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Chapter 129 Ginseng Baby


Poison Jasmine was in a sluggish state, thinking.

‘This guy….’

‘Is he a student?’

‘No….is he a human?’

‘This is too inconceivable!’

‘He actually can dodge the bullets!’

‘Is he like The Matrix Keanu Reeves!’

‘That’s too ridiculous!’

“Apparently you don’t know how to shoot.”

After dodging several bullets, Liu Yi’s confidence soared.

‘Although this woman is a top killer in the Heavenly List, I am an immortal cultivator!’

‘Moreover, my strength will soon reach the third star jade. Consequently, I am a bit stronger now!’

‘Yes…I should be more confidence in myself.’

‘The reason why the other me is so powerful is that he is fully confidence about his own ability!’

‘That’s right, just like what Grandpa said, to be a powerful man, one must have a strong heart.’

‘Then, one also need to have a thick skin!’

‘That’s right, exactly like that!’

“I, I am a professional!”

The tone of Poison Jasmine words showed that her conviction started to waver.

‘Not even a pistol can kill the target before me….Am I going this mission?’

‘Absolutely not!’

‘I had worked so hard to reach the rank 47 on the Heavenly List. If this mission fails, surely will fall out of the top 50!’

‘How could I let this happen!’

‘No, Liu Yi must die!’

‘If not, the miserable one will be me!’

“I am a professional killer, I certainly can.”

Poison Jasmine did not know if those words were for Liu Yi or her.

Suddenly she discarded her two pistols with silencer, put her foot inside her waterproof bag, kicked out a submachine gun with silencer, picked up the gun, and aimed it at Liu Yi.

‘Holy sh*t….’

‘This girl is incredible….’

‘Does her family own an arsenal store?’

‘That’s too ridiculous!’

‘Is she going to come up with an RPG to blow me up!’

‘Based on this girl’s conduct, that’s hard to say.’

‘No….That thing draw too much attention, and this girl said she’s a “professional” killer, so she shouldn’t do something so unprofessional like that.’

“Puff puff puff!”

The sound of the submachine gun was muffled.

But the bullets knew their targets, firing at Liu Yi like rain.


‘This girl is not afraid she will hit Murong Die in my arm!’

Liu Yi can see that Poison Jasmine has reached a dead end. Therefore, she didn’t take Murong Die into account anymore.

Liu Yi’s left hand gently pushed Murong Die so that she lightly fell behind the nearby large wooden doll.

At the same time, his body dodged to the side in a flash and continued to dodge those hordes of bullets.

Liu Yi’s body turned into a shadow in the night, making Poison Jasmine’s body somewhat numb.

‘This guy….’

‘Is he came from the Matrix!’

‘This has to be a mistake!’

Poison Jasmine was about to go insane. She had never met such a target.

She pulled out the submachine gun and continued to rain fire at Liu Yi.

“D*mn, how much bullets do you have!”

“This clip can fire fifty rounds, this old mother is a professional, and I will kill you!”

Poison Jasmine didn’t care how many bullets will she spent, as long as she can kill Liu Yi, she would be free from worry.

The bullets became increasingly deadly!

‘His mother, after this is over, I want to ask for more money from the employer!’

‘This mission objective is too cruel!’

‘Wasting many of this old mother’s brain cell in thinking about this!’

‘Looks like I haven’t temper myself enough….Back home, I will continue to hone my skill.’

The bullets unceasingly rained down toward Liu Yi.

At the same time, Liu Yi’s body constantly moved like a blur, directly dodging all those bullets.

Even though Poison Jasmine wasted all her bullets in earnest, she can’t even touch Liu Yi’s clothes.

“I don’t believe it!”

Poison Jasmine said, flipped backward, exchanged her weapon to the previous two pistols with silencer, bent her knee, and directly rushed toward Liu Yi.

Poison Jasmine is indeed a “professional” killer. This changing tactic movement happened so fast, and less than a second later, she already arrived in front of Liu Yi.

But, no matter how fast she was, it was impossible to her to beat a bullet.

Poison Jasmine’s intention was obviously not to attack Liu Yi like this, but to decrease her distance with him.

She aimed the two pistols with silencer in her hands and continued to pull the trigger, shooting out the bullets.

In such a point blank range, the bullets continued to pounce on Liu Yi, and almosts hit him!

‘This girl….her assassination skill is really high!’

‘I shouldn’t underestimate her too much!’

Liu Yi quickly stepped on his Spirit Fox Steps. His body floated, wandering between all those bullets.

The longer Poison Jasmine pulled the trigger, the more scared she was!’

‘My excellent shooting ability turns out to be nothing in front of this student!’

‘Am I still not awake this night, and still in a dream?’

Just when Poison Jasmine was in dismay, Liu Yi’s figure, in a blink of an eye, suddenly arrived in front of her.

He stretched out his hand toward Poison Jasmine’s face mask.


Poison Jasmine suddenly cried out and immediately blocked her face with both of her hands.

‘No matter what, I can’t let him see my face.’

‘This is the assassin’s code!’

