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Chapter 106 A Good Teaching


Murong Die and Wang Lele still failed to come to school today

Liu Yi looked at the empty seats in the back and thought, ‘Is Murong Die still angry with me?’

‘This girl’s temper is too big….

‘Yeah, narrow-minded….’

‘Should I take my time to give her an apology?’

‘Send a text message or something?’

‘Em, I don’t seem to have her phone number….’

Liu Yi was beginning to get worried.

It was at this moment, the seemingly not talking Wang Yuzheng who sat on the same table as him, suddenly sent him a piece of paper.

Liu Yi took the paper and read what she wrote.

“Don’t think that I would be grateful to you, you are all the same!”

Liu Yi bitterly smiled again and again, thinking

‘Oh boy, Wang Yuzheng’s impression on me is really that bad!’

‘As God is my witness, I am a good man!’

Liu Yi was helpless and unable to explain. In the end, he had to enter his spiritual environment and started his training.

Since the Devil Qi entered his body, Liu Yi felt that his mind was slowly changing.

Every so often, he can’t help but become black belly (TL: outwardly kind but inwardly evil/two faced).

Without the need for his other personality to awake, he can settle the matter that he usually can’t handle.

For example, when he cheated on that girl Wei Yi.

Liu Yi didn’t like the change that was happening to him. He thought that this was not him.

When he entered the spiritual environment, Lin Tong was already there, waiting for him.

Liu Yi gazed at Lin Tong’s shadowy figure and can’t help but wonder.

‘My Fox sister, what does she really look like?’

‘Is she beautiful or ugly?’

‘Well, she should be beautiful!’

‘Afterall, she is a Fox immortal cultivator!’

‘Since when there’s an ugly Fox spirit!’

“Last night I was going to have a chat with you, but I never thought that you would be catching up on your homework, so I let you off.”

Lin Tong stood there with hands behind her body, and then said to Liu Yi as she looked at him.

“Your body are seriously messed up now….there’s Devil energy, there’s Immortal energy….After being a cultivator for so many years, this is the first time I encountered such a situation.”

“What’s wrong, is it bad?”

Liu Yi has some mixed feelings, thinking.

‘How can I be so unlucky….After meeting an immortal, I also bumped into so many strange things.’

“The Red Blood Sutra Code that was given to you by that Wenren Qian that day seems to be an Evil Sect’s technique. You can’t use it under your normal state.”

Lin Tong said, “Only the Demonic you….can use it….”

“Isn’t it dangerous…..?”

Liu Yi was worried that one day his consciousness would be completely consumed by his Demonic self.

“I know what you’re worried about.”

Lin Tong had cleverly guessed what’s in Liu Yi’s mind.

“Even if the Demonic you becomes even more powerful, he can’t devour your consciousness. Because you are Liu Yi, no matter what consciousness you have, they’re all you. It’s like in the modern science, the Demonic you are your second personality. Your second personality is your personality.”

“You’ve made me confused by all of that….”

Liu Yi felt dizzy.

“Don’t be confused, the main purpose for today is for this big miss to awaken your second personality.”

Lin Tong eyes gleamed with light, “I have to personally talk with him face to face, to know his limits….Otherwise, this big miss would not rest assured.”


Liu Yi was surprised.

“You want to wake my second personality? That….Isn’t that somewhat dangerous?”

“Don’t worry.”

Lin Tong comforted him, “Although this spiritual environment is yours, this big miss helped you built it. I have shielded my own spirit, so even if the other you awake, he can’t do a fatal injury on me.”

“Do you really want to try this….”

“Of course, I am. Do you think this big miss have times to tease with empty threats!”

Lin Tong’s heart was actually somewhat nervous.

Because the danger….was definitely real.

There are some words that she kept from Liu Yi. This spiritual environment is, after all, owned by Liu Yi. If the other Liu Yi was too powerful, he definitely could ultimately control this space. If that is the case, he can kill her in mere seconds.

But for Liu Yi, she must give it a try.

This is the risk that she had to take.

“All right, then….”

Liu Yi can see Lin Tong’s insistence, and had no other choice but to nod and agree.

“Close your eyes.”

Lin Tong loudly shouted.

Liu Yi obediently closed his eyes.

The leader has given the command, and he must obey.

After Liu Yi closed his eyes, Lin Tong’s figure suddenly changed.

Her vague body began to clear up, like removing a mosaic from a picture to turn it into an HD picture.

A stunningly beautiful woman appeared in front of Liu Yi, but unfortunately, Liu Yi can’t see her.

Meanwhile, Lin Tong’s body continued to change.

A pair of Fox’s furry ears grew out, and a red Fox tail appeared behind her, now, curling upwards buttocks.

In order to deal with the other Liu Yi, Lin Tong has to turn into her half-demon form.

Lin Tong stretched out her pair of sharp claws toward Liu Yi and cried out.


A red light suddenly jumped into Liu Yi’s body.

Liu Yi’s whole body shook, he felt that, in his mind, there was all manner of strange sounds continuously causing trouble.

There was a weird laughter, a shrill, which unceasingly rang inside his head, making Liu Yi somewhat felt sick.

All kinds of dark emotions flooded his heart.

At this moment, he was very angry, very annoyed, and very short tempered.

