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Chapter 113 Tricycle Racing


‘Wang Yuzheng this girl….why did she ask such a question?’

Liu Yi was surprised, thinking, ‘Did she know something about this?’

“If there really are deities in this world, that would be nice.”

Wang Yuzheng’s next sentence put away Liu Yi’s doubt, “If there are Deities, they will cure my mom….”

“What happen to Aunty?”

Liu Yi thought in his heart, ‘Is there some secret that she can’t tell me?’

“It’s nothing, why don’t you eat? It would get cold.”

Wang Yuzheng as if to not want to talk about her family problem, quickly changed the topic, and said.


Liu Yi was just wondering about things, but he forgot to eat the food; It is a sin!

When he was about to finish the skewered meat in his hand, a Songhua River type van suddenly howled and stopped beside them.

Then, the van’s door opened, two tall men grabbed Wang Yuzheng, covered her mouth and dragged her into the van, making Wang Yuzheng’s eyes stared in horror; She wanted to cry out for help but it was too late as they already put her into the van.


These men deftly acted and quickly shut the door. Then the van roared and sped away.

Liu Yi, who stood to the side, stared in awe, Wang Yuzheng’s unfinished skewered meat fell to the ground.

‘What is this….kidnapping?’

“F*ck! You can’t run away from me!”

Liu Yi can’t let Wang Yuzheng be taken away just like that. He saw a tricycle that was parked at the side of the food vendor. Without too much considering, he immediately stepped on that tricycle.

“I borrow your tricycle!”

This tricycle is a modified pedicab bike. There is a small trailer behind which used by the peddler to draw their goods.

After he was robbed by Liu Yi, the food vendor immediately anxious.

“D*mn it, you f*cking steal my bike!”

“I’m going to save people!”

Liu Yi could care less if the food vendor did not want him to use the tricycle. He pedaled the tricycle like he was riding a motorcycle and rushed to chase the already quite far van.

“Holy sh*t….my tricycle can actually be that fast!”

The vendor looked at the speeding away tricycle and can’t help but stared in shocked.

“Oh….it’s good to be a youth. I used to be like him, until my knees failed me….ah, wrong….my tricycle was robbed, sh*t, I’m calling the police!”

While the food vendor reported this to the police, Liu Yi continuously pedaled the tricycle, whistling through the wind, chasing that van.

Liu Yi pedaled the tricycle too hard, to the extent that pain shot through his feet.

That night on the road, a van sped away in the front while a nondescript tricycle chased it from behind.

“F*ck, this has to be a mistake! That kid is actually chasing us on a tricycle!”

A guy saw from the car rear window how Liu Yi unforgivingly still continued to pursue and called out in alarm.

“That’s just electric tricycle! Relax, watch how I left him in the dust!”

The driver in the front thought otherwise and increased the van’s speed, unceasingly speeding along on top of this road.

Liu Yi felt their distance was getting far and far away, suddenly somewhat worried.

His power was constantly circulating inside his body, toward both of his legs as he attempted to pedal this tricycle faster and faster.

“Krak krak….”

The tricycle’s sound was getting louder and louder; it seemed to hover on the brink of collapse.

“I beg you….hold on for me….”

Liu Yi’s heart was incredibly anxious, but also uncomfortable.

‘Wang Yuzheng’s impression of me is finally turning for the better….but now….’

‘Is her birthday and mine unsuitable with each other? Why when every time we met, bad things would somehow appear!’

‘What am I thinking, I need to save her first!’

Liu Yi was determined, and he pedaled the tricycle faster and faster.

Chen Jia was a new recruit in the police department. He stood at the road intersection, observing the traffic.

A couple of days ago there was an accident in this small intersection, so the police were quite strict in enforcing the speed limit.

Chen Jia was responsible for the night shift, which he only took once in awhile, making him awfully sleepy.

He stood on the security post junction, drowsy, and was about to yawn.

It was at this moment, a van suddenly screamed from his side, setting off winds and immediately woke him up.

‘Shoot! That’s speeding!’

Chen Jia quickly picked up his speed gun. The road maximum speed limit is 70 kmh, but the van has reached 110 kmh!

‘Daredevils, they don’t want their lives anymore!’

Chen Jia didn’t have the chance to see the van’s license plate and was annoyed, but at this time, a vehicle suddenly roared past him from the side.

“F*ck! This is a night race!’

Chen Jia saw the 105 kmh number on his speed gun and immediately took the radio and shouted.

“Command center, command center, this is intersection XX.”

“This is the command center, please go ahead.”

“Some vehicles over speed in this XX intersection, probably a night race.”

“Report the vehicle type and the license plate number.”

“Em, the type is….sh*t, it’s a tricycle….”

“Are you insane! Don’t joke in this middle of the night will you! What’s the license plate!”

“It’s really a tricycle….d*amn, I’m not sleepy and mistaken….”

