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Chapter 965: Delete the Post on the Forum First

“I also hope that I’m mistaken.”

Shen Qingqing said concisely, “Look at it first, then tell me what you think after you’ve read it.”

Liang Bowen pursed his lips tightly, his heart beating fast. He instinctively browsed the post nervously.

The informant used an anonymous ID to describe a kidnapping that happened 10 years ago from a third-party perspective. She even attached the news report.

In the post, the girl who had been kidnapped had long gotten rid of the trauma of being kidnapped and had since lived a new life.

She also included a few key points.

The first was that the girl’s college entrance examination results were very good, achieving the best results in First High School’s history.

The second was that this girl was aloof and cold to everyone. She hated intimate contact with others, especially the opposite sex.

As for the third one, she made it even clearer. The girl was an examination candidate for this year. The school she was admitted to was in Beijing.

Liang Bowen read through the post quickly. His expression changed and his fingers tightened on the mouse.

His face turned pale.

The message was very clear. The post was just short of explicitly stating her name.

Who could have better results than the top scorer in the country? And who had a colder personality? Moreover, this person entered a college in Beijing… Other than Qiao Nian, he couldn’t think of anyone else who could fit this description.

The other party’s words were firm and even attached the news report at that time. It was truly difficult not to believe her.

Liang Bowen scrolled down nervously. The Year Three students had all finished their college entrance examination and graduated. During the summer break before they went to university, not many people paid attention to the school’s forum.

Only a few Year One and Year Two students replied to the post.

There were also students from the junior high section, such as Shen Qingqing’s younger cousin. She had just entered junior high and was curious about everything. She liked to pay attention to the school’s forum.

He saw that someone below mentioned Qiao Nian’s name, while more people were asking who the informant was.

“Have you finished reading it? Do you think I’m overthinking things?” Shen Qingqing was not confident. She didn’t believe that Qiao Nian had experienced that sort of thing, yet the exposed news was clearly talking about her. She was conflicted. On the one hand, she thought that she couldn’t have guessed wrong, but on the other hand, she hoped that she was indeed wrong about it.

“I think they are referring to Sister Nian.” Liang Bowen finished reading the post and had the same sentiments.

However, boys were generally calmer than girls when they encountered trouble. He came from a good family, and his parents had also emphasized nurturing his ability to handle matters outside of his studies.

After being stunned for a moment, Lian Bowen made a prompt decision. “Don’t panic. I’ll call Teacher Shen and ask her to get the school to delete the post. I’ll talk to Sister Nian later.”

Shen Qingqing composed herself slightly and immediately said, “Then what can I do?”

Liang Bowen pondered for a moment and said, “Why don’t you talk to Sister Nian? I’m a guy. It might not be so appropriate if I ask her.”

“Okay.” Shen Qingqing agreed quickly.

“Wait a moment.” Before she hung up, Liang Bowen felt that his method of handling things might not be the most appropriate. He thought for a moment and said, “No, call Chen Yuan first. He’s on good terms with Sister Nian. Aunt Chen watched Sister Nian grow up. If there’s really such a thing, he definitely knows. Ask him first.”

Liang Bowen roughly told Shen Qingqing what to do. After hanging up the call, he immediately called Shen Hui and told her about what happened on the forum. He then asked her to find the school forum’s administrator to delete that post.

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