These pictures from the past constantly emerged in front of him.

Murong Hong threatened his family, Yuan Shaojun hugging Ma Yixuan while ridiculing him, and various other memories….


Liu Yi suddenly growled, a black and a red, two circles of lights, suddenly exploded out from his body, which quickly spread out in this spiritual environment.

Lin Tong, under the impact of this power, immediately back away several steps and almost sat on the floor.

What a terrifying explosion….

The opposite Liu Yi, also began to change.

A long silver hair grew out on his head, which was set to the back by his hands.

It was not clear whether he liked this kind of hairstyle, or because the previous disheveled hair would block his line of sight.

And his height was also taller. Now it was about 1.8 meter.

The original skinny appearance of Liu Yi has now become well-proportioned and brimming with a sense of coordination.

He stretched out his slender fingers, slightly stroking his hair for a moment, then opened his golden eyes, which fell upon Lin Tong.

The golden eyes opened!

Instantly Lin Tong felt that her body became soft, her face flushed, and her heartbeat accelerated.

Her favorability toward him increased!

‘D*mn….this golden eye is too defying-the-heaven’s-will!’ She thought.

Lin Tong quickly closed her eyes, refusing to see the Demonic Liu Yi in front of her, less the golden eye took effect on her, making her lost her fighting spirit.

“Hehe, another beauty has come looking for me again.”

Liu Yi’s voice slowly passed through Lin Tong’s ear, “My recent click-through rate is very high….However, the beauty seems to be very shy, afraid to open her eyes.”

That voice was getting closer, and suddenly arrived at Lin Tong’s ear.

Lin Tong was suddenly startled, hurriedly backed away very far, and then opened her eyes.

Even when her eyes were closed, she still suffered some loss.

But the lethality of Liu Yi’s golden eyes was too big.

“Do you want to spar with me?”

Liu Yi said, the hollow of his palm ignited out a crimson flame.

The appearance of this flame was somewhat strange, although it was a flame, it’s more like a mass of blood.

The Red Blood Devil Flame.

Lin Tong has never confronted this kind of flame, and she didn’t know how powerful it was.

The fact is, that Wenren Qian was a mysterious woman….

“I want to ask you, what do you want?”

Lin Tong asked.

“What can I do….”

Liu Yi’s body suddenly appeared in front of Lin Tong.

Lin Tong didn’t know how Liu Yi was able to appear in front of her that fast, could it be his achievement in Spirit Fox Steps has reached such a state?

When she was still guessing, Liu Yi suddenly reached out his hand and took Lin Tong in his embrace.

“You little Fox Demon, it really is quite lovely. You’re obviously very concerned about me, why must you covered it up?”

“Who, who cares about you!”

Lin Tong’s face flushed. She wanted to get rid of Liu Yi’s hand, only to find her body, as if being enchanted, was too weak to move.

“Such an adorable beauty….wanna take me on a date?”

Liu Yi said, his face was so close to Lin Tong’s flushed face, it almost touched her ear as he spoke.

Lin Tong can even feel Liu Yi’s breath!

‘This is not right!’ She thought.

‘How can you be so rude to this big miss!’

“Charming Spirit Scimitar!”

Liu Yi suddenly felt there was a threat. Subconsciously, his figure suddenly flashed and in a blink of an eye appeared in the distance.

A silver scimitar, without knowing where it came from, whistled with the wind, ripping through the air around Lin Tong’s body in constant rotation, as if a convoy of envoy escorting the Emperor.

“It turns out to be an artifact?”

Liu Yi’s eyes showed a bit of curiosity.

“Humph, this is an artifact that was bestowed by my master! A work of art that my master most proud of!”

Lin Tong proudly said, “This is my life-insurance artifact! Liu Yi, with this Charming Spirit Scimitar, you’ll never be able to come close to me.”

“Oh, I see….good treasure. However, I really want to get into your body.”


Lin Tong was not stupid, and clearly heard Liu Yi’s overtones.

“I love it when you compliment me. Then let me try if I’ll be able to get into your body or not.”

Liu Yi said, his body suddenly flashed a few times in a row, and in the blink of an eye arrived in front of Lin Tong.

Lin Tong immediately controlled her Charming Spirit Scimitar, which spun and launched an attack toward Liu Yi.

This Charming Spirit Scimitar was very flexible and very fast, but each time when it scratched Liu Yi’s body, it cut the air instead.

Liu Yi seemed to know where this Charming Spirit Scimitar would come from, and will avoid it every time.

“Don’t forget, this place is my spiritual environment.”

Liu Yi dodged to the side, and smiled, “Whichever you want to attack me, as long as this Charming Spirit Scimitar is still in this world, I can clearly see it.”

“Darn it….”

Lin Tong thought to herself, ‘Fighting here is really too disadvantages for me.’

But she can’t get out of this place!

A four stars expert was actually being pushed by a two stars newbie!

If her master knew this, she would certainly criticize her severely….

But thinking that Liu Yi has knocked down two 3-4 stars boss, Lin Tong was also gratified.

‘Em, yes, it’s because my teaching is good….’


‘Now is not the time to think!’

In the time when Lin Tong was distracted, Liu Yi suddenly made his move.

“Burning Blast!”

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