Liu Yi didn’t know he had caused one police officer to get punished; He madly pedaled the tricycle, bent on recovering Wang Yuzheng back.

But just as he was about to push the pedal down, his foot suddenly fell on an empty place; he didn’t feel the pedal anymore. He suddenly lost control of the tricycle, which slowly stopped after some distance.

“F*ck! The chain must’ve been off!”

Liu Yi quickly jumped out of the tricycle and ready to install the chain.

But when his hand bumped into the tricycle, with a thud, the entire tricycle suddenly collapsed, crumbled into pieces of parts.

This vehicle finally dead and turned into a corpse.

Liu Yi’s power has caused a great burden on this vehicle.

But how could a crappy tricycle withstand such a power?


Liu Yi panicked and viciously punched the trunk of a nearby tree.


The thick tree trunk immediately snapped under Liu Yi’s vicious punch and fell to the ground.

‘I can’t catch that van?’

‘What about Wang Yuzheng?’

‘Should I call the police now?’

Liu Yi’s heart was in a mess.

When Liu Yi did not know what to do, his cell phone suddenly rang.

He took it out and saw an unknown number.

Liu Yi frowned and answered the phone.

He suddenly heard a chilling voice from the other side of the phone.

“If you want to take back your friend, come to the river pier third warehouse. Remember, you must come by yourself, otherwise, you will only see your friend’s corpse.

With that, the other side hung up the phone.

Liu Yi’s eyes immediately emitted his anger.

‘So this is not a coincidence, but a planned job!’

‘Who are these people? Why would they kidnap Wang Yuzheng and use her as bait for me?’

“Perhaps they were the people who besieged you on the streets a few days ago.”

Lin Tong, who sat on Liu Yi’s shoulder, analyzed, “There’s a high probability….the opposite party is part of a gang.”

“I won’t let them get away with this….”

Liu Yi’s voice was icy cold.

The opposite party used such a despicable mean to lure him into a bait; They are all bastards.

“You can’t use your own identity out there.”

Lin Tong suggested, “You will only implicate the people around you.”

“Yes, I noticed.”

Liu Yi nodded and stepped back, making his body hidden between the dark woods.

Dressed in a black suit, Liu Yi’s face was blocked by an ice-cold mask.

He didn’t know why, but when he put on the mask, he felt a sense of security.

‘Yes, the night, belongs to me.’

‘The third warehouse on the river dock….good, wait for me.’

Liu Yi clenched his fists and stepped on the ice-skates. His whole body quickly leaped forward into the night sky.


Wang Yuzheng slowly woke up from her unconsciousness.

She smelled the dampness in the air and saw herself sat on a chair.

After that, she stared in horror as she found her hands and feet were tied up, unable to move from the chair.

She remembered eating with Liu Yi on the side of the street and then some people grabbed her and brought her here.

Suddenly, Wang Yuzheng’s face, as if dying, looked deathly pale.

“Hey, this chick is awake.”

The group of men near her all hung creepy smiles on the corner of their mouths.

“Say, this chick is quite pretty.”

A man wearing a mink coat sat right in the middle with a cigarette dangling on his mouth. Sitting there cross-legged, he looked at Wang Yuzheng and smiled twice.

“If it wasn’t for the strick police surveillance in this Northern Dragon City I really want to execute this chick on the spot, hehe….”

“You….let me go….”

Wang Yuzheng’s voice slightly trembled, “My family was very poor….no use in kidnapping me….”

“Hehe, don’t say that, you’re very useful for us.”

Ma Wei spurted out smoke rings from his mouth, and said, “This Liu Yi is quite loose, each time there’s a different beauty beside him.”

Wang Yuzheng’s heart suddenly tightened, thinking.

‘I’m being kidnapped, because of Liu Yi?’

‘Could it be….Liu Yi has some relation with this gangster….?’

“Master Zheng, at the appointed time, it will be hard for you.”

“Don’t worry.”

Zheng Xiaolin wore a martial art suit, punching a sandbag, doing warm-up exercises, “Brother Ma has spoken, I will kill that Liu Yi.”

With that, his palm maliciously hit the sandbag.


The sandbag was instantly penetrated, leaving a gaping hole, and made the sand inside constantly poured out.

Wang Yuzheng was horrified.

‘They want to kill Liu Yi?’ She thought.

‘My God….what could possibly he do to provoke these scary people to kill him….’

‘And me, how did this happen to me….’

“Right, Boss, will that Liu Yi dare to come here?”

A nearby younger brother asked Ma Wei.


Ma Wei smoked and confidently said, “This is not our first time in dealing with this Liu Yi. This kid knows some Kung Fu, so he shouldn’t be a wuss. When he come, he will die.”

“Then what about that chick….”

“Hehe, I am sure she would not dare to say anything.”

Ma Wei spoke, an ominous light flashed through his eyes.

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