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Chapter 100.2

C100 – Part 2
Translator: Kyn Katan Editor: IonMan

Recognizing this, I activate my healing magic without even having time to speak up . First, the internal organs that were damaged by the stab, I will use cultured cells from the same organ to heal them . Next, the purification of the poison! Since the poison has already spread throughout the body, I imagine cleansing the poison circulating though the veins . The image of my magic purifying the poison, travelling in tandem with the poison throughout the veins, reach every location from the heart to the extremities of her body .

The reason why I am able to treat the damaged organs in the abdomen and purify the poison through her blood vessels, and make it in time, is because of the person next to me is using healing magic along the way . With that person’s help, I can at least maintain her vitals stable, even if she isn’t completely healed yet .

In conjunction with the healing magician that continues to cast healing magic, I also continue to cast purification magic . Let it be just in time! Don’t die on me! You are grandmother’s apprentice, my grandfather’s student, and the one who told me to call you my mother!? Don’t let this measly poison kill you . I continue to cast magic to purify the poison with such desperate wishful thinking . How long has it been since I started?

“Oh… ooh…”

Someone speaks up . What is it? I have all my attention focused on purging the poison that I can’t see my surroundings . What’s happening!? My mind is spinning at that time .


Someone strokes my head . I follow that hand to its owner…

“Ah, ah…”

The owner was…

“Shin… sweetie… you came…?”

I opened my eyes and see Miss Ekaterina stroking me with trembling hands .

“Miss Ekaterina! Good! I’m really… glad… “

I made it just in time! It was really close, but I saved Miss Ekaterina’s life! As I’m pondering over this, tears overflow from my eyes . Then Ekaterina wipes my tears away with her trembling hands .

“Oh dear… Sweetie Shin… is a crybaby, isn’t he?”

I know it must be hard for her, but that voice is full of compassion and of concern for me like a mother’s . That makes me want to cry even more…

“WHAAHHH!” – You! You scared me!

“It’s a miracle! The herald has performed a miracle!”

“Oh! Her eminence the Pope! I’m so glad! I’m glad you are safe!”

Did all the people that are watching over us happen to cheer in unison? ? I’m caught by surprise, and get yanked back to reality by the clamor . That calms me down a bit, and I call out to the exhausted Ekaterina, even though I barely saved her life, she still needs rest .

“Her Eminence the Pope is quite worn out . She needs to go back to her room and rest…”

It was at that moment .

“I… this me… thismethismethisme! Because of you Shin Wolford! Because of you! It’s your fault!”

The apprehended man suddenly shouts out loudly . This is! Can this magical power be!?

“Tsk!? I don’t like this situation! Behead that man!”

When grandpa saw the man’s magical power swelling, he exclaims out an order to decapitate that man . In response to grandpa’s words, a knight, as if to avenge the stigma of letting the criminal’s deadly blade reach the Pope, , immediately pulls out his sword as he rushes down from the top platform . The sword not only cut the man’s neck, but continues until it sinks into the floor . It was impossible for the man’s head to remain connected to his neck and torso when a sword strikes with such force .

After, everyone stares at the man’s body in amazement, all eyes naturally turn to grandpa who had given the order . Then grandpa elaborates his reason to everyone as they are staring at him while being stupefied .

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“… That was a close call… He was about to become a devil!”

That’s right . The magic power that mas was emitting from him . That was very similar to the magic power Kurt emitted before he turned into a devil . If we’d left him continue, he would probably have become into a devil .

“Well now Demonization!?

“That is scary…”

“We were saved by the Wiseman…”

“Sir Shin saved Her Majesty the Pope, and Merlin defeated a devil yet again . No, it’s a family of heroes . ”

No… it was the knight who did it… atmosphere becomes excited and lively, so I’m not able to contribute any of my opinion…

“Forget about this for now, we need to get Ekaterina to her room as soon as possible! She must rest from now on, you know her rest is essential!”

Maybe because he had escaped from various crises, grandpa give a declaration to those around him who were in a somewhat of a pleasant mood . Today is a day I get to see this unexpected side of the old man’s multiple times . It’s hard to imagine it from the usual good-natured grandpa .

“Huh! Hey! We need a stretcher urgently…”

“Oh, that’s fine . I’ll take her . ”

“What? Eh, no, for the Herald to do such a thing…”

“Isn’t this easier than carrying her in a stretcher?” – While saying that, I cast a levitation spell on Miss Ekaterina .

“Oh… My goodness…”

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“I’ll just take her up to her room . Excuse me for asking this, but can you please prepare a liquid meal? I’ll have Her Eminence eat it . ”

We need the bone marrow to increase the blood production to replenish the lost blood . In order to do that, she needs nourishment .

“Ha, yes! I’ll get it for you right away!”

One of the knights, which until a moment before had been stunned because of the floating Miss Ekaterina thanks to my levitation magic, separates from the crowd and hastily runs outside from the audience room .

“Then, Her Eminence, we are going . ”

“Huh… yes… please…”

It seems to be painful because of the lost blood, but she manages to smile and responds . With this, she’ll be fine once she replenishes all her missing blood . As I am thinking about that while my head is in its calmness after getting out of this life threatening crisis, , the healing magician who assisted in treating miss Ekaterina converses with me .

“Herald, you are amazing… I couldn’t save the life of Her Eminence the Pope alone…”

He expresses about his failures with a lot of depression . I convey a few words to the healing magician to ease his mind .

“What are you talking about? It’s definitely thanks to you that the life of Her Eminence the Pope was saved?”


“The poison that was afflicting Her Eminence the Pope was spread all over her body . She was in a state in which she could die at any time . ”

“Oh, I didn’t know she was in such dire situation…”

When I recount the event for him that it was really a close call for miss Ekaterina, the healing magician starts to tremble and becomes weakened

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“But Her Eminence is alive, undoubtedly because you continued to cast healing magic . ”

“Oh no, that’s not… such a thing is…”

“That’s right . Without you, I couldn’t have saved the life of Her Eminence . I really appreciate it . ”

That is an undeniable fact . He kept casting healing magic all the while I was trying to purify the poison . Without that, I probably wouldn’t have made it in time . I want him to have confidence in that .

“I don’t know how to use healing magic, I can only heal simple injuries, but if Shin says so, it must be correct . It was thanks to you, and let me also be the one to thank you as well . ” – Grandpa continues .

“Hey! Raise your head Wiseman, please! To do such thing to me…”

After responding to grandpa’s praise, the healing magician words ceases because Miss Ekaterina holds his hand .

”If it wasn’t for your… healing magic… I wouldn’t have lived… Thank you…” – Miss Ekaterina smiled after saying that .

“It’s… it’s… too good to be true… too good to be true…”

After being thanked by the beloved Pope, the healing magician keeps repeating that it is too good to be true in saving her life while his tears stream down his face . When we arrived at Miss Ekaterina’s private room, the room where we first warped into, grandpa pays the guarding knight a visit .

“Ekaterina hasn’t completely recovered yet . I’ll take some time to treat her, so can you just leave it to us from here on out?”

“Yea, Yes . Understood . Herald, I understand, and for Her Eminence the Pope, I look forward in working with you . ”

“Yes, I understand”

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