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Chapter 107 Swimming Class



The fast flying Charming Spirit Scimitar was, all of a sudden, knocked out by the explosion of red blazing flame.


This Charming Spirit Scimitar crashed and directly inserted into the ground.

“Such a powerful flame….”

Lin Tong couldn’t help but be surprised.

‘The Red Blood Devil Flame is actually this powerful?’ Lin Tong thought.

‘This Evil Sect technique….Turns out to be so fierce.’

‘The girl Wenren Qian, what is her origin….’

“Fire Chain!”

After a move to get rid of the Charming Spirit Scimitar, Liu Yi simultaneously swung his hand toward Lin Tong.

Suddenly, a red chain of fire twisted its way in the air toward Lin Tong.

But Lin Tong immediately launched her Spirit Fox Steps, which made her instantly escaped the fire chain, leaving only a distorted blur.

“Spirit Fox Steps is very useful.”

Liu Yi smiled twice, “Unfortunately, this space is my Spiritual Environment.”

With that, Liu Yi suddenly turned around and launched his palm.


Liu Yi’s palm and Lin Tong’s claw collide together.

Liu Yi retreated a few steps backward while Lin Tong’s body rolled in the air and fell to the ground. The moment she touched the ground she used the Spirit Fox Steps again and disappeared before Liu Yi.

“You want to rely on this method to defeat me? I say, it’s useless.

Liu Yi said, bent down, and violently shot his palm on the ground.

“Desolate Flame!”

A beautiful Sun print suddenly appeared on the ground.

Red flame instantly erupted and spread out to a range of four or five meters away from the Sun print.

The flame immediately shook Lin Tong’s figure, making her appeared.

“It’s hot, so hot!”

Although this was just her spiritual body, she can still fell.

She held out her hand to beat off the flames on her body.

“Too naughty and always likes to run.”

Liu Yi said, waved her hand, and instantly flung the Fire Chain.

Lin Tong didn’t have time to get away as she just extinguished the fire on her body.

The Fire Chain directly wrapped around Lin Tong’s body, solidly binding her.

“However, you could not escape the palm of my hand.”

Liu Yi said, pulling the Fire Chain along with Lin Tong toward him, and then laughed, “Now I can be in your body, right?”

“Charming Spirit Scimitar!”

Lin Tong’s face was unperturbed, she cried out.

Instantly, a piercing sound sounded from behind Liu Yi.

Liu Yi was surprised and suddenly dodged sideways. That Charming Spirit Scimitar whistled past him as it brushed against his hair.

This Charming Spirit Scimitar, while failed to cut his body, it succeeded in cutting off his Fire Chain.

Lin Tong’s freed body fell to the ground. While she slightly short of breath, she looked at Liu Yi.

“You….What exactly do you want?”

“Just want to be closer to you.”

Liu Yi recovered the half Fire Chain, and said, “But you do have some abilities, no wonder you can become my mentor.”

“Humph, don’t look down on this big miss!”

Lin Tong said, “I’m the sole disciple of my Master! I haven’t fully opened the power of this Charming Spirit Scimitar, If I fully open its power, you’ll die in mere seconds!”

“Oh, really? Why don’t you let me taste it?”

Liu Yi’s mouth was slightly hung in an arc.

“What do you think!?”

Lin Tong said and recovered her Charming Spirit Scimitar.

At this time, the tip of that Charming Spirit Scimitar shone out a bright crimson ray of light.

Seeing this light, Liu Yi’s complexion finally changed a bit. He said.

“Sure enough….you’re not lying….”

“Of course, naturally this miss wouldn’t bother to lie to you!”

Indeed, the power of Charming Spirit Scimitar in Lin Tong’s hand surpassed that of Liu Yi.

But this power can’t be displayed casually.

Because it can significantly damage its user.

Moreover….Lin Tong doesn’t want to hurt Liu Yi.

Not because of the effect of the Golden Eyes…..

It’s just that, in her heart, she truly doesn’t want to hurt him.

“Alright then, let us sit down and have a talk.”

Liu Yi said and clapped his hands.

Suddenly, two chairs appeared in this Spiritual Environment.

Lin Tong was surprised, thinking, ‘This other Liu Yi, his control of the Spiritual Environment is too great!’

‘He’s like a genius, all kinds of things; he can learn it by himself!’

‘Completely different than the simple-minded Liu Yi!’

‘These two personalities, are they really one person….?’

Lin Tong was incredulous.

“Have a seat.”

Liu Yi pointed to the chair behind Lin Tong, and sat down first, “You called me out to have a good talk right? There’s no need to yell kill and kill, am I right?”

“Humph, fine, I sit!”

Lin Tong was tired, thus, she directly sat on the chair.

“Whatever you want to ask me, just ask.”

Liu Yi graciously said.

“How could you possibly be our Heavenly Fox Clan!”

Lin Tong immediately threw out her first question, “Heavenly Fox Clan….was already exterminated….”

In the past, the Heavenly Fox Clan was too defying-the-heaven, the then Fox race patriarch finally felt the crisis.

In order to secure her position, she drove a wedge between the two masters of the Heavenly Fox Clan, making them killed each other, then she incited internal war among the Heavenly Fox Clan.

The Heavenly Fox Clan finally embarked on the road of self-destruction.