But Liu Yi’s real purpose seemed to be not her mask because his hand suddenly snatched away her two pistols. Holding them in their hands, he pointed at Poison Jasmine’s head.

Poison Jasmine was unable to blink and did not dare to make a noise.

“If you are a professional, then I must be a super professional.”

Liu Yi said, aimed one of the pistols down and shoot twice at the two pistols on the side holster of Poison Jasmine’s smooth thighs, making them fell on the ground.

His action was very neat and very pretty.

“This old mother….admit defeat!”

Poison Jasmine said through gritted teeth, “Just kill this old mother!”

“You this fellow, how could you shout “kill” at every turn.”

Liu Yi curled his lips, “Moreover, I’m an ordinary student and won’t casually kill people.”

“You are an ordinary student?”

Poison Jasmine really wanted to bit her own tongue to commit suicide, “This old mother might as well be hit by a car and be done with it.”

“Why are you keep on saying “this old mother, that old mother,” Aunty, are you very old?”

“Who said I am old!”

Poison Jasmine immediately chin up and chest out, and proudly said, “This old mother is 19 years old! It’s just that my body is quick to develop!”

“Your waist is very thick.”

Liu Yi took one look at Poison Jasmine and said.

“Your waist is the thicker one!”

Poison Jasmine smoothly pulled out a soft sword from her waist, and said, “As you say, I am a professional, and this is my professional props….eat this!”

With that, this silver dragon made a beeline toward Liu Yi

Liu Yi extended out his two fingers and directly clamped this sword sneak attack.

In his black and white world, all of this girl’s sneak attack action was significantly slowed down and simply can’t escape Liu Yi’s eyes.

Therefore, Liu Yi gripped this soft sword with ease.


Poison Jasmine fiercely attempted to pull her soft sword, but Liu Yi’s fingers were like an iron pincer, making her attempt failed.

“You’re too weak.”

Liu Yi looked at Poison Jasmine’s anxious with anger flushed face, and couldn’t help but quipped, “At your age, you should be at the University! Instead, you waste your best year by becoming a killer.”

“What do you know!”

Liu Yi seemed to hit the touchy spot of Poison Jasmine, and she immediately scolded. Without knowing when, two black daggers appeared in her hands, and she moved the daggers to stab Liu Yi on both of his temples.

“This attack is too vicious!”

Liu Yi could not help shaking his head, “So feisty, too bad you can’t find a boyfriend!”

“None of your business!”

Poison Jasmine’s dagger was about to stab Liu Yi’s head, but Liu Yi didn’t retreat. Instead, he moved forward and directly crashed into Poison Jasmine’s bosom.

Poison Jasmine’s pretty face instantly turned pale, and her body instantly stumbled backward.

Liu Yi quickly stretched his left hand unconsciously, trying to embrace and hold Poison Jasmine’s waist.

But Poison Jasmine’s helpless stature was a bit tall, approximately 1.73 meters.

Liu Yi’s hand that subconsciously reached out didn’t arrive at Poison Jasmine’s waist but touched a somewhat bulging spot.


‘This girl’s waist is really that thick?’

‘But it feels soft….and comfortable….’

After squeezing it a few more times, he suddenly woke up.

‘Oh sh*t….this is probably not Poison Jasmine’s waist….’

‘Rather, her curling upward buttocks!’

The two people were dumbfounded, staring at each other’s face for a long time.

“You you you!”

At this time, a woman’s scream was heard in the Amusement Park.

“I am going to kill you!”

While she spoke, Liu Yi was looking at her chest, but from inside her breast, suddenly came out an intense cyclone!

This cyclone was so violent and directly impacted Liu Yi’s body.

With this small portion of huge storm, Liu Yi’s body was abruptly pushed several steps backward and finally, with a loud bang, hit the outside fence of the roller coaster ride, and stopped there.

‘Holy sh*t….’

‘What the bean happen with her, how could she send out a large storm?’

‘Em….but her “storm” is not particularly big….

‘At least, when compared with Wang Lele….’

‘I never saw a woman whose chest is comparable to Wang Lele!’

At this time, Poison Jasmine’s whole body seemed to have changed.

Her body floated out small and large cyclones, while the ground under her feet grew a lot of lush green grass.

‘F*ck…what happen!’

‘Now it’s already Autumn!’

‘How can there be such a lush green grass!’

‘What the hell is this?’

Lin Tong, who initially slept inside Liu Yi’s body, suddenly came out, turned into a red light, and landed on Liu Yi’s shoulder.

The little Fox turned pale, blankly looked across at Poison Jasmine, who seemed to have changed into a Super Saiyan.

“My God….I… am not mistaken am I?….”

“What’s the matter, Fox sister? A Saiyan finally appeared on this planet?”

Liu Yi seemed excited.

“Saiyan your stupid head….this girl….has such a strong affinity with the Wood Element….I’m afraid….this girl, is the legendary Wood Spiritual Body….”

“What is that stuff? Can you eat it?”

“Can eat your sister….this Wood Spiritual Body is not the ginseng baby (The immortality fruit in the Journey To The West that appears like a baby)!”

“Oh? Can I eat this ginseng baby?”

“If you’re not afraid of her, you will die!”

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