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Chapter 137 Must Have A Talk


Wang An excels at hard qigong and grappling technique.

These two can be considered as his major.

Wang An intended to take Liu Yi down in one swoop, giving him a lesson so that he quit.


Wang An’s pair of iron hand landed on Liu Yi’s shoulders, and he put pressure on it, trying to directly put Liu Yi down.

But Liu Yi’s body was like an iron pillar, firmly stood on the ground, motionless.


Wang An was surprised for a moment, but he quickly changed his pose.

He bent over, put his hands on Liu Yi’s waist and exerted his strength to directly pushed Liu Yi.

But Liu Yi’s body still firmly embedded in there like an old tree, simply can’t be pushed.

Wang An’s forehead shed some sweat.

How could he know there was a layer of frost invisible to naked eyes wrapped around Liu Yi’s feet fixing him to the ground like a root.

Wanted to put him down? Easier said than done.

“Wang An, is that all you got? Is this the lesson you want to teach me?”

Liu Yi’s strength has increased sharply, no longer afraid of Wang An.

Although Wang An’s strength was also third star, he didn’t know any cultivation technique.

Therefore, it’s not difficult for Liu Yi to defeat him.

Wang An’s heart was alarmed.

‘Haven’t met him for just a few days….how could he become so powerful!’

‘Even my grappling technique is useless?’

“Now it’s my turn.”

Liu Yi said, his body suddenly shook.

His immortal strength erupted out of his body.


The impact from this power forced Wang An to go backward several steps.


He looked at Liu Yi with disbelief, never imagined his hard qigong would be forced out by Liu Yi.

“Wang An, take this!”

But Liu Yi didn’t spout nonsense, suddenly stepped forward to mercilessly hit Wang An in the chest with his palm.

“Useless, I have the hard qigong to protect….uf!”

Wang An hasn’t finished his words, suddenly spewed a mouthful of blood, his whole body flew more than three meters until finally hit the top of his SUV door.

The physical pain was no match for Wang An’s inward shock.

‘This is so terrible….’

‘In just several days….how could Liu Yi’s strength grew at such alarming rate!’

‘Previously, I basically dominated him!


‘He seems able to completely overwhelm me!’

‘Such a terrifying student.’

‘Who exactly the expert behind him!’

Wang An’s mind was extremely shocked, while his chest ached with pain.

“Looking at Murong Die’s face, I’ve shown mercy toward you.”

Liu Yi said, “But if Murong Family look me for trouble again, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“Liu Yi….cough cough….”

Wang An spewed out a mouthful of blood, thinking, ‘His mother, this is called mercy!’

‘If not mercy, then what!?’

‘Too terrible!’

“Is there something else you want to say? I seemingly said, we have nothing to talk about.”

Liu Yi looked at Wang An and said.

Watching Wang An vomiting blood, Liu Yi secretly thought.

‘My palm’s power, actually progress this much?’

‘It seems like the third star jade power is too freaky…..’

Liu Yi didn’t know, his power progression and the general cultivator are not the same.

His third star jade is not purely a third star jade, but also contain some hidden power.

Even if he run into a fourth star expert, he still has a fighting chance.

This power comes from his other personality who can share power with him.

Moreover, this power can be improved and enhanced unceasingly.

“Liu Yi….I know right now….cough cough, I am not your opponent.”

Wang An pressed his injury and said to Liu Yi.

“But….I still have some words, let’s calmly sit down and….have a good talk, okay?”

“Your attitude is not bad.”

Liu Yi withdrew his footstep and turned his head around to look at Wang An, “Speak, I am listening.”

“Actually, in my heart, I didn’t mean to look down on you. But think, Murong Die is Murong Hong’s daughter….If you have a daughter, and she runs into a boy’s home to live with him, what do you think?”

“Em….I don’t have a daughter.”

Liu Yi understood what Wang An tried to say.

“Okay, I understand that I’m rude this time. But Murong Hong locked up her daughter, restricted her personal freedom, right? This will not close the distance between him and his daughter. Instead, the gap will be bigger.”

“I understand….I also tried to talk the master out….”

Wang An sighed, “You don’t know….Ever since his wife left this world, Master put all his thoughts on Murong Die. Otherwise, don’t you think it’s strange that the president of a large group, the unofficial emperor of the entire Northern Dragon City, doesn’t even have a woman?”

Liu Yi remembered that the last time he went to Murong Manor, never saw any mistress.

‘Very well, that’s assuming Murong Hong isn’t gay.’

“Master….truly love her daughter, but, his love might be a bit overbearing.”

“You call that a bit overbearing? That’s quite overbearing. If I’m Murong Die, I’m afraid can’t stand it either.”

Liu Yi said.