Lin Tong’s Master never raised this matter of Heavenly Fox Clan to her.

She only heard this story from the member of the other Fox Clan. She never thought that such a taboo in the Fox Race….to really exist!

“You ask me, how would I know.”

Liu Yi shrugged his shoulders, “You’re the one who gave me this Demonic Energy, and now you’re asking me how can I be a Heavenly Fox Clan, don’t you think that it’s strange?”

“It is strange….”

Lin Tong could not guess what went wrong.

But she thought that some things were indeed too baffling.

“You don’t have to dwell on my power. Even I, myself never thought too much of it.”

Liu Yi clapped his hands, “Since now I have this power, I just want to train it. The Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra is suitable to the other Liu Yi, but the Red Blood Sutra Code is compatible for me. I want to see, between the two of us Liu Yi, who will be powerful in the future.”

“You…want to swallow Liu Yi?”

Lin Tong recalled the issue that Liu Yi most worried about, which she can’t be shy but to raise it.

Because the situation in Liu Yi’s body was too strange!

“Why talking about swallowing?”

Liu Yi chuckled, “We two are one and the same. However, right now the other me is too weak….So weak that it makes me anxious and angry. He confusedly erected so many enemies to himself but doesn’t know how to take the initiative to attack. Alas….I truly want to massacre all those sources of problems….”

Lin Tong felt Liu Yi’s murderous aura and slightly trembled.

‘This Liu Yi….is so terrifying.’

“You don’t have to worry so much….Liu Yi is me, I am Liu Yi….If Liu Yi is in danger, I’ll be the first one to come out and help him.”

Liu Yi said, slowly standing up.

“As for you, for me, you are a help, but also a threat.”

He looked at Lin Tong and said, “Little Fox, I can see through your heart. You’re just using me, wanting to use my strength to free yourself from the seal. If you are willing to keep your focus on mentoring the other me, I’ll let you exist. But if I know you have any bad thoughts….Hehe, I promise, when I open my third star jade, I can kill you in my spiritual environment. Don’t expect your Charming Spirit Scimitar will help you, I’m afraid, at that time, before you even have the chance to take it out, you’d be dead already.”

Lin Tong sat there, not knowing what to say.

“The other me protested again….”

Liu Yi suddenly pressed his forehead and very uncomfortably said.

“I have to go back and continue to cultivate my Devil qi, try not to disturb me, the other me should appear soon.”

With that, he closed his eyes.

The kind of suffocating pressure that Lin Tong felt started to dissipate.

She took a long deep breath, feeling that the previous situation was really dangerous to her.

But this risk that she took, can be considered to be not in vain. At least, she has a more in-depth understanding of the other aspect of Liu Yi.

“Fox sister!”

Liu Yi suddenly opened his eyes, his black pupils have been restored, looking panic-stricken, “Are you okay?!”

He has been worrying if the other him would hurt Lin Tong or not.


Lin Tong gently walked to his side and held up this guy who has fainted on the chair just a moment ago.

She also restored her fuzzy appearance like before. Lin Tong didn’t want Liu Yi to see her face.

After all….her appearance is the same as that time when she sucked out Liu Yi’s essence…..

If he saw his own murderer….she didn’t know how would Liu Yi react to that.

But one thing for sure, he would not trust her again…..

Lin Tong did not want that…..

After she had pulled up Liu Yi, she said, “You underestimate this big miss, did you think I cultivate for nothing?”

“Fiuuh….It’s good that Fox sister is okay…The other me, I can’t control him.”

Liu Yi said, “But vaguely, I can now somewhat affect him….At least, if I have a strong desire to wake up, I’m able to wake up.

“Em, you have to focus on cultivating the Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra and the Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra.”

Lin Tong said, “Only these two cultivation technique can suppress the Red Blood Sutra Code.”

Originally, the Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra can enhance Liu Yi’s Demonic energy, but compared to the Red Blood Sutra Code this purely evil sect technique….The Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra can somewhat suppress it.

Right now inside Liu Yi’s body, the red stream of qi of the Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra is the main axis. It’s also Liu Yi’s core Heart Sutra.

As for the other, whether it’s the Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra or the Red Blood Sutra Code, they all revolve around the main axis, as the auxiliary Heart Sutra.

Liu Yi’s future path of Immortal Cultivation….perhaps would be very rough.

Lin Tong still wanted to say something to Liu Yi when suddenly there was a clamoring noise, pulling Liu Yi back to the real world.

He opened his eyes and looked at the constantly banging the table Chen Cai in front of him. He was a bit surprised.

“What’s wrong? You want to be a drummer?”

“What! Boss, you’re too awesome, you can even sleep while you sit!”

Chen Cai said with a smile, “This is our first swimming class….Is boss just going to sleep here?”

“Huh? I’ll go!”

Swimming Class….

Liu Yi can’t miss this class!

Since a few years ago where there were several student drowning incidents in the Northern Dragon City, the swimming class has become one of the student’s compulsory class.

As one of the key school, One Mid naturally can’t lag behind in this class.

However, One Mid high school didn’t have a swimming class, therefore, they can only have a swimming class this semester, because the pool had just been build.

The male students have looked forward to this swimming class for many years.

“Boss, I know where the girls change their clothes….Best friend for life….Do you want to go and see?”

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