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Chapter 124 Promise Me Something


Liu Yi was relieved and quickly put away his cell phone, then turned around.

“Today’s bodyguard….is not professional anymore.”

That bodyguard’s head muttered a few words, turned and walked away.

‘Fiuh, that was really close.’

Liu Yi almost made his move a moment ago, planning to knock out the guy and hid his body.

He checked his own pulse and found his heart was pounding.

‘I even handled the Water Demon, and Wolf Demon then faced off against immortal fairy….’

‘What Murong House, there’s nothing to be afraid of.’ Liu Yi convinced himself.

After his heart stabilized, he continued to walk toward the Castle-like Villa.

In order to not arouse other people’s suspicion, Liu Yi didn’t dare to walk too fast, but rather the same speed as the other bodyguards, acting like he was on patrol until finally arrived at the bottom of the Villa.

Purple curtain….

Liu Yi looked at the Villa and began to check the windows on the second floor one by one.

‘His mother….This Villa is so big….there are so many windows.’

He looked around and finally saw the aforementioned purple curtain.

Sure enough, just as Wang Lele said, the windows were opened wide and the curtain slightly undulated by the night breeze.

But the Villa was surrounded by a lot of patrolling bodyguards. It would be a bit tricky if he wanted to find a chance to climb to the second floor.

Liu Yi thought for a moment and finally had a brainwave.

He turned around and walked to the nearby woods then he extended his right.

“The other me….lend me some of your strength….sh*t, these sounds so weird….”

Liu Yi said to himself, then his right hand suddenly covered with crimson-colored flame.

The red flame constantly swayed, making Liu Yi can’t help but scolded.

‘D*mn, the other me is so cheap, how could he gave me such a small flame.’

‘His mother, this flame is so weak, it won’t be blown out by the wind isn’t it?….’

Liu Yi curled his lips, created another flame and put them at the bottom of two trees. He then turned around and back toward the purple curtain location.

Soon, one of the flames suddenly shot up and set fire to the whole tree.


“Go and put out the flames!”

Seeing that the nearby woods were on fire, the surrounding bodyguards near the Villa immediately surprised and rushed away to put out the fire.

As for Liu Yi. When those bodyguards were heading that way, he immediately jumped up toward the Villa and climbed the wall to get to the second floor.

He touched the balcony and lightly jumped just outside the window and walked into Murong Die’s boudoir.

The purple curtain fluttered behind Liu Yi.

Before him was a gorgeous and lovely bedroom.

A very big bed, covered with velvet, which by the look of it, was very comfortable to sleep on.

On top of the nearby table, there’s an approximately 27 inch LCD computer display, making Liu Yi very envious.

‘If I watch my….adult video collections on this screen, it would certainly look extraordinary!’

‘Rich people, truly lives in different world.’

To his surprise, Murong Die was actually not in the bedroom.

But in this big bedroom, there’s a large bathroom.

Liu Yi can faintly hear the sounds of water coming from the inside.

‘Holy sh*t….’

‘Is she taking a shower?…’

When Liu Yi walked toward the bathroom, he inadvertently kicked one of the bed’s leg.


Suddenly, the whole bed moved a bit.

Liu Yi’s foot hurt like hell. While grimacing in pain, he sat down on the bed.

“Lele, you come back?”

Murong Die’s voice was heard coming from the bathroom.

Liu Yi held his breath, didn’t dare to make a sound of pain.

‘His mother….this situation seems a bit weird….’

“Well then, help me find a new set of underwear from the nightstand….”

Murong Die said, opened the bathroom door a bit and extended out her full of water drops silky white arm.

“I’m too lazy to go out and find it.”

Liu Yi’s heart immediately in heat.

‘What is this….Do I have to find her underwear….’

‘This big miss, what kind of underwear does she have?’

There was an intense battle on Liu Yi’s mind.

Two little Liu Yi appeared on his side.

The one with gentle eyes said.

“Liu Yi, you can’t do that, such a behavior is wrong. You can’t take this opportunity to check the girl’s underwear. This isn’t a gentleman’s behavior.”

The other one, with a pair of red horns and a small devil tail, waved his fist and said.

“What gentleman! It’s better to be a villain! Liu Yi, come one, take a look!”

“Little friend, you are just too dirty, how could you act like this?”

The well-mannered Liu Yi pushed the glasses on his nose, and said.

“Liu Yi, we are a gentleman, peeking on girl’s underwear is not a good behavior. However, as a gentleman, we must help the others. The path of gentleman is hard and bitter. Even if you sacrifice yourself, you will be mistaken as a rogue, but you need to stay strong. Therefore, Liu Yi, I trust you, go help Murong Die with all your heart!”

“You, you, you….”

The nearby evil Liu Yi was dumbfounded and candidly admitted defeat.

“You are the big brother! You win!”

Liu Yi nodded his head, thinking, ‘That’s right, it’s exactly like this!’