“Yes….but this matter, needs to be slowly resolved by them. Liu Yi, you’re not angering the unofficial emperor of Northern Dragon City, you’re angering a father. You can be indifferent about this, but what about your family? I’m not threatening you, but an angry father may put undue things upon your family.”

Liu Yi stood there, calmly thinking about it.

“What you said make sense, so be it, I will bring little Die home together with you. I want to speak with Murong Hong.”

“Are you sure?”

Wang An was surprised, ‘Liu Yi unexpectedly want to speak with Murong Hong on his own initiative?’

‘He isn’t going to do something is he….’

“Rest assured, I’m not going to hurt Murong Hong.”

Liu Yi’s words made Wang An wanted to cry but have no tears.

If other people speak about the unofficial emperor of Northern Dragon City like this, Wang An would certainly snort in contempt.

But toward this kid, he can only nod and relieved.

‘Right now, this kid’s strength….is too terrible.’

‘Even if I pull out a gun….I don’t have the confidence to take him down.’

“Some things must be talked face to face, otherwise, it will never be resolved.”

Liu Yi said and turned around to go upstairs.


Wang An suddenly stopped Liu Yi.

“What else do you want? Can’t you just quietly wait down here?”

“This…I want to take this chance to ask you something….”

Wang An somewhat apprehensively asked, “Who is this expert….Master of yours?”

“My master?”

Liu Yi was stunned for a moment and then smiled.

“My master is a beauty.”

With that, he went upstairs leaving behind the silly looking Wang An.


‘A beauty….’

‘This kid is truly lucky….’

‘Ah, wrong, there are many beautiful women, which one is his master!’

Liu Yi went to his house and saw Murong Die already showered, dressed with a piece of Liu Yi’s clean white shirt, standing in the bathroom entrance wiping her hair.

This simple shirt became like a nightgown on Murong Die’s body.

She stood in the bathroom entrance, with waist slightly bent, and head bowed, constantly wiping her hair with a towel.

The small shirt wrapped Murong Die’s sexy ass, like two halves of watermelon, very round and seductive.

Liu Yi stood at the entrance of his room with a stupid look.

“You’re back?”

Hearing Liu Yi walked through the door, Murong Die looked up and grinned at him.

“Your clothes is very suitable on me, it’s mine, okay.”

Murong Die was like a stay at home wife, wiping her hair as she said to Liu Yi.

“My shirt is very expensive….”

Liu Yi was a bit reluctant, “I bought that for 40 yuan….”

“D*mn, dead Liu Yi, this big miss will give you 40; this shirt is mine!”

Murong Die mercilessly glared at Liu Yi.

Meanwhile, above Murong Die’s head pop out a number.

Favorability -1.

‘Shoot, how could this Eye of Favorable Impression still open!’

Liu Yi hastily closed his Eye. Otherwise, he would feel funny.

‘I just feel sorry for my shirt….no need to be angry.’

‘As for this reduced favorability….’

‘Too cruel.’

“By the way….”

Liu Yi remembered the injured uncle waiting downstairs, quickly said.

“Quickly get dressed and go downstairs, I’ll send you home.”


Murong Die suddenly shuddered, her beautiful face went pale.

“You, what did you say?”

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

Liu Yi said, “I’m going to send you home….Don’t you want to go home?”

“Liu Yi, I hate you!”

Murong Die threw the towel, “Who want to go home! I don’t want to go home! If you don’t want to see me, this big miss will sleep on the street!”

“No, that’s not what I mean!”

Liu Yi quickly explained, “Wang An comes to pick you up. I decided to go back with you and have a talk with your dad.”


Murong Die’s grieving heart immediately shocked when she heard Liu Yi’s words.

“What do you want to talk about with my dad?”

Murong Die didn’t think Liu Yi could have such a thought.

“Yes, I believe that this thing can’t go on like this.”

Liu Yi said, “Your dad, after all, is right; you have to go back sooner or later. You can’t just sleep outside every day, am I right?”

“Humph, this big miss doesn’t need your care.”

“How could I not care!”

Liu Yi loudly scolded, “Murong Die, how could I not care about your matter?”

Murong Die tender body trembled, thinking, ‘this….is this the prelude of his confession?’

“We are after all a good friend, right?”

“Right your big-headed ghost!”

Murong Die has the impulse to kill Liu Yi.

“Therefore, I want to have a good talk with your dad, how could he treat his daughter like that, it’s wrong!”

“My dad….can be very overbearing….”

Murong Die somewhat worriedly said, “I advise you not to have this talk….I’m a bit worry….”

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll carefully handle this. Murong Die, please have some faith in me!”

“Very well…then….”

Murong Die suddenly felt Liu Yi’s words made her powerless to resist.

‘Just listen to him this time.’

“Come, get dressed and go downstairs with me.”

“No need, those clothes are dirty. I’ll just put on my tights.”

Murong Die said, turned into the bedroom.

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