster partly knelt on the ground, unable to stand up.

Liu Yi also brought himself down to the ground; his feet trod on ice.

His mouth slightly exhaled a mouthful of cold air while his left hand tightly clenched the leftover ice crystals.

My palm can actually deal with a four star monster…..

Sure enough, after entering third-star, I can simultaneously control the three forces inside my body….My power began to increase by leaps and bounds.

From the sidelines, Wei Yi was also surprised, staring at him with wide eyes, she cannot believe what she just saw.

A few days ago, he was just a newcomer who struggled hard together with her to defeat a two-star monster….

With just a few days of effort, how could he become so powerful!

Did he eat an elixir?

“What do you think?”

Liu Yi’s eyes fell on the trembling body of that female monster, “I told you I will make you satisfied. Remember to praise me, my dear.”

With that, he walked step by step toward that female monster.

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