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Business as usual today as well

Today is another joint training session with the Knights Academy… However, we won't participate, since we'll be hunting monsters alone.

I though Sieg and Chris would be our leaders today too, but the person that showed up to be our leader was none other than Rupert Olgrand.

The students of the Magic Academy were puzzled at the sudden appearance of Earlshyde's top magician to the point where they were visibly cowering.

Well, their fear isn't unjustified. Afterall, they're not even chicks, in a manner of speaking, you could say they're still eggs. (TN: Analogy for fledglings. Boku no Hero uses that one as well.)

The boss of the birds appeared before the eggs. It would be impossible not to flinch.

"Oh? Mr. Olgrand? How come Sieg isn't here?"(Shin)

"He is primarily a bodyguard of his Majesty. Taking the lead for Walford's training was a special case."(Rupert)

"Huh, is that so?"(Shin)

"He accompanied your training yesterday and judged an escort is unnecessary for your group… However, even though your power is immeasurable, you're still students. A leader is mandatory for the exercises, so I came today to monitor your insane group."(Rupert)

We don't need an escort, but I guess having students undertake demon subjugations alone would be too irresponsible?

Either way, an adult is coming along.

"But if it's only for that reason then Mr. Olgrand himself didn't need to come, right?"(Shin)

"Well, that's certainly true, but I wanted to observe you myself."(Rupert)

"Is that so? I don't think our hunting is that interesting though."(Shin)

"What the heck are you talking about? Isn't every member of this group decorated? There's no way I wouldn't be interested."(Rupert)

"Is that the way it is…"(Shin)

"That's the way it is."(Rupert)

Well, it doesn't seem to be a matter of specifically restraining our actions.

"Olgrand. because of you, Shin cast an illusion… In this case only Shin and I can talk to you frankly? Please be aware that the head of the Magic Division monitoring a group of students is insane enough behaviour in and of itself."(August)

"I know that, but…"(Rupert)

Mr. Olgrand lowered his voice and started whispering to Gus.

(I heard from an insane report from Sieg, so I'm trying to ascertain the true strength of Ultimate Magicians first hand to plan a strategy for the next Alliance meeting.)(Rupert)

(Alright, but Don't meddle too much.)(August)

(I understand.)(Rupert)

"What were you talking about just now?"(Shin)


"Oh, it's a casual chat. Well then, shall we go soon? I want to see your group fight."(Rupert)


Sure enough, everyone is tense because of Mr. Olgrand.

I… Mr. Olgrand isn't as prestigious as my grandma. Even though he is the head of a respected organization, I talk to the heads of many great organizations frequently, so I'm not nervous.

In the future, we will become an organization organized separately from the magic division, and I hope the distance will shrink because he's our leader today.

While I was thinking about that, we arrived at the same place as yesterday.

"Whoa! Whoa! Hey… wasn't our pace too fast?"(Rupert)

"Is that so? …Oh, that's because everyone used these, isn't it?"(Shin)


I pointed at everyone's feet.

They are all wearing jet boots.

"Is that… Walford when you're wearing those, you can shorten the distance with your opponent or change directions in the air?"(Rupert)

"Yes, I used them when I fought against Stromm."(Shin)

"Huh? Everyone is wearing them… Does that mean everyone can fight in close combat?"(Rupert)

Logically, he isn't wrong, but the real reason everyone is wearing jet boots is a different one….


"Hmm? Volleyball… What's that? The game Walford taught you at the Rittenheim resort?"(Rupert)

"…That volleyball… It's more fun if you use jet boots, so everyone is wearing them…"(Shin)

"…No way, to get used to handling them…"(Rupert)

"Basically, we are a fixed artillery. We don't use it during battle. However, Tony and I are pretty good at handling them, so we normally fight in close combat… After all, if you don't practice, you won't improve, so I move with these… "(Shin)

"…Although it's the same place you've been to the other day, I was wondering why you didn't use Gate even though it's the same place you've been to just the other day… So the reason why… is because you want to get used to the jet boots…"(Rupert)


"No… Honestly, I'd like to see you use it during training… When you consider how useful this will be in actual warfare, I cannot get upset."(Rupert)

He's right.

We use jet boots for Magical Volley, but if one can master them, he can gain an advantage in combat. Not just in battle, but one can move without exhausting their physical strength.

Even Mr. Olgrand, who was keeping up with us by using body strengthening, was breathless.

