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Chapter 970: Miss Qiao, Do You Want to Go Up?

He was doing this for Qiao Nian’s sake.

After all, there were all sorts of people in Beijing. There were always one or two people who did not have brains.

At this point, Su Mo really wanted to see Qiao Nian go on stage to give a speech and see Tian Siqi and the rest’s reactions. He looked at the girl with anticipation and said eagerly, “You don’t need to speak. Just show your face.”

Qiao Nian was still in the same sitting position as before. She was leaning against her seat lazily with the brim of her cap down. The game she was playing had just ended, and the game’s sound effects sounded like an announcement. She put her cell phone aside and looked up. She met Su Mo’s expectant eyes and paused for a second.

When Su Mo thought that she might agree… Qiao Nian looked down again. Her dark eyelashes were lowered as she started a new game. She rejected him calmly, “No.”

“Miss Qiao, it’s just that when the show ends, you’ll have to go on stage with the other designers to thank the audience. There’s no need to say anything…”

Qiao Nian’s new game had just begun. She pressed the pause button and looked up again. Her cold jawline was smooth and beautiful. When she raised her eyebrows, she looked extremely valiant.

“I don’t want to.”

“If the other designers at Seven knew that you were willing to go up with them, they would be so happy.” Su Mo refused to give up. “Do you not want others to know that you are Seven’s chief designer, S? If you don’t want others to know about this, I can get someone to not introduce you in the introduction segment. As long as you go on stage and go through the motions…”

If Qiao Nian was willing to go on stage and go through the motions, it would be enough to embarrass Tian Siqi and the others.

After all, not everyone could be Seven’s designer!

“Must I go?” Qiao Nian’s brows were furrowed, but her attitude towards Su Mo was still kind. At least, she did not seem impatient.

She paused for a moment before continuing, “I don’t like crowded places. I’m just accompanying my elder today. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come.”

Su Mo had originally hoped that she could go on stage and show her face to those who were gossiping with Tian Siqi. Now that he heard this, his heart wavered again.

He knew better than anyone what kind of person Qiao Nian was!

She was indeed like that. She didn’t like crowded places and did not like to stand out.

Su Mo only had a short hesitation in his heart before he made a decision. His tense shoulders relaxed, and he smiled. He said softly, “No, it’s not that you have to go up. I just saw that you happen to be here, Miss Qiao. It’s fine if you don’t want to go up.”

Before Qiao Nian could speak, he continued gently, “By the way, Miss Qiao, Chairman Yuan is backstage. Do you want to see her?”

From the corner of her eye, Qiao Nian saw Ye Lan walk in. She shook her head and said concisely, “Aunt Yuan should be very busy. Forget it. Maybe next time.”

“Mm.” Yuan Yongqin was indeed very busy at this moment. Su Mo didn’t force her and nodded softly. “Then, I’ll tell Chairman Yuan later.”

“Mm.” Qiao Nian saw that Ye Lan had already walked over. She looked up at him with her pure black eyes and said, “My elder is back.”

Su Mo had long wanted to know who the ‘elder’ who could make this big shot accompany her to a show was. He turned around and only saw Miss Ye from the Ye family. He didn’t see anyone else.

He wasn’t sure if the elder Qiao Nian was referring to was Ye Lan, but he could tell from the conversation just now that Qiao Nian didn’t want to reveal her identity today. He turned around and said tactfully, “Then, I won’t disturb Miss Qiao anymore. Have fun with your friends.”

As he spoke, he straightened his back, waved at Qiao Nian, and walked away before Ye Lan arrived.

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