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After getting today's salary, Song Yan felt relieved and walked out Su Mei'er's office. Fortunately, she didn't ask him for the writer of Blue and White Porcelain. Otherwise he had to lie to her again.

"What's the name of the first piece of music?" Xiang Feifei asked Song Yan.

"Blue and White Porcelain."

"Could you please give me the music scores? I want to rearrange it to zither music." Xiang Feifei looked at Song Yan with a hopeful expression.

"No problem. I'll give it to you tomorrow." The Blue and White Porcelain was a classical song. It Xiang Feifei played the music with zither, it would be more beautiful.

After paying for Xiang Feifei, Song Yan was about to leave. At this moment, a middle-aged woman with short hair in a beige suit came up to Song Yan and gave him a card, "Excuse me, sir. My name is Zheng Yun, one of the organizers of the Xiangcheng Piano Competition. May I have a chat with you?"

Song Yan hesitated for a short while before he nodded, "Okay."

They sat back. Zheng Yun asked in a friendly way, "May I have you name, please?"

"I'm Song Yan."

"Mr. Song, nice to meet you."

Song Yan felt weird being called Mr. Song. Zheng Yun continued, "Mr. Song, do you know there is a piano competition in our Xiangcheng City in the middle of next month?"

It hit Song Yan as he remembered Song Xue would attend this competition.

Song Yan nodded, "Yes, I know."

"Have you sighed up for the competition?" Zheng Yun continued to ask him.

Song Yan shook his head.

Zheng Yun felt a little disappointed at Song Yan's words. It seemed the competition was not that attractive, and Song Yan didn't think much of the competition. She asked Song Yan nervously, "Mr. Song, as the organizer of the competition, I would like to invite you to attend the competition. Are you interested in it?"

Song Yan lowered his head and thought to himself, "It is a good opportunity to earn Fame points through the piano competition."

Song Yan didn't respond immediately, which made Zheng Yun very anxious. She decided to raise the stakes, so she offered, "Mr. Song, you are no inferior to those known piano masters. If you agree to attend the competition, you can directly get in the final without attending preliminary and quarter-final. The award for the winner is 100,000 yuan."

If Song Yan won, he would both have Fame points and money. Why not?

"Miss Zheng, I agree to attend the competition." Song Yan nodded.

"Great!" Zheng Yu was thrilled, "Thank you so much, Mr. Song."

"You're welcome. Miss Zheng, I would like to thank you for giving me the chance. By the way, I'm just a student. Please call me Song Yan. I'm not comfortable with being called by Mr. Song."

"Okay. Song Yan."

They exchanged contact information and chatted for a while before they left separately.

Song Yan and Xiang Feifei walked out of the café. Xiang Feifei asked, "Song Yan, does Song Xue know you play piano?"

"No, she doesn't." Song Yan shook his head.

"She will also attend the piano competition, and she believes she will be the winner. If you were the winner, she would be dumbfounded. Haha!"

After hearing Xiang Feifei's words, Song Yan hesitated. If he won the competition, would Song Xue hate him more? Although Song Yan always looked down upon him, he didn't want to hurt her.

"What? Are you afraid that Song Xue would be sad after losing the competition?" Xiang Feifei asked with a smile.

Song Yan remained silent and nodded.

Xiang Feifei stated, "Don't worry. Song Xue and I are best friends. I know her well. She is a little willful, but she is not a mean girl. If you won the competition, there would be a possibility that you two will have a better relationship."

"Really?" Song Yan widened his eyes. He really wanted to get on well with Song Xue.

Xiang Feifei smiled, saying no more.

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