Everyone can use Gate, but not everyone can use flying magic. It'll be especially handy when moving as individuals. (TN: Iirc they all used flying magic when reacting to invasions, so idk how they suddenly can't use it) (EN: I thought Shin was the one lifting them all up with his flying magic, not theirs) (TN: Too lazy to look it up. If anyone knows, tell me in a comment and you get a cybercookie.)

"A magic tool for movement… I will consider introducing it to the curriculum since we have a lot of bean sprouts…"(Rupert)

"By the way, I was told that we received a large order of jet boots from the Knight Order."(Shin)

"What? The Knight Order?"(Rupert)

"Yes, it raises acceleration. It's particularly useful in combat for swordsmen."(Shin)

"……That Dominic, He didn't tell me anything about this…"(Rupert)

"But don't the knights ride horses? If you ride horses, you don't need jet boots…"(Tony)

"The horse is a powerful weapon in a war against humans, but it won't fare so well with a devil as the opponent."(Rupert)

"Wouldn't it make it easier to fight when they get off their horses?"(Alice)

"Most likely. Well, I can only ride horses for transportation, so I don't know the details."(Rupert)

If the monster is moving quickly, isn't it difficult to attack while on horseback?

"So? What are you going to do now? Will you wait for demons to come? Or will you go looking for them?"(Rupert)

"Oh, that is going to be determined later…"(Shin)

Just like yesterday, I collected magic power and attracted demons to our location.

Well, let's start today's hunt for materials.


"…So this is what left Sieg dumbfounded. What on earth is this?"(Rupert)

For the fourth time in a row, I attracted demons and arranged the same group combinations from yesterday to subjugate them.

Today, the attitude was different. No one panicked, and we could collect much more materials than yesterday.

"Hmm. I guess the success rate is still around 40%?"(Tony)

"Tony is good! I can manage about 20%!"(Alice)

"That's not something to be proud of."(Rin)

Tony said 40%, Alice said 20%, referring to the proportion of clean kills.

Even if it isn't beautiful, they subjugate them cleanly with some consistency to an extent.

It is a big difference from yesterday.

"You're not satisfied with this? If you want to sell the materials, you have enough. You could even rate them among the highest quality goods…"(Rupert)

"Our goal is to hunt completely clean. It's not very good so far."(Shin)

"Cleanly every time… What are you saying? Something like that…"(Rupert)

"Look at the demons Shin has killed."(August)


"All of his kills are flawless. He demonstrated his expertise to you just now. We still have a long way to go."(August)

Probably because of Target.

"Hah… Ha… Shin is amazing after all. When a clear-cut goal becomes visible, I get fired up to train!"(Sicily)

Sicily is out of breath after fighting four consecutive battles today.

Sicily also knew beforehand that she will participate in subjugation today, so she isn't as out of breath as yesterday.

However, using magic requires concentration, so if you keep at it for a long time, you will be out of breath in a bit depending on your mana pool.

However, thanks to the rigorous training routine, Sicily's offensive magic has more precision and power than before.

"My attack magic has considerably improved.  But I feel that this is still not enough, I'll do my best to continue."(Sicily)


I answer her with a smile.

"That girl, is she… a saint? She specializes in healing magic, but her attack magic is also powerful… Just what is…"(Rupert)

Mr. Olgrand has a valid reason to be shocked.

This world's magic doesn't have any attributes or limitations like in a game. If you can imagine it, you can use any magic.

Then, what is healing magic?

The curative magic is activated by strong feelings of compassion that desires to heal the injured. In this world, it is a magic where the activation conditions are not very well understood.

However, healing magic does exist in this world, and it treats many patients to this day.

My theory is that in this world magical power will respond to a strong image "healing," and healing magic will activate in response to the feelings of compassion.

As a result, people, who are good at curative magic, are very gentle and very compassionate, so healers are generally not good at any kind of attack magic.

However, my healing magic is used by understanding the structure of the human body, so it has nothing to do with the heart or compassion.

The same is true for attack magic. Just because you have an aggressive character, it doesn't mean your attack magic will be stronger.

Sicily practices healing magic while learning the structure of living things… from me.

Sometimes, I take her with me on hunts.

I threw up the first time she tested her magic on me, but once she got accustomed to it, her healing power increased considerably.

Because Gus told me "Don't teach this to anyone outside the team", to Mr. Olgrand, I guess Sicily is a mysterious existence.