“Hurry up Lele, you’re so slow!”

Murong Die waved her arm and urged.


Liu Yi immediately opened the nightstand.

‘My God….a whole drawer full of underwear….’

‘Neat and tidy, and there are all kinds of underwear….’

‘This drawer is simply….An otaku’s heaven.’


‘I must have the strength to resist….I am an honorable gentleman, that’s right….’

Liu Yi reached out his trembling hand toward the drawer….

A sexy, transparent black lace underwear was instantly picked by Liu Yi….

‘This, this is great….’

He carried the underwear and walked toward Murong Die.

Murong Die received the underwear, took a look, and charmingly roared.

“Ai, Lele you are so bad, how could you pick this set for me. This is from the last time we went outshopping together and you bought this for me….but I never wore them….”

Liu Yi imagined how would Murong Die look when she wear this piece, and can’t help but feel the blood coming out of his nose.

“Fine, since you picked this one for me, I will wear it for you.”

Murong Die said and seemingly started to wear that underwear.

Soon, Murong Die, dressed in black lacy underwear, came out of the bathroom, waving her pair of jade legs.

“Lele, what do you think, is it a bit strange….”

Murong Die’s eyes fell on Liu Yi before her and instantly opened wide.

Liu Yi’s eyes were straight.

Murong Die’s chest is a bit small, but her waist and slim legs were long, coupled with her pretty face, she was like a cute beauty coming out of the water.

Especially since her body was still carrying water droplets, plus the fragrant smell of shampoo, making people can’t help but want to eat her….

Murong Die suddenly remembered the situation and was about to subconsciously opened her mouth to scream.

But Liu Yi hurriedly extended his left hand, covered her mouth, and whispered in her ear.

“Shh….don’t shout….I secretly snuck in….”

Murong Die raised her eyebrows and pulled away Liu Yi’s hand.

“Bastard….What are you doing sneaking into my house….”

Murong Die lowered her voice and said.

Although the timing of the meeting was not right….but seeing Liu Yi, Murong Die’s heart felt some satisfaction.

‘This guy….where exactly his attractiveness, bastard….’

“I came here to apologize to you….”

Liu Yi said.


Murong Die’s heart was delighted, but her mouth still unforgiving, “You are not worthy enough to come and see me.”


Liu Yi blinked his eyes.

“Then how hard should I be for me to be worthy to look for you?”


Murong Die suddenly wanted to kick this guy out of the window.

But after remembered that she didn’t have the strength to do it, she let it pass.

“You assh*le….except to bully me, what else can you do!”

Murong Die was upset.

“I can do many things….”

Seeing Murong Die’s delicate appearance, Liu Yi sighed with sorrow.

“Murong Die….you’ve lost weight….”

Murong Die was indeed lost a lot of weight.

“It’s none of your business….”

Murong Die turned around, feeling sour in the heart.

‘If I’m not in this room all day…I wouldn’t feel lock up like this.’

‘Plus….I still think about this fellow….

‘Making me lost my mood to do anything, and lost appetite to eat.’

“Don’t be like that….How about for tonight I will listen to you. Anything you want me to do, I will do it. Em, even if you want to hold me here, I will sacrifice myself and agree to it.”

With that, Liu Yi took two steps back and lay on the bed.

“Ai! Who wants to hold a smelly guy like you!”

Murong Die rushed forward, and hastily pulled up Liu Yi’s arm, “You haven’t taken off your clothes, don’t lie on my bed, it’s dirty….”

“I’ll remove my clothes then?”

“You die! Quickly get up!”

Murong Die pulled Liu Yi’s arm hard, but suddenly slipped and caught his right hand.

Liu Yi immediately began to panic.

‘F*ck, my right hand can’t be touched like that!’

‘That is forbidden area….’

Sure enough, after Murong Die touched it, her whole body immediately trembled, turned soft and directly lay on top of Liu Yi.

The two people almost stuck together, body pressed on each other, and face touching one another.

Liu Yi can feel Murong Die’s soft and tender body.

His lower body began to rise, so he quickly pulled his right hand away from Murong Die.

But Murong Die can’t quickly recover her state. She lay there on top of Liu Yi, dressed only in underwear, feeling shame and shock.

But she still didn’t have the strength to crawl up….


‘What kind of method is this….’

‘How could I suddenly lost my strength….and my whole body become soft, also….I especially want to kiss him….’

‘Hateful, hateful….’

‘Why is this….’

‘This is not the springtime!’

“Liu Yi!”

Murong Die suddenly exclaimed, “Why are you so hard down there! Let me up!”

“Ahem….Yes, elder sister….”

Liu Yi’s face immediately blushed, and busily helped Murong Die to sit up with his left hand.

Too awkward….

“You bully me….and do something to my body….no, tonight you must promise me one thing!”

“Huh? What thing?”

Liu Yi sat on the bed beside Murong Die. The two people seemed to forget how bad their previous quarrel was.

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