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Chapter 966: Where Did You Buy That Necklace?

Lan Pavilion.

The signal in the show area was blocked.

Ye Lan had an important call to make at the last minute, so she left the venue for the time being.

Qiao Nian held her wristband and found the seat on the first row of Ye Lan’s invitation letter. She slowly took out her cell phone and played a short game. She sat there diagonally facing the stage and played while waiting.

There was no signal in the show field, so they could only play single-player games.

The girl’s fair fingers pressed on her phone as she controlled the little avatar on the cell phone to jump from square to square. It could be seen that the game was quite boring. Her exquisite eyebrows were lowered, and the word ‘boring’ was almost written on her face.

At this moment, not far away.

A few young girls in the back row were shoving one another playfully. Finally, a sweet-looking girl was pushed out and walked towards Qiao Nian.

“Excuse me.”

Tian Siqi walked over. Just as she walked to the girl sitting diagonally in the first row playing with her cell phone, she composed herself, raised the corners of her lips, and spoke softly.

The other party seemed to have heard her and raised her head. An overly eye-catching face was exposed in her vision. Tian Siqi was in a daze for a moment and almost could not react.

It was Qiao Nian who spoke first when she saw an unfamiliar woman standing in front of her. “What’s the matter?”

Tian Siqi suddenly regained her senses and looked at her. She was dressed in ordinary clothes and even looked rather plain. The confidence and ostentatiousness she had before she came over were faintly suppressed by the other party’s aura.

She moved her lips and looked at the girl’s overly beautiful face with a complicated gaze. Her eyes flickered and she spoke gently to Qiao Nian. “I’m sorry to disturb you. I want to ask where you bought the necklace you’re wearing.”

Her necklace?

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes and lazily lowered her head to take a look. A silver necklace was hanging on her neck. A while ago, it was cold and her clothes were thick. The necklace was hidden in a cotton shirt around her neck and was not very eye-catching. Recently, the weather had become warmer. She had changed out of the thick coat into T-shirts and light pullovers that she often wore in spring and summer. The necklace that she usually stuffed in her clothes was naturally exposed.

The design of the necklace looked very simple. A pendant was strung on a silver chain, and in the pendant was something similar to a raw stone.

There was also a very hidden initial on the inside of the silver chain, S.

This necklace was one of the limited-edition designs she had released in the early days. Because it was a style from a few years ago, the design was very personal.

However, she didn’t buy this necklace herself.

It was a birthday gift from Ye Wangchuan.

It was said that he had bought it with Chen Chen. He had given it to her while she was still back in Rao City. Since that night, she had been wearing it and had not taken it off much.

If Tian Siqi hadn’t suddenly appeared and asked her about the necklace, Qiao Nian would have forgotten about it.

“You’re talking about this?” Qiao Nian picked up the necklace. Her posture was casual as she looked up to confirm with her.

The girl’s eyes were very beautiful. They were bright and also calm. The corners of her inner eyelids were curved downwards while the corners of her outer eyelids were raised. Her entire eye shape was rather long and her pupils were extremely dark. When she looked at people, she seemed almost able to suck them in with magic.

Tian Siqi was stunned for another second. Regaining her senses, she nodded. Her expression became even more unnatural. “Yes, that’s the one. May I ask where you bought this necklace?”

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