"Mr. Olgrand. I think we'll end the hunt here for today and go back. Is that alright with you?"(Shin)

"Oh, ah. If you hunt this much, there some people might complain. Well… more than the quantity, the quality is the problem…"(Rupert)

"Is that so? We still have a ways to go."(Shin)

"…You're aiming too high …"(Rupert)

I don't think so.

Actually, veteran hunters are learning from us.

"By the way, Sicily, should I carry you home today as well?"(Shin)

"It's an attractive offer but… I also want to master these shoes, so I will return home by myself today."(Sicily)

"I see, that's a shame. Sicily is soft and warm, so I wanted to carry her on my back."(Shin)

"Huh? Ah! Jeez! Shin is a perv!"(Sicily)

Muu, I'm terribly sorry.

"Is this the atmosphere to have after slaying so many demons…?"(Rupert)

"Olgrand, don't think too much about those two. 'Anytime, anywhere' is their motto."(August)

"A genuine young couple."(Maria)

"Model lovebirds."(Rin)

"Royalty Love Birds!"(Alice)

Somehow, we've received a dreadful title.

Of course, Sicily was shyly agonizing behind me.


Rupert Olgrand, the head magician of the Earlshyde Kingdom, couldn't bring himself to believe the sight he saw today.

It should be unthinkable for boys and girls of that age, Magic Academy students, to hunt demons like Shin's group.

As a result of witnessing the Ultimate Magician's magic, his confidence was rattled and shattered.

He himself didn't like how chanting gave his opponents an opening. Not to mention, he was bothered by no chanting magic, but their magic was on a whole different level.

He couldn't hear any chanting. Even so, the magic they released was powerful and accurate.

They said they had a goal for this suppression: to collect demon materials as cleanly as possible.

The best materials can only be collected, when you take down the head without damaging the body at all.

Even veteran hunters can rarely do that, yet these kids pulled it off many times.

That's the same line of thinking as a veteran hunter… You have to keep in mind that saying you can do it and actually being able to do it are two completely different things.

They are practicing that exact attitude.

Amongst them, Shin Walford's magic is in a completely different dimension.

In any case, a 100% success rate of getting the finest materials every single time.

Most people focus their attention on his unreasonable power, but isn't this accuracy more noteworthy? Rupert pondered.

If your magic doesn't hit the mark, there's no point to it.

Shin, who can accomplish so much with minimal magical power, could not be seen as a human in Rupert's eyes.

"Demon King…Wizard King…"(Rupert)

It's not necessarily an exaggeration. Rather than reiterate what others said, he felt that their words weren't exaggerated.

The end result was that twelve people caught an unbelievable amount of demons and went home.

After witnessing that sight, Rupert had to report to the head of military affairs, Dominic.

"You had a tough time Rupert. So? How are they from a magician's point of view? Where would you place them?"(Dominic)

Although he received a report from Christina, he was a knight and could not get enough information to draft a strategy seeing as how he had no expertise in magic.

[Those kids are amazing.]

Dominic, who was unable to think up a strategy just from hearing reports, asked an expert on magic, Rupert, to inspect.

Rupert cannot answer Dominic's question immediately.

Rupert thought about the operation for a while and answered.

"…Anywhere is fine."(Rupert)

"…What? Saying anywhere is fine, Rupert, you…."(Dominic)

"It's not irresponsible. I have been convinced by my own eyes. I'm certain our support will only hinder them. In fact, we should be the ones following them."(Rupert)

"…Were they that amazing?"(Dominic)

"It was incredible. His Highness and His Majesty are desperately trying to resist inviting those children to become our unique strength. However, I understand this is meant to prevent inflammation of war."(Rupert)

The King of Earlshyde Kingdom, one of the great powers, doesn't want to take them in. Rupert knows that means they're proposing for them to become the shared strength of the world.

"They're too incredible. Those children… No, Walford alone can easily conquer the world."(Rupert)

"T-That much?"(Dominic)

"So, anywhere is fine. Wherever you put them, they will get the best results. Those children are incredible."(Rupert)

As a strategist, he was troubled as to where to place so much power, but now he's worried even more when he was told that anywhere is fine.

"Haa… What is going on, even though there's not much time left until the alliance meeting…"(Dominic)

"I was hoping to dispatch several people to each country and follow them. Each country will use its military to subjugate large demons, but if a disaster class shows up, we let those kids handle it."(Rupert)

"…Is that the best option after all?"(Dominic)

"In my opinion."(Rupert)

"I understand. Thanks, Rupert, I got a point of reference. Good job today."(Dominic)

"Oh, that reminds me… Before I forget! Hey, Dominic! Did you order jet boots in bulk from the Walford Company?"(Rupert)

"Hmm? What are you talking about?"(Dominic)

"Answer me!"(Rupert)

"Ok, that was bad. Well, our Knight Order can increase its strength with it, so we won't lose to the magic division."(Dominic)

Dominic, afraid to pull Rupert's leg, he told the magic division's head with confidence.

"Hmph, how unfortunate! Because I accompanied Walford today, I also decided to purchase jet boots for the magic division!"(Rupert)

I lost to Rupert again.

In fact, the magic division commander cannot arrange new equipment at his own discretion, but after he returns from the meeting, Rupert will have already bought the jet boots.

"What! So dodgy! You're already raising your strength with the Merlin style training method! Do you have to buy jet boots on top of that!?"(Dominic)

"Cheh! It's an excellent means of transportation. You can't just hog it for yourself!"(Rupert)

"…You bunch of bean sprouts."(Dominic)

"… What? You…"(Rupert)

"What? You wanna go?"(Dominic)

"Bring it on! Let's go!"(Rupert)

On that day, a part of the Knight Order headquarters was suddenly destroyed in a simulated battle between the Knight Order and the Magic Division over a strategy draft and an equipment purchase application. The Magic Division commander and the Knight Order commander soon issued written apologies to the King.

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The World Alliance Cabinet Meeting

Kingdom of Dahm.

It's a country in which Shin stopped by the other day, and where the Church of Creation's headquarters were located before the founding of Holy Nation Y.

During the Three Powers Talks, it was decided that the cabinet meeting of the World Alliance will be held at the Old Empire, a location right next to the "Demon Territory and is relatively close to the Three Powers' countries.

When the "Demon Territory Recapture Strategy" gets approved, it will become the official signing of the World Alliance at the same time.

The contents of signing the World Alliance is almost decided.

[The fate of the human race depends on the cooperation of every country. In addition, we will act as one, and we will not ask for any kind of compensation during this operation.]

For example, if the troops of Country A were saved by a unit of Country B, Country B cannot demand a reward from Country A.

Yes, humanity is united against the demons and devils right now, but unless plans are made, there might be problems amongst humans after the war.

The "Demon Territory Recapture Strategy" is yet to be decided.

A large number of people have been selected.

Each nation's army will subdue demons that spread throughout the demon territory, subjugate the devils living there and aim for the imperial capital.

With that as our goal, we assembled the coalition, but now the question is: "Which country shall we make our base?"

Supply chains. In particular, how do we supply Els and Ys whose borders don't touch the demon territory?

What chain of command will the Alliance forces follow?

There is a lot of things that have to be discussed.

Right now, the devils aren't making a move.

However, because there were two attacks in last time, nobody thinks they've given up. Instead, they think it's a preparatory period for the devils' next invasion.

Therefore, there are many things to discuss on the agenda, but there is not enough time to talk about all of them.

Every country representative racked their brains off trying to figure it all out.

Then, the representatives of seven countries: Earlshyde, Swedes, Dahm, Karnan, Kurt, Els and Ys have gathered in one of the temples in Dahm Kingdom. Finally, the meeting has started.

"I am the military head of the Earlshyde Kingdom, Dominic Gastaule. Thank you for answering Earlshyde's call. Currently, we humans are in a position where our very existance is threatened by a mass outbreak of devils and their raids. However we humans aren't hopeless. Based on that I would like to continue our discussion."(Dominic)

For starters, the meeting began with a greeting by Dominic, the representative of Earlshyde Kingdom, which proposed the Alliance.

"Since we cannot predict the devils attacks, we only created a rough draft. I'd like you all to decide if you approve of it, is that all right?"(Dominic)

"That means you have already made a draft?"

A representative from another country asked Dominic a question.

"Yes. Obviously, if we haven't done a draft, then the discussion would only be prolonged. I would like you all to take a look at the rough draft."(Dominic)

When Dominic said that, the aides distributed documents of the draft to the country representatives.

And the reactions of representatives who looked over it were divided in two.

There are expressions of consent and expressions of surprise.

"D-Director Dominic! Are you serious!?"

Remarked "Great" Bishop Makina, who was present at the Three Power Talks as the representative of Ys.

Makina was a bishop at the time of the Three Power Talks, but was promoted to archbishop as a result of his predecessor Fuller's failure.

That archbishop Makina raised his doubts about what is stated in the strategy draft.

"Of course I am serious, and I am convinced this is for the best."(Dominic)

"But this is… Aren't they only fifteen to sixteen-year-old children? That is…"(Makina)

Then his eyes drop to the strategy draft again.

"[Each national army will be in charge of suppressing demons, while the subjugation of devils and disaster classes will be left to the Ultimate Magicians]!"(Makina)

However, only the representatives of Dahm agree with the remarks of Archbishop Makina while the rest of the representatives show no doubt.

"Uhm, you are?… Oh, that's right! You're Archbishop Makina. Have you not witnessed Shin in battle?"

"Surely not… Has everybody here seen it?"(Makina)

"Ah. I have."

"I also have."

"Me too."

"I too have seen it."

The Karnan Kingdom representatives declared. As well as the representatives of Swedes, Kurt and Naval from Els.

"Didn't Naval meet them for the first time the other day?"(Makina)

"Didn't I stop by Earlsyhde on my way back? We bumped into a flock of demons on the way."(Naval)

"Is that so?"(Makina)

"Moreover… Disaster classes were mixed in."(Naval)

"Disaster class!? You're unharmed!"(Makina)

"That's right… The Ultimate Magicians subjugated them in the blink of an eye."(Naval)

"I-In the blink of an eye!?"(Makina)

"It felt like they were playing a game…"(Naval)

He probably recalled that time. Naval couldn't believe it, because he was so far away.

"I am a shepherd from Karnan. This summer a mass outbreak of demonic sheep occured. I was prepared for a certain amount of sacrifice… Thanks to the help of those fellows, they were all quickly cut down."

"You're also saying in the blink of an eye…"(Makina)

Galland is a shepherd. However in the kingdom of Karnan, a national shepherd is a highly prestigious position, and among them he is the one that bears the responsibility of nurturing the nation's sheep, and in addition he is familiar with Shin so he was chosen as Karnan's representative.

"There is no mistake. We're used to hunting disaster classes from time to time. They decided on who will subjugate them by drawing lots."(Galland)

"D-D-drawing lots!?"(Makina)

"Normally the loser would be made to subjugate the disaster class, right? The child that won the lots was extatic."(Galland)

Those who knew them wore bitter smiles since they could easily imagine the sight, but there was one person present that didn't know them at all.

"A drawing lots to subjugate a disaster class, something that needs an entire military to subjugate!? How imprudent!"

Ralph Portman, representative of this meeting's host country, Dahm Kingdom.

"Why would you place such imprudent people at the center of this vital strategy? I object!"(Ralph)

Ralph of Dahm Kingdom opposed the strategy that focused on them, because they drew lots on the battlefield.

"What did you say Ralph? Does that mean you have an alternate plan?"(Dominic)

"If we stand united, we can overcome any hardship!"(Ralph)

"No, I will only consider a grounded plan based on concrete reasons."(Dominic)

"T-that is…"(Ralph)

"You don't have any?"(Dominic)

"B-but! Does everyone else agree with making such unscrupulous people the center of our strategy!?"(Ralph)

"I agree."


The next to speak was the Representative of Swedes Kingdom, Emilio.

He and Ralph knew each other from an exchange in the upper echelons concerning a neighbouring country.

"Have you ever met them?"(Emilio)

"No… I didn't…"(Ralph)

"I met them in person. They rushed to our crisis before anything else and repelled the devils. However, they regretted the fact there were victims and issued an apology. Even if they're from another country, I am unable to see an unscrupulous person there."(Emilio)


Emilio is the military head who accompanied Shin to his audience with the Swedes king.

Ralph can't say anything to Emilio's remarks for he has met them in person.

"I also met the in person and didn't get that impression of them."(Kurt rep)

Consequently, Kurt's representative follows up.

"I saw them fight myself… To be honest I understand what representative Naval says."(Kurt rep)

"You can understand!? What do you mean by that!?"(Ralph)

Ralph bites at the words of Kurt's representative when he says he can understand why they drew lots.

"Disaster class demons aren't even worthy opponents to them. Is that how it actually is?"(Ralph)

"It was instant death. If I didn't witness that scene, I would think it was dangerous as well."(Galland)

"I guess."(Ralph)

"I think so as well."(Kurt rep)

Although he said it was instant death, Galland, the representative of Karnan, managed to convince the representative of Kurt. If you look, Emilio is nodding as well.

"For them, a disaster class is not an opponent worth despairing over. It's an opponent they can stop with one hand. When you see them fight, you will be convinced."(Emilio)

"Disaster class with one hand…"(Ralph)

The words of Kurt's representative sent Ralph into thought.

And when he found a breakthrough, he grinned.

"…Those who wield such dangerous power… Can you trust them? Aren't the partners to ones we must defeat?"(Ralph)

The meeting place stirred to that extreme remark.

Certainly, the power to indifferently instakill a nightmarish opponent would seem incredibly preposterous.

Ralph regarded the Ultimate Magicians who held such power as dangerous.

Dominic understands the magnitude of their powers, and Dominic is also aware of how much Disseum and Augusto struggle to keep their powers from being dangerous.

Without knowing their hardship, he started becoming angry at Ralph who spoke thoughtlessly…

"You don't know anything that he right to say that."(Naval)

It was Els' representative Naval that responded.

"To be frank, I had that impression too."(Naval)

"That's right! Then…"(Ralph)

"I asked them about it myself. Do you want to conquer the world? Please tell me."(Naval[2] )

To those Naval's words, the venue stirred again with shouts of ["What did he say!? What!"]

"He just casually answered: ["I don't want to do something so troublesome."]."(Naval)

To those words, a collective sigh of relief leaked out.

Because most people here have seen a glimpse of Shin's power, ant they are well aware that if he had such ambitions there would be no way of stopping him.

"He also said that ["It's our mission to make a peaceful world for the children that will be born in the future."]."(Naval)

"Is that so?… He said something like that."(Dominic)

Dominic heard about Shin's true intentions for the first time.

He is the General of the Knight Order and thus has little contact with the magician Shin.

They are not wielding their power for the sake of selfish desires, but for the sake of the future generation of humans.

The resolve that resonated through Naval's words calmed the anger he felt from Ralph's thoughtless words.

"It's sophistry! To entrust yourselves to such an flimsy remark!"(Ralph)

"Ralph! What the hell is wrong with you!?"(Makina)


"I haven't seen them in battle, but I have met them in person. I recognize that they have an excellent personality. He considered the evil deeds of the great criminal Fuller as Fuller's own responsibility and didn't refer to it as Ys' crime. It was a case so serious, that he would've been able to antagonize Ys."(Makina)

"S-surely it's a part of his calculations…"(Ralph)

"In the first place, Dominic. Aren't they the hope of mankind?"(Makina)

"That's right. A devil is stronger than a disaster class. There seems to be… Around 50 of them left."(Dominic)

"There are 50 existences stronger than the disaster class… This is really a crisis for humanity…"(Galland)

Galland seems to have gotten dizzy from the estimated strength and number of devils, while Emilio added a comment.

"But… When I saw them for the first time there were around a hundred of them. Given that…"(Emilio)

"To reduce them by fifty…"(Ralph)

The devils who originally numbered a hundred decreased by half.

It's because Shin subjugated them.

"To that number of those opponents you can only feel despair. However, if we leave it in the hands of the Ultimate Magicians cutting them down, then it is not a pipe dream. Indeed, they are the hope for humanity."(Dominic)

"Hope of humanity… Certainly it's just like that…"(Makina)

Dominic spoke, an Makina was convinced.

"But! Makina, you were initially against this strategy at the beginning!"(Ralph)

"What I objected to was pushing the heavy responsibility onto 15 to 16-year-old children while we adults take it easy, wasn't it? It was."(Makina)

"Well… Honestly, it's a deplorable tactic."(Ralph)

"Even if there is a gigantic gap between our abilities…"(Emilio)

Galland and Emilio, who have lived for almost twice longer than Shin, wanted to express their frustration but Naval spoke.

"However, since fundamentally only those children can solve this problem, can anyone else find a solution?"(Naval)

"It's like the Els merchant says. But that would mean we're using them…"(Dominic)

"Naturally. If we hold back, will it end in human extinction or a funny story?"(Naval)

Naval says that if Shin has the ability to solve a problem it's only natural to rely on that ability.

At the time of the trip to the Three Power Talks. He was only thinking of how to drag out favorable conditions from Earlshyde. However, after witnessing Shin's ability and determination on the way to Earlshyde, and from business talks with the Walford Company tied with Earlshyde, he seems to now back the Ultimate Magicians.

And Makina was hesitant to leave the core of the strategy in the hands of young people, but he was not saying Shin was dangerous.

Ralph, who believed Makina would oppose the plan, had a face as if he was betrayed.

"Why does Ralph oppose this strategy to this extent? Speaking of the Ultimate Magicians, among their members are Ms. Claude hailed as the [Saint] and the Magic King Walford who is now being called the [Messenger of God] is that it?"(Naval)


I don't like it! Ralph swallowed the words he wanted to say.

Because it's an emotional argument, clearly a personal matter, what's more Makina the Archbishop of the Church of Creation begun to accept the plan.

Dahm and Ys are different countries, but in the past the main temple of the Church of Creation was located in this country, and the influence of the church is strong, Dahm is in a subconscious vassal relationship to the top echelons of Ys.

Ralph the representative of Dahm, used to use honorific [Mr.] when addressing Makina as the representative of another country, but he understands their positions. (TN: Since I generally don't include honorifics this kinda doesn't make much sense.)

Thinking about Archbishop Makina's intentions of a spiritually superior country, Ralph swallowed his words.

But Ralph doesn't like the titles of those two Ultimate Magicians.

The title of [Saint] attached to Sicily was the title assigned to the current pope before she rose to her position, it's maddening to call someone by the former title of the pope her reveres, as for Shin's [Messenger of God], a god who is an absolute existence. The title [Messenger of God] should not be a title given away so thoughtlessly.

However, people began calling them those names without their consent, and in fact the [Messenger of God] was the impression Sieg once felt, and as did other people, those titles spread rapidly.

Ralph couldn't forgive anyone who isn't a part of the Church of Creation's clergy to be called those names.

To place Shin as the cornerstone of the strategy goes against that, as well as the unscrupulous attitude of having a lottery during battle, but the largest reason was the two titles.

He couldn't accept Shin's [Messenger of God] in particular.

However, within the Church of Creation, there is a general approval of those two titles.

Regarding the Saint, as a former saint, the pope cared for her as her own child, and the unprecedented declaration that, she will take care of her wedding as soon as the crisis is over.

As for the Messenger of God. In time where humanity is in need, where a lot of devils showed up, he suddenly appeared with the ability to compete against them, could it be that Shin actually is just that?

There are many in the Church of Creation that seem to think so.

[When humanity is facing extinction Our god sent a messenger]

However, [many] are saying that not [all].

Ralph wasn't a priest, but a pious believer, one of the minority that couldn't tolerate the titles of Saint and Messenger of God.

"It's too much responsibility for that youth to bear… But there's certainly no other trump cards we human beings have… It seems like I have no choice but to approve of this strategy…"(Makina)

"So we all agree on the rough draft of the strategy? After that is the matter of supplies, placements…"(Dominic)

Archbishop Makina ended up accepting the strategy after all and Ralph wasn't able to say anything anymore.

Thanks to the draft prepared by Dominic, the meeting negotiations went smoothly.

Because a consensus was reached, the troop placements, supply lines, etc… the "Demon Territory Recapture Strategy" was approved.

At last, it was time to finalize the World Alliance.

Finally, a sense of relief was felt upon reaching the starting point, relaxed atmosphere swept over the meeting room with only Ralph left in a bad mood.

Makina was concerned about his attitude throughout the meeting, so he came up to Ralph.

"Ralph. What on earth were you thinking? You were pouting the whole meeting. You are sent here on the behalf of your country, is that the proper attitude to have?"(Makina)

"…I'm sorry. I'll be careful from now on."(Ralph)

As he said that, Ralph left the conference hall in a hurry.

His aide and escort hurried after him with confusion visible on their faces.

They accepted the titles of Saint and Messenger of God. It seems they couldn't believe it was their representative who opposed the Ultimate Magicians involvement.

"Good grief… To be that reckless…"(Makina)

By his reaction to the words Saint and Messenger of God, Makina understood Ralph objected to those two titles.

However, the majority of the church tolerates it, and the Dahm King should tolerate it as well.

Ralph's behaviour at this meeting could be seen as going rogue.

"I hope he doesn't cause unnecessary problems…"(Makina)

Makina sighed while looking at the door Ralph went out of.

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